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I am happy to begin my journey on becoming a...

I am happy to begin my journey on becoming a better version of myself by wanted to lose 50 pound and have a Tt,liposculture, arm, and bbl, I have had breast augmentation almost 2 year ago don't know if I wanted to have them bigger by the time I lose weight , will see
..... I had 2 pregnancy 5'6 195lbs , I am my heaviest everrr , I have a long way to go .

I been stalking Duran since August 26 had a respond on September 15 on Facebook with a quote of 4800

Had quite from yily respond one week after with 4300 . I don't know witch one to go

-wanted yily before seeing duran work
-love both tummy tucks

I have a small waist already but want good work on it , I don't want hips just more fullness on but

I need a date on February 2014 or April
I think it's enough to lose 30 pound at least . Starting a juicing diet

Belly button scar

I wanna know how yily and Duran close their belly button .can somebody share their experience? I have a friend who went in Colombia and the tummy tuck is flawless, the belly b scar is sown in the inside ,that what I want

Need to decide on the doc!!!

My main focus is the tummy tuck and I don't know I've been lurking Robles work and cadernas work , both are flawless . And for political reason I don't know if I still want to go in the DR hope the situation change on trying to send back people who have 50 years plus of Haitian ancestry back in Haiti . I think cadernas is a great choice and she give good after care I know her bbl are not the best so maybe I won't get one , wanting on her quote

Wish pics

Robles first place

This is a tough decision , I am reading all type of stuff , for sciatic nerves been injected with fat , infection , I am scarred !!!!! I have a family that I don't wont to live behing . Robles is so precaution and responding that I might go to her . Decision decision

Robles assistant laura

I had question for her

1-perform tummy tuck with liposculture on the abdomen?

she do not performed liposuction on the abdomen because she is doing the muscle repair she broke blood vassal and then with lipo also you can have hight probabilities to loose that skin.

2- can she do back lipo and bbl at the same time of tummy tuck?

3- can she sew the belly button inside instead of the outside technique

she said that technique can be discuss with her on your first consultation and decided the best for you.

She is very active in responding , so far the best service I had . Don't know if I understand answer no1.....

So many dolls getting things done!

I feel so nervous like it is me wanting to get surgery loll !!! Am anxious and all of you I pray for the outcome will be fine . We in this!!

research still

i have came across dra bello from DR and her tt a are everything , but i supset that they have fake profile with no photo saying that se is so good , only have photos on the website maybe 2-3 on rs .......also i have to get clearance from my doc have had chest pain and exhaustion am seeing a specialist next week . god please help me


Yily on Instagram

I've just came across her Instagram since I follow Duran am happy yily is getting on it 2!

Happy holidays dolls!!!

I wish all the future and current dolls some rest and quality time with love ones on holidays and try not be on real self loll. Seriously that body got me paranoid !! I have my turkey in the oven who's 30 pound it's my biggest so far hope she's good , she been marinated for 24 hrs . Christmas feast is crutial for me I ain't worrying about that weight today .....sending the kids to the movie will I wrap up the gift (late)
Doing all this is a work out by itself .

Take care ladies have a great one

Muah xoxo

Got my flight

Flying on April 1 to DR so it's official , just waiting on Yily to confirmed April 2

April 2 here I come!!!

It's been a minute since I have uptaded you guys but I was still on rs lookin on reviews it's been a roller coaster between losing weight , school exams, kids , boyfriend who didn't want to hear about sx.... Last week I sat him down to have that talk he his still afraid for my health and don't want it to become and obsession since I had breast augmentation in 2011 . I told Him am doing lipo and if I have lose skin after there will be a tummy tuck . I warned him he said his afraid for foreign care why am not doing it here in canada . If I had a liposuction and bbl here for free I would not even do it . Then talk about the US but it's to expensive for me .

I have lost 15 pound so far from the south beach diet and training . The last 3 week Iv been slaking but did not. Gain (yes!) . My goal is to lose 8 pound by April witch is obtainable . The more and more I lose weight the more I love my body , I have been in tip top shape before and I see my muscle potential is still here , should I wait a little before sx?

