HAD BBL June 2015 and BOTCHED!!!!! No ass and ruined stomach:(

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Hi my fellow BBL dolls....So a little about me.....

Hi my fellow BBL dolls....So a little about me...My name is Jenn or J-Lo or J-Lok more recently but funny thing I have no Jlo butt. LOL. I first saw a Brazilian butt lift procedure in 1999 and asked my hubby at time if I could get it...he said if you find it nearby yes. Of course it wasnt a big popular thing yet to have a big ole butt so I got boobs instead. LOL. Well now here I am in 2014 still with no butt and in my 40's and just had a hysterectomy plus a knee surgery so all my running/squat days over (I actually started gettin a natural butt) so I thought to myself Jenn its time to get your booty on and ditch this muffin top, back fat, sagging stomach s**t I seemed to acquire the last few years!!! I believe in Jay-Z's motto - 30 the new 20 well baby 40 the new 20!! I am in better shape and health now then then and think a full body lip and BBL would only boost my self esteem more! Plus just to throw a bonus in I want to give my little ex some revenge since he kept cheating with nasty looking big booty broads....well baby its my turn:)

I LOVE this site...I'm addicted....all the information has been amazing. I first started looking at Miami and Bev Hills being I'm in Oregon, but the more I found the shape I liked I realized I gotta travel to Dominican Republic!!!! I like Duran's work but then fell in love with Dr. Baez and her reviews of how sweet she is and personal and everything ran smooothly. Plus I read some people thought she was conservative but I've seen some recent work and if you tell her to add some cc's in the booty I think she will..it appears she does anyhow. So here I am on the very beginning of my journey...Dr. Baez emailed me this morning to start discussing my health. I told her I just had a physical with flying colors but I do have mild asthma but never have to use my inhaler so I hope that's not a deal breaker. I heard she is very strict on health. I am aiming for October for my procedure because I think I'll have to gain about 10 pds for that extra cushion and figure I'll look like hell in sweatshirts and play it off like I'm going on a major bootcamp diet from Oct to Spring! LOL. Anyways I would LOVE any ideas, suggestions, especially for RH and what to bring and expect etc. Anyone traveling in October would be awesome to link up with as well!

I'm so excited I cant explain it...its like something I've imagined and wanted for years and I HAD NO IDEA it was in arms reach financially...I'm like a fat kid and cake....


No word yet...ugh

So I have not heard back from Baez yet...hoping she isnt going to reject me for asthma..I will cry for real. I told her I just had knee surgery 3 1/2 weeks ago and about 10 other surgeries with no glitches and my asthma is allergy related. Now I have two of my best friends on board about going too....that would be awesome since they are Spanish and even though I have some Spanish in me I am not fluent in language but enough to get by. Having friends there would make me feel so much more secure. I hope I hear from her soon....

More wish pics

Post op pics...

Still nothing...

I wonder if Baez isn't so urgent to contact me since I said I want surgery in October? In the meanwhile I had received some of the US quotes when I started my search I sent requests for info to a few Dr's. I got one in Miami for Vanity and it's $7000 for BBL/lipo plus recovery stay. I got one yesterday from Image Cosmetic Center in Atlanta for $3400 but didn't list what all is included. I don't know what their work is like though...I really wanted to go to DR for the coca coia shape....anyone know of Image?

Heard back from her....

So Dra Baez replied to me and said she wants me to get checked out by a pulmonologist to make sure my lungs/respiratory is in good shape for surgery. I just had surgery 5 weeks ago on my knee and they knocked me out cold more so then they do for BBL and I was fine...I will go and get cleared to be safe. I also asked her if I should gain any more weight to get the maximum cc's for my butt as possible but she said do not gain more weight or I might get loose skin....I was a size 3 frame before my twins and my body stretched to a 200 pd frame at delivery and guess what? NOT ONE STRETCH MARK and my skin shrunk right back to a 4 after....but that was 12 yrs ago and now I've had hysterectomy and alot of stored fat from years of fun so I think honestly in my heart when that gets all sucked out my skin and body will shrink back up. I'm just dying to have my small mid section back and the booty I've dreamt of for years and spend my last days atleast hot! I need to find me a sugar daddy dang it....this girl aint gettin any younger and I just wasted 4 years of my good for nothing broke a** rapper boyfriend that did NOTHING for me but give me more wrinkles and empty my savings along with break my heart with his lying cheating hoodrat hoe loving self! LOL. I dont know if I can wait until October but I have so much going on with remodeling another house I bought & trying to flip it, settling a lawsuit I am in, send my oldest off to UofO and get him settled plus my twins have sports starting...UGH.....I need a P.A. and someone else's checkbook....haha!

Oh one more thing...I think my butt is growing from these herbs....

