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Hey I'm currently at my primary care physicians...

Hey I'm currently at my primary care physicians office getting my hemo levels checked out! I'm sending my deposit to Dra. Tania Medina who is an international member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

I've been planning this for a long time and Dra. Medina had been so straightforward and helpful . I trust her but there will always be risk .I wasn't going to document my journey which will be taken place a few months from now but it's important that the next girl has a realllll testimony that could make or break her decision.

Like a lot of girls I was fixated on Dra. Dra. Duran , even got 2 quotes from her and her team. But I read a lot of reviews about girls leaving the operating room paralyzed... Yeah more than 3 girl. Plus, Treena Jackson death with Duran and alough the circumstances were different it can always happen to the rest of us.

I'll let you guys know about each step!


Hey guys, I already booked my ticket to DR ...I'm getting an Airbnb most likely but I need to higher a driver ...lmk if you know of someone..heard about Brito who drives a lot of durans patients..I just need to contact him.

My hemo is at 13.7 , I weight 115 -120 normally . But I been stupid and been eating freely since booking the surgery and officially now I'm 130-131 .. This is the most I've ever weighed and I'm itching to drop these fucking pounds man!

I know medinas office has been busy but they didn't give me additional information after I sent my deposit... I had to email them and confirm the airport... Still haven't been told how to prepare or anything like that ...just the general medication descriptions when you get your first quote.... So yeah that's part is weird so we'll see...

Thigh gaps

Forgot to ask about thigh it possible to get one with plastic surgery ... I haven't talked to medina about it yet..but I feel like she wouldn't


Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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