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I'm a 28yr old mother of 2 3&7 I have been...

I'm a 28yr old mother of 2 3&7 I have been researching bbl with liposculpture for about 5 months now I received quotes from Dra Duran, Baez , Yilly and Almonte Baez I love her quick email response but not sure if her fat grafting is good Duran was my #1 but she seems swamped now Yilly gives amazing hourglasses ;) hopefully the Baez dolls will come back to RS and represent her...

Where is Dr Baez?!?

Have anyone heard from Dr Baez? I have been emailing her since end of Nov but no response. I'm only concerned bc she ALWAYS responds quickly! I hope she is okay! I'm scheduled for surgery may 16th so I hope I hear from her soon :(

I spoke with Dr Baez

So after finally speaking with
Dra Baez. She advises me she does not require a deposit, but she wants lab results showing I'm healthy for surgery. So my question is Do I need just a full physical? My BFF and coworker was coming with me to DR but now backing out saying its dangerous whatever I'm still going. My question to you ladies what type of dr appt did you make before leaving? What questions should I ask my physician?

whoop whoop my hemoglobin is 14.7

I was so happy when I seen my lab results! Everything is falling in place. So guess who is wanting to roll with me to DR now? Yep! My bestie and coworker lmao but Dr Baez is booked and can only see one of them lol. I'm not trying to sound selfish but that's their problem I need to stay stress free you feel me lol . Anywhoo, I sent Dra Baez my labs and she said everything looks great and I'm locked in for 5-15-14. By the way I decided Baez for personal reasons & I feel comfortable with my decision :)
I really need to pick a RH but as soon as I decide on one I hear bad reviews wtf it's frustrating I need to make sure I'm making the right decision, ya dig! I will post my supply list soon! Until next time ladies stay bootiful ????

Don't start none, won't be none

Alright let me start off by saying whatever I post on my page this is HOW I FEEL I don’t need anyone getting defensive and posting negative crap on my page. Please keep it moving to the left, REALTALK!!! Yes, I feel there is some MALPRACTICE going on in DR and it hurts my heart knowing we all just want to improve or enhance our looks not loose our lives! I started on RS in September 2013 and I have read about 4 girls losing their lives since then. I have faith GOD will protect me and confident Dra Baez will put my health as her #1 priority. Now for all the POSITIVE RS ladies please stay blessed and continue to spread the LOVE!!!


I hate reviewing on my phone my fingers are too damn big lol
I meant to say lose our lives not loose smh

5 weeks to go..

I’m beyond excited first my physician said he would not give me the meds Dra Baez perscribed (Percocet and Amoxocillin) So I was persistent and went back yesterday and he agreed to write the RX ; ) but for Hydrocodone not Percocet, WTH. Does anyone know if I can take this after SX?I updated my life insurance, registered with the US Embassy, my FMLA was approved, flight booked ,RH booked, now just waiting on my passport to arrive and grab a couple more supplies and I’m good to go.

Finally My Supply list, So far

Alcohol pads
Thick Maxi Pads
Band aids
Lysol Wipes
Dial Soap
Arnica gel
Wash cloths
Bath towels
Anti itch spray
Pain Reliever
Sleep Aid
Vitamins – one a day
Peri wash
Baby wipes
Pill organizer
Hand sanitizer
Wife beaters
Healthy snack bars
Knee length dresses
Magazines and of course all my personal toiletries
Ladies please let me know if you think I’m missing something that I really could use.
I’m trying to pack light but smart :) I have taken bits and pieces form different review I have read.
4 weeks to go..

Wish pics

I told myself I was not going to post so called (Wish Pics) but I figured the hell with it a girl can dream, right?

