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I am super excited, I have just settled on a...

I am super excited, I have just settled on a doctor and paid my deposit. Drumroll please.... DRA. MEDINA from the Dominican Republic was my choice! I will be doing my procedure/s on January 17th 2017. Anyone else going to the DR then? I sent inquiries to 4 different doctors and Dra. Medina was not only the most reasonably priced, but super sweet and extremely quick with her responses. I love that she had an automatic response asking me to send images for a quote, I sent my pictures in the evening and the following morning I got her extremely detailed email. She not only gave me a quote for My BBL, but also for my recovery house, driver and even a list of items I need to bring with me to the DR.

So I have been reading lots of reviews and I figures I would write mine based on the information I wish I got when I was reading them so here goes. To start off I will give you some quick stats on my body and where I am starting.

Age: 26
Kids: No
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 134lbs
I will measure my beast, waist and hips for the next review.

I struggle with keeping weight on I fluctuate between 128lbs and 134lbs, my maximum weight has been 140lbs. So I've read reviews where they say not to put weight on and other that say that I should, I want to be safe because I want dramatic results so I am aiming to gain 6 - 11lbs before the surgery.

Currently am taking peritol which is an over the counter antihistamine but it increases your appetite ALOT. I started taking them a week ago on the weekend because for the first few days of use you will be EXTREMELY DROWSY after that your body get more accustomed and you will feel slightly tired but not as bad. I take these in the afternoon at around 4pm when I get home and I sleep like a baby through the night and wake up hungry in the morning which is awesome.

To gain the weight:

I realized that I do better with drinking calaries so I drink a protein called Serious Mass twice a day (half of a serving each time).

My morning shake consists of 1 scoop of serious mass, 1/2 cup of full cream milk, 1 egg, peanut butter (to mask the taste of the egg) and 2 ice cubes. My evening shake just has 1/2 cup of milk, some frozen berries, 1 scoop of serous mass and a teaspoon of sugar (this is my favorite shake but has slightly less calories than my morning shake). I gained 22lbs in 6 weeks just from eating regular meals and drinking this shake so trust me, it works! PS. I do not endorse Serious Mass or Peritol in anyway, just sharing my experience in hopes it will help someone else with the same problem.

So the list I got from Dra. Medina was a LONGGG one. I mean overwhelmingly long, and I have also been reading reviews of things that persons suggest I take with me for a BBL and I am telln you, just talking about it now makes me feel like I want to panic, but I am going to take it one day at a time. My first step will be to write out everything I need to get prior to the surgery and everything I need to get after the surgery and find out what each is for as well as the cost of each one, this way I don't feel that overwhelmed.

So I made the decision to do this surgery about 3 weeks ago and since then I have been trying to convince my husband that it's a good idea - he is not for it! Anyone else have this problem with their spouse? I just have to slowly get him used to the fact that I am doing this, I haven't even told him I booked my Surgery yet (covers face). I'm not too worried though because once he see's my new gorgeous figure he will be more than happy!

I booked for a BBL but i'm toying with the idea of breast implants, I don't know much about this yet as most of my research has been about BBL's but I will have to catch up on this and make the decision on whether I would like to move forward with this or not.

I will take some more pictures of my before so that you guys can see what I am starting with. Until next time Chao!

I bought a scale

So I bought a scale and it turns out I now weigh 130lbs. I'm sad am this far behind but on the other hand, with 10 more pounds I will have alot more fat than I thought I would.

I have downloaded a calorie counter to help me keep track of my intake and I have set a goal of 142lbs by November 8th. Wish me luck! These are some wish pics for breast and booty goals!

BBL & BA or just BBL?

Hi Guys,

So i'm having some trouble making a decision on whether or not I should have a BA done at the same time of my BBL.

