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I just wanted to stop documenting my journey ....

I just wanted to stop documenting my journey . I've been a member of this site since Oct and like most people I just joined out of curiosity but never thought I would actually get surgery ! Now here I am . I want to get a BBL and Lipo . First I was looking at Dr Fisher in Miami but I've decided to go out of the country and I'm in between Yily and Cabral Just a little info about me . I'm 27 no kids . I work for a very good company and will be going back to college full time online in a few weeks . I'm originally from the east coast but moved to AZ 3 years ago . When I moved I was depressed in a horrible relationship and weighed 230 pounds . In Jan 2014 i was single & determined to look good for my 25 . I lost about 60 pounds and got down to 155 all natural . I worked out 2x a time 5x a week & ate healthy .no pills quick diets surgery In 2015 I started meeting people and going out in my new city and my new healthy lifestyle was short lived lol . I was partying and drinking almost every weekend and gained about 15 pounds back last summer. By sept I was dating and between then and now with happy weight and etc I'm back to 197 :( I'm so upset I gained half my weight back but I know I can lose it again I'm just lazy . So my plan is to get down 2 about 170 before surgery . My boyfriend thinks I should just work out and eat right and I will be fine . I keep telling him even when I lost weight I didn't have an ass but he is like do squats ! He is totally against the surgery which sucks because financially I would be able to get it right away if he was lol . My plan is to work out eat healthy and get down to my goal weight by Dec to get the surgery done . Which gives me time to plan save and prepare ! I really want to document everything and meet people because I don't have any support everyone I know is anti surgery and it sucks .

Tummy tuck uh no

I'm driving so in making this a quick update . Yily have me until EOM to lock in my quote with her . So I've been trying to get a quote with a couple other docs to compare . One of the docs is Robles . I asked for a quote for BBL and Lipo and she gave me one with a tummy tuck . I stated in my message what I wanted . I've read other girls say some docs just hand out tummy tucks even if they are not needed. I lost 60 pounds and my stomach looked fine . I had no extra skin fat hanging just a pouch . Now that I gained it back in confident I can get the same snap back . Plus I don't have kids and just in case I do within a couple years I don't want 2 get one now and need it again . I rather do it after

All Inclusive ??

Has anyone who has has surgery all ready used an all inclusive packages it's the recovery house ? Or anyone planning 2???

Is it worth it why or why not ?

Thinking about changing docs

So I have been getting quotes from a few docs . Yily is my first choice but I'm thinking maybe Robles or Baez but I will be making a decision within the next week or so :)

Quick Update , Doctor change , RH etc

So I'm at a piercing shop . I'm getting one of my piercing (eyebrow) taken out now since I will have to do my surgery . I outgrew this one and the Asians always mess my eyebrows up

I plan on getting retainers in the other 2 I have ( my Monroe / dermal in my neck ).

I changed doctors I'm #teamBaez now . She gave me a great quote . BBL and Tt and I know I was anti TT but hers are great I changed my mind.

So my next step is RH I'm looking at serenity . Anyone have any reviews or opinions on RH?
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