I hâve fear for the surgery really scared for my life , I don't know if it's the right time sometimes , my doctor don't want to prescribe me pain med, did not had my ECG ,, hope am ok because I be having some chest pain don't know what's relate to that . I had a pericarditis(inflammation if the envelop of the heart) in October was in rest bed for 2 months . Docs said it's ok to have surgery and 5 doctors opinion but sill scared . Prayers for me ladies the power of The Lord is the greatness .

I have sx with Yily or Cabral , but more likely Cabral bcuz I know he will give me what I want . The money is tight tho !

Starting to pack my luggage tonight for sure and organize the house before am gone . Am always trying to control everything before I go on a vacay or something . Control freak !

I been searching online for a fans that I saw that was made for sleeping and it was so beautiful , last night was searching for an hour no luck . I will get back to you doll with the website if I find it .

Till later.

Hugs xoxo

In Dr tomorrow

I will be arriving at 4 pm April 2 with my friend how is gonna be a cabral doll 2! I am so tired and have mix emotions leave my family behind is very hard I have 3 kids and my boyfriend . But I know they will be good with their father . I miss them already . I pray that I gave the same way I went in please keep all future dolls and me in your prayers . It's hard to think the worst can happen but with the almighty god anything can happen

See you soon. Sisters


Taille de guêpe par Cabral

I will be 24hrs post op at 10 pm today . Ladies I must tell you if you are sitting here and waiting for surgery you will be pissed . Been at cipla since 6am me and my friend she did have lipo and bbl like me . The night before we had a consultation with doctor Cabral who we spoke French wiith. This man was happy to speak French with . He is really easy to talk to and did not rush us and mind you it was 7 pm. I've talk to him about a pericarditis witch is an inflammation of the heart back in October . Let me tell you I take care my health very well when to every doctor to check my condition and can't count how many heart test, stress,test you name it . So I told dr cabral that I wanted and echocardiogram before anything and my hospital send to cipla my medical history . What am trying to say is I TOOK THE PRECAUTION TO BE SAFE . He said we will not lipo the upper back and the back witch am fine with . And there was this look on is eye that was skeptical about doing sx on me . I did not lie on my health . After doing the echo (88$)everything was fine and headed back to cipla where the waiting game begin . If I was not on my prayers I would not had the surgery that day . My friend went in a 3h I think after that one girl and then me , the last! He was marking me and was happy that am proactive about my health and said to him don't go to much on the pain meds. He said its gonna be easy with me having a small waist and since I was last he will take more time to do me! "tu auras une taille de guêpe"
I said "merci docteur " . The anesthesia girl new already about not giving me much and I woke up 2 times . I said docteur cabral tout se passe bien? (Is everything fine)he said oui!oui!ma belle ( yes beauty). And I ask the lady to give me more pain meds.

Return to room around 10pm with was cold shivering and could not sleep ! Till 1am . Got up at 2 when the anesthesia wore of . I started rotating my feet ,massaging my legs , put both on the hand rest grab my socks to get my legs up. Been on each side 15 minute and at 3 I was on my stomach in planks position 30min , on knees 30min by that time I knew that I was not in pain at all , so stomach position it was. My pee bag fill up 2 and a half time! Jules( healing heaven) said first time ever saw someone pee that much and I be recovering well and that I remind her of a baby that want to get out of the crib I did not hate the soup . I have unsalted almond 15% iron and organic black mulberries(130% vitamin c, 20%iron), drink concentrated black currant . I brought the market with me lol it was so funny , and I was prepared for the pain by doing heavy training and crossfit and was already sore for sx . Hemo was 13 last week on sx day 12.6 and after 9.6 so transfusion ! The nurse said to me if I did sx and they never saw that . Now for my sister she is in so much pain I feel bad for her , had a bbl and underarms lipo now everyone's recovered differently I just happen to be the minority . Pain level 3 comfort is not good maybe a 7 . Healing heaven really takes good care of is and will do another review on that . Now am at the house settle and happy to by on my iPad .the prayers do work don't under estimate the power of The Lord and bless me in so many way

See my waist soon. ! Muah. Xoxo


3 days post op

Recovery is ok it's the stiffness that I just can't deal with , I think my hips are huge so I started been on my sides . I need to go and shit something am just bloated !!!my friend who did the same thing is have a hard time . I wanna go home already !

