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BBL/LIPOSUCTION in Dr I am a mother of 2 and I...

I am a mother of 2 and I need my waist snatched.
So I am finally going to Dr to get ass lol. No I am not. I am actually going to get liposuction to make my waist smaller but I was quoted An extra 300 for the bbl so why not lol. I have had a BA before with Mel Ortega, will NEVER recommend him to anyone but that another story but I am going to Dr Meija and I am sure he will deliver.
I need a travel buddy, anyone going around that time??
I still have decided on a recovery house but I want one that offers massages

Paying my deposit tomorrow

I will be paying my deposit tomorrow and booking my ticket. I am sending the money through money gram. With regards to the ticket I found a direct flight with united airways for $445 I though that was a good flight, I hate connecting flights.
Ladies I need your help with the supplies I need to take with me.
Also which pillow should I get for my bbl?
Thanks doll ????

Before pics

I didn't get to upload my before pics

Deposit paid

So I paid my deposit which was $300 and it only cost 6.99 to send it to him. I use moneygram. I had to send proof that I send it so I send a pic. So now I am waiting on them to prepare my confirmation, send and surgery "book" and any other instructions they might have for me. For me personally I am just waiting on all the info then I will book my ticket

Flight booked

So I have booked my flight and got an estimate for the recovery house including the massage 8 night with 5 massage n transportation is 875, that's not bad at all
Started taking my vitamins etc. Bought the important stuff I have to bring. I am actually not nervous I am practically not thinking about it, I am just dreaming of my flat stomach lol.
So I am confused as to what pillow I NEED to get. Help girls

New price

So the price for my surgery went up because I wanted to lipo my inner thigh, by my armpit and my arms. I have been reading mixed reviews about arm n inner thigh lipo, some people haute it n think they look worst than they did before. I am going to leave that decision until I see the doctor n we discusse the best for me. However I would really like to know what you guys think
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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