What originally brought me to realself was a BBL- I have always wanted to have sexy curves and a big butt and this is my chance to do it- but after weeks of reading all of your profiles and seeing before and after pictures I thought "I'm already taking the leap to improve my butt- why not just make the girls beautiful in the process?" I mean lets face it- who doesn't want to perfe t everything in one go? It's like a one stop shop- why buy one wen u can hv 2 with the other at half price rite?

Well, there are pros and cons to having it all at once, so I'm gonna lay it all out and hopefully we can have some sort of result at the end.

BBL & BA in one go:

1. Less recovery time- doing it all at once means that you will heal both and bot have to take more time off work.

2. Less money - Doing both means that the price for the BA will be lower not to mention the airfare- recovery home and items you need to take with you.

3. Fabulosity in one go! Don't have to wait to have it all - in 6 months i'll have a banging body!


1. Now this is a HUGE factor in why i'm so torn on this decision- If you do your BBL and BA at the same time the results of your BBL can and will very well be not as dramatic as you want it to be.

Thia basically means that because you must be on your back so that your implants can heal without scars and issues that alot more of you fat cells in you butt can and probably WILL DIE. So basically- if u want a huge badonka donk and not just an average sized fanny- then doing your BA the same time as your BBL is probably not a good idea.

2. More discomfort- this doesn't worry me too much- my main concern was my flight back home from the DR and having but my front and backside being in pain and being more helpless.

So with these said, what do you guys think? Have any of you had both BBL and BA done with your BBL showing dramatic results even after having to sit on your butt immediately?

My friend who I met right here on realself will be doing her BBL and BA in a couple of weeks and she is not as worried as I am, she has an athletic built so even if she doesnt get a badonka donk- her results will still be dramatic just from her curves alone.

I am waiting to see how she feels after her surgery but of course we won't be able to judge her results for at least 6 weeks when the fat cells which are gonna die- die.

I'm so nervous for her because I want her to have a great result and wake up with the body she wants. I will keep her in my thoughts.

I spoke with Dra. Medina today and she told me straight up- your results will be better if you just do the BBL.

Some motivation and advice needed.

Signed: The uncerntain patient.

Decision made

Hi guys,

So after going back and forth in my mind about doing both a bbl and ba or just doing my bbl- I decided to only do my bbl.

The reason I made this decision -which trust me was hard - was bacause as much as I want it all- my mom always says "want all get none tarl" which basically means people who want it all either end up with nothing or end up getting sub par versions of what they wanted in the first place and at the end of the day- i would rather wait - save and do separate BBL and BA and get results that I will love- rather than an ass that's just ok and breasts tht are aiight.

I will wait and heal my butt the way it needs to be and then do a BA and heal that the way it was meant to as well.

I have also decided not to weigh myself again until Nov so I can giv myself some time to gain before starting to worry about gains.

I was planning on posting some before pictures tonight but RealSelf is saying "photo uploads are currently disabled." so I will try again later I guess.

So now I know I am doing only a BBL- i can focus my time and energy into getting myself in good shape with my blood levels and gaining the weight I need so that I can have the results I desire.

Until next time.. gnite dolls!

Flight Booked! - Checked blood Count

Hi Guys, So I booked my flight to the DR - I am leaving on the 16th and will arrive in the early morning and my surgery will be the following day - not sure of a time yet but i'm guessing I will get that detail closer to my sx date.

So I went to a lab to check my blood count and I have absolutely no idea whats going to come back but I will know in a few days and update you guys. I have never checked this before so I don't know what to expect but in the meanwhile i'm being proactive. Dra Medina's assistant Marielle has told me to start taking iron and vitamin C so I went out and got a iron and a multivitamin to get my body in the right place for surgery.

I will let you know how the Blood count goes.. here's to hoping for at least a 12.

until next time dolls..

Hemoglobin Levels - Got the results!

Hi Guys,

So I got my hemo results back and I am at 11.7 which is Low the normal range is 12 - 16 so i'm not far off. I need to be at a 12 to have my surgery so I will not only continue taking my iron and multivitamins I will be taking vitamin C as well as Blood Builders and Hemoplex- i was told the vit C helps with absorbtion so Vit c it is! I have to order the Hemoplex and Blood Builders online so hopefully I will have these in the next week or so.

