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Hi I'm dee I'm 23 no kids and I am thinking about...

Hi I'm dee I'm 23 no kids and I am thinking about getting a ba bbl and lipo. I'm 5'3 and I'm 178. I'm very bottom heavy but I really really want a flat stomach more than anything. My bestie and I are looking into getting work done. She actually introduced me to this site like Tuesday and here I am making my own profile lol. I'm looking to get my surgery done at the end of this year. I want to go to Yili or Duran. But I have also considered going to vanity in Miami just to stay in the us. That's all ill post for now. I'm still learning my way around the site

Got 2 quotes!

I emailed Duran, Yili, Baez and Contreras but I only heard back from Contreas and Baez...anybody have a better method to contact Duran and Yili. Also what about Diaz I've been starting to see some of his work. Any help would be appreciated

2 more quotes and before pics!

So still nothing from Yili and Duran but I saw Dr.Diaz work and emailed him asap! Got a decent quote of $3800 for the bbl lipo all meds garment n stay for 6 days! But I decided to also email Dr. Jose Leon any one heard of him or seen his work? He is very nice! Replies fast! And has a good price for everything! But he only has like 4 reviews on here so let me know if you guys heard of him! I'll attach pics of me now!

Its been awhile!

Hey guys I know its been awhile but I am back! Great news no longer going out of states I am going to Dr. John Hamel at complete laser clinic in NC. I am scheduled for loop and fat transfer on Wednesday! Yes this Wednesday the 18th of June lol. Im so nervous and excited. I haven't seen to many reviews for him. But I love that I don't have to travel far. Plus I can be AWAKE during everything! And he is super affordable my entire procedure will be $2750 plus he has Icare which means I only have to put 30% down and then make payments of $140 a month. I'm so happy I found out about him! I will keep everyone updated!

finally done!

okay guys so I'm not a full 24 hours out but I just wanted to go ahead and update everyone on everything. Dr Hamel is amazing his staff is amazing! my appointment was scheduled for yesterday Wednesday for lipo of the upper and lower abdomen and flanks and transfer to the butt when I first got there at around 8 :15 I filled out all the paperwork and then I did my icare they needed of driver's license debit card and your bank account number they give you the total amount of the procedure you put 30 percent down and then you make payments monthly. in my case I put 825 down I paid the 200 to book my surgery and now from here on out I'll pay 100 every month for thenext 22 months. icare is 100%
Approval. No credit checks hidden fees or intrest. Im thankful for it.

about the surgery I was nervous as hell super nervous but they were extremely nice helpful answer any of my questions I never feel uncomfortable the whole staff there is just wonderful I love them. so I get in the room they check my vitals then they take me to the room to put on my gown. once I get on the table Dr Hamel actually prayed with me that's really what put me where I needed to be I'm so excited that I chose him because he's extremely nice very talented very down to earth funny he talks to you the whole time so I had a wonderful surgery again I was awake the whole time the worst part was the numbing. I understand why they call it tickle lipo because when he uses the machine to numb your body when it goes over your ribs is like a painful tickle like you laugh but it kinda hurts the pain 1 out of 10 I would give it u 4.5-5 after that there really wasn't much pain he lipoed my sides then Lipo my abdomen and then turn me around then for the fat transfer. Wasn't painful just a lot of pressed. but wasn't too fun but had to be done I believe dr hamel transferred 1000 CC cheek and I can tell lol my butt feels like concrete right now and it's very heavy the bad thing is that I live in Atlanta I drove myself four hours there and I have to drive myself four hours back so i had to sit on it.after I was done with everything they cleaned me up and wrap me up in a compression garment gave me some extra padding and anything I might need in the bag they gave me my medication they gave me vicodin for me needing to sleep they gave me ibuprofen for the pain they gave me antibiotics 2 take 2 times a day and they also gave me medicine for if i feel sick. I put my clothes on the. drove myself home just fine um I did start to leak on my way home so I stopped and just use some extra pads they gave me just wrapped around my waist and I was fine by the time I got home took those off and my mother went to the store to buy some more for me and last night wasn't so bad I took the medicine to help me sleep with the pain medicine um drink some water and laiddown I haven't had an appetite and I'm going to have to eat and then take these antibiotics um waking up today wasn't so good on a scale of 1 to 10 my pain is about a six so I'm just laying flat on my tummy and writing this out to you guys usually Dr Hamel has his patients come back for accent treatment a massage the very next day but I planned on staying with my grandmother but that didn't work out so I had to come home I'm just been looking at places that a possibly be able to massage me I'll be massaging myself as well so I'll get to that probably the next couple of days I'll go find a massage therapist just hopefully some of the swelling and the drainage and stuff like that but other than that I hope I answered my question if you have any questions please feel free to ask me or DM me or anything and I'll post pictures

