BBL- 7 months Post Op Dr. Baez

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Hello chicas! I'm so excited because I have...

Hello chicas!

I'm so excited because I have officially decided to to get a BBL! I've wanted that full back side since I was in middle school. What really sucked was a lot of my relatives had big booties.

Since I'm Dominican and I've been there numerous times for family vacations I've decided to have the produce there. Finally the cost was a big factor of why to go there. I also think I'll get the results that's I'm looking for. Seems like the work done here in the US is to conservative. They are not lippoing out enough and adding it to the booty. Now I don't want to get a massive booty "video vixen" but I definitely want to see a difference. I will post some wish pics and some of my pics soon.

DOCTORS!!!! After doing some research I've narrowed it down to Yily, Duran and Baez (I'm open to personal exp. recommendations). So if you had any of these docs do your BBL please give me you feedback and direct me to your pics please!

HOTELS!! I plan on going with my husband and my young child so I don't what to stay at a RH. What hotels you guys recommend and near what doctor is it! I was thinking of an all inclusive resort.

How many days do I have to really stay there?? Is 7-8 days enough recovery time I'm DR. I would still be recovering at home. I only want lipo done to my back, love handles and the abdomen. NOT really looking for lipo in the arms or legs and NO TT. I'm thinking the recovery shouldn't be that bad

MY Status: 5' 7 , 156lbs, 36C, sort of athletic build, broad shoulders, narrow hips, thick legs, flat butt. I had a baby this year but believe it I've lost all the baby weight (no stretch marks either) but my stomach and butt area looks a little loose & flabby. So no TT is needed. With a good work out program I'll probably take care of that looseness but I need the Big Butt!

I'm hoping to get it done around March. If I could I would do it today! Now I want to keep enough weight to have for the BBL but at the same time I want to look good now too! It's such a battle I want to start working out again and get in shape but I might jeopardize my big booty. I might need to send my pics to the docs now to get a quote and find out where I stand with my current weight.

I can go on for ever but please chicas give me the 411 on these docs, hotels and recommendations on BBL


Recovery House!?!?!

Soo... We were talking about it and I might go to DR alone. I think it might be to much pressure for him to be around. If I stay at a recovery house I don't have to worry about him worrying! lol Anyways I'm concern about leaving my baby for 2 weeks. If I'm not having a tun my tuck will I still have a drain? I'm trying to cut my stay. I know it sounds horrible but I will be able to continue my recovery but I prefer in the comfort of my home and around my fam.

So I was doing research on RH and found the following:

Recovery house and hotel

-Spa Jacqueline Marrero “recovery house”: 90$ per day. If 2 people share a room the price would be 75$USD per person. It includes: round-trip transportation to the airport, room with 2 beds, 3 meals, nurse 24 hours, security, access to internet WIFI, Transportation to surgery. Phone number: 809-412-8239 / 829- 966-8878. Website:

-The hotel of the clinic CIPLA: 100$ per day. It includes: 3 meals, WIFI, nurse 24 hours. The round-trip transportation is 70$USD.

But if you want to stay in a hotel close to the clinic instead of the recovery house:

-Hotel Plaza del Sol 8096862614. It’s 45$USD per day. It only includes breakfast. No nurse.

Any thoughts.?!?!? Recommendations!?!? What's a reasonable price? I would want wifi, a/c and my food included where I stay.

Sent emails for quotes...waiting game

Hello chicas-

I just emailed my request to Duran, Yily & Baez. Lets see who gets back to me 1st. I sent my current pics and my wish pics. I can't wait!

In the meantime I will continue researching RH. I already got in touch with Armonia & from sounds & looks it might be my top contender.

Pre-Op Pics!

Ughh So here are some current pics of me. I figure if I'm going to get some help/feedback/support I have to show you what I'm working with (or lack

Wish pics

Here are some of my wish pics....

1st quote is...

Dra. Duran already got back to me with quota & all the indie that I need. She answered all of m questions except for my weight. If I should lose, gain or stay as is. Ladies I posted my pre-op pics what do you chicas think (obviously I will take the final advise from a dr.) especially those with similar height/weight/body type.

Now waiting on Yily & Baez.!

Baez replied, need more fat & my measurements!

Ok so Dra. Baez responded and gave me my quote. She said that 800cc in each cheek would probably what she can add at my current weight. She suggested I gain 5lbs for a bigger butt. I think I'm going to need that extra weight. I would hate to not be able to get the results I want due to lack of fat!

So I measured myself today (hope I did it correctly)
Bust 35.5
Under bust 29.5
Natural waist 33
Hips 38
Thighs 22

How will ppl around you take the change and wish pics.

When I first decided I was going to get a BBL I said it was just going to be a modest update but I've changed my mind. I was thinking this way b/c of what ppl will say. Bump that!!! I'm going to do what makes me happy. I want that ass I've been dreaming about since the 6th Grade. I'm going to become a doll!