I forgot to mention that I stopped taking the peritol for a few days because my body was getting too accustomed to it and it wasnt opening my appetite anymore. I took 4 days off so I am back on as of today!

Gain 20lb to 30lbs???

Hi Guys,

So I messaged Dra. Medina yesterday amd sent her a picture of a Bbl (i will attach) and asked how much weight she thinks I need to gain in order for me to get dramatic results like that one and her response was "20lbs to 30lbs" - If i didn't mention before, one of the great things about Dra. Medina is that you can whatsapp her and even though she may not have all the time in the world for you as I'm sure she has dozens of patients messaging her at one time- she responds to you- and that above everything else is awesome because you feel like you can trust the person whose hands you will be putting your body into- now, back to this 20-30 pounds... i mean 20 to 30 POUNDS???

Now if I wasn't stressed before, I'm stressed even more now- My original goal was to gain 15lbs so that I could be 145lbs and even that seemed like a huge feet for me.. now im hearing i have to gain 20 - 30 for dramatic results?? -meaning I need to be at 150 - 160lbs.

Now guys, I have always been a smaller girl- the most I have ever weighed was 140 and that is with me going hard in the gym and drinking protien twice a day along with lots of snacks and meals in between and at that weigjt I felt fat- my face looked like a squirel hoarding nuts in its cheeks- but i was still willing to try and gain 5lbs more than my nut stuffed squirel face (140lbs) and just tell myself that its all for a Phat ass... but 150? Even if I wanted to, do I think I could get there- short of me quitting my job and taking up full time eating that is.

Now, I know there are alot of smaller girls on RS who want to do a BBL who are searching tirelessly for great reviews and even greater results from a BBL with a smaller frame- i know this because I am one- and this is the reason I'm writing this post- because 3 months from now- i will officially be a post op girl whose profile some other small framed girl will be reading praying that I had good results so that she can feel confident booking a surgery without the worry that she is too small and won't have enough fat to do it. So to you, small girl who is reading this- have no fear, I'm here to help you.

So I have decided, instead of killing myself and worrying myself aick about gaining 20-30 pounds- I will aim for 15lbs and if or when I get there- I will then decide if I can gain 5 more lbs or if I should. At that point I ahould be able to see a difference in my body and make a concious decision then. - granted I have enough time after that to gain 5 more lbs before surgery.

I will not be aiming for a 30lb gain.

1. Well, its probably impossible for me to do that muchless in 3 months.
2. If I gain 30lbs and eat myself to death doing it just so I can do the surgery and hv a giant butt- what will probably end up happening is: I will lost all that weight after the surgery since i'm not binge eating and my new butt will either disappear ir look too large for my new (normal sized) slim body- sort of like that Ant bottom thing that Kim K has going on right now.

So I will aim for reasonable because at least I know that I have a fighting chance of tryong to stay at 145.. 160 on the other hand- not so much.

So lets stick to the game plan of 145lbs and see where we can go from there.

Also, I got my blood test results which I am posting as well - I sent them to Dra. Medina and she told me to take Vit C which I started on yesterday- Iron which I have been taking since Saturday (5 days ago) as well as Folic Acid Which I will be purchasing tomorrow.

I will keep you posted on my progress and dont forget- official ONE month weigh in is on Nov 7th - I will be checking to see how much weight Ive managed to gain in a month- the goal is 8lbs.

Until next time dolls...

Surgery Supplies ordered!

Hi Guys,

So Dra. Medina sends you a list of items that you will need to bring with you for your surgery and after care. I have listed these items out below- now before you look at that list- let me tell you this, when I first got this list, I was overwhelmed to say the least and you probably will be too!

