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Its me time!! This is gonna be MY year. Im done...

Its me time!! This is gonna be MY year. Im done waiting and hoping to become a better version of me. Im gonna work my ass of to achieve it this year!!
First of all, i have been researching for a long time.. longg i mean for yearss.. first a was on the univision forum, then they shut it down ( i still dont know why! it was full of information!) then i switched to make me heal... then a switched to this love fuente de informacion.. first lurking behind the curtains.. then finally registered but kept on lurking... and now.. since its 2016 i finally decided to write my first post!
Ok so im gonna have a Lipo and breast reduction. .the latter is the most important for me, cause i have huge I MEAN HUMONGOUS flaps for breasts.. im talking double HH here... say whattt yes you heard that right, double HH, they are soo heavy its no joke people.. researching this site it downed on me that there aren't a lot of breast reduction pics up... i get that the hype is to have a big ass booty a la kim K JLO and Lord knows who else.. but i have a decent behind of my own so a big butt isnt my priority.. (BTW pardon my French English isn't my maternal language.. so bear with me)..
Surgeons i have contacted
Yily --- She quoted me for lipo and breast reduction 5200 with recovery house included... But after reading about her rude demeanour her lack of aftercare and her almost absent patient-docter interactionskills i ditched her altogether.. thruth be told she does some banging bodies though.. But surgery is no joke.. and i need my doctor to be available if Lord forbids im hanging on a thread of life.
Duran -- Her Pictures say more than a thousand words.... in this case more than one word, she hasnt responded to me... sooo... i moved on
Baez --- Does beautiful work, i really loved her work to be honest she was my first choice.. i wasnt hers, because after getting her pricey quote f- 6000 without recovery house meds etc i havent heard from her back, even when i accepted her quote and messaged her to send me her bankaccountsnumber to wire the deposit... Im thinking she didn't want to handle my overly large flaps... (she told me i had extreme large breast and that my hemoglobin shoudl be at least 15!!! i think she quoted me so high and came up with the high hemoglobine just to scare me off.. when i didn't and wanted to pay she just dissed me. altogether)...
Almonte-- didnt respond..
Duran -- With all due respect i think he knows how to snatch a big Ol waist... ive seen some mindblowing before and afters.. butt.. somebody who has 5 deaths on his conscience. this is not a coincidence anymore... i can not understand how girls still fighting to be on his operating table. i dont wanna be snatched six feet under.. I have a family a son and a future worth fighting for, no amount of butt injections or cc fat sucked out is gonna jeopardize that. soo i never contacted him..
Robles -- She knows her stuff too.. I received a very reasonable quote of 4800 but then i heard of her latest death and signed off
Medina -- big thumbs up for Medina, She does very decent work, her buttwork on point, she knows how to suck you dry, and is very responsive on whatsapp… she quoted me 5000, and works with My Home (or Home) recovery house. which seemed like a great place to stay.. I felt at ease with her and was just about to send her my deposit when I was browsing Instagram and saw….

DR MOLINAS.. OH MY GOODNESS.. I instantly fell in love.. why you ask. all of his work ALL of them look good. He shapes the bodies just right, with just enough booty, slim waists.. and his breasts look on point! plus he is a bit of a poet he loves to elaborate on his work on his Instagram.. I felt instantly at ease so I hit him up on whatsapp… he is not the fastest but always responds. As far as I know he has no deaths, works with laser lipo for better outcome and is president of a board of plastic surgeons.. talking about good credentials (for those who are interested in Baez and Medina, they both graduated cum laude! that was another reason why I had them on my list) plus he DOESN’T work at CIPLA I mean… that place has been shut down due subpar hygienic issues.. if you can avoid that place please do.. (hopefully the have improved their standards in the mean time). Just look at his Instagram.. he is amazing.. and the one im going to!

He quoted me 5000 with meds included and first faja.. Im staying at Venus Recovery house, they are new, their pictures look nice..
I am very excited..

First I have to slim down though. Im 5.9 and weight too much.. I have 9 months to slim down to 75 kilos, that’s gonna be my first priority right now.. like I said.. I don’t need to take unnecessary risks, if I can speed up my outcome and recovery be not being overweight, I will do my upmost best to be in that healty range… Plus im looking for a surgery buddy to hang out in the house and share experiences..

Im booked for October 18th, whos with me!?

Deposits made

I wired him my deposit through Western Union, 1000 dollars. I down a deposit with Venus Recovery House also, 200 dollars. They give Molina patients 5 dollars discount per day!

I'm still here ladies

Working vigorously on my weight loss journey. Cant wait to have my transformation done.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Havent met him Yet. Looking forward to it though!

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