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Hello All! I am new to RS in terms of posting etc....

Hello All! I am new to RS in terms of posting etc....I have been lurking , for over a year now and obsessed with getting a bbl. I just moved to the Dominican Republic 5months ago... I know of several women who have had some type of plastic sx done but none of them with the same doctor. I really want Dr.S BUT he is so darn expensive, and with the bbl and another procedure that I want I am looking at $20k... and before 2wks ago I never even heard about Dr. Yily,but now I see she is blowing up and I am curious! Especially since I am an 1hr away from her and her prices and all the reviews that ppl are saying....I am the type that I listen to recommendations BUT I WANT TO SEE RESULTS as they are the proof! Also It's not all about saving $...I have very high expectations of what I WANT and I want to make sure that I get what I WANT ;) from what I have read ppl are saying she is the "queen of sculpting" a tiny waist is great BUT I am looking for that BUBBLE BUTT w/ projection and a shelf...I am 5'1 110lbs so I am sure I will need to gain weight. What do you guys think? Yily or Dr.S? I posted here cause you guys that are team Yily and have more of an insight!

To add to my previous post.....My stats: 33yr old...

to add to my previous post.....My stats: 33yr old white female, 5'1 110lbs, 2 kids. I had a TT, lipo BL w/implants about 9yrs ago......I did not realize how much I was blessed at the time, but I used to have a nice butt however I was insecure because all thru high school I was know as the white girl with a big booty, I guess it gave me a complex, so I had the Doctor lipo some of it BIG REGRET!!! I want mu butt back and i want it new and improved! also if you look at my pics you will notice that my right hi has a indention..I hate it! I don't know if that can be fixed but I hope so!!! I just hope that I will be a good canidate for a bbl with fat grafting, I don't really want to gain weight BUT I will if I need to. I hon't knw why i have not gained any yet. since moving here to the DR I have been eating more and have stopped excercising...I have lost muscle but have not gained weight. What do you huys think? Would Yily give me a banging body with a nice round bubble butt and even hips?, or do you think Salma is a better fit?

Ok question??? I am thinking of gainig weight so I...

Ok question??? I am thinking of gainig weight so I will nit be doing cardio...however my butt is softer than I want it to be would it be a good idea to just do toning? I want my butt and legs to be firm , but i do not want to burn fat either. I know that sounds silly but i am going crazy trying to gain weight and be firm

The more I think about it , the more I think I...

The more I think about it , the more I think I will be going to Yily.... I have seen someone on here say that she is very skilled at sculpting but not as good as giving a BIG donka donks....which I guess is fine as I am petite anyways and a HUGE booty would look funny on me. All I want is some Volume, Roundess, a little projection and a small shelf ( which my defintion of shelf is some lift). I just hope that Yily can give me what I am looking for, I I don't think what I am asking for would require a miracle...just very skilled hands!

I posted some wish pics....they are all very...

I posted some wish pics....they are all very simlar in shape and size etc...I just hope this will be achievable!!! My husband is supporting me on this only because it is something that I want for my self...He thinks my butt is fine like it is, however I do not share that feeling with him!!!! See I live in the DR, and have been with/married to a Dominican man for 16yrs ( I was 17 when we meet) and I know FIRST HAND it's all about the BOOTY here....Latin men can care less about big tits. They like girls with a nice juicy butt, and nice hips, thighs and legs to go with it a nice waist is even better! SOOO when my hubby tells me I am fine, I tend to doubt him. It's not that I want to be these I am who I am, but I always have and always will believe if it is going to make you feel better as a woman to do some work on yourself than why not?.............GO FOR IT! With that being said, I would like to gain some weight, but he does not think I need to do that...he thinks that 1. I don't need to much booty( which I don't BUT I am not going to get a sx just for the hell of it). 2. He thinks that they will find fat and there is no need to gain weight. I weigh between 110-112lbs, I do have a small percentage of fat in my love handles but not enough for what I want. I tried to explain this to him, but he is so stubborn sometimes( it's not like I am going to gain 50lbs) I just want to gain about 10-15 lbs tops, besides it's all going to be sucked out anyways! Like I mentioned before I had a TT and a little lipo after the birth of my last child, I never did gain the weight back ( as many people often do). Matter of fact, I have trained my body well, I don't put weight on very easily and he does not even like me to do cardio because I get very skinny very fast! I worked hard to keep it off and I never want to be heavy again.I just wish he would understand where I am coming from.

I live in the DR, and have an apartment in Santo...

I live in the DR, and have an apartment in Santo Domingo...The obvious choice would be to save $$ and just stay at my apartment and have a family member care for me, however...isn't the recovery house equiped more as far as medically speaking? Would it be worth me paying the extar $$ and time away from my family? Please give me some insight?

So my husband called today to make me an...