It may seem that with all this it may just be better to go with another doctor who doesn't require all this stuff but ladies- This will not cost more than 600us total! -So add that to the price she quoted you for your surgery and voila- you have the total cost - which I am sure is at least half the cost of other surgeons who I am sure she is just as good as.

Ps. Some of these items were not on Dra. Medinas list but after tons of reading reviews I added them. Dont get intimidated by this list and the items you're not sure about or have never heard of, you will learn in time plus you can always google! lol

Now for the list:
1. Omeprazol
2. Tylenol Extra strenght
3. Oversized Undies
4. Female urinal
5. Loofa
6. Compression Socks x1
7. Vaginal Wipes
8. Summer Dresses x4 - 6
9. Safe to keep your valuables
10. Abdominal Board
11. Back Board
12. Epi / Lipo Foam x2
13. Boppy Pillow
14. Cushion Ankle Socks x6 pairs
15. Arnica Cream
16. Neosporin
17. Mederma
18. Anti Bacterial Hand Wipes
19. Rose Mosqueta Oil
20. Pill holder / Pill Box
21. Bed Pads
22. Foam Roller
23. Hibiclens
24. Medical Tape
25. Saline wound spray
26. Gauze Pads
27. Iron Tablets
28. Vitamin C
29. B Complex
30. Constipation Tablets
31. Stool Softeners
32. Latex Gloves
33. Folic Acid
34. Adult Diapers
35. Rubbing Alcohol
36. Floss
37. Maxi Pads
38. Baby wipes
39. Toothpaste
40. Tooth Brush
41. Mouth Wash
42. Cotton T strap tops
43. Dial Soap
44. Hair Bands and Clips
45. Body Lotion
46. Face Towels
47. Flat Shoes
48. Night Gowns
49. Throw
50. Bio Oil
51. Comb
52. Deodorant
53. Tape measure

I got items 1 to 34 on Amazon for US$508. The other items I either already have or will be getting them here.

Good luck dolls and if there are any items on the list you wana ask about- feel free to- I am lucky enough to have a surgery buddy who is an endless encyclopidia of information and she has been amazing!

Until next time dolls...

Hubby finally on board!

Hi guys,

So before I go into my hubby situation, I want to just say that my friend is in the DR now her surgery is monday and I feel like I am the one doing surgery in less than 48hrs! I am praying for her to have incredible results, she has been a god sent this last month.

Now onto hubby. So i mentioned in my first post about my husband not being for the surgery and ever since I made this decision I have been slowly easing him into it.

I would mention it jokingly every now and again until finally last night we had a real conversation about it. I'm not sure if I mentioned this here but I bought my ticket and I didn't tell him lol. Honestly I figured once i have my ticket he will have to be supportive and realize am serious.

We were on a drive home last night and I told him am leaving in January and that he will have to learn how to cook lol. He then asked me if i was serious about going and when I was going to buy my ticket- I told him I already did- he was shooked but laughed and then asksd about the risks etc. It was a good talk. I kept it light, didn't want it to become too much of a topic where he would start thinking too hard on it and then go back to saying he doesn't like the idea and he seems excited about having a bigger butt to smack lol so all in all it was a good chat.

So girls, if your men are not supportive, start saying things like "soon you'll hv a bigger butt to smack" or "soon i'll be sleepin in the nude" Hey, dont knock it til youve tried it- worked for me! lol

Now I can stop worrying about him and keep focused on my goal. I don't know if its the same for you girls, but ever since I made this decision, I eat- sleep and breathe BBL. I am constantly reading your posts, looking at wish pics and writing lists and planning my financial situation.

Sheesh, January cannot come fast enough!

Anyways, Until next time dolls...

Before pictures

hello dolls, I know i promised to upload some before pictures a few weeks ago and to be honest I have been so busy that I didnt have the time to position my full lenght mirror in good lighting and take and crop some pictures to post. But i had a few moments this evening and decided I would do it now.

