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I am 33 years old, my family is from La Vega...

I am 33 years old, my family is from La Vega Dominican Republic and I am looking to have Lipo on back and mid section and buttock enhancement (something like a BBL). After doing an extensive research on doctors in DR, I came down to 2 doctors that come highly recommended. First I emailed Walkiris Robles located in Santo Domingo but got no response for a few days. In between that time I found another doctor in Santiago which is closer and more convenient for me as my family is from La Vega Dr. Nelson Rubio. I have read great reviews on both doctors. Dr. Nelson Rubio answered my email first saying I only needed Liposculpture and I would come out looking great and quoted me $4,000. Dr. Walkiris Robles emailed me and quoted me $4,500 for lipo on back, mid section and fat injected into my buttocks which is what I was looking for. This cost covers 5 days at recovery house, blood tests, compression garment, as for Nelson Rubio his quote only covers the procedure does not include blood tests or recovery house expenses even though I think he didn't quote me for that because i told him I am staying in La Vega. Dr. Rubio is more convenient for me but he does not think I need buttock injections, but I do want it. So I am torn between the 2...

Heard great things about Nelson Rubio...still undecided

Nelson Rubio has a very good reputation. First he's a member of the US doctors association as well as DRs. He performs his surgeries out of the best hospital in the Dominican Republic located in Santiago the name is HOMS...still so undecided. Santiago is closer and more convenient for me since I'll be staying with family in La Vega, Santo Domingo is 2 hours away but I like Robles work better...still don't know.

Done and back Home

Hello girls...I got surgery on 6/26. Story goes like this:
I arrived to DR on 6/25 stood over my Family's house and headed to CECIP with my Mom early the next morning and got there at about 9AM. When I got there I met with a wonderful young woman, short, sweet and soft spoken I always called her by her last name which is Gonzalez. She sat me down explained all the tests I'll be getting before surgery and she took my payment and gave me a receipt. Next stop was blood tests, then XRays, then paperwork for insurance that was $150, then cardiology tests than we waited for the blood test results which came back ok and I got the green light for surgery. At around 4PM I was placed in one of the hospital rooms to wait for the doctor to be marked up, she came in about 15 minutes laterand let me say Dr. Robles is beautiful inside and out the picture she has on her profile does not do her justice I told her she needed to change it! and she agreed LOL. Anyway, she marked me up told me lipo on my tummy, back, love handles and she told me I have enough ass and she didn't know why i wanted more...I agreed because I am slim and my legs are slim the last thing I want is to have a huge ass with skinny legs so she said I needed some hips and she'll just firm up my butt a little. She asked if I have any other questions I said no let's do this and she said ok well I'll see you in a few hours! At about 5PM a nurse came in with my scrubs and the blue pill. I changed took my pill and she came in with a wheel chair and hauled me off, but before that my mom and I prayed and off I went. My mom said we were done at about 9PM, 4 hours! Yikes...didn't know it would take that long. When surgery is done they call whatever family member or friend is there for you so they can come see you, my mom said she almost fainted when the nurse uncovered me she said I was asleep and purple like an eggplant she was about to faint LOL (so dramatic) Anyway, I awoke a while later but was very groggy from the meds I had a white faja wrapped around my stomach and was naked...I fell right back out until the next day.

My Results

When I awoke the next day i was told I lost a lot of blood and my hemo went down to about a 7. I needed a blood transfusion, iron shots, and a lot of other meds. Needless to say take a lot of extra money in case this happens to you, I thought it wouldn't happen to me but there I was deciding if I wanted to be injected with another persons blood. I had no choice since I was very weak. I needed 2 pints of blood $100 each! So after I got all my meds I rested a little and at about 6 or 7PM Gonzalez came in with the medicine, vitamins and my faja included in my package and told me what I needed to take and when etc. she helped me get up and showed me my drain and how it works, she cleaned me up a little and told me to change so I can go to the recovery house. When I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror I was so happy! I haven't looked so good in years, I had a slim waste, hips and a nice round booty. Mind you I was still swollen, but I noticed my results right away. My mom helped me get dressed and Gonzalez helped me put on my faja. Girls take extra tank tops specially old ones because you will have to put one inside out under your faja they will get dirty with the cream you have to rub every 2 hours on you to help reduce bruising and swelling. At this point your skin is very soft and fragile and your clothes can mark your skin. So I was dressed ready to go to the recovery house.

Virginia's Recovery House

We arrived at about 8-9PM and was greeted by Virginia herself. Sweet, soft spoken and funny as hell. I was still very weak but she sat me down brought me something to drink right away and accommodated my IV. My mom and cousin were there with me but since I was staying at the recovery house for 5 days I told them they could go home and pick me up the following week. My family is from La Vega 2 hours away from Santo Domingo so I didn't want to be too far from the doctor after surgery. At the recovery house I shared a room with Cynthia, beautiful girl from Brooklyn she was very sweet. Everyone was nice and friendly. We got 3 meals a day, our medicine was brought to us at the time we needed to take them, Virginia and Yaritza come to your room and give you your massages every 2 hours or ass needed depending how badly you're bruised. Another thing I was very bruised so I was sent to the oxygen tank by Dr. Robles that was $100. So I had surgery on a Thursday on Friday I went to the recovery house by Monday I was already home sick, I missed my son my hubby I called him crying. You need to be emotionally ready for this as well as strong enough to handle the pain.

Some Before and After Pics...

Ok girls, as requested here are some before and after pics...I will post better ones soon.
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