So on another note I have been taking my normal multivitamin/probiotic/omega 3 like I do daily but I added an extra dose of fish oil and maca root pills...they are a herb from Peru that is known for balancing hormones and lesson periods but side effects can be your booty and boobs growing....well I tell ya ladies my butt is fattening up....I took a couple pics to show you if you look at my pre surgery pics. I figure it cant hurt to add with the volume of it all! LOL

THOSE ARE NOT POST OP PICS !! MY bad they are PRE OP!!!!

Sorry those pics are me now not POST OP but I cant update title or delete. My bad....


Heard from the doc and she said we will not set date in stone or give me quote until I see the pulmonologist and get full clear on my respiratory and lungs. I have an appt with my regular physician tomorrow to get my seasonal steroid allergy shot and ask him for a referral for pulmo doc. I really hope this is not a set back. I know in US they'll operate on me....I have had 3 surgeries the last few years with no complications being fully knocked out and in DR they dont even knock you out completely during procedure. The fact she is being so persistent on health check kinda has me worried too about the confidence in the anesthesiologist and my asthma....I read that a few of the deaths there were due to asthma and patients not revealing that or having their inhalers with them or going into cardiac arrest. I also read about the gal that had the pulmonary embolism which is a blood clot in her lung but that is normally not coincided with asthma. Its real scary if you start to "over" research because as I said I have had multiple surgeries and never a glitch so if its my turn to go then its my turn to go. I'm not scared of death but I am scared of being in another country and having major complications with language barriers. Anyways I'll just go get checked out and go from there......

NOTHING MUCH NEW - my life has been crazy so surgery been on hold

I have had a whirlwind of life events lately between squatting renters that have cost me thousands because they cant pay rent but could hire an attorney to fight eviction and at court they obviously have NOT missed any meals but Oregon laws protect loser ass tenants. Then my youngest son broke his ankle wakeboarding and upon his exam they found a heart murmur which after the EKG we found he will need further care and possibly surgery. I bought an adorable 1 pound Peki for my daughter and the meth head breeders somehow dropped her or something and when I showed up to get her they handed me a dead hand size puppy and now wont refund the money. Oh but then there was an idiot on the freeway with 3 first names Huan Bin Chen license plate "BIN" who decided to lane change into me and proceed to hit and run my vehicle but when questioned by police and insurance he lied bout it even though his personalized plates gave him away. Oh I had an eye injury, a credit card mistaken identity, a sinus infection and some other random crap. Anyways I also am trying to settle my accident lawsuit from 19 months ago which I had to have knee surgery for and found out my knee is shot so cant run anymore. The downside I look fat as hell the upside I now meet the weight suggestion for my surgery. LOL. During all my health issues they did a full blood panel and I found out my hemo is at 13.9 and all my bloodwork came back remarkably above average for a woman my age and my lungs are fine. Well that is one positive that I could do surgery tomorrow if I had the finances now or time off. I am hoping for October or November still but with all that has transpired I might wait to settle my case and make a vakay out of it. Oh I also started bartending more to make extra $$ and am having a blast:)

Heyyyy dolls I am back after a break - anyone going to MIAMI in JUNE??

So i had to get my life and situations in order before continuing this journey. After long consideration I am going to MIAMI instead of DR because of risks and language barriers etc. I have decided to go with Spectrum and Dr. Omulepu. I am trying to confirm for June and booking air/hotel. Prices keep jumping back and forth on air so I need to book TODAY. I am now looking for any dolls that had a lipo/bbl with him or that clinic?? I have read good reviews so far so have heard no horror stories. I am really getting nervous now being 2 months out and am going to start exercising again since I am up to 145 pds!!!! I have never in my life weighed that much but I've been a squirrel stashing her nuts for a better booty. My bf is sick and tired of hearing about it but he is joining me on the journey to care for me:) My gf's all want to go for a trip to Miami but I am not about to pay for them to drink while I hurt. LOL, Okay so any advice or travelers at same time?? Hit me up!!!

June booked and airfare/hotel bought!!! ITS REAL NOW!!!

Well dolls I am scheduled for June 25th at Spectrum with Dr Ortega!!! I decided on Miami and Dr Ortega since his reviews are excellent and I can make a trip out of it too. I'm flying from Portland, OR on June 24th and have surgery the 25th. My boyfriend is coming to care for me or he better lets say....LOL.....I mean care for me since he sees South Beach party life in his near future. HA. We are staying at a condo at Alexander Resort Suites that way he can cook me food and it has a kitchen and private balcony plus 2 full bedrooms so we can have visitors. I have been obsessed with Real Self Ortega reviews and Miami itself. I am shopping daily for supplies. I will post pic of what all I have as to now.

PICS of me currently....Dr said gain weight

SO I am like fattest I have ever been in my life mostly in my ARMS ughhhhhh and Dr Ortega said gain some more weight for the result I want. I just ordered Floradix too to start taking with my other 15 normal daily vitamins. I am on my workout again hard and going to emphasize on arms so I can possibly avoid lipo on them but literally my arms have always had chicken wings even at 118 pds so thinking I might anyways. I am currently 5'7 and 146 pds.