I saw a review about a week ago and one Medina doll said something that stuck with me "always remember where you started". I have been obsessing so much over gaining weight and looking at different motivation pictures that I forgot to keep in mind that where I am now is not ideal and that where I will be in January will probably be 10x better - and whether or not a get a ginormous butt, I'm not starting with much ti begin with. So, I should work on being prepared for the worst and praying for the best and most of all work on learning that I must accept what I am given because what I have now is not what I want.

It has been a great challenge trying to gain weight. The protien is the worst for me- thinking about drinking it makes me feel squeemish- i hold my nose and I gulp it down 3 times a day- I upped the protien intake by one serving abt two days ago because i felt like i hit a plateau and wasnt gaining ant weight so hopefully this added serving will help.

My weigh in is on Monday and here is ti praying that I have gained 8lbs. I have been trying my best to stay on track with my eating but I think the worst is when I miss a meal for whatever reason, i feel like most ppl feel when they are on a diet and eat choc cake- I feel guilty - almost as tho I am not doing what I know I need to do. I cant wait until I dont have to try and gain weigh anymore.

Heres to gettin rid of the belly and gaining a butt.

Until next time dolls...

Weigh in Day Results!

Morning Guys, So its Nov 6th - 71 days before my surgery and I have done my first weigh in. It will be exactly 1 month tomorrow since I started working towards gaining weight for my surgery. I was going to do my weigh in tomorrow but since i am working tomorrow I figured today would be the perfect day to do it so i can update you guys.

For those of u who are just starting to read my review, I started at 130lbs - I thought I was at 134lbs but after weighing in found out I was 4lbs lighter than I thought. My first goal is to gain 8lbs and then an additional 7lbs before surgery for a total of 15lbs which will make me 145lbs.

Now for the results.. DRUMROLL PLEASE... I am now at 140lbs! EXACTLY 140lbs woop!!!! I am so happy! I was extremely nervous and asked my husband to look and its official- I have gained 10lbs in 1 month! Now i need to gain 5 more to get to my ultimate goal of 145lbs.

I know Gaining more weight is going to be tough and I know puttin on that 5lbs is going to be difficult because it means I need to eat even more than I have been to gain the extra weight- but it's a challenge I am willing to accept so that I can get the body I want when I get to the DR.

I know there are alot of women on RS who are either trying to gain or lose weight for their surgeries and to all of u, I know its a battle everyday and its a mind over matter ordeal- but we can do it! We are all in this together.

Here's to hoping for the results we want and to making it to our goals no matter how impossible they may seem.

I'm gna go drink one of these nasty protien shakes for the greater good now. lol

Until next time dolls...


So I've spent my saturday drinking shakes n eating - working on gaining this weight and let me tell you- I'm feeling like I have some Anxiety.

I've been looking at pictures of beautiful wish pics and I am praying that I can get the tiny waist and big butt I want. I just hope that Medina can give me exactly what I want with the weight I'll gain. I just want all this to be worth it- the over eating for months to gain- the money and trip there and most of all the pain and sacrifice. I know all you dolls must experience this feeling at some point on your journey to your new body.

Guys, gaining weight is no joke! I'm telling you- I will be checking my hemo again on Dec 1st to see if my iron tabs and vit c have been working. I will let you know what my results are. Here are some updated wish pix.

Until next time dolls...

2 months pre!

Hi guys,

So I am officially 2 months pre surgery and the roller coaster of emotions is crazy. I hv upped my intake to 3 protien shakes a day finally! I have been trying to do this for a minute now but couldnt and i have finally stuck to it for about 3 days now. Going to try and stay on it to gain that other 10lbs. Hope all you dolls are having a good journey.

Until next time dolls...

Got my vacation days!

Hi dolls,

I put in for my vacation today and got the days I need off. I have found some other dolls on RS who are on the smaller side and thats giving me hope for my surgery. I hope all my preop friends are doing ok and getting ready for their big day!

Let me know if anyone else will be seeing Dra Medina between Jan 16th - Jan 29th!

Hemo Level up!

