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I am a 42 yr old mother of two and ready for a...

I am a 42 yr old mother of two and ready for a better and sexier me! I have been stalking this site for over one year now. I was planning on doing a MOMMY MAKEOVER in the Dominican Republic with Dr. Fatima Almonte about a year ago but plan did change. Instead I ended up having a breast reduction and some liposuction March of this year with a terrific surgeon by the name of Dr. ERROL James who is originally from Trinidad & Tobago my family origin.

Well 9 months post after my first cosmetic surgery and I'm now going to the Dominican Republic in just 5 days for ROUND 2. Surgery is scheduled for December 9, 2015 with not Dr. Fatima Almonte as I previously had planned but with Dr. Tania Medina. I'm a future MEDINA DOLL! Her work is consistent and her reviews speaks for itself! I wanted to a tummy tuck and BBL but I'm really hesitant to going under the knife again. I actually was blessed with good skin from my grandmother and mother. I've had NOT ONE stretch mark on stomach during or after my pregnancies. I got good skin, I must say! With that being said, I've decided to just do LIPO and the BBL. I already have a nice size butt but it needs to be just a bit more big and shapely.

I do have a surgery buddy. Couldn't of chosen/found a better buddy...wouldn't say much as she is very private about our entire her to pieces!
Well the count down is on!

On my with some delays...

Today is the 7th and my surgery is scheduled for the 9th. Dolls, please give yourself an extra day before your scheduled surgery just in case you run into any major traveling delays. We were scheduled to arrived in SDQ today at 11:54am. With one connecting flight. Well that didn't happened. Our flight original flight was cancelled (DUE TO MECHANICAL) and the airline automatically rebooked us for tomorrow to arrive in SDQ after 4pm. Well that didn't work well with me especially when I'm having surgery on Wednesday morning. With that being said, I telephoned the airline company and after speaking to them they did accommodate us on a later flight today connecting and over nighting in San Juan Puerto Rico. We will be leaving for SDQ at 6:10am in the morning. We were lucky to be accommodated with our hotel stay along with dinner and breakfast vouchers from the airline. Relaxing now and about to get a good night's rest for our travel again tomorrow.

My long awaited UPDATE

Sorry for the big delay with my updates dolls. It's been quite a journey for me. I'm just going to try and sum it all up and try not to get into to much details. I want to first say that going to have surgery in another country by yourself is only for STRONG MINDED individuals. The entire experience can be very emotional as I've seen so many emotions from other ladies while there being there alone. Ladies, do your research and be sure everything is right with your Hemogoblobin levels prior to traveling. I've been in the DR for 13 days and seen two of Dr. Medina's patients surgeries got cancelled because their iron was too low. One lady traveled all the way from London and stayed about nearly a week to try to boost her iron but she decided to cancel the surgery and just go back home. Time and money wasted because keep in mind that all other testing is out of your pocket and is not included.

Ok I was actually very close to changing my mind on having surgery while being there. I just saw several incidents as signs...
First incident was my luggage being missing for nearly 1 hr after arriving in the DR. I said missing because when we arrived and was disembarking the airplane, we saw the ground crew through the window removing the luggage from the aircraft and I did notice my cute black and white zebra print luggage. After arriving at the baggage claim area and patiently waiting, my surgery buddy received her luggage. About 5 min later the baggage belt stopped. Everyone had received their luggage except me. It took me nearly 30 minutes trying to find someone that spoke enough English to understand me and my situation. It turned out that the ground crew had my luggage outside with was returned to me about one hr later. What they were doing with my luggage, I have no idea. There was nothing worth taking because I did not walk with any of valuables. Guess they were disappointed in the end...
First sign for me!
Ok so that was the first sign for me as this was definitely not a good start for me.

A good moment: George the driver was patiently there waiting for us at the airport. He seemed to erase that experience...He was a sweetheart and spoke perfect English. Nice guy! We are taken directly to "Vista Del Jardin" clinic for our chest x rays. Hmmm...,I knew the name of clinic sounded familiar. Hmmm...again ladies do your research. Google the name... Luckily it was only for testing so I was ok with it. All other testing was done at CECILIP.
We had to overnight at CECILIP for our scheduled surgery the following day.

On Surgery day: my surgery buddy took the "BLUE" pill at about 6:30am and was in surgery by 7:00am. She was out in no time after taking the pill.
My surgery was scheduled for the same day as well. Surgery was suppose to be at 11am but was changed to 3pm then again changed to 6pm...
Who wants to have cosmetic surgery at 6pm in the evening??? Anyway, it was changed to the following day.
This was the second sign for me!
Now I'm a little bit frustrated because my surgery buddy is leaving for the recovery home on the day I'm having surgery.
Anyway, thank God I managed to keep my positive vibes and just told myself that I will continue to be protected from the most high and that I will be ok.
SURGERY DAY: So now I'm up to take the "BLUE" pill.
It's about 40 min later after taking the pill and I'm still awake. This was freaking me out. The nurses kept telling me "MAMI GO SLEEP"
I wish I could but I was not budging.
So they wheeled me into the operation room and I'm getting nervous now because I'm really not feeling any hint of drowsiness or anything. The one nurse asked me if had taken the "BLUE" pill, I told her yes and she gave me a wierd look. She said that she was going to give me some medicine through my IV so that I can sleep. About 2 minutes after she did I was in the daze. Daze but not asleep as I was conscious during the surgery. Yes, you heard correctly. I never was knocked out... I couldn't feel my feet as I was totally dumb from the anesthesia. However, I felt a little pressure on every area of my body that they were working on. I heard male voices. I actually opened my eyes several times. One time a nurse saw that I had opened my eyes and she walked over to me and started to rub my head in a comforting way. When I was turned over for my back lipo and BBL I recognized Dr. Medina's voice...hmmm
Thank God for being head strong cause this could of caused someone else to freak out.
Anyway, it was a successful surgery and at the end of the day that's what matters.
MY HOME RECOVERY was nice. The ladies there spoke English and that was a relief. The only thing that bothered me there was the untidiness. Too many times there were cups, plates all about. Things that should be picked up periodically throughout the day by the STAFF.
We met some great girls while there. By day 4 you are home sick and ready to leave. All the girls just counted the days until they were leaving. It was the greatest feeling leaving to fly back home.

I am happy with my results thus far. Thank you, Dr Medina! I'm still very swollen and it's been a struggle on some days. I'll post again about 3 or 4 months post

Dominican Republic!

Dominican Republic!


Mark up!

Post Surgery!



Bikini bottom dress rehearsal!

I've got another month to go before I can hit the beach. Can't wait!

12 Weeks Post

I'm a little still swollen especially on my sides. The good thing is that I'm sleeping more comfortable at night. Never thought I would see that day..
However, I am Loving my results!
My butt has lost some volume since surgery. This is because when you see your butt after surgery its a lot of swolleness that you are seeing. Anyway it's looking like its finally beginning to fluff. YEPEE!

Fluffing stage? Hmm...

Well my mind has been playing games with me... I was thinking that my butt was actually getting smaller. Today I went out in a pair of leggings and the comments and looks I got made me realize that my mind has just been playing games on me. It's bigger!
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