MY wish pics...

Weighed in at 150 pds OMGGGGGG

So dolls if anyone is reading cuz I feel I talk to myself....lol....I am weighing in at 150-151. Let me say that first off in my whole life I have never teetered over 130 and I weighed 160 something when I delivered my first born so this whole 150 pd thing and try to get to 160 is making me super nervous. What if something happens and he can't get all the fat or what about my fat chin right now and arms are not included so thats another $500 and right now ms fatty is all arms. Somebody please tell me you gained weight for surgery and look amazing now its done!!!! Everyday I just keep ordering things or reading reviews. All our condo, hotel, cars, etc is booked so I am relieved for that. Only a $10,000 trip when all said and done but I have to remind myself I budgeted $6000 for Dominican and now we are making a mini vakay out of it too.....UGH more work more work. I already work 2 jobs! LOL

Pureleef?? Nails??

Anyone heard or tried of PureLeef natural enhancing cream for butt/hips. I saw it on IG and it's only sold on amazon with money back guaranteed and the results are amazing. It is suppose to go hand in hand with working out and squats so when you do cardio you dont lose your shape/curves. I am going to order it and use after surgery to see if it helps.
Also can you dolls that have gone to the other side already tell me is it really neccesary to remove nails and polish? I have natural long nails with shellac overcoat and am pretty ritual about nails being on point. My last 2 surgeries I didnt have to remove anything like that. Help! LOL
I figure my belly ring has to come out though so hopefully it does not close.....

The wait...working out shopping ya know

Not alot to report...got pretty much all my supplies. I found alot of things at dollar tree believe or not. I got big gauze bandages and antiseptic wipes, retinol face wipes, 6 bottles of pedilite (score!) for hydration, generic neosporin, maxi pads and they have kneel pads for bathing baby but it's same foam like lipo boards. Online I purchased ensure (cheaper on walmart.com), bromelin, arnica tabs, maderma, bio oil, silver gel, laxatives, medipeds socks (3 pretty $15), prego body pillow ($22), a memory foam neck travel pillow, medical blue donut ring, pee urinal, baby wipes, feminine wipes, stomach board and 2 garments plus a waist trainer. I'm going to grab men wife beaters to wear under garments but on top of foam/pads. I'm pretty sure all my suitcase will be supplies. Lol. I'll take a pic when all together.
I've been hitting gym 4-5 days week. Lots of squats and lunges. Also arms and cardio. Just keeping fit and building muscle but gaining weight too so it's a challenge being larger. Lol. I figure once my fat sucked off my rolly polly mid area I might have the start of a 6 pack! Ha!. That's about it.....go to doc next week to schedule chest xray and labs. Wait killing me.....

Not much to report - Dr. appt today to start my clearance

Not alot just feeling fat but actually lost 2 pds so eating lots of junk today. LOL. I have an appt today with my normal Dr to start the clearance for my chest xray and anything else being that I'm over 40. I am trying to reach Vivian at Spectrum to see if I should schedule my labs for a month out or how I should do that. I want to make sure my hemo good and Im still waiting for my floradix to arrive in mail to start.

Funny story from Dr visit yesterday

So had my dr appt and weighed in at 152.5....OMG....so I am telling the asst. all about my plan/procedure blah blah. She is in awe and intrigued. The Doc comes in and says I see you are on a weight gain regimen and having fat transfer. I said yep. He asks how did I find this Dr doing my procedure and acting very fatherly about it all. I explained it all and my research and decision to why I want it and how I am making a vacation out of it too. He was super happy since last time I seen him in December I was depressed/stressed from my father passing, house issues, sons health issues, etc and he thought I was under too much stress. I asked him about my bloating and all that and he said he felt the amount of weight I've gained is probably just sitting there and looking prego and he ordered an ultrasound to be safe and give me full clearance and also ordered me lung/chest xrays. I can send results to Spectrum so glad for that!! But my boyfriend was all tripping out about my stomach and bloatedness lately saying OMG you are prego and cant have your surgery. I googled a pic of an ultrasound of twins (I have boy/girl 13 yr old twins too) and texted it to him after my appt and said nothing. He was doing homework with his daughter and I was cooking dinner so missed his call then he called but I had passed out watching a movie so barely awake and forgot to say it was a joke.....he has been stressing out so bad so I feel mean when today he really isnt talking to me much. LOL. If you knew him and all that man has put me through in 5 years you would not think I am mean but it was funny ....just not funny we never really talked after so I didnt say "LATE APRIL FOOLS". hahahaha. oops.......
On another subject I am going to remodel my kitchen to keep busy til surgery time....I'm going stir crazy.

Muscles have memory....

I been working out hard while packing these pounds on. Not focusing much on mid section cuz I want all that lipo'd out but I am focusing on my thighs since I am not doing inner thighs. I do a million squats/lunges/deadlifts and cardio so when the bump is added to the legs it will proportion right. I want to spend the extra $$ on my chicken wing arms instead of thighs so I keep hitting these weights....