So my husband called today to make me an appointment for a consult with Yily( he is fluent in spanish, and his Dominican), he was given May 29th and that they will call the day b4 for the time.He called me and told me the consult date and I knew it had to be wrong( sounded like a sx date)..almost 3 months for a consult?? Really? So I called and spoke to Yira( who spks english) I told her I would like to set an appt for a consult. She asked, " if i sent an email and pics"? I told her " no, i live close to SD and would liketo meet Yily and have a physical consult as well as check out the facilites. She asked my name and when I would like to come in, I gave her my name and she said " we have u scheduled for sx on May 29th...ahhh thats what I thought, I told her no, I newd a consult first. So I have my consult for next wk. I called my hubby to ley him know and he is pissed...he said that they are not professional he said I told themmany times this is just fora consult...then he as like " how the hell are they going to give u a sx date without a consult , not knowing what u want, no blood work and no deposit"?.....IHe thinks that they gave me an earlier date bc I speak english therefore I am American w/ American $$( so they think)....LOL I hope this does not make him change his mind about Yily or th sx....I want our decision to be based on our consult and our overall gut feeling. He of all people should know that all business done here does not meet up to most peoples defintion or standaed of " professional" ....however chaotic things are here general people are warm and caring and will get the job done!

As we all know Yily is " The Queen of Sculpting"...

As we all know Yily is " The Queen of Sculpting" how ever many girls have said that she lacks in the booty....I am not that big in the waist to start with HOWEVER I don't mind to improve or be defined in that area , BUT I also am wanting volume, projection (just a lil) and shape!!! So now I am a bit concerned if she will be able to give me what I want. First and for most if I am paying for something I want to make sure I get what I want or pretty darn close to it. Second sx is serious...I do not want to have to repeat the, I know there are those unforeseen cases etc..but for me I just do not want to do it again YWIM? not to mention $$$. For me Yily is the most obvious choice as she is 1hr away..Her does have skills and not to mention her prices are un-beatable...With that being said I want to hear from the girls that have already had sx with Yily are you satisfied? Do you think in Your own opinion she would be the best fit according to my desires. Please take a look at my stats, and my b4 & my wish you think that my Goals are realistic achievable with YILY???

Last night my hubby and I drove to Santo Domingo...

Last night my hubby and I drove to Santo Domingo and stayed the night so I could be @ my 8am consult was nice because it was just the two of us, so we got to talk about my expectations for my BBL...I told him what I wanted and showed him wish pic etc, in return he told me what he thought would fit my body type more (he says that I am too petite to have a BIG Donk) which I agree, I just want lil curve in my hips and a small bump with projection. We also talked about the doctors that I am considering Yily/Jesus Abreu/Salma/Jimerson... As he wants me to get more than one opinion etc... !As you all know each of these doctors has their own touch and each is special in their own way. I have done my research on here as well as through the net except for Dr. Abreu, which I came across by WOM, from another surgeon. Anyways....

I told him everything that I have learned about Yily , her work and what her clients have to say. I also told him that a few of you have said that she is very head strong, intimidating and a straight shooter.... So we get to the clinic a little past 8am,when we went in her office Yily was on the phone and asked us to take a seat. we sat and she quickly wrapped up her conversation. At first she thought I was there for Sx, but realized quickly I was not..(she was expecting a girl today around that time). So we introduce our self etc..then she asks me( via my husband) the regular questions age, previous sx's , children, overall health. Then she asked what she can do for me...I told he I want a booty, with a nice shape and projection and some hips. She said ok, then i showed her my "Wish Pics"...she then looks at the pic, then at me...then says "follow me" I go into the lil room she has in her office, she then say to just pull my jeans down and lift my shirt, so I did..then she looks at me and says "You have no fat"..and repeats this to again to my husband, she then turns me around.. and lightly grabs my lower back she says "I can try to work with this , but there is not much". This was what I was afraid of :( Her and my hubby are talking back n forth about me not having much fat and that, she could work on me but she would only be able to give me a little bit of hips( to even them out, as they are not even hence the dent i was talking about) which will along with the sculpting make my butt appear bigger, she said if I wanted to gain weight that I would get better results HOWEVER...that i must understand that I need to be realistic in what i am asking for. That she will do her best to give me something similar to what I want but i would need to gain some weight ( at least 10 lbs) and to do it the healthy way. She told my hubby that I have a nice body and that I already am like a lil doll so I do not need much work. She asked "If we had any questions" which we did of course... and she answered each one directly and thoroughly. She said' she was booked up to May" , which is fine since I need to gain the weight and because i rather do it when the kids go back to regular school, as I am homeschooling right now and then the summer is coming up. Anyways, when we left I asked my husband what he thought he said "well, she is def a straight shooter, borderline cocky and very confident and,I like that" , then he said but I do not like how unorganized her staff is. I have to say I feel so much better actually meeting her. I know some may think she is rude or intimidating, But for me I like someone who is up front and tells you how it is. At the end of the day you have to go with someone who you feel comfortable with. Now i just have to make a consult with Abreu...Then I guess I will do a consult with Salma and J over the net, then make my decision.

