From London - Brazillian Buttlift and Breastlift with Implant in Domonican Republic vs Turkey vs Spain

Hey everyone, after reading so many reviews, I...

Hey everyone,

after reading so many reviews, I have decided to post something. I live in the UK (london) to be precise. I have booked my procedure with DR hector Cabral. I am getting BBL, Liposuction of arms, stomach, full back lipo, fill in hips and breast lift my quote is $6000 excluding additional charges.

How to get price quote:
- You can inform DR cabral via whatsapp what you would surgery you would like done then send him a picture of yourself (front, left side, right side and back) then inform him of your height and weight. He will respond with a quote
- Once you have received your quote then you contact his assistant to book you in for your surgery appointment (no deposit needed)
- Send DR Cabral an email to inform him that you have booked your surgery date and request for a list of things that are expected/needed.

Additional expenses
WOW, don't get me started! I calculated all the additional expenses from the list that DR hector cabral gave me and everything came upto $840 EXCLUDING recovery house. I'm not a doctor so I wouldn't want to be cheap and purchase medications by myself, the names of the medications are provided in the email but I rather pay for the right medication provided by the doctor.

List of additional expenses
- Medication for after surgery $240
- More medical terms $145
-Payment of belt $120
-More medical stuff $ 30
- surgery sash arms $ 60
- surgery panties $ 60
- surgery bra $ 60
- Gaza face $ 60
- Gaza bust $ 30
- Gaza panel $ 35

total $840 + Procedure $6000 = $6840 excluding recovery house and flight
flight is going to be around £500 to £600

-Let's round it up the entire procedure cost $7000
£5300 in total plus flight and excluding recovery house in dominican republic (WOW!)

That's alot of money to be honest, the results are better than turkey but way more expensive. turkey is £3000 for BBL ALL INCLUSIVE but the result are subtle. eurrrrghhhhhhhhh

Dr hector Cabral and assistant contact details


I've attached a picture of doctor hector Cabral and assistant's phone number. I will post before pictures and video closer to September xx

It's all about PREPARATION

Here is a screen shot of the email dr.Cabral sent. Whilst snooping on real self I came across some additional necessary thing.

YouTube'd Dr Cabral

Oh my gosh , scared now. I heard some stuff about him burning his clients I understand that not everyone is going to come out 100% satisfied however I would like to know that his method is 100% safe. How many litres of fat does he actually take out?

Literally scared now

I'm really torn between dominican republic and turkey. Not just because of the price difference but because of my safety. I should have never read the bad stories. Does anyone know how much CC's dr cabral puts in each buttcheek?

Dr Yily? Cabral or Duran ??

Who is a safer and better doctor ?

No response from Yily or Duran

I have sent an email to Duran and Yily. I have received a response yet.

Yily Responded

Yily Responded and the email was waaaaay more professional than Cabral's. The price was all inclusive ( well the surgery, taxi and recovery house) The rest you have to pay for like meds etc etc. Plus in the email she is very clear about the patient's health requirements and explains that if the guidelines are met that she will not perform the surgery. I like what I read in the email and my mind seems more at ease with yily plus she is on the list for top ten best surgeons in DR. I like her, however her results aren't as drastic as Cabral but that's ok.

Need a SURGERY buddy for October

My friend opted out and i definitely don't want to travel to DR alone otherwise I'll go to Turkey but I really dont want to go to turkey because the results are little to no difference! Hopefully someone on here that wants their procedure in DR so that we can go together !!

Travelling to DR alone

I can't go to turkey and spend that type of money for minimal results. I have decided that nomatter what I will go to DR by myself. Hopefully by October

Longevita Turkey DR Fuat Yuksel vs Dominican Republic DR Yily

So one minute i'm like, I'm going with DR YILY in dominican republic and the other minute i'm like, i'm going to Turkey.

