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Dr. Alegando Hernandez will be doing a BBL/ TT on...

Dr. Alegando Hernandez will be doing a BBL/ TT on December 9, 2016, and I am very excited that I chose him. I have been doing my research for about a year, and I don't regret my decision. I have been to several consultations here in the US from Orlando to Miami, and I am still satisfied with my decision. I have been a nurse for over 20 years, and his personality and sincerity is outstanding. Of course, I had many questions and he responding to me in less than 24 hours. Not just that he responded immediately, but he addressed all my concerns. Once I decided to choice him and reached out to him, I decided to follow him on social media just to get a better understanding. I must say that he appears to actually care and the information that he post on social media is very informative and helpful. His work speaks for itself; he does some amazing work. I called and spoke with Laura, and she was very professional and helpful. My adult son and two of his friends will be traveling with me to make this a vacation for them, of course, they will be staying at another hotel, while I stay at the recovery house. She provided me with information on their visit, which I appreciate. I have read almost every post on Dr. Hernandez from RS, Make Me Heal, and YouTube and he's my #1. I will be having my own preop here as well to include a cardiologist and primary consult prior to leaving. If anyone has done worked by Dr. Hernandez, please share your experiences or any suggestions or recommendations that will help me prepare for my surgery and trip I will greatly appreciate it. I will be keeping you all updated with pics and my experience as well. I will try to be very detailed as possible. Hopefully, I will help others to make the right decisions.

On my way to Dr. Alejandro Hernandez

Well it is official and I am so excited for my BBL/TT with Dr. Alejandro Hernandez. I am still comfortable in my decision and really impressed with his work. I have paid my dposit, travel iternary and an all inclusive resort for my son. I decided to give him a Christmas gift of vacationing in the DR. I will be staying at the recovery house. I will post some wish pictures (although I know each person's body is different), before pictures, as well as preapartion pictures. I will try to be as detailed as I can with this. My son and his freiends will be staying at the All Inclusive BelleVue Resort while I start my new transformation. I am purchasing the Stay Package Offer which includes, TT, Back liposuction and fatbu augumentation, blood work, anesthesia, cardiologist, xray, one post op garment, hospital expense, 12 night stay in the recovery house, post op medication, ground transportation including recovery house, 3 meals per day, insurance and 3 infatic drainage massages.

Dr. Hernandez 30 Days for a New Transformation

Well, I am now 27 days out from my new transformation for my Tummy Tuck and Brazilian Butt Augmentation. I am still excited as when I scheduled the appointment with Dr. Alejandra Hernandez. I will be flying to the Dominican Republican on Dec 14, 2014, and staying for 13 days. I told you all that I will keep you all posted on everything that I am, will, and have experienced during this process, hoping it will make your experience less stressful.

I chose Dr. Hernandez for several reasons, 1) outstanding work; 2) patient-doctor relationship; 3) low infection rate; 4) low fatality rate; and, 5) communication. Just to mention a few of the reason. Oversea cosmetic procedures have gotten a lot of bad light here in the US. However, I am here to tell you that the same can happen anywhere here in the US. I suggest that you do your homework and don't be afraid to ask questions. Google the doctor and see what information you discover, it's your body and life. Use Google translation to read the articles for knowledge. If the communication is poor between you and the Provider, I can only assume that it will be the same after surgery. I want to know that I can contact my doctor, especially after a surgical procedure. I went to many consultations here in the US and was disappointed with the bedside manner. I had several questions for Dr. Hernandez, and he answered all my questions promptly.

I am 145lbs and 5’4, but my goal is to get to 140 lbs. before surgery. I had one child 19 years ago by C-Section, which left me with an umbilical hernia. I work out about 4 days a week and have concluded that my belly skin will never tighten and the “pouch” isn’t going anywhere.
I can’t believe that I am even posting pics of my body. I have been ashamed of this area for so long, and it’s time to correct it. I have placed some before pictures to show you before the transformation. I have also put some pics with pants, so after surgery, I will do the same shots in the same pants. I have placed previous work done by of Dr. Hernandez I hope to have similar too after my transformation. I will just trust my new look in the hands of Dr. Hernandez.

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Dec14, 2016 Prior BBL Pics

Here are more prior images before my BBL on December 14, 2016. I can't wait.

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez 30 Days Until my New Transformation.

I am placing some prior pics with pants for a comparison after surgery. Hopefully, I can still wear the pants afterward. LoL. Either way, I will give you other pictures that will allow you to compare and to show Dr. Alejandro Hernandez's work.

This shot is me wearing dress pants with a loose fit. I know I could have at least iron them first, but I am just trying to give you something to compare.

More Before Pictures in Stretch Pants

Here are some pictures of me in strectch pants that hopefully will give you a better view of the after project of my transformations.

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez Outcome of HIS Work.

These are some before and after pictures from Dr. Alejandro Hernandez website in which if I had to wish, it owuld be for an outcome of something similar. I understand that each body is different and this is only a comparison.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Alejandro Hernandez responds very quickly to concerns and questions. He answered all of my questions and I know that I have made the right decision. Spoke with Laura and she was very professional; I like her personality. I have worked with doctors for years and many do not respond nearly as quickly as Dr. Hernandez did. I know that I will be happy with my new makeover and I confident that I will be returning to have my breast augmentation done by him.

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