I deleted my old pics that showed my tatts and my...

I deleted my old pics that showed my tatts and my wish pics, I replaced them with pics where the tatts where covered and my new wish pics...Now I do not see any pics at all!

Just wanting to know what things I will need pre &...

Just wanting to know what things I will need pre & post op??? Vitamins , etc...
I know some of you have used Vita(somthing)...just wanting to know

So I had my consult with Dr.Abreu.....It is a HUGE...

So I had my consult with Dr.Abreu.....It is a HUGE step from Yily. They are very organized, and the facilities are top notch.! But he said straight up " I can NOT give you what you are asking for", I do not have enough fat and he does not recommended me to gain. He also at the indetion in my hips area is a deformity t will be hard to correct, that he can make them look better but he can't promise they will be perfect! I am so sad
Right now...can't stop crying, I have wanted this BBL for so long and it seems I keep hitting walls. I wanted this for me , but also because I feel so insecure. AS I have said before the girls here in the DR are intimidating with their big butts and hot bodies. I just wanted to be my husbands " dream girl"! I cant compete with these girls here. I dont know what elsero do!! I appreciate the Dr's honestly and he was very nice and attentive and if I do get anything done here in the DR it will be with him! I just feel so crushed right now.

So I am still not sure who to go with...Dra. Yily...

So I am still not sure who to go with...Dra. Yily & Dr. Abreu where my choices for here in the DR....I really like Dr. J & Dr. Salma BUT they are to expensive, as we have 3 kids and one is in college , 2 who are in private school then everyday life expenses...I just can't can't see myself paying that amount at this time....also I BELIEVE that there are Dr's that are just as good here in the DR, it's just the matter of finding the right one! As I have mentioned b4 Yily is out of the question , due to the fact that my hubby is not comfortable with me going to her. then we have Dr. Abreu....whom has a VERY GOOD reputation, however I am not sure if he specializes in BOOTIES, it was another Dr that recommended me to him, and she said he is the best...and to be honest I have heard his name quit a bit( all good). BUT he said that what I was wanting is unattainable due to lack of fat..he did not recommend me gaining (he says the new fat will reabsorb) ..I would like to look around some more. I really want to check out Dr. Duran.On the other hand, My hubby is being non compliant at this time and refuses to go to anymore consults because he is determined that Dr. Abreu is going to be my Dr... I LOVE my husband and appreciate his concern, but darn it, I want to be BOOTYLIOUS! LOL!!! I see that other Dr's tell their patents to gain weight, so i don't understand why I was told not to., far I have gained about 4 or 5lbs. I am so confused. On another note...I am also getting vaginal rejuvenation,(inner & outer)I am a small girl and had BIG Babies( my son was 8.lbs -vaginal, My lil girl was 7.5 lbs she was born early -c-section)I already found the Dr. and he is AMAZING, I LOVE HIM, he sat with me and hubby for 1 1/2 hrs and answered each and every question thoroughly. He is very down to earth and a warm person. ( he was recommended by Dr. Abreu). He told me that I am a stage 1 1/2, which I could wait until I got older or I could get it now , its up to me. I believe in being proactive/preventive so I am doing it now!

Hey sisters........I just wanted to share this...

Hey sisters........I just wanted to share this link for a website that sells some very nice Garments...They have everything and if they do not have something that does not fit your needs they will custom make your garment!!! Also I have seen some girls post that some garments make their vajayjay swell....they even have underwear to help with that!!!

Ok still have not set a date for my SX, because I...

Ok still have not set a date for my SX, because I still do not know whom I am going to. I want Yily, Hubby wants me to go with Abreu. Hubby even said he will only pay for Abreu! WTH!?.......We know all about Yily, the good ,the bad and the ugly, we have seen proof of her work through RS. The ONLY thing I know about Abreu is he is well known in the DR "renowned" and he has a nice office, I have not seen amy reviews and the only pics I have seen are the ones in his brochure ...which it seems his specialty is boobies! I LOVE MY HUBBY & LOVE that he is being protective but DANG IT!!, you would not go eat steak at a seafood restaurant would you?, even though they offer steak? NO, because they specialize in seafood.......... SO why would I want a Dr to specializes in boobies but offers BBL? He told me that I am not being logical, that I am letting my emotions take over my safety"

This is his reasons for not wanting yily... #1. lack of organization , #2. I am getting another procedure that she does not offer at the sametime,she says "I have someone who can do it, don't worry" ( No or recommend of consult) #3. Hubby asked yily " how long have you been doing this?"