I got the butt lift underwear that push your own butt up...still no butt. LOL

Xray clearance and 40 days out!!!

Not much just hella busy at both jobs and kids sports end of season stuff...thank god. It is keeping my mind occupied though!! It is all sinking in now that I am 40 days away....I'm getting nervous so trying not to watch the youtubes anymore. LOL.
My ultrasound and chest xtray and mammo all came back A OK! I have gained weight so have had major bloating and made sure nothing else going on with ovaries or cysts etc since my past has long history but nope I am healthy. Just waiting for Evelyn to call and tell me what blood work to get. I ordered few more things yesterday like FLEXEES shapewear from walmart for after and sleeping in and also some wifebeaters to wear under garments so no rubbing and sports bras. Also I've been taking my floradix and all my supplements including arnica and silver. I want to have a quick healing so I can enjoy MIAMI too:)
Thats all for now dolls....HAVE a GREAT WEEKEND!!!

One month countdown (in a few days hehe)

Okay I am DONE shopping!!! I will take a pic tonight of the amount of stuff I have. I don't like the bobby I got...it is HUGE and obvious so I bought the BBL pillow for $100. I called Evelyn today and left message to find out on labs and what I can do now 30 days out. I have been faithfully taking my vitamins and am starting to get nervous!!! I am also doubting if my choice to change from Omelupu to Ortega was still a good decision because OSAK has been having nice results!!!! I am feeling super non sexy with all this weight but I want the most transfer to get result I want!!! Have a great day dolls and that's all for now!!!

21 DAYS and still no lab papers plus broke up with my boyfriend so now solo

Been crazy. I have emailed Evelyn at Spectrum 5 times for labs!!! I dont want to find out when I get there something is wrong and have wasted $3000 in travel expenses. I don't understand the lack of communication. I am holding at 150 pds so that is 20 pds up. My boyfriend off and on 5 years has proved once again he is a lying selfish ass and I am not taking him for my caretaker. Now I have his $550 airline ticket and a 2 bdrm condo and nobody. I dont want to do a RH and share room or bathroom. I need to know if any nurses or massage therapists that travel to condos?? I am just so stressed right now. Its not cool:(


So after I sent 5 emails, 2 voicemails and finally a threat of wanting a refund to go elsewhere since the medical asst. Evelyn has not sent labs to me and I am 2 weeks from surgery...I get a nastygram this morning saying she sent them in May (I had my IT guy look and there is NO RECORD of her email) and now she said if I dont get labs today I can't make my surgery date!!!! WTF!! I have spent over $3000 on air/hotel and not to mention took 12 days off work that I CAN NOT CHANGE!!! The contract says no refund within 2 weeks of surgery but this is not my fault she dropped the ball and I have proof of all the messages I have sent. Now I wonder if I'm even safe or secure in Spectrum's hands......I want to cry. I have waited 2 yrs for this and am fat and frustrated.

DID MY LABS - 14 days

So after calming down I printed out the lab order she (SUPPOSEDLY YET NO PROOF) sent in May and coincidentally resent yesterday that came through just fine and found the LABCORP which is an hour from my house so I took a 2 hour lunch to get it done and told them to rush the results to Spectrum. The lady there was so nice and said they always try to say they sent the orders but never did. Hmmmm. Anyways also going for EKG today, which I thought they did there before surgery, but nonetheless I am going to do it! I am going to tell Dr. Ortega how unprofessional these gals are and seriously when people spend months or year planning, spend thousands, travel across the country, arrange for kids to be cared for etc, that these coordinators need to realize it's not a tooth filling we are talking about but a major surgical procedure that takes coordination so they need to do their job as well!!! UGH. Just started to really stress and have second thoughts and dreams about everything. LOL

THE WAIT IS REAL....labs/clearance in Dr Ortega's hands....

So I made sh*$ happen and did all my labs, EKG, full physical and clearance and got all of it sent to Spectrum last night. Today they called me (WOW first time I didnt hunt them down lol) and wanted to see if I did my labs I said yes you guys have them so after on hold she verified that everything is in the hands of Dr. O and his anesthesiologist to sign me off for surgery. I am just dying of wait. She said if they approve me I will get an email and next instructions. I guess because I am over 40 and have sport/allergy induced asthma they have to double check my health but I have been put under 8 times with no complications. I have the worst patience!!!! Plus MR dummy went MIA last night again so I just keep thinking do I want him to be my caregiver....UGH. NERVES ON END.


Man the sh*$ just got real now that Dr. signed me off and I got the email from Evelyn saying it's a go and under 2 weeks away from this new body!!!! WOW.....I am praying for speedy recovery and no complications and thanking the Lord above for keeping me so healthy and fit in these 40's life. The nurse and Dr both thought I was in my 30's and so that made me feel better:) OK DOLLS countdown on for real now!!! I am gonna start packing next week after this weekend....working both my jobs fulltime and have wedding to do tomorrow. I have stayed super busy to make time fly and make all that extra $$$ I can!!!!