Decisions decisions

I'm still torn between Duran and Baez. Yily is out for now until I get a new quote from her without the TT. I'm definitely not getting a TT. So hopefully she will get back & maybe i'll still consider her. I know we all go through this. We get pulled in so many directions when it comes to picking the Dr.
With Baez I would be getting a great price! I just want to make sure she can give me that butt I'm looking for. In the mean time I'm checking up in you Baez Dolls!
And Duran's work is amazing!
At the end it will fall in the right place.

Pic of me- where I need to be ?

So this is me about 15lbs heavier. I think this is where I need to be before sx.

Wasting away...

Hey ladies! I have so much going on in life and I'm always going 100mph. I've been stressing about something's in life and I've been dropping weight without trying. I'm now at 153-154 and at this rate I won't have any fat for my BBL.

I told myself I need to take care better of myself (I put a lot of people and things before me). I'm going to get my vitamins this week and start now so when March/April comes I'm ready.
On another note: I finally got my new quote from Dr Yily. Now that I have all my info from my preferred doctors it's decision time.

New wish pic

From one girls wish pic to another. Love her back!

To lift or not to lift

Soooo I've been quietly thinking (until now) about getting a breast lift. I know I can never get implants but a lift I can consider. To be honest my droopy boobs don't bother me as much as my lack of booty.

After having my baby my boobs were great for a few months. Once I was done breast feeding they were looking tired. I know a lift can/will make my boobs small but like I said I'm about the booty.

I guess I will continue to toy with the thought. My two main concerns are this will add recovery time & the scars.

Some wish pics

These ladies are all beautiful.

Picked up some vitamins

Women's multi-vitamin
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
B Complex
Folic Acid
Hair, nail & skin vitamins

P.s. Nothing wrong with local pharmacy brands. Saved myself a lot of $.

Pics of me in my jeans.

Here are some pics of my booty in jeans. I need volume!!

Abs & Ass

Wish pic

Wish/ Booty pics

Can't get enough of beautiful curves!

Thanksgiving & BBL Humor LOL

So last night I was prepping the turkey and I was a using flavor injector. I turn to my husband and tell him I'm giving the turkey a BBL! We just start cracking up. He supportive about the procedure and I'm glad I can even joke around with him about it. And yes he even know what BBL means. I want to wish you lovely ladies a blessed and happy thanksgiving.

See pic.
Always counting my blessings ;)

To gain or not to gain

So most of the doctors recommend to not gain weight but afraid I will have have enough fat for what I'm looking for. At the same time I like the idea of not trying to gain weight because my upper body is in pretty good shape for someone who hasn't worked out in 6 months. I love my clavicle and my arms look fit when I flex lol

I know I'm not the only one going back & forth.

Posting pics

Booty pic

Staying at CIPLA???

Hey dolls! Has anyone stayed at CIPLA for their recovery stay? To the vets who have been at CIPLA & stayed there after surgery what was your experience like?

Dr. Diaz

Hello dolls!
So I've added Dr. Diaz to my options of doctors to consider. I do like that I can communicate with him in English (even though I speak Spanish).

Loose jiggly booty good for BBL!

Last year I decided to buy one of the cut out faja boy shorts to see if it improved my curve. Instead it made my butt look very sloppy. There is no way I'm wearing that thing buttttt I did notice how jiggly and soft my but really is. Even though it looks/is flat you can grab some booty meat. Lol

I've heard a lot RS ladies on here saying doc couldn't pump more fat in there booty because it was too tight and more won't go in. I don't think I'll have that problem. I have space and this booty is deflated. I took pics with the shorts. You will see how my butt just hangs over. I have some booty meat there yay! Just need to fill it up and shape out!

So this loose jiggle butt might be a great advantage!

Has anyone experience anything like this or have similar issues or concerns?

BBL Dreaming...

Last night I had a dream that I got the BBL done and I could see my new booty! lol It look good but I was thinking it needed to be bigger...booty greed even in my dreams. Also I was a lil dissatisfied with some areas. I keep sitting down which was freaking me out too in the dream. Dream felt pretty real at first.

I was already told I will be traveling in 2014. I know my dream will come true soon. All the signs are popping up. I'm a strong believer that everything will fall in place and I will make the right decision.

What I'm looking for...

After a lot of booty searching MsLaos has the butt and hips I crave. Sooo she is currently my top wish pic. This can change...along with my Dr and date...late on that. Back to dreaming about my wish booty. I'm not looking for a dunk or a shelf. I'm looking for rounded out hips and a upside down heart. I like to see pics in jeans because it makes it more realistic for me. I'm not big on wearing leggings/jeggings/spandex often (but that might change with the new booty).
I also like Draya's cute booty, a beautiful noticeable shape but not over the top. Now JLo is is her 40s and her body looks better than ever. I read a few years ago that she minimized her booty. I think she just tighten that big ol booty with all her workouts. Anyways I love her ass!! I used to feel like it was massive but with all the video vixens and dancers her booty seems mostest now-a-days!! Lol. Is a JLo booty for me???
I've posted pics so you can obsese along with me ;-)

Happy New Year Dolls!