"long enough" she said

So he is not comfortable nor does he trust her...he says " Look I am Dominican, and I know how we are, so just trust me" I do trust him....But I do not know if the other Dr can give me what Yily can ( and he hubby can't grantee that either). I am not worried that Yily will harm me or anything , I love her work and she is who I want! i am going to continue to talk to him about it, hopefully he will come around!

Hello Ladies....I have not posted in a while.As I...

Hello Ladies....I have not posted in a while.As I have mentioned in prvious post, my hubby and I are not agreeing on Dr's....He likes Dr. Abreu because he is well known and feels comfortable intrusting him with my life, I LOVE Yily's work....However hubbys says NOT GONNA HAPPEN! So I have weighed out my options...( really don't have many at this moment) so I will be having SX with Dr. Abreu May 7th @ AM.....I went to see him again yesterday evening, waited 3hrs to see him to see one more time what he can do as far as where he can take the fat AGAIN he said, the only fat you have is in your flanks and it's not much...he said he will work with what I have and WILL NOT touch me anywhere else ( I asked for thighs, arms , tummy) He told my hubby that i really do not need anything done...but we women want what we want!!! He also said in a serious manner that he is a bit concerned about me...he said that if i aske him to lipo anything else i would need to see a psychologist ....i am not CRAZY....We are our own worse critic, I am not looking for perfection...just want to be my best!!! Anyways he is very nice, very straight forward and professional. I asked him what I need to do pre /post op....He said nothing for pre op, except blood work....and post op instructions will be given day of sx. I will stay the night in the clinic. I have gained not much but it's something! I jus realized all the 7's in this sx.....7lbs, may 7th @7am....kinda freaky! lol .........Anyways I am excited, nervous....anxious and hope that I get close to what I am wanting! I have been doing the 30 day squat challange along with the BBL workout videos, want to be toned somewhat b4 sx, I actually see a difference! My only concern is how am i going to homeschool my daughter? My orginal plan was to wait until she was back in a "traditional school" but I want to be summer sexy! we shall see how this will all unfold! PLEASE keep me in your prayers!!

Everything is hapening so fast.........I had a...

Everything is hapening so fast.........I had a second consult with Dr. Abreu,(as I mentioned in my last post) I asked him if there is anything I should be doing/not doing or taking / not taking before my surgery and he said NO, just get your blood work done. I am a bit concerned as I would thin that he would put me on atleast Iron pills and tell me to avoid certain things that can cause blood thinning. So is this normal to just get blood work and show up and have sx???









I am just joking......this was a pick from...

I am just joking......this was a pick from Carnival in DR this year!

About to order...wanting to know if its worth it???

about to order...wanting to know if its worth it???

As I have said before, both Yily and Dr.A have...

As I have said before, both Yily and Dr.A have told me that I do not have much fat....Yily said to gain, Dr.A said not too....I did gain I went from 110/112-117/120. So about a 7 -10lbs....the thing is I am 5'1 and whenI gain you can tell, My hubby's friend came to visit today and he told me "yu have gained weight" When he said tha I felt bad....on one hand yes I wanted more to work with, but on the other I do not like how I feel/look. I had a TT many yeras ago and my tummy is still flat, but I do see some change...not much. My worry is that Dr.A said he will oly lipo my flanks....and that I donot need the other areas. Then I worry that after the BBL , when I do start working and eating healthy I will lose my butt!!!! This whole journey is such an emotional rollercoster!!!

As I have said before, both Yily and Dr.A have...

As I have said before, both Yily and Dr.A have told me that I do not have much fat....Yily said to gain, Dr.A said not too....I did gain I went from 110/112-117/120. So about a 7 -10lbs....the thing is I am 5'1 and when I gain you can tell, My hubby's friend came to visit today and he told me "you have gained weight" When he said that I felt bad....on one hand yes I wanted more to work with, but on the other I do not like how I feel/look. I had a TT many years ago and my tummy is still flat, but I do see some change...not much. My worry is that Dr.A said he will only lipo my flanks....and that I do not need the other areas. Then I worry that after the BBL , when I do start working and eating healthy I will lose my butt!!!! This whole journey is such an emotional roller coster!!!

Sx rescheduled for May 14th....My period falls...

Sx rescheduled for May 14th....My period falls around the same time as my sx...I have the Copper IUD so I am heavy & bleed longer...Dr does not do sx if your on your period( at least thats what I was told) which is fine with me cause i do not want to be worrying about that when I am trying to recover.

So the other night hubby& I was talking about my...

