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I've been wanting to do a BBL and BA since I can...

I've been wanting to do a BBL and BA since I can remember but I always chicken out and think is it worth it? Everyone thinks I look fine but, I dont. By joining this site I am making a commitment to this process and to me. I want to look FAB by 40 I'm only 37 now but I want to get a jump start! I am thinking of Dr. Beaz or Dr. Diaz in DR. Wish Me Luck!

Reading These Reviews Scare My Shxtless

I think I should stop reading so many reviews, they are not helping me feel confident.

Well I may Stay In The States

After careful consideration and just an Erie feeling in leaving the country, I'm considering Dr. Fisher in Miami. I hope some of you girls out there can give me a solid opinion on him. Earlier I decided to stop sending Dr.'S wish pics and just enhanced some of my own pics. Here's what I would like to look like.

The More I Fish the More I want Dr. Fisher

I spoke to my friend who went to DR and she was saying that she would never pay $4500 for just one surgery she got Bbl and BA for that price and my response was. I'll do my BA later, I feel better staying in the states. I've been watching Dr. Hasan patients as well and they look good. But for me Baaaaaby Fisher girls is Snatched! And she--her--me... has to be snatched! Kisses

Dr. Fisher Is My Only Choice

I've made a decision and I'm sticking to it. I will put down my deposit November for February surgery. I'm excited and scared at the same damn time!

Change Dr.


"SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE," Uhh. Bxtch I ain't Dying Lol.

Okay RS sissys. Listen when it's my time to shine Please don't tell me "you'll see me on the other side." That shxt sounds like I'm dying and you'll see me in the next life. Lol.... you can tell me you'll see me on the other side of surgery tho lmao. I'm sorry I know I'm petty. Kisses


Got these pics from another one of our RS sisters. (Sorry can't remember her name) But she had surgery today and shared these pics. Now I don't want this much ass because I would be upset, but her ass looks good!

My Addiction To RS is Real...

I dream about this surgery. I sometimes get scared about having it, I feel like certain things are a sign that I might not come out of it right. Uggghhh... and did I mention IM NO WHERE NEAR HAVING IT.. lmao. I need to sit my silly ass down. But, I'm alway looking to see new Fisher Dolls then those damn email notifications make it hard to resist. It's like I'm on IG RS then FB....then i do it again. I need rehab. Anyho. Happy Friday and i hope come February this journal means something to me and i can look back and say all that worrying and stalking for nothing you look fabulous. Oh I made some wish pics. Cause who doesn't like to be inspired by wish pics. Kisses

Scared lol...As usual

I'm reading another RS sister who went to Dr.Fisher is in the emergency room. She might need a blood transfusion. Now I know this is not uncommon BUT it's uncommon because we elect to dp this surgery. Idk. RS is good for one thing and bad for another. Happy Sat. Kisses

Ladies Jelousy Is Real

My nosey ass ex boyfriend who for 4 years of our relationship stood in the way of my and this bbl due t his insecurities is still up to no good. Long story short he texts me and said, " you said you needed money but I see you with a new daycare, getting a new car and surgery, wow..." I was like boy bye. I do better without you. He's the most devilish self centered Jelous man I've ever known--glad I'm done with him. Ladies fo you forget him because they will never understand it's not about them!

Thanks SmokingMirrors30

Thank Goodness for SmokingMirrors30 she put me down with Care Credit. Whoot whoot. NOW THE SHIT just Got REAL. I'm going to be a Fisherfied lol!


Well I'm definitely booked and ready to do this on Feb 3rd. I changed my date to hopefully room with another RS sister. Also, I noticed Vanity was really general about my 12 areas of lipo. Tomorrow Im going to my PCP because A.) I need a PPD for my daycare and B.) I asked for labs. I figured I'd may as well get my blood drawn and see where my levels are early. I'll give you gals an update. Xoxo


Iam emailing my coordinator at Vanity to see how much the BA would be and if I can get it in November. I want these boobs done before the BA of can make it happen. Then I'll 3 months to recover and do the BBL. Let's hope I can make this happen. If it looks feasible I'll start a new Review, so I'll keep you all posted..


If I get this ratio. I'm a happy camper.

Uploaded without Pic. Sorry

RS does that sometimes.

Well.... I'm not sure about the BA

So I was told that a BA would be $2800 with Fisher and I could do it up to Six Weeks Before my BBL. And, also was told that if someone else did the BA it would have to be a 6 month space between the two. But, after I've researched Fishers BAs I'm not sold on him for that particular job. I saw a couple of Boobies that where cock-eyed lmao. But perhaps those were old patients. Idk. I just don't want my nipples to be like Biggie Smalls Eyes... wandering all over the place. Happy Sat. Girls & If youve seen some of Fishers BA patients please send me some links. Xoxo

Okay This Would Make Me Happy 4 months to Go

I gained weight my measurements are now 36 30 38....5' 2" 145lbs. Maybe I should go back to my 135lbs. And give up my 45" booty dreams. I don't want my waist to be big I want at least a 25" waist if possible. Heeeeelllllllppppp. I need advice from vets.

Feb 3rd is Coming too Slowly

I need this Body Asap.

Sexy Sexy

I just want to be uber sexy!

DATE Change FEB 23RD

Well... I took at Part time Job and I will not be eligible for FML until February 9th therefore, I had to change my date. :-/

Well I'm still Flat Booty Judy

Due to life and business going as planed I don't have the time to do such a demanding surgery so I'm going to wait until July. I got Restylane injections yesterday and I have a review on that if your interested. Xoxo
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