1960s Dolls- Tiny waists

Check out these itty bitty waists. I know waist train/ corset training was popular in that era.

FYI-Duran's email hacked!! Email scam/phishing

Dra. Duran's email was hacked. I got the following message. Be careful, it's a scam (the email
Not the Dra.). Just looking out for the dolls.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I am in Limassol, South Cyprus for a week
and i just got robbed and my bag containing all my vital items, phone
and money stolen from me . I am physically ok and fine. I need some
assistance from you. Let me know if you can be of any help.


*Dra. Agustina Hilario Durán*
Cirujana Plástica, Estética y Reconstructiva

Cabral doll...

I was doing my DR doctors research and came across one of Cabral's Barbie (not
On RS) who just happen to be someone I know. Someone I went to HS with, someone I've seen in person before and after BBL. I just can't believe I've actually seen his work and I'm in love!!!! This girl had a nice body before but had some extra weight after 3 kids. What is really amazing about her result is her waist. It's so tiny on person. There might be 2 more people I know (personally) that went to Cabral. It's just not an easy topic to come up with. " hey hilt I love those earrings oh by the way who did your booty?" I know these people but I don't know them like thattttt! lol anyways it's just nice to have seen some of the these doctors master pieces in person.

Pushing back sx date :(

Hola dolls...well as we all know life if full of surprises. Unfortunately will not be able to travel in March. I have to push back my sx date. Very unfortunate because I want this done like 10 years ago & I was hoping to be ready for thus summer. Also I didn't want to have it done in the summertime! I can't image wearing fajas in 80s &. 90s degree weather Ugh

So not really sure when I'll go but I will keep you dolls posted. In the meantime I will cheers you on and try my best to continue updating & staying positive. :)

Etiquette on tipping

Hello dolls!

I'm over her still planning and prepping. Now those who had surgery in DR what is your tipping suggestion? When you got your massages did you tip the masseuse every session, on your last session or not at all? Also at the recovery house did you tip once before you left or through your stay? Tip the drivers? Now in dollars or pesos?

I'm budgeting my trip and I want to be prepared and your input is truly appreciated ladies. This site has been so informative.

Where I'm at...

Hello dolls...I know its been awhile but I had so many things going on that I had to push my surgery back. Things are back on track and I'm schedule to see Dr. Baez on July 27th. I've sent my deposit and booked my flights.
I've gain about 10lbs, between 164-167lbs, I've been fluctuating last few months. I sent Dr. Baez my update pics and she suggested to stay where I'm at. I hate carrying this extra weight & trying to hide it. Doesn't help that we are officially in the Summer season. I'm being patient because this will be my last flat booty summer! lol

Less than a month away

Hello three weeks I'll be in DR! I'm half way done with getting my supplies. I'm getting my passport expedite (I procrastinated). I've been taking my vitamins faithfully for the last 4 weeks. I'm concern I don't have enough fat (even though doc said I'm good) but besides that I'm in great spirits.

Interesting info on Arnica and homeopathic medicine...

I'm online shopping and researching for my BBL and came across this and found it interesting so I'll share.

This is what I shared with the poster who was not happy with the Arnica:

There are many homeopathic remedies for what you had that might have helped you. The ones like Rhus Tox 30C, Mag. Phos 30C, Calc. Carb. 30C , Hypericum 30C or Ruta Grav 30C - are just a few that might have helped you.

But - by your commnets - you do not understand how Homeopathic medicine works. It is used to Re-Balance your body. So to take it without giving more effort and time to take it - it won't work. It is not like an aspirin - but it will work if you picked the right one for your condition. My feeling is you probably needed Hypericum 30C or Mag. Phos. 30 C

Taking the 3 tiny pills called Pellets (they are Very Concentrated) - in a 9 oz bottle of water is much more potent and Quicker also. You can add up to 5 pills in each bottle for much pain. You just drink the water between meals on an empty stomach. And you can drink up to three bottles Initially per day if your pain is severe and intense. Just Shake the Bottles Vigorously Before you drink a bottle. Drink each bottle in three parts - with 20 min. break between each part.

Generally, Homeopathy is for long-term problems - such as if you have always had the problems you described. For that you needed to take the Arnica along with Ignatia 30 C. Together. I hope this explanation will help you understand why it did not work for you. Done this way - it will work.

I was healed of Fibromyalgia myself years ago and that is how I became interested in studying this Wonderful Homeopathic medicine. I have not taken any aspirin for years using this method with the remedies.