before And after

Here's a few pics

more pics

day of surgery, day 1 and 2 of being post op

okay I had a few questions about the pain and stuff so I'm just going to go into detail about my whole day I spoke to them Monday my appointment was on Wednesday they called me Monday to confirm I asked if there was anything I needed to do they just said no just eat a good meal before you come in and dress comfortably I asked that because usually when I see people going to to the dr they have to get blood work and labs and iron take all of these pills and I just wanted to make sure I didn't have to do any of that because I was going to be basically having the same thing done but I just ate and wore a little regular old summer dress I got there at about 8:45 again I got all my paperwork and they gave me an antibiotic I went to the back by at 9:18 they gave me a gown and stuff to change into and then Dr Hamel gave me no he took me to the back to take before pictures then he told me to go ahead and go on the table. You knoe thet wipe you down all of that stuff. I got a shot in my thigh I think he said it was so none of my other fat will be harmed or get infected and then we began the process.I was extremely nervous but the TV was on his staff was friendly after awhile I started to calm down the first thing he did was pray that really calmed me down and then he gave me a shot then he drew my blood because he said he wanted to draw blood in order to feed the fat that he was going to put into my butt and then he gave me a shot and showed me the tool that he was going to be putting in me and showed how it has squirters at the end and that all he was going to be doing was going through and squirting the numbing fluid i. all of my abdomen all over my sides. um its so hard to describe it it's a vibration its like I don't know something that vibrates extremely hard I'm trying to see what I can compare it to what it is a very strong vibration. Mind if you can imagine that going over your ribs its like its not a horrible feeling its very uncomfortable but its not anything that a kill you like I said on a scale of 1 to 10 to be a 4.5 honestly it is what took the most time its not its not the best feeling but it's not the worst either but is needed because you need to be numb during the procedure I would say the whole numbing lasted about 45 minutes and um yeah it's not that bad I cant explain what it feels like. but the thing is a long slim stick about as thick as a iphone charger wire. It vibrates he squirts the stuff into a feel it going in and out but its not painful you just feel it and once he's done with that he'll turn you on your stomach if you get butt injection and then he'll do your butt as well now the but part is the most uncomfortable for me out of 1 to 10 I will give it a 6 um because It was a lot of pressure and he just had to really make sure he knows everything is numb. from the front going over the ribs it really does tickle I was laughing and everything. he's pretty quick he got the next machine he went in he sucked all of the fat I believe he got about 6 pounds of fat out of my abdomen alone he got my sides then he got my abdomen then he showed me the plasma from the blood he took and then he turned me over and he got the fat and it was 2000 cc's total. then he injected 1000 ccs in each cheek. This part was the most uncomfortable out of the whole process again it wouldn't kill you out of 1 to 10 I would give it probably a 7.5 but it was the quickest as well it probably took him a total of 15 minutes. The good thing about Dr Hamel is that if you need a break or if you can't take anything or if you hurt he will give you a break he will give you time he will let you rest and then he will continue. I didn't need any breaks. um it was a very laid back atmosphere we talked about our favorite commercials watch TV it was just very very cool. at some point my eyes were closed and I was just chilling.