Hi Guys,

So I went in and checked my hemo yesterday and great news.. my hemo is now 12.6! I am thinking of starting on a blood builder with my iron so that I can maybe get my hemo up to 13. I want it as high as possible so that I am not worried the day before my surgery in the DR.

It's almost 1 month until my sx and let me tell you the nerves are definitely kicking in. There are a few things on my mind:
1. Saving all the money for my sx plus additional for any expenses I incur while in the DR.

2. Hoping that all the tests they do on me when I am there come back with an all ok.

3. Hoping that I gain enough weight to get great results.

Here's to staying prayed up and hoping for the best!

Until next time dolls...

Less than one month pre!

Hey ladies,

It has been a minite since i've posted anything. A combination of work and weight gaining had me very busy and helped me keep my mind occupied so i'm not worried about my surgery.

I am just under 4 weeks pre surgery and girls the clock is ticking down fast! I got a call from Dra. Medinas office today confirming that i'm still coming for surgery- that i will need a driver as well as staying at the RH. This was somewhat a relief bcuz I feel like I havnt been able to get too much info on where im stayin- if they are on top of things etc. So its refreshing to know they actually know I exist- I saved the number just in case I get to the airport and thefes noone to pick me up.

One note I thought I'd mention to you is that I was told just earlier this week not to wear jewelry in the DR as theft is high- someone actually rode up on a motor bike next to a frens taxi and reached in and ripped their chain off their neck! So be careful ladies. Make sure you have locks for your bags and somewhere safe to put your money and valuables because you just never know.

I Weight myself last night and I am officially 150lbs! Thats 5lbs more than my target weight and puts me in at the 20lb weight gain medina told me i needed- she said 20-30lbs and even tho i'm at the low end of her request i'm SO PROUD OF MYSELF! It was hard but i stuck it out! Who knows - maybe i'll gain another 2lbs with all the eating i'll be doing over christmas ;)

I will be posting after pictures for you girls- I think I will take before pictures in a fitted dress before surgery so you can see the difference in the same outfit- that always helps me to access how much change a doll has received.

I will post pics from the DR as well.

Until next time dolls...

Surgery Savings Breakdown

Hello Ladies, So i'm 19 days from my sx and time is really flying by fast! I'm still working on maintaining my weight and I have also been saving money not just for my surgery, but for all the extra stuff that comes along with it. I've decided to share my surgery breakdown with you ladies who need a little help knowing what extras you will need to account for when doing surgery in the DR with Medina.

My breakdown:
1. Surgery and recovery home- US$4,550.00
2. 3 extra days in DR - US$225.00 (US$75 per night)
3. Stage 2 faja - US$150.00
4. Insurance - US$150.00
5. x10 massages - US$300.00
6. Take home medication - US$300.00
Total: US$5,675.00

I hope this is helpful!

Until next time dolls...

Sick with the Flu.. :(

Happy new year ladies. Woke up with the flu this morning. Now loading up with meds trying to get better. How bad is this? I have surgery in 2 weeks. Is this going to be a problem?

Sigh this couldn't come at a worst time.

Feeling better- Pre Surgery Nightmare

Had a dream/ nightmare last nite that I did ny surgery and wasnt happy with the results. meaning it wasnt dramatic enough (big enough) and of course because it was my dream I could see what was happening around me. I saw the amount of fat collected (wasnt much). After the surgery I asked medina to put some more in and she did it while I was awake (no pain- cuz it was a dream afterall).

In my culture they say dreams are usually opposite so I'm praying this means that I will love my results.

I think this dream is playing on my fear of not having enough weight. I am now 150lbs - at the 20lb weight gain mark. Havent been able to gain anymore weight but this was my ultimate goal so I'm happy about that. However I dont know if its me but I look skinnier- my tummy looks smaller but wen i step on the scale I weigh the same. I keep thinking 'where is that gut wen I need it'. lol

I'm a week away from leaving and I think my nerves are getting worst but I'm trying to think about other stuff. - Its really difficult cuz all I can think is I hope I have enough weight- I hope medina can work her magic on me and I hope that I am happy with the results and not feel like I went through this for nothing.