Turkey Pros
- Recovery House, Airport transfer, Food, English Staff, Medical garment, Medication, Blood test and insurance ALL Included
- Breast Augmentation + Lift and BBL for £3700 (based on case by case basis)
- Very responsive on whatsapp, skype meeting with surgeon can be arranged
- Good feedback on breast augementation
- Very informative website, very informative consultant, they have been featured in news papers for good things, they have a youtube channel with good feedback
- Peace of mind in regards to safety

Turkey Cons
- The lipo suction does not compare to dominican republic meaning the lipo creates a slight difference
- Fat transfer to buttocks I don't think they can transfer 1400 cc (That's what I want)
- I am not sure if they remove more that 5 litres (TBH, only Dominican republic removes more than 5litres)
- You'd probably have to go to turkey twice to get desired results (My friend did that and she looks great)

Dominican republic Pro's
- Brazillian Buttlift is great, the best in my opinion ! You'll get really good results (video vixen results) That's exactly what I want
- A lot of love and hip hop cast members have done their surgery with DR Yily

Dominican republic cons
- Everything is independent even though DR Yily offers a deal $4050 FOR BBL + recovery house, airport and hospital transfer. Everything else needs to be paid for independently basically add another $2000 which makes it $6000 excluding flight and personal maintenance stuff
- Nothing is guaranteed in regards to safety
- Dominican republic is very far
- Ofcourse some horror stories but that does not put me off
- I dont trust Dominican republic to place an implant in my breast
- Did I mention too many additional chargers
- Language barrier
- Not so responsive to questions
- I am going alone but I don't want to feel extremely lonely in a foreign land far away from home
- The surgeon is very

Basically dominican republic will give me the results I want, however there are some small things to consider like the additional chargers and i'm going alone. I like an all inclusive deal it's just easier to grasp because you still need pocket money and I like tipping. plus I don't like that I have to do so much independently because let's be real surgery is still a big thing.

Turkey is good because its all inclusive, closer to London. Very response on whatsapp and email, trustworthy. A direct friend of mine has been there twice for surgery. However lipo results aren't so great. But I can always go twice, if I lose some weight before I travel plus my breast lift with implant i'm sure i'll look nicely sculpted. I'm curvy already but I just want to obvious video vixen shape

Anway hopefully, you guys can help

Found Dominican Republic style results in SPAIN !!!!!! Circumed Clinic

Thank you JESUS, great results for brazillian buttlift at Circumed clinic in Spain. I just sent them an email asking for a quote. They can put 1200cc in each buttcheek and it looks great ! I have seen realself reviews (similar to DR results) and before and after results on their website GORGEOUS!

However I really wanted BBL and Breast lift with implant like i said in my previous post Longevita gave me a good deal £3700 but I haven't seen any BBL that theyve done. I know they are super good with Breast augmentations i don't know about DR Fuat's lipo skills but he agreed to 1200cc in each butt cheek. Let me know if you have done bbl at Longevita

Brazillian Butlift in SPAIN CIRCUMED CLINIC

They have a youTube channel !! I am super convinced now. I have sent them an enquiry and requested a quote. Let's see their response, I guess I won't be doing my breast lift then.

Comfort Zone Clinic vs Longevita

Whilst I wait for Circumed clinic Spain to respond to my enquiry, I would like to know what clinic in Turkey gives the best results for Brazillian Buttlift. To be honest, I have seen some comfort zone results it's ok not amazing however if you go there twice then the results will be great.

I have never seen a review for Longevita in regards to brazillian buttlift but they always get patients to testify about their amazing results on youtube. I need to see a Longevita brazillian buttlift review because they offered me a really good deal but I won't take it without seeing a real review. I am hoping for someone to inform me of longevita's bbl results

Received quote from comfort zone turkey

I have received a quote and booking info from comfort zone bbl + breast lift with implant £4300 all inclusive (5 day stay)

They the sent me before and after pictures but that's not the look I'm going for I want more drastic results.

Brazilian Buttlift in Spain Circumed Clinic

I've made up my mind 100% I have to go with Spain circumed clinic. I'm still waiting for my quote. however I know that they provide exactly what I'm looking for. I'll do my breast augmentation next year.

I've attached some screen shots from their YouTube video titled "Ethnic Brazilian butt lift for African patients. Dr. Aslani of Cirumed Clinic"

Gosh ..... Surgery buddy needed for Dominican Republic

I keep an looking at Cabral's and Yily's work it's exactly what I want! I know with £5000 I can do whatever I need to do over there BBL and Breast lift with Implant. If I can find a surgery buddy that I can text or what'sapp so we can schedule everything together I will definitely go with yily (she has a deal and I feel safer with her as an option).... so please if you are reading this and you want to go to DR in November let me know!! I will respond immediately! But i'm not too sure about the implants they use in DR though .... but I want boobs and bum at the same time

My body right now PRE OP ( Before Surgery)

I'm doing this for my real self sisters. I'm not ashamed. I like it when I can relate to someone's body size like " I have the same figure as her" I'm already curvy but I want super Barbie curves

Goodbye Circumed Clinic spain.