day 1 was horrible um the woman told me when I got up in the morning I was going to feel like I got hit by a truck and that's exactly how I felt you feel like s*** you feel helpless cuz you can't really do much your body is in pain yet your ass feels like you're toting concrete and then your abs hurt like you did a 1000 crunchs that morning so it's expected pain though and they give you plenty ibuprofen for the pain they give you antibiotics that you have to take 2 times a day with something to eat they give you vicodin for if you can't sleep and medicine If u feel nauseous I don't feel sick at all but they also gave me medicine for that they have 24 hour person to call if you need anything or if you need to talk to anybody. Which is another plus about being in the states. I didn't get a chance to get the accent massages that they provide so I'm going to try to find somebody that can massage me I'm still kinda swollen my butt is okay now it doesnt hurt its still kinda hard but is softening up my abs are still swollen my muffin top is gone though I'm just waiting for the fluid to get released and the swelling to go down right now I have worn the garment that they gave me and I have a waist cincher that I been had and I think I'm going to go to the store to try to buy me those things that everybody wears those compression garments with the thong. I think I want to get one of those in a medium um last night I slept on my couch on my stomach and today when I woke up day 2 I actually feel a little better like I got up a little walk around um I'm going to shower today and wash my compression garment and I'm still in some pain but I think cuz I went through it all yesterday my body is kinda used to it I know what to expect so don't hurt me so much I can walk around fine I just tried on clothes I just cleaned up around the house a little bit so I feel okay I'm going to post a few pictures and if you guys have any other questions just feel free to contact me

day 3

feeling a little better the pain has kinda went away or I can just say I'm used to it yesterday I went out for the first time it wasn't very fun because I had a hard time sitting but my family is here from out of town so I had to go and eat and drink with them I did drink alcohol yesterday so I just didnt take my antibiotics oh my butt is doing fine its still a little hard I haven't had any massages yet on my butt or my abdomen I've been doing self massages um I was a little swollen I text one of his assistants she just told me to loosen up my compression garment and I did that in the swelling has went down tremendously I haven't had much of an appetite but I try to stay hydrated and I try to eat something at least twice a day when I take my antibiotics I'll keep you guys updated and I have more pics of my booty yyaayyy!

2 weeks post!

It's been a long two weeks but I made it! I feel ok. Been doing a lot of sitting unfortunately. But my body is still looking good and its only going to get better! Dr Hamel did a great job! Right now he has a special $500 lipo each area and free fat transfer! That would be only $1500 for upper lower flanks n a new booty! Y'all better quit playing! Lol. I'll post a few pics. Going to start waist training this week. I don't have any fancy fajas I haven't gotten any massages I massage myself. Any questions just ask!

6 weeks

hi guys figured I'd give you a 6 week update. Im fine, figuratively and literally! Lol. I'm loving my body I have been getting so much attention from people everywhere I go. I did lose some volume after the swelling went down but I still love my booty. I have no more swelling so my butt is now soft. My abdomen still has a few hard sposts. I have to get a small waist trainer now because the medium is to lose. right now dr hamel is having a special for only 475 per area for lipo and 475 for fat transfer that way you can get your dream body for only 2000 dollars and you can use I care any questions just ask ill post pictures

Its been a minute

Hey guys know its been awhile I'm actually coming back on here because I've been getting a lot if messages about my progress now. I have lost volume but like I said in one of my very first post I did A Lot of sitting hell I had a four hour drive immediately after surgery and then I had to go back to work and I sit most of the day. However I still love my results. I don't think my butt is big but everybody tells me I have one lol so hey I wouldn't change a thing and for the price I bekice Dr Hamel did a great job! The only thing I don't like is that they told me with the lipo that I could eat whatever and guess what I did? So I gained a lot if weight my stomach is flat but I got wider n my thighs are huge but hey I've heard that if u get lipo and don't eat right that would happen. I'll post pics and feel free to message me.

Nine months..hey guys just updating pics still loving my booty 49 inches :) dieting tho hopefully I don't lose to much

just checking in im dieting hopefully I don't lose to much any questions just ask
Dr john hamel


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