Had filler in face today - no bleeding or bruising! Arnica working!!! ONE MORE WEEK!

Just a quick note that I had some filler done today and literally I had no bleeding or anything....she said whatever I'm doing for prep is working. So hopefully the Arnica/Bromelin helps for recovery! That is all for now dolls...

THIS TIME NEXT WEEK ILL BE BBL'd!!!! But this storm racking my nerves

I am sketching out big time about this Texas storm and flight delays....I go from Portland to Dallas then to Miami landing at midnight with surgery at 8am. I can NOT afford delays!!!! UGH pray for me yall I am stressing. I mean anxiety bad I feel a cold trying to come on cuz thats what happens when I stress..so I doubled up all my supplements I can take this close to surgery!!!! Plus still got man drama with his emotional up and downs I feel like he should be the woman...plus 2 of his ex's in town of course the 2 that both came at me years ago saying they still mess with him. GTFOH I feel tested right now. LOL. Prayers that's all I can do.


My life has been turned upside down at the moment and looks like I am traveling alone. My condo wont work by myself with no ability to drive. I need to find a plan B. All I can do is cry...

Packed and ready. 2 days to new body!!!

I am packed and it takes a small store to supply all this aftercare! Lol. I can't believe it's time. I've been eating good and being healthy but drank last night to calm nerves. I'm anxious and nervous....

In Dallas Texas waiting to board Miami flight!!

Quick update dolls....on my way. Almost missed plane...long story. But door was shut and she said 30 more seconds I was not going. In Dallas waiting to board flight 2. Surgery at 9am!!! I'm drinking tons of water now since after 11pm no more fluids. Ok post soon. Xo

struggle is real

Had surgery bout 11am. I'm in alot of sore n blood. But Dr O did his thing on me!!! I'm excited to see under all this padding and swelling!!!

day 2....going for first massage. pics

Have 1st massage in a bit....im glad cuz I'm full of fluid since last nt. This laying on stomach crap for the birds. I hate stomach sleeping. Had alot of vaginal bleeding he said normal. He defined my breasts and I think it ll really contour my stomach and waist...im excited for results!! Here's a few photos...before and now.

massage and showered pics

Had first shower today and massage. Massage did not hurt surprisinly...it felt tender but good. Yassani I think her name but very known and very awesome. She gave me good tips. The office and nurses said I looked unbelievable for surgery 24 hrs ago. Other gals were using wheelchairs and needing help looking like wrecks so I'm blessed I'm doing pretty good. Lol. I took my first shower and saw myself nude. I am going to have a great shape!! He snatched my waist and above my butt and totally sculpted my chest area and underarm fat. I can't wait to swelling n fluid gone. I have a sack of fluid above my vajayjay so put my board in. A first i lathered arnica gel, bio oil and mamisan all over my areas and put a wife beater on to keep it under my faja n padding so my incisions not irritated. So far so good just sore and tired of laying on stomach. Ughhh. Few more pics after massage.

day 3 and this is not fun...

Slept awful last nt with stomach board. In alot of pain and fluid and swelling. My stomach full of lumps I've been massaging. My skin feels so wierd...hurts buT have to massage it w arnica and get lumps of fluid to disperse. Still no b.m. and tried coffee and warm shower. Starting to feel uncomfortable. I need to poop. Lol. My bruises are bad and I'm taking arnica every 2 hours. Ugh this no joke.....I want to fast forward.