4 days post op !! Taille de Cabral !!!

My waist is getting smaller but I am still holding some fluid . I did one massage and I do it myself but tomorrow am going to Cabral office to get some fluid out ! After another massage and ready to go home on Wednesday ! Get wait to go home today we went to the market I brought some hair treatment , we went eating by the sea and got some ice cream , I did not buy another fajas the nurse closed it for me and am waiting for my marieaE went I get home :)


Flight tomorrow !!! Taille de guêpe par cabral!!!

I am so swollen these last 2 days , I can wait to go back to my family I need to be in my own things . Today at cipla they drain my back with a syringe brougth a fajate (150$) and i gave cabral a bottle of cognac and he was really happy and greeted me with 2 kisses ( the French way) he said ' c'est très gentil et fesses vont êtres très sexy' lol . He said to stay on my stomach because my butt might get flatter . Am going back to school maybe next week I don't know if I should take more days......

Ladies take care your health before you come here . Don't be stupid and get on the flight and knew your hemo was 10.5 thinking your gonna get a tt bbl ba lipo this is so stupid . I see girls getting iron shot for days thinking their gonna do it all , just go home.

And I will do most of my post here now because they report my picture in a group on Facebook after 25 min of posting ! Really! These hoes ain't loyal !! But anyways a lot of these women help and participate and other just wish they had a passeport! A lot of the girls in the group are upset about that , now I understand why a lot are leaving these group . But am gonna stay and help the ones like they help me


Am home!!! Taille de guêpe par Cabral !! 1 week

The worst yesterday !! Took my heparin shot in the morning because I has a 2 hour drive to punta Cana airport , waiting for the flight for 3 hrs And Flight was almost 5 hours !!!! By the time I got out the car I was swollen , Had to do arms And legs to get a wheelchair , took the extra space seat it is worth it . Was of my knees for at least 2 hours of the flight I did find a good position. When I landed I went straight to the pharmacy to take my pressure and it was low . This morning the swollen got lower but my pressure got lower and I feel exhausted easily . Tomorrow morning am having an appointement with my doctor . I know is gonna said I told you not to go there ....

Taille de guêpe Cabral !!

Taille de guêpe Cabral!!

Taille de guêpe Cabral made it!!!!

My medical appointement went great blood pressure is good And he gave my naproxen . Have to take a bold test to check my hemo. I received my lipo foam Friday and it as reduce my swelling alllooot !! I can finally get I my fajate (medium) but I fell like its compress to much on hip so I put it in the first row in the hip area and below the second row .

Taille de guêpe Cabral made it !

Here's Cabral info he his easy to reach on what app. Even heard he does FaceTime .

Taille de Cabral !!

Taille de Cabral !!! Pictures!!

Old measurement
Under breast 31"
Waist 31"
Lower waist below belly button 38"

New measurements
Under breast 30"
Waist 28"
Lower waist below belly button 35"

Butt is still the same at 44" it is just more full and that's what I was looking for . I had my third massage since I came back and she said I am healing very well so next time am starting lipo vac massages also I have one side where there is more lipo done so she will work on that . Next week am starting the gym working out the area that I did not get work done , can't wait !! That body is a problem already :))!!

1 month taille de guêpe par Cabral!!!!

New measurements
Under breast 30"
Waist 27"
Ass still 44"!!

Doctor Cabral did a really good job on the lipo , my waist is so small just like when I was. 130 lbs and am 172. That booth is a problem already be careful ladies !! I can't fit in any jeans and am trying to lose 12 pounds by the end of June
Dr Hector cabral

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