So the other night hubby& I was talking about my upcoming BBL (as usual). I told hubby " I hope he gives me a nice booty...if he does I will be so happy that I will Twirk...
Hubby says..."what's that?
I say...." bounce your booty up and down"
He said "NO your not going to TWEEK...."
I was laughing so hard, I said "baby it's called TWIRK"
He said "you would know" and "How do you know"
I saw some post on face book that says :Black girls Twirk, Latin Girls roll their hips, Indian girls belly dance and white girls watch.
So I was like ummm............what is twirk? So I googled it!!! and FYI...White girl's can dance too, I can drop it like its hot and do the cupid shuffle , a lil latin dancing too...and if I get the booty I am sure I can TWIRK! (just not in public, for hubby only) Classy in the streets, nasty in the sheets!..............

As you all know this transformation is definitely...

As you all know this transformation is definitely a journey filled with ups and downs. For me the hardest has been the struggle with weight....As mentioned in my blog I started of @110lbs....I was told by one Dr to gain , the other(my Dr) not to gain....Well I did gain 7lbs not much I know but when your short like I am , 7lbs lookes like 15 and I feel like a damn oompa loompa. I was doing the 30 day squat challenge but stopped because I was dealing with some serious pelvic pain (not related to the challenge). To be honest since I moved to his country my life style has become in active.....I hate it! I know it's up to me to change that...but some things are just not the same. I was very active in the states, worked out all the time with my friends or hubby. I LOVED zumba and would go at least 3 times a week. Now I live in a small town and i ave a tiny home gym and its just boring, no motivation! The thing is with this weight gain is my Dr says he will only lipo my flank area...he will not touch my arms...which ok I can live with that , i just need to tone them anyways... he won't do my inner thighs either, this makes me upset because I use to have that sexy gap and now I don't :( I have been thinking what should I do.....lose weight then have the sx? Do the SX then loose the exta weight and tone??? I have an athletic build what I want from this BBL is some projection & a better shape. I am not looking for a HUGE ASS, Just a NICE BOOTY! any suggestions???

I ordered atje vitamedica kit last week. Thinking...

I ordered atje vitamedica kit last week. Thinking it would be here by now, just found out from hubby that it will not be here until maybe until tuesday. This is one of the set backs living overseas. The mailing system is not the best. Ww have some kind of box swt up where u order ur stuff and the ship it to Miami. Once in Miami its shipped here. However its a waiting game!!! My sx is May 14th so now I dont even think I will get to use the pre op part!

I have exactly 1 week from today until my SX....I...

I have exactly 1 week from today until my SX....I thought I would be excited, but I am kind just goung through the motions..I guess that when I had started this journey I was sure that I was going to be the perfect candidate for this procedure, then I was hiy with reality that I may not get what I expected. I am more nervous than anything, I just pray that everything comes out right. That I come out of this alive and without any complications,while being vain.

5 days until I have my BBL/Vagioplast I FINALLY...

5 days until I have my BBL/Vagioplast
I FINALLY got my stuff from Amazon yesterday!!! I started my Vitamedica last night.
Today I had my blood work done and will get my results back tomorrow. They did this one test where they prick you to see how fast you bleed , then they take 3 small vials of blood to see how long it will take to clot.....
Like i said I am not excited yet, but i am very NERVOUS!
I did my measurements today as well
117.5 lbs
waist - 27.5
hips -36

Another thing...........I know that the Doctor...

another thing...........I know that the Doctor knows best, but.....I don't understand why he won't lipo my inner thighs or arms! NOOOOOO they are not huge, but I THINK that a little suck would not hurt.I already don;t have enough fat so get it from those areas.
:/ sigh.......... IDK...... I JUST want my body to be banging!,

As some may know I am an American living in the DR...

As some may know I am an American living in the DR....One of the RS memebers suggested that I post Safety Tips and my insight.
Fisrt I would like to say that for the most part Dominican people are warm , kind and caring, However just like any country there are crimes. The #1 crime here is Theft, follwed by "passion crimes" (which I will save for another time). I would suggest these tips when traveling to ANY FOREIGN COUNTRY! These are tips from my own experience as well as a collection from various websites.

MOST IMPORTANT TIP: If you do get mugged DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES PUT UP A STRUGGLE! Give them what they want, better to loose material things than your LIFE!

• Do your homework first. Check State Department website for any advisories that they may have. You might think some of it is over the top, but it's better to know of the possibility that something will happen than to be ignorant of the possibilities.

• Try to stay in a resort if you can….They cater more to tourist. ( also there is little need to leave as they have pretty much everything). If this is not an option then pick a hotel that is known

• BEFORE you leave your hotel, plan your route! The last thing you want to do is go outside and immediately look lost and in a daze. The thieves will LOVE YOU. People who don't know where they are or where they are going are so preoccupied with that that they lose track of what's going on around them and become easy targets. Walk with an air of confidence even if you have no idea where you are. If you are lost, go into a place that looks reputable and ask them for directions.

