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Okay so I've been researching this procedure for a...

Okay so I've been researching this procedure for a long time, and at the slightly tender age of 28 (lol)...I'm finally ready to get it done. I'm practically a Gym-Rat and I love weightlifting but I share my mothers DNA so I naturally HAD a booty, but hold fat in my belly and arms, and I have no natural hips or boobs....ugh...I lost about 25 pounds last year, and I kept the weight off so far...I currently weigh 160lbs and I'm 5'6...and unfortunately due to my weight loss and workout regime, I LOST MY ASS!!!!! I was also thinking about getting a breast lift or BA...yes my boobs are small, saggy, and separated ( about adding insult to injury...and I don't even have any children yet...smh....but anyways, I'm gonna hold out of any boob work because I need to lay on my tummy for the BBL.
I want to go to Dominican Republic for the procedure. I've been researching doctors, results, and prices...but I have yet to decide on a solid doctor. I'm more leaning to Dra.Baez, I like her responsiveness, results and reviews, but I'm still WAITING for Dra.Duran to respond to my email, facebook, and Whats App messages (which was about 3 weeks ago).
For lipo to my arms, abdomen, flanks, and waist I got the following quotes:
Dra. Yily: $3700
Dra. Baez: $3000
Dr. Cabral: $4000
Dra. Duran: Still waiting for a quote
I think all of the doctors have great results, but I'm still trying to figure out who I will choose and WHEN I have the time.
I'm currently a Senior Nursing student, so I have NO TIME to take off. We have a winter break around December 11-January 27, so I'm definitely aiming for that time.
So in conclusion....I guess we'll see what will happen.
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