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Hello RS!!! whoo!!! I'm nervous and excited. Well...

Hello RS!!! whoo!!! I'm nervous and excited. Well I found out about Realself about a month ago. Yes!! I'm a stalker!!! Lmao!!! All day, All night. And like many of you I've been unhappy with my body for forerever. But, I have still continued to Love Me!!! A little about me~ I'm a 5'7, 36 years young, mother of 4. Ages 19,17,16,and 12. I'm a medical assistant currently going to school fulltime to get my Bsn in Radiography and still studying to challenge Nc Cna Exam. Yes I do have my hands full. What can I say life as a Woman. Anyways, I have always wanted to have a "big ol butt". I'm flat with no hips and 40DD girls on top. I have always maintained my weight about 150,160. But since I turned 30 my weight has been getting worse 198. Ugh!!! I'm still pretty much porportioned and with clothes on I can carry my weight "Aight." Unfortunately my Ass doesn't get any bigger nor my hips any wider. Soo I have decided that its time to do me and get the body that I want. Ive been reading up On many Dr.s and decided to go to the DR to become either #TeamYily or #Durandoll But I'm not sure soo.... I definitely need some Help!!!!! I want a small waist, hips and a Nice Juicy Booty. But natural ,with projection. Not Nicki Minaj but like JLo, or Irene the dream. I just want it Plump~ I also want a tummy tuck , and a breast lift. I'm not sure if I want to wait on the bl until after my bbl and tt. How would I sleep? I want to get my Sx summer 2014 so ladies all comments and suggestions would definitely be Grateful:)

Wow!!! pre-op pics!!!

Hey Ladies!!!! Soo I took some pre-op pics, Damn!!! I'm Big!!! I weigh 195lbs. I'm 5'7, and, Well ugh!!! Is all I can say. I didn't know how stinks I was looking without cloths. I'm alomost 2 shame 2 send them 2 the docters. Lmao, for real though. I should be ashamed. DR I'm coming.......


Bout them typos lol

Duran, Duran

So I finally sent Duran a message on FB last week. I didn't receive a reply so I sent her another message, still no reply. Soo I just sent her a message on her website, hopefully she will respond soon. In the mean time, I thought it wouldn't hurt to contact a couple of other doctors. I contacted Dr. Baez and she responded within a day so now I'm waiting on her quote. And trying to tone up my body while I wait for Duran.

Merry Christmas Dolls!!!

Happy Holidays to all!!! its been a while ladies, but I've been a lil sttuck on those FB groups. Anyway, I've since received 3 quotes. Tt,bbl lipo and bl Yily said 5,400 and Contreras said 5,000. Baez gave me a quote of 3,700 without BL. I'm thinking of waiting for the BL, not sure yet. Unfortunately I still haven't heard from Duran but Damn!!! I've been seeing so much Duran Dolls lately. Im so stumped on a doctor. I still don't know. I'm not really sure whom I am going to, but, I know I wanna go around June 16, 2014. I Should be going with someone if things workout or one of my daughters, but I would still like to have a buddy. Anyone interested let me know I'll be flying out of Nc. I havent locked in a date with anyone so my time might fluctuate between June 16 -Aug 4 but I would really prefer the middle of June though. Back to Duran, becausemy journey is going slowly I've been patient about the issues with getting in contact with Duran. But I just might have to pay 150 to a consultant to get a quote. Damn!!!

holiday booty wish pics

Sorry about them typos....
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