* If you have Fibromyalgia - you can take TWO Ignatia Amara 30C Pills + FOUR Arnica 30C Pills in the 9 oz bottle of water. Shake it vigorously - then drink it. You can take up to three bottle per day if it is very severe and intense. Drink each bottle in three parts - with 20 min. break between each part.

After a few days to a week you will be able to sleep and you will be amazed at how your pain is gone. Every once in a while - stop drinking the water and see if you can go without pain. If you get your pain back - that means your body still has not yet re-balanced. Drink this formula until you no longer get pain. Mine took several months of drinking this daily. But I was Still happy - because the Doctors had said I would Never be healed of Fibromyalgia.

* (Queen Elizabeth of England also has Homeopathic medicine for her health - as did her mum. And her mum lived to be over 100 years young!) Good luck and God Bless!

Almost ready- July 28th

Hello Dolls…
So in about two weeks I will be in DR. I’m almost ready. I still have a few things to get but the most important stuff is taken care of.
I have useful tip for you ladies. Sign up for Amazon Prime- its offers free shipping of almost everything, stream movies, listen to music and read e-books. You can do a FREE trial for 30 days. Sign up before you leave that way you will have some extra entertainment on your tablet or laptops. ALSO order your SUPPLIES and take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING. You can cancel before 30 days at no cost to you.
So I’ve been trying to maintain this weight and its killing me. Hate these love handles (ironic?? lol). I will say I’ve enjoyed the extra food intake. But once I’m a doll it’s no more of that. I’m pretty discipline when I get on my health regiment. I do see a lot ladies on here eating the wrong foods right AFTER surgery. I feel for the girls that get stuck at RH that don’t have proper diets and after care. I will not be staying at a RH. I will be going to the local market and stocking up on my FRESH fruits & veggies. As much as I love rice and beans, carne guisada, tostones, that’s just a no-no (I’m serious ladies). To get the best result we have to do OUR PART…take care of your DIET (that includes alcohol!) and WEAR your FAJA.
Here are some weight gain comparison pics. So I’ve gain between 10-13lbs since Oct. I got more love handles, front belly and you can’t see my shoulder blades. My inner thighs are bigger…;( my gap!! Lol My arms and clavicle area still look somewhat lean. So once I’m able to start working out again. I will be able to tone them up again in no time. Another thing ladies….hit the gym…maintain that figure 8 and the heart pumping!

2 Weeks!!!! 98% ready...

In 2 weeks I will be leaving to DR. I've been shopping like a mad woman & I'm not done. Wish I was! Just a few more things & I'll take care of them this week.

I had to repack my luggage. I was over far I'm doing well.

Here are some of the things off my list:

Arnica Montana (tab y creme)??
Stool softener ??
Female urinal??
Overnight/ Super pads??
Female wipes and baby wipes??
Alcohol wipes ??
Anti-bacterial soap??
Neonsporin (after drains removed)??
Gauze pads??
medical tape??
Compression stockings -20-30mmHg????
Vaseline ??
Towels( med & sm)??
Anti bac??
Zip lock bags (differ sizes)??
Dermoplast anti bacterial pain/itch relief spray ??
Lysol wipes??
Hair products ??
Sheet cover??
Toothpaste/ toothbrush/ mouthwash ??
Deodorant ??

Things I have to do before I leave the country:
Confirm my flight at least 72hrs prior
Call my banks & credit cards and inform them I will be traveling internationally
Exchange so dollars to pesos

Thanks RS for getting me here...

I’m less than 2 weeks away and to be honest I can’t believe it. I really can’t. There were times I felt like I would never get here. Everything is falling into place. Thank you GOD. I excited and nervous but above all emotions I’m confident in what I’m doing. I’m grateful I found RS because I’ve learn so much and got the answers I needed. If it wasn’t for this site…….

Less than a week left!

5 days away!!! Days! Not months, not weeks, Days!! Good news I got my period early. Which I’m very grateful for. I didn’t want to deal with it my first week po, wearing the faja and that heat down there(90s right now). Lately I’ve been feeling like I haven’t gain enough weight. I’m almost 170lbs I really shouldn’t gain any more weight. I’ve been really good about disguising the extra weight but some clothes I have I had to put to the side (for now) because I barely fit them. I don’t want to look like I’m wearing someone else’s suit!

I just called the airline to reconfirm my reservation and everything is still on schedule. I will the morning before to check-in. I’ve confirmed my pick-up ride from the airport. Check, check, check….checking everything off.

On my way

I'm on my way to Santo Domingo, D.R!

I made it ladies!

I had my surgery yesterday with Dr Baez and love love my results! she is an amazing doctor.

once i'm feeling better i will give a real review post pics!

1 day post op pic

Full review will be later but just wanted to give you ladies a lil something . Here is a couple of pics of 1 day post op. It's sooo true the pics don't do the justice. In person is even better. I'm still. very swollen in my mid section. I had my first massage yesterday and will have another later tonight.

