Mom of 2 Bbl Ba/bl Molina Doll 6/7/16. Dominican Republic, DO

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Hey! Realself community I am soo last minute but...

Hey! Realself community I am soo last minute but I'm currently waiting at the terminal in JFK for my flight. I been scoping out this sight for two years and after finishing college this year finally decided to give myself a mommy makeover for the new chapter in my life. I met Molina last year and had an in person consultation. At that point he suggested me to lose weight at hat point I weighed 163 5'7. After ballooning up to 173 I managed to go down to 154. Although he said 145-150 would be ideal I don't mind his encouragement for me to be at a healthier weight. It's just that with finishing up my thesis kids work etc. I couldn't get the last few pounds off. In the last I inquired with other doctors they told me to gain weight or do it in 2 separate procedures, which for me either option was out of the question. Since I have family in DR I will be staying at Yasmin recovery house for the first 5 days after surgery and then relocate to my moms cousin house I call her my aunt love her to death. My total trip is going to be 15 days and my sister is coming later in the week for company and of course to help me with my HUGE suitcase on the way back home. Fingers crossed that I brought everything I will need. Later on I will post literally everything I got for you tired of typing this on my phone lol

Did my pre-op analysis

So my flight was extremely delayed due to Storms in NY. I kept Yasmin up to date with the almost 2 plus hours of delay. I arrived at 5:30 am eastern time. Customs a and immigration was quick since we where the first flight landing in the morning. Yasmin was there with a sign of my name on it greeted me with a smile and took me to the clinic ASAP. I was originally supposed to arrive at 3 am nap and be in the clinic at 7am. With the delay though I made it just in time. Got my blood drawn, urine test, EKG, and got chest X-ray. The chest had to be done in a different clinic call central medico Gazcue. It's a short walk I was on my own because I know Spanish and I feel comfortable. But if not Yasmin will stay with you. Molinas secretary told me to return at 1:30 for a consult with him. He asked me about my medical history birth, medication, illness, and examined me physical my areas of concern.

Yasmin recovery house

So I just want to mention about the recovery house where I am staying. Everybody working here is very attentive. I'm glad I chose this one because I like the more intimate environment they provide here. Personally I didn't need a recovery home with the glitz and glam that some of the other places have. To each his own as they say lol. I'm staying here 5 days post op then I will be relocating to family. I'm staying in a double which is 55 or60 a night not too sure. The place is actually not at capacity so I'm alone in my double room. So hey it works out I have my privacy. There are two other girls here who had different surgeons and we shared our experiences and overall it's been very positive.

Night before surgery

So I'm relaxing in my room thinking about tomorrow. At our consultation earlier today 6/6/16 he gave me a pamphlet that mentioned the do's and don'ts before surgery. And an overview of what to expect post op at your stay in the clinic. I took off my nail polish on hands and feet and my nose stud. Took some pictures for you guys to see my before. I know I'm not the worst case scenario I have an average shape and when I dress up I know what looks good for my body. But I stil desire to get some work done and feel better about myself.

