"Soon to Be a Medinda Doll" Tt,lipo and Bbl is Anyone Going in July. Dominican Republic, DO

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Okay so I've been researching doctors for about...

Okay so I've been researching doctors for about 6months now and finally got down to it! I've been wanting this done for some years and finally have the funds to do it.my original Doctor I was going to go with was Dr davoudi which I love his bedside manner and everything but after researching his before and after I wanted a more contoured shape and I have seen all the dr dolls get that there.

My first choice was intially Almonte but no openings until November and I wanted this done before my 31 bday. I am currently 5'1 163 with 2 kids 13 and 10. ITS TIME!!! So after researching more Medina name was all over the place with good reviews on her tummy tucks which is my main concern any way.

I paid my 500 deposit today and have been communicating with Dr medina on what's app all the time. She responds very quickly how I don't know when she is doing procedures I believe but as long she has not lost a phone in anyone I guess I'll except that. I am really looking forward to this and scared at the same time. I have always been a little plump in the stomach even before my 2 c-sections.
If there is anyone out there with any tips or experiences out there please let me know!!!

Stuck between Medina and Almonte dolls help!!!

Okay so I paid my deposit to Medina and finally got a call back from Almonte I don't know which doctor they bot have good reviews but Almonte is cheaper anybody out there with pros and cons on both???

11 Days To Go

Omg I am so scared now it's really just starting to hit me that is this close away. I hadn't got sky if my things together ugh. I know I've been stealing everyone's page but they are kinds all over the place Att times.can anyone tell me if they are going to be going to Dr Medina on the 27th of this month? I could use a surge buddy since my fiance can't go with me now very disappointed!!
Any tips on the My Home Recovery House?
What should I bring my plan is to have a TT, lipo, and bbl.
I went to my Doctor yesterday and got my blood work done hopefully everything is good so I can get all my procedures but tt and lipo is my main concern so if I can't get my bbl is fine.

5 DAYS until a Medina Doll

So I only have 5 days left to become a Medina Doll!! I am so freaking scared I don't know what to do my anxiety is like going crazy I have bought all my stuff I believe I think I still need to get his shirt and socks I am going by myself and I just really like getting really really scared. Is anybody going next week like the 27th Thru the 9th I'm staying at the recovery house.
OMG Medina and her assistants have been so amazing and already they answer every single question every time on time I never have to wait for anything but they are so responsive I'm just really scared I've been stuck in realself everyday watching tell me take videos on YouTube I'm just doing everything I possibly can to prepare myself for this surgery and I'm still scared!
If anybody has any suggestions for me just let me know.
My last appointment is tomorrow with my PCP he has been doing all my prep work I found out if my hemoglobin has went up at all last time I about 3 weeks ago it was only and 11.8 so I've been doing everything and taking him up ladies my name is my folic acid and B12 and tomorrow I shall see if it says the 13th so wish me luck!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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