1 day post op

I got my new faja today.

Fajate Style 12111, size xs

1 week post op

Hello chicas!

I'm offically 1 week post op. My results are getting better by the day. I'm already on the third row in my faja and it's too big. Dr. Baez wants me to get it taken in. I'll do it once I get back to the states. I've been stuffing it with pads since I don't have the lipo foams yet. I'll get on that too when I get back.

My drain has been removed (thank you Baby Jesus) and I feel so much better. 80% of my bruises are gone. I'm still swollen on my sides and back. Here are some pics I took today

Here are some pics out the faja

Bitter Sweet: Feels good to be back home but I miss DR because I was visiting family I haven't seen in a few years.

I need a massage ASAP. Will try to get one this up coming weekend. My body is very achy but some of has to do with the traveling. Most of my swelling are on my sides and back.

I'm very happy with my results...I started from the bottom ladies!! I will never forget that. I'm very appreciate of what DR.Baez did. I wore jeans today and I have never filled out jeans like that EVER in my life. (I have b4 pics in jeans here).

I need lipo foam. Do you ladies buy them from amazon? I didn't see a lot of options. Let me know of other places they are good. I might stoop by a local store that sell fajas and see what they carry.

Here are pic a of me as I wait for my faja to dry. Sorry for the bad lighting.

Reliable transportation service!

Ladies if you are looking for a Reliable driver that English is his first language but also happen to be a Dominican native you need to call EDISON 808-270-4523. He pick me up at the airport, took me to the supermarket, all my appt., buY my faja, and dropped me off at the airport. He has a 6 passenger van so you can lay down if you don't want to sit. He's really nice, friendly, and he speak PERFECT ENGLISH since he grew up in the US. 100% recommend him.

More details on my BBL experience

I arrive on a Sunday. Edison took us to the super market to pick up some food. Later that night I got a call at my room and it as Dr.Baez. I forgot to call in and let her know I arrived but she sure didn't forget about me. API had told her where I was staying so she tracked me down. She reminded me to not eat or drink anything after 10pm.
I was picked up by Dr. Baez driver at 6:30am the day of my surgery. I was registered on the first floor at the clinic. My info, basic health questions, emergency contact info, id...ect.
That day she had a breast augmentation and then me to do. When I meet her she was very sweet and profession. She looks even better in person with beautiful thick hair.
She marked me up, took my pics, asked me health questions, and did my final payment.
Her husband took me to do my blood work & x-rays, then snigger doctor came to do done heart test. I then just waited until,they ran my test & the doctor getting done with the breast augmentation she was doing on another patient. So I napped
By 11:30am they were rolling me to the operating room. Everyone in the room was friendly and in happy spirits I can see and feel it. They put me in a tight fetal position to put the pain medicine in my back. I lay down and they are talking to me, getting ready and soon enough I'm knocked. I wake up face down. I talk to the doctors, I think I as for more medicine lol
I wasn't painful but I want to move but then i noticed I was strapped ( no escaping lol). I woke up a fee times. By the time they rolled me out I was awake and joking with the guys pushing my bed. When the brought me to my room I remember them rolling on to the new bed and making nice comments about my butt lol. Remember I'm in the cutout garment and 2 swollen cheeks! Lol
Dr. Baez offer to hold my valuable overnight. I gave her my wallet, passport and phone. Nurse Nany (Nani, Nanny sp?) spent the night with me. Was nice to have someone there. I ended up throwing up a few times. I haven't eaten so it was just spit. I remember being extremely thirst when I got out of surgery (no pun indented lol ) I had to wait a few hours before I was allow to have fluids. At this point I have my drain, the catheter, and an iv.
The doctor stated I did bleed a lot during surgery and had to give me iron after. My hemo was 13 going in and I believe 10 after. I do remember that during surgery when I was conscious she ask if I had taken aspirin. Which I didn't.
Next morning I had a broth soup (sopa boba) but it was so tasty. I saw the doctor and hand my med and instructions.
2 days post op I had my first massage with Bruhilda. It wasn't as bad as I expect. I felt better after and my body look smoother
I saw the doctor again on my 3rd day post op and she told me it was time for a new faja
I got my 2nd faja 4th day post op, size xs
I saw Dr.Baez again on my 1 week post op and she removed my drain. Recommended me getting my faja taken in and get lipo boards. She also put my faja on the 3rd hook.
I'm not sure how many cc I received but Dr. Baez did say I didn't have a lot of fat during my consultation. But she was still give me a new body with my lil fat. I still weigh the same 165. She said I can not lose any weight but I can start working out in 2 weeks. I might just do a little weight training on my arms. I'm hold off on lower body and heavy cardio. I walk a lot so that's will be good for my recovery. Once I'm sitting I will start working on my mid section. I have not sat and if I did it was with a pillow or some type of support (ex airplane, cars) I sleep stomach or my side sometimes to give myself a little break but never on my back. I think I'm going to get a Beach chair and cut a hole. So I can watching tv in the living room. Don't always want to be laying down on the couch or floor. I've been doing a lot of standing the last few days. I feel like that will be happening a lot for the next 3 months. I need to get a boppy or a pillow for work.
I'm going to my first US massage this Sunday. I can't wait. My body really needs this. I'm going in for an hour and half! Get my relax on before I go back to work.