Day of surgery 6/7/16

Okay guys so I'm going to tell you about my surgery day. I'm currently 2 days post op. I will upload pics soon when they wash my faja today. So I arrived at the clinic at about 6:15 am , I got there last : ( oh well. So there where for of us for surgery. Two of the girls where getting tt and bbl. and the third one she was super skinny so she was getting butt implants. At around 12pm I was accommodated into a room. Shortly after Dr. Molina came in and started marking me up and taking photos. He asked if I wanted a big butt I said yes and laughed. But the day before I was saying I wanted something moderate and not to look exaggerated. Unkind of tall and I think having a huge butt would not look right on me. I also asked for filling in my hips. For my boobs pre-op im a D cup, but the doctor says that some of my loose skin contributes to that and I'm really a full a C/ small D. My breasts are a bit uneven too, ideally I want to conserve the size I currently have on my breasts and not go any larger. So the right side got a 260 cc implant and the left 300 cc implant. He also marked up my bikini line area to lipo. I guess to have that "thigh gap" look. Between the time the anesthesiologist came Molina's wife Dr. Los came in to check on me. 1:30 I was given the blue pill and asked some basic questions about me. She put in my I.V. And laid on the gurney that rolled in at that point she instructed me now I'm going to give you the medication that will put you to sleep. Within a few seconds I felt relaxed and I asked her what time it was. She responded 1:45 I looked up at the ceiling and was conscious for a few more seconds and knocked out. I didn't wake back up till around 10pm!! I had no clue so much time went by I was already in my faja and I felt okay like soar but not excruciating pain. The nurses checked up on me at 3-4 times and cleaned up any fluid coming out of me, btw I don't have a drain. I received in the morning tea and a light breakfast. Before discharge Molinas receptionist spoke to me about the warranty of the implants which I received a booklet and some info via email. Dr. Loz also came to see me and she instructed me on paper about the instructions for the medications I required. This was given to me and included in my qoute for surgery. I returned to the recovery home at 9am.

Day 1 post op 6/8/16 and day two 6/9/16

I felt pretty strong and good but there moments where I felt remind I just had surgery the previous day. If I talked too much with the other girls I felt short of breathe at times. I also had spells where I would throw up. The staff at the recovery house explained to me it had to do with the anesthesia wearing off. But other than that I was pretty independent getting in and out of bed and going to the bathroom on my own. Although I need to mention it took energy out of me. For day two which I think I'm gonna head to bed early. I was able to walk around for longer periods of time the vomiting stopped. And finally my faja got washed. This was the moment that I was finally able to see the product of my surgery. I had on a back foam pad and maxi pads underneath my faja so I couldn't see much. Once it was off I could see the sculpting Molina did on waist hips and butt. Although I know I have a long way to see the end product I'm happy with how it's coming out soo far. Please bear in mind when you view these pics I bruise EXTREMELY easily. Think of my body as a banana and with just a firm press I have a bruise. From pre-op to 2 days post op I see significant change. By the way your pubic area gets very inflamed and puffy after surgery I can't wait for that to go down.

1st post op visit

I remember being told to come today for a post op visit but I could not remember the time. At 5:45am I sent Molina a message thru whatsapp and he answered me by 7:30 to be there at 8am. I can't stress enough how responsive he is to his patients. So i finished my breakfast and was on my way there. There was already about 5 or 6 girls ahead of me. So I waited some took longer time then others. His wife reviews the post op patients she is a doctor in the field. She took pics of me mentioned that I'm healing well and prescribed me with a topical cream since I have a lot of bruising. Also I had to get arnica tea. I had no ideat this stuff existed! I'm taking the tablets and apply the I hope this compliments my efforts of using arnica. She instructed that I can take regular showers now but I'm gonna hold off because my stitches from my breast are still fresh. For now I'm just gonna upgrade to a damp towel type shower. I wasn't cleared for massages yet. My next visit is in 3 days and by then she will let me know.

1 week

On Saturday my feet started getting swollen. NO!!! I been to the doc for my second post op appt. I was fitted into an XS faja which I have no idea how they shoved me in there. The doc proceeded to say I'm healing well and I will see them 2 more times before I leave to the states. Which will make a total of 4 post op visits. I finished the RX pills I was given for pain or antibiotics. I tried coordinating a masseuse to come to my aunts house but she had issue with parking : (. So I'm gonna try for Thursday to get my first massage. Still working on the extensive bruising I have. Which I mentioned earlier is something my body is prone to even if I bump into a piece of furniture. The pic I'm posting with this update was me with an ab board and faja. And honestly when I saw myself in the mirror I felt like I was my own wish. And ladies that to me was a gratifying moment that this was worth it can't wait to see the fully spectrum of my results in the time to come. Thank you everyone for your support keep you updated.
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