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I've been on here for years and finally decided it...

I've been on here for years and finally decided it was my time to do something about my body. I'm really excited yet really nervous at the same time. I contacted Duran and Baez... They both had similar costs but Baez gave me a date for August opposed to Durans date of October. I asked Baez if she could let me know if she had any cancellations because I really wanted a July date. She advised After a week that July 5th just came available! I took it with the quickness, so here we are today... I'm getting ready and making all of my purchases for when that day comes.

Before pics :-((!!!!!

Well... Guess I should show you gals the before pics. Hot mess, I know... Lol


I'm really glad I have you girls to support me. It's kind of wack that I have no friends who will just be happy with me about this. It's kind of stressing me out. I've told a handful of people and everytime I hear something negative or how THEY feel I don't need this. Can you just be happy and say if this will may you feel better about yourself, I support?! Why is it so hard to find people who will be cool and help lower your stress through this process?


I've read a few girls say their items/money was stolen... So I purchased a small sentrysafe digital safe from target for 30 dollars. I made an 8 digit security code and I will keep cash, and passport locked up.


So does anyone know how to make phone calls and text/update you gals from outside the country?

Serenity Recovery House

I'm staying at Serenity... A newer recovery house. Rooms look clean, 3 meals and 2 snacks are served per day and they provide transportation to and from the doctors office. Take a look at the attached menu :-)


I have the worst flying phobia. I sweat really bad and sometimes ask the person next to me if they will hold my hand... It's ridiculous!! I am not looking forward to taking 2 flights there and 2 flights home!! Y'all send some prayers up for me, I really need them.

Dr Visit

So I went to the Dr today to get my hemoglobin levels checked and to ask for pain pills and a sleep aid. I was shocked that my dr was so kind. She was so excited-- the kind of reaction I wish I had from people close to me! She prescribed everything with no issue... My stats are as follows:
169 pounds

And doc says everything looks healthy, hemo levels will be available tomorrow

Recovery House

Forgot to tell you guys I switched to Daisys Recovery House. She is a sweetheart and has checked in on me often. I can't believe I'm flying out tomorrow. Please send some prayers up for me, I'm really excited and nervous. I have dreamed of July 5 (my surgery day) for at least 12 years now!! Can't wait!!


I'm on my way to the airport! So excited! Didn't sleep at all, stayed up watching a movie until it was time to go!! I'll keep you gals posted along the way!

Flight 1 down...

Flew to Ft Lauderdale... Next flight to Santo Domingo! Flight scared the heck out of me but I eventually calmed down enough to take a nap. Hit u ladies when my next flight is over.

I made it safely!

Hey y'all!! Second flight Almost had me in tears with the turbulence but I made it! It's a long customs process, so be prepared for an additional hour maybe more after you arrive. I went towards the doors and Daisys recovery house had a driver waiting for me. Mannnnnn y'all PREPARE YOURSELF FOR THESE NON DRIVING PEOPLE!! He almost got both of us killed but we eventually made it to our destination. He took me straight to the clinic which is where I am now. We have completed the medical questionnaire and bloodwork. I'm now just waiting on an X-ray and then I'll be out


Am I really in the Dominican Republic?! Is this really happening??? Omgggggg am I really out here by myself?! Man I'm up bright and early for surgery y'all... I'm excited for my OUTCOME but really nervous about the pain and healing. I met a lady yesterday who had a tummy tuck and she said it's going to feel like I can't breathe... That's scary... I'm really nervous about the ride back here. I told you before-- the driving is awful out here. Riding fast and then slamming on brakes after a tummy tuck doesn't sound fun to me... I can't wait to show you gals pics of the new me... I know you guys are just as excited as me

Surgery complete

Heyyyyy ladies! Surgery went well, Dr Baez came in at 6:30 and drew all over my body. She was sooooo sweet and beautiful. She told me all of her plans... Even lipo-ing areas I didn't know were needed. She said she wanted to sculpt and Remove fat from the crease area where my underarms meet my breasts. She gave me a blue pill and I immediately felt calm and almost tired. They wheeled me to the operating room and put me on the operating table. A nurse put something in my nose that was blowing the medication to sleep. While I slept they put the epidural in. I did wake up twice but I was too groggy to open my eyes and fell right back asleep. I was asleep when they rolled me to my room and woke up a few hours later. I've been groggy all day, it's now 11 pm and I'm still groggy after sleeping all day. I'm really sore but not in pain. Ladies bring an extra pillow with you so you will be comfortable in the hospital bed.

A few pics


Hola chicas! :-) I'm 4 days post op and extra sore. I'm really glad I had my dr prescribe medicine and brought it with me because the mess they give here is like candy-- does nothing! The recovery house nurses have been sweethearts, Daisys recovery house was definitely a good pic for me. My massage started 1 day after my massage and man oh man do the massages hurt. The pressure they put on your bruised sensitive skin is awful. I learned to take a pain pill before massages and to drink a lot of water after my massages. I didn't eat much the first 2 days after my surgery but by day 3 my stomach was howling haha! I've made sure to get up and move around (I started on day 1) so that I could strengthen my body. Even if it's just walking around the room a few times it really helps. Why oh why did I pack so much clothes and panties?! I haven't used either, I prob shld have only packed 2 dresses and 2 panties. You only wear your compression suit all day, nothing else. A light robe was good to slip outside for a second or two... I bought a bag of depends and haven't used anything. From day one my nurse told me to straddle the toilet while holding my faja open and I never had any accidents. I'll be happy when I'm not sore and can turn over in bed without all the extra grunting and struggling.


Well ladies... I'm home. I need to get my compression garment taken in more and I need a masseuse really bad. I have an incredible amount of liquid in my stomach, I'm starting to look pregnant. When I touch my stomach it ripples and you can see the waves of fluid. I've called around here in chicago to find a lymphatic drainage masseuse and the lowest price I'm finding is 100 per massage. I don't know what I'm going to do but it's starting to weigh on me... If you have any suggestions please let me know
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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