Skirt with no faja

Photos vs in person

I know you ladies appreciate post op pics but ITS SO TRUE THE PICTURES MOST TIMES DON'T DO JUSTICE. I went to the stores today and tried on some leggings and leather shorts I was looking ready for a video shoot! Lol.

Two Weeks and Back to work

I'm back to work ladies. I'm using my yoga mat rolled up to sit at desk. It's been working. My thighs are a little sore but hopefully I'll get used to it or find something else. Its trial and error!! whatever works for you ladies!! I'm committed to following my post-op instructions. It kills me sometimes not being able to sit but I remind myself a few more months it will all pay off.

99% of my bruises are gone. I still have swellen in my lower belly and side areas. My stitches are not that noticeable and where the drain was at is healing nicely. Sometimes i get very itchy on my back. Had my 1st massage yesterday and was awesome. I will go back this weekend.

Doctor doesn't want me to lose weight so I'm eating "normal". Not dieting but also not over eating when i was trying to gain weight.

Oh I forgot to mention on my way back from DR because of all the padding i had under my faja customs had pulled me to the side. i had to take off my dress and garment. I sucks because i had to repad and adjust myself. Always give yourself extra time at the airports. You just never know what will hold you back. I boarded my first at the last call.

First time wearing jeans

I know I look a little narrow from the front but it's all 3D baby from the back!!!! Hahaha

I know the doctor didn't have a lot of fat to add to my side/ hip area but with my waist shrinking and my thick thighs I know it will balance out.
Still wearing my stage 2 on the last hooks and padding in the front and back. I ordered some lipo foams (using homemade ones). Once I get those I will be padded everywhere

Love love my results :)

3 weeks

Hello dolls!

Today I’m 3 weeks post-op! I’m still healing but everyday has gotten better. I’m 100% bruise free. Believe it or not the Heparin shot bruises were the last the fade away.

I’m still not sitting. I eat dinner at home standing up (don’t want to be lying on my stomach), at work I’m using the yoga mat under my thighs and a pillow on my lower back. I cannot lie my legs sometimes gets sore and stiff and it’s probably from being on my feet a lot. I was think of getting the fold up beach chair and making a cut out so I can sit at home but not sure it if really worth it and will I actually use it.

This damn faja is evil!!! Hahaha. I’m still wearing stage 2 with lipo foam boards. I take it off once and awhile and give myself a break. I have it on about 75% of the time. I wear it at work all day. It’s at home I take breaks from it here and there. I’m not sure if I should get an xxs size faja because I’m concern it will be too tight on my legs. The one I’m wearing now you can see the shorts on the back of my legs with fitted pants. I might just get it taken in. I took my first faja to be taken in this weekend. The seamstress will take out about 3 inches from the waist hopefully it will be a perfect fit.

There is not much change from last post. My butt is softer but still very muscular which I like. I have muscular legs so it goes well. I might start the gym next week, nothing crazy, mostly light weight training. I’m a little concern about my weight because I’m 3 pounds heavier since my surgery. I know the doctor doesn’t want me to lose weight but I have to be careful with my weight gain too. Once I start working out I know I will feel and look better. I still take my vitamins and using what’s left of my arnica gel on my stomach and back. I had my 2nd massage in the US this past weekend too. He worked my stomach and back good, looking smoother.

Here are some pics.

Comparison pics

Hey ladies!!

Whenever you are feeling down and out about your results do some comparison pics. For most this will bring a smile on your face and a friendly reminder how far you have come. I wanted to post pics me wearing the jeans I had on when in my pre-op pics but my new booty doesn't fit anymore!!!! Also my legs are thicker from the gain weight ( I had no lipo on my legs) so I wore other pants so you can see the difference.
Speaking of legs I feel like my legs are huge! Lol before the gain weight I measured at 22 inches now I'm 23.5-24 inches.



1 month Post Op

Hello ladies,

I’m officially 1 month post-op! I feel/see my body is going to different changes all the time but I’m happy! My butt is softening up and feels less heavy (I ran without my faja on and my butt felt like a weighted 20lbs lol). I’m looking forward to the fluffing stage. I know my booty will drop some because naturally it was a lil droopy.