Day 6 Dr says day 5...in Key West now

Well dolls it's been no late night dance party for sure but things are getting better. Met with Dr Ortega yesterday and had 2nd massage...he cracks me up...very dry humor. He said my results are amazing he couldn't ask for better and I agree....he said to look this great now is only going to get better and I need to start molding my shape how i want. Boards etc. He said no matter how much arnica and prep I did I am a bruiser so I'm still very eggplant as they said. Lol. He told me for being day 4 out surgery and to have hair and makeup did and walking around I am doing exceptional! I'll tell you one thing about Spectrum....Dr's are amazeballs, massage therapist incredible, staff organization and communication below poor. Every appt I have sat 2 hours waiting.....eat, drink, pee, take meds before you go! This one gal had surgery same day as me and we both came in day after for massage...she was in pj's and had 2 helpers each side to walk and got cuts to massage even tho came after me. Well yesterday I get there they say I'm next then ole girl in her pj's and helpers come and start yelling at me in Spanish (everyone thinks I speak it).... this little _____ takes cuts again with her crying dropping her phone a**. Granted we all heal at differant paces but just because I'm a soldier don't think I'm not hurting....I just have a standard of being seen in public. I was hot...pissed. I yelled back in English said I don't speak es spanol and I was here first and been here an hour!! Anyways.....a few hating ass females in waiting room too. Like locals are nice, friendly, black/white/brown/dominican/cuban/euro/cuban whatever no color race barrier. But sure enough I get the race card in waiting lobby from a female saying I got special treatment cuz I'm white bulls*#t. I'm like gtfoh with that. ...im brown and mixed and my man black and I been here just like you boo waiting. Man why people gotta be like that? In a Dr office where we all hurting. Irri.
Anyways we left there and drove to Key West where we are now til tomorrow I have last massage n stitches out then plane bound. Scared to fly:( Key West is bomb tho....the Gulf of Mexico and town just tropical actually feels like vakay. I'm walking and took off garment few hrs yesterday and wore lipo stomach garment only with shorts. Felt good to go eat and walk and be human. I brought my boppy to sit under my thighs to eat dinner oceanside. Not for long and had to balance so butt didn't touch. The muscles you use is crazy. Esp your arms...but it does get better. I didn't take any pain meds all day. Only one at nt to sleep and I had glass of red wine with dinner.
I'll post more pics when bruises settle..maybe tomorrow at last massage. I'm ready to get this healing on the road but today I shall enjoy the Keys and go sightseeing;)

1 week post ...cried all day:/

So traffic awful bk from Keys and our flight leaving so couldn't do one more massage or get stitches out. Regretting....the 4 hour drive and 10 hours of flying and airports did me in. I was crying on plane....so much pain...butt hurt and sat on it all day...back filling w fluid and garment indenting my stomach. Plane delayed, 100 degrees no air, full flight no seat to stretch out, I literally thought I was dying or dead. Today woke and my body a hot efffin mess. 50% of my butt volume gone like in one day. Stomach looked awful and had muffin top roll out of nowhere. I just balled...showered..massaged...oiled...removed front stitches and neosporin them...wrapped foam all around me and put my washed garment back on. The butt is slouching with lose material and my shape looks like presurgery. No joke. I spent 10000 on this whole ordeal and been in stomach laying pain hell. All i can do is rest now. Hope my butt refluffs abd my foams flatten rolls
Sad day....

One week and a day....

So after 20 hours of tummy laying and foam shaping I am alittle better today. I know this takes time...

Going for massage today so hoping helps move fluids more. Still have alot in my back and lower tummy. My back hurts so bad and my butt itches like crazy and throbbing. Still pretty hard and bunched up but outer edge softening a tad. My bruises finally fading and I've finished all 2 bottles of arnica pills and tube of arnica gel. Taking bromelin still and stool softener to stay regular since on antibiotic still. My waist torso area IA definitely shaping up nice and small. I haven't had a waist in yearsssssss.

couple days ago..

Day 10 starting to like the shape

I'm not gonna lie it's miserable but everyday gets easier. I been taking dog for walk and doing light chores. I tried some things on....and put my waist trainer on to sweat a little some of these fluids out. My butt still hard and funky...starting to softening a tad. Bruises faded. Have that one big one on my calf still...wtf. Got all stitches out. Counting down to normal.....

Day 13 and feel awful

Well made it to almost 2 weeks and in the last 24 hours I gained 5 pds of fluid and swelling and hurt like hell and don't like my shape or life. LOL. I went back to work this week so sitting on my thighs and not letting butt touch but it is hard and in the garment with foam/boards is not comfy and hurts like hell. Yesterday I slept for 12 hours straight after work I was beat!! The lumpy bulge on my butt is growing and not going down....I have hard lumps like tara reid all over my stomach it looks nasty....I have another massage tonight to try and work them out. I massage myself every day too and don't know what to do with them????? I was liking my body a few days ago and today not so much. I weigh more than before surgery too:(((

2 days shy of 3 weeks post

Sooooo everyday is differant. One day I feel great and others very sore. I'm still very swollen and have fluid in back abd tummy. My butt has lost about 40-50% of volume....very discouraging my garment baggy in butt. I still use foams and using an board. My incisions are invisible so a plus. I love my waistline and curve and can't wait for all swelling to go bye bye. I'm starting gym next Monday on week 4. I think a change of diet and weights might pump up my booty and get these chicken flap arms in control. Lol I'm back to wkg all 3 jobs and so get exhausted quick. I sleep on free time. I wish i stayed off my booty a little longer but had to fly home abd go back to work. Still have lumps abd doing massage this week again. Just a long heal dolls. I'm counting down to august hoping can get in swimsuit and boat.