Look what I got this weekend

Yes my wonderful passport. Am I the only one who absolutely hates my passport pic? Ugh

New profile pic but same Texasfinest

I updated my profile pic from a green flower to a blue flower lol here is the meanings
A blue flower is a central symbol of inspiration. It stands for desire, love, and the metaphysical striving for the infinite and unreachable. It symbolizes hope and the beauty of things.
Tomorrow I will be 3 weeks away! Damn time flies I started reading reviews getting quotes in September 2013 and now it's April 2014 and almost my turn for post op reviews lol ;) I'm so thankful for this site and all the post op vets who stayed 100% by returning to RS like they said they would after sx

Mixed emotions

I'm up extra early could not sleep at all last night. I feel excited to have my new body but then I get nervous and sad being away from my kids for 9 days! My daughter asked me last night while packing "why you need all that medicine on vacation" she thinks mommy is going to a woman's retreat, lol.
On my way to the airport I will keep you ladies posted!

I finally got to meet Dra Baez

Let me tell y'all, Baez is beautiful her skin is flawless. I came to DR for lipo and Bbl but she pumped my brakes and said I need a TT for good results. I was disappointed bc I didn't want the TT scar nor the pain. Now, I'm ok knowing it wasn't about the money and she was honest. So surgery is tomorrow and I feel really good

Day of surgery

When we arrived at Baez office we filled out paper work and consent forms. I was then taken to my pre sx room. The anesthesiologist came in around 11am and explain everything to me after that Dra Baez came marked me up and handed me the blue pill. I barely remember anything after that I did wake up briefly while my back was lipo (no pain) but quickly put back under. I went in at 2pm and was out around 5pm. The first 2 nights were the absolute worse! I wanted to cry my back was hard, my ass was hard my faja was uncomfortable, ugh. Dra Baez is a great Dr and I'm glad I choose her. It's no joke coming out here for sx with the language barrier and being thousands of miles away from home. I'm so happy it's over and I can just heal now!


I will continue my review when I get home Thursday

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes :)

My plane ride home was very uncomfortable. Dra Baez gives butt out faja which is a thong stuck in you swollen behind...ouch
I came home with my drain too :(
I was not happy about that but she told me "you can always take the drain out but you can't put it back in" she does not want me to get a seroma. So I'm good I will most likely have my friend remove it (who is a nurse) by Tuesday. Wear can I buy a stage 2 faja from ladies????

Thong shot!!!

I'm not feeling this surgery was worth it

My first 2 weeks was not that bad I had lots of energy I felt I would bounce back fast. Boy was I wrong, this past Sunday I notice my stomach swelling I didn't think it was fluid because it's firm. Okay so I tighten my faja still no difference yesterday I got a fever of 102 took some reducer and I was fine. This morning I wake up and below my incision but above my nanny was super swollen and tender. I called 12 plastic surgeons in my area to see if they can drain seroma (if that's what I'd is) all 12 said they could not help me. I'm scared I don't know what to do at this point my stomach feels like it going to explode. If anyone knows someone who would help me in the Texas area please inbox me

Ended up in the er

Thursday afternoon once the Dr seen my stomach they looked worried and started hooking me up to iv and asking questions. To make a long story short I had a huge abscess that need to be drained. The hospital did not have a plastic surgeon on call so I was transferred to another hospital by ambulance. Friday the surgeon drained the abscess and added tubes. my blood work came back positive for MRSA in the abscess and TT area. I have been in the hospital for 4 days now receiving antibiotics through my IV. My stomach finally does not have that heavy feeling. I was very scared and I was beating myself up about having a major sx over seas. I'm not sure how I got the MRSA bc I didn't have it b4 I left to DR. I would say anyone having sx in the future over seas, please make sure your dr is removing all your stiches my Dra adv me all mine would dissolve and that was a lie I have some still in my side. This has been a very scary experience for me! I researched for over 9 months b4 choosing my Dra and still had complications. Just make sure you have a dr to do follow up visits with when you get back home. It's nothing like having issues after sx and only able to email you dr. Good luck dolls