Most of the numbness and tingly sensation from my stomach and lower back is gone. I feel it the most when I take my garment off.
I’m been pretty good about wearing my garment for the majority of my days. I wear it all day at work and don’t really think about it too much. It’s when I’m home, cleaning up, doing laundry or ‘hanging: with my husband is when I feel like the faja is holding me back. I know it’s time for a new faja. The seamstress hasn’t called me to let me know my 1st faja is ready( she taking 3 inches from the waist) Hopefully that’s a nice tight fit. Once I get that one back I will give her my xs Fajate faja to be taken in too. Maybe about half an inch on each side. I still have not decided on the xxs faja maybe I will just get a waist corset instead. Vets any recommendations would be appreciated.

I’m going to start working out this week. I think a 5-8lbs weight lost will be ok for me. I’m not going to try to not focus too much on the scale number. I want to get my body tight.

I can still fit into size 4 but filled out! Lol. I did a lil shopping online and can’t wait to get my orders. I love shopping but now I really love shopping!. I get so excited to try clothes on.

1 month post op pics

Hello ladies!

Here are my 1 month post op pic.
This is a size 4 leather skirt. It feels a little snuggle pulling it up my butt! Lol but I am wearing lipo pads in the front and back. My waiste is shrinking and I weight the same as pre-op


6 weeks!

Hello ladies,
I've hit my 6 weeks mark and I'm feeling good. I lost 2lbs and I think i want to lost maybe 6-8lbs. Its more the way i feel and look than what the scale says. I also don't want to lost too much weight because i don't want to lose my booty.
Most of the numbing and tingly sensation in my midsection is gone. It doesn't feel as sensitive as before. If I feel without my faja in the morning my body/skin feels real tight. Like I might bust out of my own skin.
I'm still not sitting and sleeping on my stomach or side. I want to get a mani and pedi but i dont want to be sitting for too long. I would feel weird bringing something for me to sit on. Maybe if I go real early when they first open i can bring and pillow and be the 1st to get done...we will see.

I bought a latex corset size 34. I was afraid it might be to tight but on the contrary. I'm able to wear my corset over my faja and lipo foams. I was able to even get it in the 2nd hook row but I'm not going to force it and start at 1st row hook. I wear it all day and I've even slept in it. This will basically be part of my daily routine just like wearing the faja and lipo foams. My husband calls be robogirl lol

The doctor did her part now I'm doing my part with my post-op care.


I tried this dress on today at Banana Republic. Size small. Love it!

Comparison pics

3 weeks apart pics

Week 7

Hello ladies!
7 weeks! Can't believe it's been almost 2 months. I still feel and look good! One of my biggest problems now is shopping! I now love it even more. Just bought this dress, size small.

My incisions scar a slowly fading. I have 1 stitch left on my back that has not desolved.

2 months post-op

Hello ladies,

I’m officially 2 month post-op. Sometimes I sleep without my garment (usually because it hasn’t finish air drying) and I’m not waking up as sore and stiff like I usually do. I guess that’s a good sign…I’m less dependent on the faja?

My last stitch finally dissolved or fell off. My incisions are fading away. Most noticeable are my drain ones. I’m not putting anything special on them just coco butter shea lotion. If the healing process slows down then maybe I’ll look into something else. I’m very lucky that bruises and scars usually heal fairly quick. I don’t even have stretch marks from when I had my baby. I’m very lucky to have this good skin…Thank you Baby Jesus!

I’m usually itchy when I 1st take my garment off but once I jump in the shower its gone. I never really experience really bad itching only when it was really hot outside and I was walking around in the heat.

Most probably be surprised but I weight 165lbs (I’m almost 5’8”). Most of that weight has to be in legs! Lol I’m only about 3lbs difference from my pre-op but my frame is a lot smaller. I’m wearing size small and 4 in most of my clothes. With the garment on I can squeeze into size 2! But I will not force it! Lol

Pics- Getting waisted

10 weeks Post Op

Hello Ladies,

How are you dolls feeling? So its 10 weeks! I can believe it will be almost 3 months. I’m kind of afraid to start sitting down in a couple of weeks. I think I will continue using my pillows at work for a little longer.

I finally picked up my stage 1 garment that I was having taken. The seamstress took off about 3 inches but I think I could have gone even smaller. I will leave it as is for now. I haven’t worn this garment since week 1 post op.

What I like about my stage 1 faja: it goes down to my knees(but I can’t wear some of my dresses & skirts if it too short without black tights) . My stage 2 is mid-thigh and you can see the marking when I wear fitted pants. I also like that it’s a smoother material making it easier to put on. I like the full back coverage too.

What I don’t really like about stage 1 is the butt out.

Here are some pics

Butt out garment

So like I said before not the biggest fan of the butt out garment. In certain clothes it just looks too big and out there. Like I have on a booty bump/pad or something lol
Here are some pics but it looks even bigger in person. Shouldn't complaint but feeling a little self conscious. What ya'll think?