6 1/2 weeks POST OP - not liking results so much

SO I am just shy of 7 weeks. I'm still numb in my back, sides and stomach and still tight and painful. My butt is soft but hurts when sitting. i have 2 huge tennis ball lumps on my ass that stick out in underwear and clothes not cute at ALL..thought they would fade or go down but thinking now its fat necrosis (sp?) or something plus all the dents and stuff make it look just like I shoved a pillow in my underwear with no shape. My stomach looks HORRIFIC like Freddy Krugger....I had flawless skin on my tummy....may have been chubby but ZERO stretch marks or imperfections and now there is dents, lumps, bumps, hard stuff, lines and scars from incisions. I have wore my garment EVERYDAY and used foams and maderma scar cream but he missed alot of fat and my belly button is ugly as hell....I'm SO DEPRESSED right now that I am the bikini queen and cant even wear bra and undies and be cute let alone have not SWAM once this summer due to how deformed I look. I have sent messages to Spectrum but we all know how those girls are with responding and customer service. WHat do I do? The contract said he will fix shit for free and I am seriously considering calling BOTCHED or an attorney or something cuz my body is ruined right now. In clothing and a garment on I look cute. Naked I look worse then I did before:((( I'll post a few pics soon.

PICS ** CAUTION** Graphic images - nudity and not cute to view.....

If you look at my before pics you can see my body was not that bad just a little tummy and no butt. My results are beyond horrific and less than hoped. There is back fat that was missed, lumps on my once smooth stomach, tennis ball bumps on my butt, no shape or even ness....just a hot mess. My whole summer has been ruined from lack of bathing suit wearing or wanting to be social. I spent $10k on this and wish I went to Dominican Republic instead to atleast have had a vacation and more ass and results:(( ** Dont mind dirty mirror - my house is under construction and there is dust and debris everywhere and my kids figured they'd stop cleaning until remodel is over LOL!!

Pics before surgery....

A few pics of my body before surgery this year, Halloween and last summer

ughhhh 8 weeks post and look awful....no answer from doc

So sent pics to Dr O and nothing. My stomach is monsterous. My ass still lop sided.

Don't do it...just workout.

Ten thousand on this...my body was cuter plumper. I had no wierd bumps or dumps

SENT PICS a 3rd time and got a call!!!

SO Spectrum called and asked that I have someone else take my pics in proper lighting and not stand twisted or anything. I said sure but dont think that changes how my stomach looks or the big bumps on my butt. We will see.....

Had someone take pics in poses like Spectrum did and sending

So med asst contacted me saying Dr Ortega wanted better pics in better lighting and not me taking them myself twisting and turning and also he said I had dents in my butt prior to surgery so that's not his fault.....I said how about my stomach and off uneven lumpy butt or missed fat and non contoured back???? Obviously there's going to be a legal fight for accountability. I'm in fear now of having him fix me since this is what's happening. I just want a refund of my $4500 to go get a revision elsewhere which I'll still be out money on pre op labs, meds, supplies, 12 days off work cost me $4000 in lost wages plus $4500 in travel expenses. What a nightmare:((( I'm depressed that I can't dress cute and it's really messing with my life. I work part time as bartender and have to look cute for tips.

pics august 19th 9 weeks post ZERO ASS

I look ridiculous.


So I guess that my body is permanently damaged and destroyed the Dr. doesn't feel the need to contact me and find resolution. As you can all see my stomach is botched and my ass is none except for the tennis size lump of something. Look at my pic day after surgery and see the round bruising exactly where this lump is??? Did something happen during surgery? All I know is this is not right!!!
I am NOT spending 3k or more on travels to Spectrum for a revision. I want a refund to go to a professional in my own State. My body is ruined by sloppy work because not enough attention to detail was spent in shaping or the fat was not processed right but I had 2 plastic surgeons say my stomach is due to poor lipo and may be ruined for life now with scar tissue and the lumps on my butt will need to be removed. If I am damaged for life I will demand full compensation!!!! I did everything....massages, garments, foam, no sitting, laying on stomach, EVERYTHING and beyond. Of course Spectrum gal who called last week is trying to say I didn't do massages....I have receipts and you guys did 2 there in office...duh. Then asked if I wore garment...still am and have 7 of them I have spent HUNDREDS on trying to hold this mess together.

If anyone has dealt with Spectrum then you know its pulling teeth to get responses. I know this is not going to be easy to get refund.....but I have an excellent attorney that got me a settlement before for someone's lack of accountability so I have confidence that my pictures BEFORE and AFTER speak for themselves.

Before and AFTER. The ugly truth

I got a waist and that is IT!!!!!! This is before I gained the extra weight for butt that obviously never made it to my butt. My stomach was smooth....chubby but I've had 3 babies no stretch marks. Now it's ruined.

More $$ on garments and lipo massagers - NO WORD FROM DR ORTEGA OR SPECTRUM!!!

So dolls just to be clear I have been living in garments 24/7 except shower time. I have invested a small fortune in them and also bought 2 heavy duty lipo massagers to do at home. All I see is more lumps and bumps and a very lumpy uneven DISGUSTING ass and stomach. I still get lymphatic massages and going to one today which I pay $90 out of pocket a pop. I am now reaching the $12000 mark on this procedure that has ruined my body. I just got an EMaria garment boy short I love!! I also got this Vedette one in pics that is almost super hero type material and was a bitch to get on but as you see once on it has some loose back area and exposes the ugly truth on the ass.....HOW THE F AM I SUPPOSE TO WEAR A BIKINI AGAIN?? I am older now yes but I was on the cover of a magazine a few years back in a bikini!!!!!