• Do not be easily distracted by loud noises or brawls going on around you. Thieves work in teams at times and sometimes cause distractions (dropping things, falling or other things) that take your attention off of your own personal safety and may cause you to become careless. If you do find yourself in a situation, REMEMBER to be conscious of your own personal belongings if you are forced to help someone. Random stuff like picking things up for people should be avoided.

• BE AWARE of your surrounding at all times! Make eye contact with people you are saying hello to or who may be near you. This will approve your ability to identify them if something should go awry.

• Pay attention to the people on the motor cycles (2 men driving slowly is a sign of trouble)

• Learn the number of a cab company that can be called in case of an emergency.

• Before you travel anywhere learn from locals what the fare is .be ready to pay upon leaving a car, pay with EXACT change, and say "gracias" When riding the public cars if you know you are taking one of them conceal your valuables. Be fully aware of the locations of others' hands.

• Do not travel alone into areas that are poorly lit or have few people around.

• Don't carry a lot of cash and be careful to hide what you have when you're paying for stuff. Spread it out. The ATMs here will let you have enough for a day or two. Plastic is accepted just about everywhere. If you do carry cash keep it on your body if you can. (Ex; pockets, bra). Do not flash large amounts of money or credit cards. Take out only what you need .(some say not to carry money in pockets , but a thief will normally go for your purse not your pockets)

• Try to learn the currency….carry a small calculator if needed. To calculate 40 Pecos to the dollar (ex if something is 500RD, you divide 500/ 40=$12.50)

• If you carry a bag, backpack on one shoulder, laptop, camera, purse, etc., when you're walking on the pavement, don't carry it in your hand closest to the road, but in your other hand, so that opportunistic thieves on scooters passing by cannot easily snatch it. Don't walk with your purse flinging around your knees or in some other careless manner. Have it tucked under your arm or other guarded position.

• Do not carry your cell phone or camera on a waist attachment. If you have a bag leaves these items in it and takes them out only when needed.

• Leave valuable jewelry at home in your home country. I did read once that sometimes women who travel alone have been known to wear a fake wedding ring to ward off unwanted male attention--but don't let it be a gaudy one. A simple band might do the trick.

• Do Not eat Street food( vendors on the street)
• Do Not drink water other than bottled
• A lot of people in DR carry guns (so don't be alarmed)
•There are a lot of young kids and adults on the street begging for $’s up to you to give them $ just be careful! As a tourist I would try to refrain from doing so, and if you are going to, give change.

Tomorrow is the "Big Day" and I feel less than...

Tomorrow is the "Big Day" and I feel less than excited... woke up thos AM guess hubby was looking at me change and tells me "I dont know where he is going to get fat from, you don't have any, don't expect much". That wasnot something I wanted to hear ; (
According to the scale I have gained close to 10lbs and I feel fat! But I guess looking at me you cant tell . I have small love handles and my legs are thick so maybe thats where my fat is. This makes me so sad because I have wanted this for so long and to go through this with getting anything will break my heart. I have considered implants but Dr.A says that he wouldn't recommend implants. Also I have heard many stories about them moving etc.....Idk! I wish you could you could Fat transfusion" just like we have blood transfusions...think about it, we get nlood from donars, as well as organs and sperm and eggs SO why not fat? I bet one day they will have that....I will be for sure getting me some fat for my ass! Anyways I guess that this sx will atleast get rid of thesw love handels. I just PRAY that my Dr is as skilled as Yily with sculpting ( at least I can have the illusion of a butt) or as gifted as the best butt Dr.S or Dr. J in giving booty.....maybe I do have fat but its deep fat and not superficial so ot cant be swwn with thenakedwyw and I havemore than enough to do my hips and have a round that possible? There ate skinny fat people after all and they don't look fat bit their bmi is high...I am really trying to see a bright sidw to this ans keep hope alive. I feel foolish and selfish to pray to God to let me havw enough fat to get a nice booty and's vanity. ..but I really want this.

On the way to the hospital. Dr.A's office called...

On the way to the hospital. Dr.A's office called hubby this afternoon asked for ke to come to the hospital tonight for test and observation. (Just to make sure everything goes well)Sohubby and I will be spending the night tonight and tomorrow night in the hospital. I am the first SX in the AM.

checking in

Hey ladies just wanted to check in real quick. I had my SX Tues morning. Everything was fine until Wednesday. I had the most horrable headach and neck stiffnes.Went home and had to return because the pain was intolerable., ended up having a blood patch and now I am fine and feel so much better. I have some soreness as expected. I will update in mor detail whem I am up to it. BTW, I had the best nurses and Dr. Ever!

well that was short lived.

I know that its only officially a week since me which I was only given hips even though I wanted some in my ass...and was told I there was a little more fat than expected. ..anyways my hips are loosing volume by the day. And I swear its because I was told to sleep on my back...and also because I am allowed yo sit and this garment has too much compression. me crazy but I know my body and I know what I know! Not happy right now

Depressed.........I have NOTHING!