11 weeks

11 weeks pics

11 weeks

I told myself I'm going to get serious about working out and eating heathier. It will just make things better. I made my self an at home workout route. It's focused in the abs area, arms and butt. None of the exercise srequire me to be on my back.

I'm in the middle of a transformation. I plan to get a new cut probably around the holidays and I'm planning a new venture (stay tuned) .Revamping my whole life. I'm very optimistic about about the future (and I'm not just talking about my booty). Everything will fall into its place.

3 months PO

I'm 3 months post-op and I'm sitting! lol
Was feeling a little guilty but then I got over it lol


Taking pics helps me see my true progress. It's like losing weight sometimes you don't see it right away before others do.

When I take pics and go through that's when I really see my changes. So looks like my waist is shrinking! Makes my boons look bigger. lol As you can see in the pics this shirt is big around the waist but still nice around the bust


My stomach is looking smother and my muscle are starting to show. I haven't started my ab work out....I've been procrastinating.

Working out

I started working out and my body is feeling it. I've been so sore. Here are some of my exercises - All that I do right at home.
Front Lunges
Reverse Leg Lift
Cross Over Crunches
Side Sculptors
Push Ups

I sometimes incorporate weights in my lunges and squat routines.

Drain scar

In these pics you can see my scar from where the drain was at. It's healing. Hopefully by summer it's look better. Can barely see the lipo scars on my back.

Funny! Waist Training!

Saw this pic and couldn't stop laughing!
But on a serious note ladies wear your size. Don't try to squeeze into garment that will cause more harm than help.

4 1/2 months PO

Hello dolls,

I'm 4.5 months post op. Not much has changed. I feel like I gain 10lbs on Thanksgiving. The holiday season can be a killer. I need to go harder on my work outs and eating regimen.


Here are pics of my stomach. I should've of took pics before Thanksgiving lol

Lil black dress

6 months baby!!

I'm happy with my results. It's a major improvment from where I started. I look like I was born with this booty...very natural looking. And I still think it looks better in person than pictures!

I keep getting the question on how many cc I got. I have no idea and I never asked the Dr. I don't think it really matters because the doctors will give you what your body can produce and take.

I don't wear my waist crencher because it started falling apart. So disappointed. I got it from Perfect Silhouette. I had it for maybe 2-3 months (if that) before the stitching started breaking down. Not sure if I will get another one. My waist looks good w/o it.

Happy healing dolls

Baez Barbie- booty pics

6 months post-op


6 months


I recently weighted myself and I'm.......160lbs. Ive been eating a lot and need to get myself under control! Lol I want to tighten, tone up and lose about 5-8lbs.

It's January and plenty of time to get ready for the summer.

7 months--- Some ab pics

Hello dolls

Here are a few pics.
Same dress but different day. It's so hard to take pics of your own booty. Lol

Problems we all want!

Trying to pull your pants up but ass too fat! Hahahaha

Trying to pull my pants over my leggings ( I double up because its cold where I live) and I can be a struggle sometimes. These are the struggles I don't mind!

A lil phatty

After a lil tugging and pulling I was finally able to get them on! Hahahaha

I still have jeans (that don't have much stretch) that I haven't been able to wear after my a lil phatty! Hahaha

Get ready for Spring/Summer time

It's March and summer is around the corner. It's perfect time get this body fully right. Tomorrow I'm starting a new workout regiment and meal plan.

Before the surgery I never had a problem with working out and getting my body tight but my butt was just not there. Now that Dr. Baez has given me a great foundation that I can work off of there will be no stopping me.
I gain about 10-15 lbs for this surgery which oddly I'm still carrying most of it but as you guys can see I don't look bad. So I can only image what I will look like when I lose some of these extra pounds and when I start training more seriously.
I still wear a size 4 it's just more snug than before. Before the weight gain I could sometimes squeeze into a size 2 (but remember I had no booty! Lol).

Fitness Goals & Motivations

My next step is to maintain and improve this body. I bought some new workout equipment and gear. Here are some of MY fitness goals & motivations. To each his own...

I playfully mention a breast lift to my husband - he didn't say yes but he didn't say no. I'm not even sure myself. In the meantime I will continue focusing on my current.

Love my natural (looking) look

We all get booty greedy after surgery...we sometines can't help it. Now that I have reached 8 months post op, back to working and eating right I can appreciate my more natural look.
I never really wanted to look like a video vixen and I didn't want to end up feeling uncomfortable in an overly cury body. Don't get me wrong I love a lil attention here and there but I don't want to be center of commotion.
I feel good about my results and I'm feeling even better now that I'm working out again. When I decided to have the BBL I had stop working out and over eating to gain 10-15lbs. Now my goal is to look like I'm been doing sit-up and squats all my life.
Here are some current pics. You might notice my clothes are s but sloppy and too big! These skirts are a 4 and they are loose around the waist!


When I wear tight dresses in the office I find myself hiding the booty in cardigans & sweaters lol
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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