1200 per cheek. The Percocet side effects sent me crazy. Happy to have ditched them. Will post pics after shower

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Hey My Luvlies. I am 5 ft 6 and 157 pounds. I've...

Hey My Luvlies.
I am 5 ft 6 and 157 pounds. I've had one child and was lucky enough to return to my pre pregnancy body fairly quickly. I would like aggressive lipo to my
•Inner thighs, arms and chin
•Upper and lower back
•Love handles and
•Grafting to my buttocks and hips.
Specifically, I am wanting lots of projection and wider hips. The side of my butt has dents and I am wanting these to be filled.
At present, I am not at my ideal weight and I really want to get to 140 pounds. I know I won't have as much fat for transfer if I do this but I hate my face being full more than having a flat butt. With clean eating and exercise i can easily get to 140, however, I will still have a little tummy going on and my thighs have always been thick but at least I will be happy with my face. I can only afford one shot at this to get it right (hopefully) : ) I don't want to gain weight before surgery or be big and have to lose it all after and become paranoid about losing my butt- if anybody gets what I mean.

Anyway, I got my bloodwork done at my doctors on Friday and hopefully will have my results by Wednesday the latest.....if everything is sound, I will send my deposit to Yily straight away and book my flights. I am doing my bloods before I pay a penny as I've had a few minor medical problems in the past and just want to err on the side of caution. I am hoping for date in the last week of March or first week of April....... That's all for now. Xx

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Hey All. Change of plan. I'm going on a family...

Hey All. Change of plan. I'm going on a family vacation in April to Florida and figured it may be better if I went with Dr Salama. I KNOW he is sooooo booked up but thought it was worth asking in case anybody needs to cancel. Fingers crossed. Xx

After so much deliberation, I finally decided to...

After so much deliberation, I finally decided to go with Dr Ghurani. His work speaks for itself and I know I will be in good hands. Surgery is in 3 weeks, yikes so little time, so much to do. Ttyl

Can't believe my surgery date is in 3 days time...

Can't believe my surgery date is in 3 days time yikes. I'm all set. Got all my supplies and meds. Just a waiting game now. I went down the office this week to finalise paperwork and met with the lovely staff. Thank you everybody for your invaluable reviews and advice. Added some pre op pics, my weight is up to 161 pounds. xxx

Hey Ladies. Our God soooo good and merciful....

Hey Ladies. Our God soooo good and merciful. Praise be to The Lord. I got out of surgery centre approx 6.30pm. Dr G is spectacular and all his staff. I feel ok. Just laying on my stomach. My partner is looking after me. He is a champ. I really do need make it up to him after all this. There's lots of blood but mind over matter. Will post pics tomorrow after my consult! Caught a glimpse of my butt it is MASSIVE. No hiding this! lol Ttyl xx

I'm now going with Dr Ghurani.

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