Ok so I will be giving the run down of my SX/Post -op soon w/ pics............However I am so Depressed about this....I have nothing, my hips are going down quickly and there was 0 fat pit in my ass....I think I might have wasted time, fat and $....I hope I am wrong!
I don't think its just swelling....I think I should have waited and gained more weight..I wanted my hips fixed however I also wanted a butt. Its hard to know what advice to take when different Dr's have different advice. I am not saying that Dr. ABREU was wrong but its seems like more Dr's suggest that you gain, and also resticict you from sitting etc....what bothers me is that he told my hubby that he actually found more fat than he thought, ok the why don't I have any projection or shape in my ass??? It was all in my hips. I am sad too because I didn't have much fat to start with and now I doubt I have I don't even think I could have a round 2.....I would get implants but hubby won't allow that! I guess I will just wait and see if maybe your right and its just swelling going down.....

8 days post -op pics....not much of a change

The more I think about it the more depressed I get.

This SX , is NOT what I had expected.........and Honestly, I do not think what I was asking for was much, nor do I think it was unattainable....had I just been advised to gain MORE weight. I am so frustrated and mad at myself for not following my gut. I hope that there is a light at the end of this tunnel because right now, I am just so down! I feel like I wasted my time, money and what fat I had (that could have been put to good use)...