Finally feeling better 5 weeks po

After being discharged from the hospital and returning to work I'm finally feeling like myself again (90%) my back and inner thighs are still sore but everything else is okay. I'm very thankful for the real self website because I learned a lot and appreciate the love that we spread for each other ( regardless of the dr you choose). Now that the po storm has passed I can enjoy my body and live life to the fullest! My husband asked me if I would do it again and I told him, hell naw! I love my new shape and all but when I think about all the lives I would have affected like my kids, husband,brother,sister,mom, dad,friends, in laws and coworkers if something would have went wrong in DR ,it's not worth it. I would do it but would save up to have it done in my city or state. I felt so alone not having dra Baez here.
Don't get me wrong I love her and she did an amazing job! I honestly don't know where I got the MRSA from so I can't blame her. it could have been the recovery house for all I know! I have not completed my review on Dra Baez bc I want to wait my 3 months. I believe in Baez so much that I recommend my coworker to her, now my coworker is having sx with Baez
July 16 th. She knows everything I went through and wants to go through with her sx and I respect her for that. Sooo I finally got out the house for the first time last night and was killing them boyz lmbo!! Have a great day and stay blessed RS

These pics didn't upload for some reason

2 months po

I can't believe it's been over 60 days! My body seems to change everyday. My husband told me now that u have all this ass he don't want me going out without him lol (whatever). So my coworker is having sx today with Baez let's send a prayer up for her RS. I noticed I have not given my review on my RH but that will come soon! I waited till my 2 months for my review on Baez bc things change and I can honestly say I made a great decision by choosing dra Baez. I will be honest the only 2 things I didn't like was she did not make my waist as small as she could have and after I was released from hospital in June she has not contacted me since. I would still recommend anyone that is considering having sx in DR to her bc I know she cares about her patients you're not just a number.
All I can do from here is send her my updated photos, thank her for her services and keep it moving

15 month Baez doll update

What's the deal RS? It's been a while... 15months exactly since my sx. I thank God everyday for blessing and walking with me through my long journey to a better me! I have been eating right, working out and just really taking care of all Baez hard work. The booty greed is real out here in the streets. I decided to hVe another procedure done. I'm thinking lipo and bbl again. I feel this time the dr can really shape my body without a tummy tuck with me laying on my butt bc of the TT really smushed my ass literally, ugh..., I love the way my ass has settled it looks really natural. so I posted some recent pics

Real Recovery Armonia

I forgot to say I don't plan to go back over to DR but if I do I will let Dra Almonte or Robles hook me up I'm really loving their work. Here are some Real Recovery Armonia pics they were nice and food was the bomb I really miss Flacka all the nurses workers they kept me smiling and gave me life everyday

so Ready For Pt 2

2 years in and still looking as good as I feel but it's time to go HAM on this waist. I feel due to my TT I couldn't get a bigger butt and a smaller waist. I now have learned my lesson to keep that stage 2 and 3 faja on no matter how hard if might be because that's what's going to determine you're outlook =)

Lets try this again.. my second and last time around!!:)

Hello Realself, its been a minute since my last review. I have decided to have one more bbl done in the US!! After my tummy tuck and bbl with DrBaez I realized my but looks nice but I honestly did not need a tummy tuck bc I had no loose skin. due to my tt she could not do lipo on my stomach which defeats the purpose. So anyhoo im back on the prowl for a great certified surgeon that will snatch this waist and make my ass a little heavier on top:) I plan on having my sx done after the "income tax rush" hopefully in Sept or Oct.

last pics for 2016!!:)

I am so looking forward to a better body and better year for 2017!!! I have lost weight on my low carb but I'm trying to keep some of this fat for more ass ass asssssss!!!
As we say in Texas its going down!!!

Death at Spectrum

Does anyone know information on the death of Dr Ghurani patient from last week? I had my mind set on going to him for my second round. Now I'm staring to have second thoughts. I want to enhance my body but safely
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dra Baez was extremely sweet and very kind. She answered all my questions and checked on me everyday after returning to Texas. I do wish she could have taken more fat off my waist but overall I love my flat stomach and round booty! I feel and look better than before. I never felt rushed she is truly a wonderful doctor

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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