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Getting a mommy make over and bbl. I stated out...

Getting a mommy make over and bbl. I stated out wanting the bbl, but after reading reviews here on real self, I found out multiple procedures can be preformed, so I was on board. I've reached out to a plastic surgeon in the United States who I was initially interested in because I did not want to travel out the country, but he didn't advice doing everything at once. This is when I behave my extensive research on ps in the Dominican Republic and the results were amazing. I've flip flopped a few times regarding my choice for a plastic surgeon, but I finally picked Dr. Mejia

Before pics

These are my before pics, but my first review has a lot more pictures and details during my journey to the flat side. I created another review because I wanted to do one for dr. Mejia so his upcoming patients can see his work. I couldn't change the name from the doctor I originally thought about going to in DR to doctor mejia.


I leave for Dominican Republic in five more days which seems so surreal because I found this website "real self" while researching cosmetic procedures, and I got more than I bargained for. I am so greatful to have this platform to document my journey to the flat side. I created my profile last year December 2015 and less than a year later I will be having a mommy make over plus bbl. I feel this forum is God sent. It allows you to connect with others just like you. I am thankful I get to see other patients of my surgeon, and I must say, I am pleased with the results and my decision to choose dr mejia.


I'm still up on reAl self and it's 3am. I have 2 more days before I'm headed to DR. I can't sleep but I'm tired as hell. I like posting a status just so it will say "4 days pre". I've been looking at some recent reviews of bbl and the before and after pics on some of these girls got me super excited for my turn. I'm going to use one of the girls as my dish pic. I can't believe the transformation.
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