I can't afford the price quoted.

The price for Circumed clinic Spain

The attached picture says it all. It's cheaper to go to Dominican Republic

Circumed clinic Spain

I just don't understand that quote it's the most expensive I've seen. How is that possible when a girl I know that is bigger than me and less curvy than me was quoted less. I'm really not happy with that quote, how can it be cheaper to go to DR than Spain. Dr aslani quoted me £5700 just for BBL nothing included (lipo areas waist,back, flanks, stomach and inner thigh) I told him I don't want inner thigh lipo. I like my thighs. Hopefully he'll reduce the quote. My friend got bbl and breast augmentation and everything cost them £5000 in Columbia. I don't want to travel such a far distance alone for my first ever surgery it's scary! Well I pray a real self doll and I can travel together or I'll go to comfort zone Turkey.

Going with Comfort Zone Clinic (for now)

Hi ya'll

Wow, what a journey in regards to research, I have decided to go with comfort zone clinic Turkey. I am naturally curvy as you can see from my previous post with my pictures. I have a friend that has been there and she literally showed me her whole journey through video LITERALLY !! she showed me the airport pick up, the food, the recovery house, the hospital, immediately after surgery, the 5 litres of fat they took out (SHE'S a sweetheart for that).

Comfort Zone clinic is safe and all inclusive ( food, recovery house, medication, transportation, garment) i'll be doing BBL + Breast lift with Implants for £4300. My mind has been made up. All I need to do now is research on the Breast Implant that they use and save money. I have peace of mind now.

Does anyone know how to sleep with BBL and Breast Implants? because I really want to maintain the fat that has been transferred to my butt.

I'm happy with my choice, I will keep my expectations realistic since it's not the Dominican Republic or Spain. I'll probably go for round 2 next year for my missnikkibaby desired results lol! (nikki mudras google her)

Hope I've helped with your research too, i'll post every now and then x

Side note: Realself does not delete your reviews or posts it's in their terms and conditions

Ever wondered why you are unable to edit or delete a post, well if you read the terms and conditions you'll know that it cannot be deleted. Even if you request to delete your realself account your review will still be available. How weird, not sure if they even have a privacy policy to be honest. So be careful of what you want the work to know.

Doing Surgery with DR YILY in Dominican Republic

I've made up my mind, I will be saving for the BBL with YILY, after thoroughly reading her email and looking at other realself dolls in london that went with Yily i'm happy to travel to DR by myself. YILY offers an all inclusive package ( RH+ Massages+ Surgery+ Blood test and extra blood+Medication and Garment+ Transportation+Food) excluding flights cost £4630 .
Flight prices right now in london to Dominican Republic SDQ is £538
for EVERYTHING total cost is £5168

Tickets have been BOOKED !

Yes girls !!! I have booked my ticket for Comfort Zone Clinic. I booked BA Business class, it's a must U I would advise that you make sure you have a comfortable flight after surgery. I am getting BBL and Breast Uplift with Implant for £4300. I'm so excited !

Two more weeks to go! need help BBL and BreastLift with Implant at the same time or one at a time?

Hi !!

I am super excited, good news... surgery money is complete however my surgery buddy cancelled so i'm going by myself ! I'm still happy tho, here's my issue should I get brazillian buttlift and breast lift with implant all at once or do my bbl first? I'm thinking about the recovery aspect.. with bbl you are required to lay on your stomach and with breastlift with implant you should lay on your back. I know you can sleep on your side but i'm getting fat transferred to hips aswell.

Let me know what you think? Is anyone travelling to Comfort Zone Clinic Istanbul on 14/12/2016??

PS: Have you seen Lateysha Grace brazillian buttlift with eliteaftercare in Turkey? She looks good!

Has anyone had a Breast lift with implant at Comfort Zone Clinic ?

So my surgery date is literally round the corner !! I haven't seen alot on comfort zone boob jobs, i know they specialise in brazillian buttlift but i haven't seen reviews on breast lift.

Gosh... here we go again, it's sooooo close now. I know longevita is really good with boob jobs but I haven't seen any brazillian butt lift they've done.

Should I go to comfort zone for bbl (that's what they are known for)
then go to Longevita for breast uplift with implant (that's what they do best) that means BBL first and Breastlift later ?? ....

Why can't one place specialise in both .... why is DR so far away :(

My surgery is next week!!

decisions decisions decisions
DR. Hector Cabral

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