I am also worried about my hemo levels. last time i checked I was 12.6. I'm not only on iron and hoping that my hemo is still high enough. I will go and take a test tomorrow just to put my mind a little at ease.

Pray for me ladies!

Until next time dolls...

One Week Away! Eeeeeek!

Hey guys,

So I am officially one week away from my Sx. I think my favorite part about this is that I only have one week left of drinking that nadty protien shake!


My measurements

Hi Guys,

So I promised to post my measurements since my very first review and I didnt have a tape measure so I wasn't able to.

These are my pre surgery measurements after the weight I gained:

Breast: 36"
Waist: 34"
Butt: 42"
Weight: 150lbs

Will update this after my sx dolls!

Made it to the other side!

Hi Dolls- I made it! Let me first say to all the dolls who were able to post pictures and reviews in week 1 of their recovery- i commend u. I was a hot mess. No1 tells you about the extreme pain - the level of uncomfortableness- the fact that you cant sleep (even with sleeping pills) because you are mixed with a combination of the first two things mentioned- and they also forgot to tell me how the heck to take a number 2 on a toilet seat (i am still figuring this one out- trying a cushion toilet seat at the moment).

Now im going to just jot a few things down about my journey as fast as possible as sitting on my butt (even with the boppy) is uncomfortable so am going to make it as simple and quick as possible.

My Results: Are absolutely amazing! see attached after picture. my measurements now are as follows:

Bust: 36"
Waist: 29"
Butt: 43"

Dra Medina: Is amazing and sweet- if you have the thought that you will be seeing her for more than a couple mins at a time get that out of your head quickly- She is a busy woman with alot of patients so be realistic and understand that she needs to rely on her assustants alot to keep all these dolls happy. She cant do it alone guys.

Ps. After your surgery she ALWAYS responds to your messages- so if you have concerns she will address them.

Recovery House: It was nicer than I expected. I stayed at My home. The dolls I met there were wonderful and I couldn't have asked for anything better. The staff was great and I want to make mention of the massage therapist that was my favorite (Xiomara). She is a tiny woman with a big heart and hands that know when to be strong (pinning up them fajas) and when to be gentle (rubbing our delicate bodies after surgery).

The nurses were also great. We got our meds on time - 1 may fall thru the crack so make sure you keep on top of things yourself as well but all in all great people. They tend to lots of dolls and are human just like us so treat them that way! Even though you are in pain and uncomfortable- being nice cant hurt and you catch more bees with honey than with sh!t so remember that.

Cleaners and cooks are wonderful. They come and change your sheets and clean your room everyday and they also being your food where ever you want it- in the house that is.

Massages: The first 2 massages were HELL- I cried like crazy- it was EXTREMELY Painful and noone warned me so be prepared. The others were painful too but luckily I had Xiomara from day 3 who was very gentle and went at my pase- she also produces great results. By day 6- no fluid!

Cecilip clininic: Very clean and professional- sweet staff not to mention they ALL have perfect bodies from medina so you know your in good hands.

Uncomfortable level on day 2: 10 extremely uncomfortable and in pain.
Day 14: 5- tolerable but still in a lil pain from the swelling and sleeping is still hard.


Do not bring any diapers only pads and half the stuff on the list you never use. Bring a phone full of movies and series to keep you busy and download the google translate app- you will need it.

I will post some more after pictures for you guys later on but until then let me know if you have any questions I didnt cover and I will respond.

Until next time dolls...
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

This woman is blessed with the talent of sculpting bodies. I am absolutely over the moon pleased with my BBL and Lipo- I still have the post op journey ahead but medina gave me a running head start and a gorgeous body to look forward to at the finish line. I will be forever grateful. Dra. Medina, Thank you. I am officially a Medina Doll!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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