Manon Doll 2016 I've Waited Long Enough

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I am a plus size woman who doesn't have a problem...

I am a plus size woman who doesn't have a problem with my weight but this spongebob shape has to go. Yes, I love me some me but I'm tired of getting comments like your very pretty to be a big girl. Like really? Smh! I have 2 beautiful grown children who I love dearly but its time I do something for me. As mothers we tend to put ourselves last which isn't always the right thing to do. My time has come.

I've been researching this procedure for years now. I've been stalking real self and Instagram constantly. never making a decision but always wishing I had. This journey is such a emotional rollercoaster. But I've finally made my decision to go with Dr. Manon. Dr. Manons' work is exactly what I've been searching for.
I contacted Dr. Manon and to my surprise within 20 minutes I received a response to contact his assistant Rosa. Rosa has been so awesome. She answers all of my questions and never takes days or weeks to respond ( unlike a few other "popular" Dra's) I decided to take the all inclusive package which includes TT, BBL, Lipo, RH, plus transportation, meds and 1 Faja.

Ok so after sending in my pics I was told I need to lose 30 pounds in order to get all 3 procedures at once (which I've already been working on) I agreed and sent my deposit to secure my date for December 6th 2016. There's no turning back now. Time to dedicate myself and put in this work.
*****Looking forward to learning so much from you ladies*****

Recovery House Dilema

I'm finding it very difficult to find a recovery house that I'm comfortable with. I have to have a hospital bed, AC, Wifi, transportation, nurse and doctor to name a few. Can anyone recommend any RH with creditable services. I truly appreciate it.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

So far he's been very available, informative and kind. His work speaks for it's self.

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