My Sx

Here is a partial review of my SX, I will not give a complete review until I am further out post –op. I had fat grafting to the hips as well as a vagioplasty (by Dr. Bacha, which I will give a separate review on that page).
Ok so if you have read my blog, I had a consultation with both Dr. Yily and Dr. Abreu… both had similar opinions, little fat, concentrate on hips, any fat left over will go to butt. The only difference between the 2 was Yily said gain 10lbs, Dr. A said not too ( due to I will gain all over and when I go to lose the weight I will lose it all over). For the reasons stated in my blog I went with DR. A. My SX was MAY14th 2013
NIGHT BEFORE SX: Dr. A’s office calls my husband and ask him to bring me to the clinic that night, because he wants to start on time in the morning (I live 1 ½ hrs. from the clinic, then traffic in the morning is Crazy) so we eat, take shower and drive to the clinic, we arrive there like 10pm. I fill out all my release /medical forms get my room and settle in….The rooms are really nice with 2 beds, a TV, refrigerator and …they even had menus for place that deliver food. We finally go to sleep
DAY OF SX: I am woken up @ 6AM, because I had told the nurse I want to take a shower before SX, so I wake up take my shower, 20 mins later I am taken down to get my EKG (Hubby and I were trying to contain our laughter because the machine was SO OLD looking, like it had these suction cup things with a small ball at the end that you squeeze it to stick it to the skin.
Hubby even asked the man “Is this the first EKG machine ever mad”?
The man said “no, I have different types of attachments”)
So EKG was good, I went back upstairs was told to change into hospital gown and then given my “blue pill” I remember the nurse holding my hand and walking me out of the room to the double doors….after that everything is a blur (however I know other things happened before the SX because they took a b4 pic and obviously ran the IV and epidural) I did no wake up until after the SX was just done(3hrs) When I woke up I was HYSTERICAL, I was CRYING and asking for my husband in Spanish. Finally the put I in my room and I see him and I am crying and crying and just inconsolable. Finally after the anesthetics wear of I am back to myself. The nurse comes in to check on me…..These NURSES are the BEST, I mean seriously they are so kind, there was one a young one PENA is her name very pretty and she was the SWEETEST, she spoke perfect English .The Dr’s assistant comes to check on me and my mouth drops to the ground….OMG, he was beautiful (nice Carmel skin with green eyes, and he speaks perfect English too). I am laying on my back and worried because I don’t want to kill my fat cells, the I notice my butt does not even feel swollen or anything, but my hips do a little.
I ask the Dr if fat was put in my butt,
He said, “ Yes, we do not put the fat directly in your hips, it’s put into the side of your butt into /under the muscle and that its ok to lay on it etc.”….
I was like, “ok, but did you put any in my ass, for projection”?
Apparently not!
The first day was not bad, except I had a catheter in me and I HATE THOSE THINGS. Oh and the garment they have me in is literally tight on my vajayjay, not good giving I just had SX there too. That evening Dr. A comes and does his rounds, checks up on me…everything is good. (I forgot to mention they wanted me to eat soup, but I could not)
DAY 1 po-op: So it’s day 1, they bring me breakfast I eat like 3 bites and I just did not feel up to eating, I am not sore just aggravated with the catheter. After breakfast
The nurse asked “if I would like to get up and walk”
….YES!!! I do, omg I feel so stiff…. So I get up and at first I feel great, but then I have this headache and neck stiffness from HELL. I immediately get back in the bed, and that seemed to help. As I am waiting for the Dr’s to come do their rounds so I can go home I try to sit up in bed…..again that headache and stiffness, I soon realize that it’s only alleviated when I am lying down. Finally Dr. Bacha (vaginoplasty) comes and checks in on me, I am happy to see him, because I want that damn catheter out. He checks me over tells me n (well my hubby, as he does not speak English) that I have to keep the catheter in for a few days, to make sure everything is working properly (I am not happy, but I got to do what I got to do)
He asks” if I feel ok”
I tell him” everything is good except the headaches and stiffness”
He tells the nurse to check and see if I need a “blood patch” (I did not know that he mentioned that at the time), However that would have to be okayed with DR. A. His assistant come in check me over, draw blood everything looks good and I am able to go home. Oh and I have No drains & 4 stiches. Told me not to lie in bed all the time, get up move around.
Day 2 PO: Just a lot of resting/sleeping. No pain, just stiffness and uncomfortable due to the damn catheter. I still had SEVERE headaches and neck stiffness anytime I sat or stood up…The headache is so bad that I can’t even eat without feeling like will vomit. Did research and found out the Epidural can cause this. Day 3 no eating
Day 3 PO: Headed to my check-up for my Vaginoplast, can’t sit….the car ride was HORRIABLE! By the time I get there I am shaking because of the pain, I had to lie down in the waiting room, which was embarrassing.
The Dr looks at me and tells Hubby, “take her back to Dr. A’s clinic; she is in too much pain”.
So we go back to the clinic , the take me to a room get me changes and come to start an IV, but are having trouble (which I Normally have good veins) I am very dehydrated . They finally get the IV started a DR. A comes in and ask what’s going on,
I tell him and he says to the nurse “give her a blood patch” So I get the blood patch and the admit me for the night to keep an eye on me. It took a few hours for the patch to work, but the next day I was headache free and I Finally ate!!! I went home and rested.
Day 7: I get my first bath at the clinic spa, I was so excited because I felt so nasty….The girls at the spa are so sweet and the shower felt nice, except that day they were having trouble with the water so needless to say it was a cold shower BUT I did not care at this point. Dr.A’s assistant checked on me and then I went home….
DAY 14 5/27 Ok so Hubby told me that Dr.A said that I needed to move around, and after the headaches were gone I felt GREAT, However I did not know “move around “ meant little walks etc….because I took it as do my regular thing( take care of kids, cook, run errands)….BIG MISTAKE! Now I have been having to go get drained because I have fluid buildup. Geeze!
Had my stiches taken out! but was told I still cannot have regular showers yet, until the fluid is gone! I hate these “wash up’s”…..Last night, I hit my lowest…! I have noticed that not only did I not get what I wanted, no fat in my booty and my hips are shrinking fast, I have fluid filled lumpy pockets, NOW I have found that I have unevenness, on the top side of my right butt check its really high and kind of round and hard, whereas my left is normal…..nothing! I don’t know if it is swelling or what. I cried a lot last night, and I just kept thinking “why did I do this”…. I woke up this morning and I told hubby I regret this SX and now I might have F-ed my body up forever…..He was sweet and hugged me and told me to give it time, if it’s not swelling then we will fix it!!!................I LOVE HIM!
I am just upset that I did not go with my instincts, like I have said before….I do think that Dr.A is a good Dr, I am just not sure if “BBL’s “ are his thing……and I expressed this concern beforehand …. And now I have nothing to show for it! I get mad and want to go off, but I am trying to be logical, because this could have happened no matter what. I don’t know what to think anymore, all I know is this is a roller-coaster of emotions! And the dents are coming back!

3 weeks post op

So I am a few days shy of 3 weeks. Most of the swelling from what I can see is gone, bruises have disappeared. I still have some fluid collection on one side but it is definitely not as much as before. I still have not had any massages due to the fluid and I hope to star soon as I have some areas that are hard...I hope like hell the hardness and the appearance goes away...overall my health is good as fir my results ......I am f*ing disappointed and regret getting this sx...not the sx it self...I wish that I would have went with a dr that was more skilled in bbl.

6 week update

It's been six weeks, swelling/liquid is gone...for the most part. I am still not satisfied with my results :( I still can not get over the fact that I went through all this with little to NOTHING to show for it....MY hips have already lost volume, and there is unevenness...I swear he injected fat on the back top of my hips/butt, where the back and butt meet, I have a noticeable unevenness. Anyways with that being said I go through days that I think I look good, and then I have days that I hate my body. I just WISH I would have waited, I WISH I would have gained more weight and I WISH I would have went with my HEART! Hubby seems to like the un-even hump lol!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My Dr. Is Jesus Montero Abreu Santo Domingo , Dominican Republic

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