I have sent Spectrum 7 emails with pics now....NO REPLY. I didnt want to get nasty but they leave no choice. I am contacting the show BOTCH, contacting the Florida Boards of Medicine, contacting my attorney and anyone else I can. I want a refund and compensation to fix by an actual Doctor that knows what the hell he is doing!!!!

I emailed BOTCHED show and sent pics. Sent another email to Spectrum NO REPLY

Sorry for all the lovers of Spectrum or Dr. O but now I am mad. I liked Dr. Ortega and in his defense said I researched PS for 2 yrs and had faith in his work and results so now for him to plain ignore me is unprofessional and unethical. I want a refund. I want money to fix this. I hate to have drama but this is my body for the rest of my life. THE DOCTOR OWES ME SOMETHING....man. smh

Dr. Ortega called me last night - had long convo.

So the Doc called and said he went through my case and pics. He feels at this point of recovery it is too early to see my final results and that my body is still healing. He also said due to me being a slender person in the first place with not a lot of fat to work with that he had do a bit more aggressive lipo on my stomach to try and get the liters of fat. He said once blood is showing in the tubes he stops because that is corrective tissue that attaches to the skin and you should not mess with that even though he said he has personally watched other surgeons go past that point on patients. He thinks that due to the contracting of the tissue and hardening that it will take up to 6 months to smooth out. He said continue massage and go get the ultrasounds over the areas and wear garments. He said as far as my butt that I didn't have much fat to transfer and he put all he could but it wasn't even the 700 per cheek he likes to have at minimum plus he thinks the lump is some of that corrective tissue that got transferred so its hard and will in time even and smooth out. All in all he was super nice and concerning and took the time to explain and pay attention to my body. He said we will touch base in one more month and see where it is at and then make a decision from there of what to do. He did tell me several times that I have to realize being a slender person with not a lot of fat on my body in the first place that my results were not as someone who had fat to spare and so the stomach didn't go as aggressive. I am going to do all I've been doing and find out about ultrasounds and give it another month. If by October I am not better I will plan a revision for January.
On another note I have a sore throat, ear ache, body ache and feel MEH today. I think the recovery has taken a toll on me plus my knee acted up after surgery (probably from weight gain too since I'm still holding at 150pd which is 20 pds up from normal) so I did have my knee drained and injected last week plus having female problems with my whole endrometrosis shit and I developed an eye infection 2 weeks ago. My body hates me right now.


Okay so after my last convo with Dr. O he said give it the full 3 months to see where we are at and well dolls as you can see we are at a bunch of SHIT. My stomach is improving somewhat or I'm growing use to it but I have been doing ultrasound massage, lympatic massage, double garments all day and doin what I can to smooth bumps. They are not gone and theres a ton of fat still left as well as the roll on my back that was missed. Now as far as my BOOTY - WHAT BOOTY???? You can see there is NO SIDE PROJECTION, NO SHELF, NO BUBBLE and no roundness at all. The shape is as if he did no shaping and just threw some fat in and didn't check if it was good fat or what kind of art form he was making. I hate my ass naked. HATE IT. There is no doubt that I will be doing a Round 2 and not paying for it. I have seen Dr. Ortegas work and I'm disappointed because I am not his top quality. He is a good Dr and has a ton of good results but something happened the day of my surgery...I'll never know but believe me they effed up somehow and I'm paying the price. In a push up garment and clothes I look great....as you can see but look at me in a one piece...I cant even put a bikini on!! I own 60 bikinis!!!

No update in awhile - almost at 1 year POST mark ROUND 2 or what???

SO have not been on here in a long time. I was hoping to have some better pics and what not but my stomach is not 100% even after hiring a personal trainer, diet, massages (still), garments (still) and everything Dr Ortega told me to do. My butt also on the right cheek has the mass that my Dr and massage therapist think is scar tissue and was a bad transfer with not cleaned fat. Sooooo no responses from Spectrum or DR. SURPRISE and need to figure out next plan of action. I can hide it well in clothing but when I stand up and let stomach be natural and butt you really see all the areas. I can lay flat and hide stomach too...LOL just a lot of hiding and maneuvering.

I am considering Round 2 in Dominican since its all out of my pocket anyways and I've been seeing fabulous results. Shoulda went with my first gut instinct of Dr. Dra there but now I need to know who is doing the best and cleanest work. I am still up in weight too....never lost the weight I put on for surgery and I have LOTS of areas where he missed fat and it looks stupid. I will have plenty for Round 2.

Some pics One YEAR POST ...mostly clothed because not cute naked

Miami Plastic Surgeon

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