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I'm traveling to Santo Domingo for cosmetic...

I'm traveling to Santo Domingo for cosmetic surgery. I'm not overweight but I lack visual curves and have found myself less confident in my appearance. I'm getting lipo of the flanks, abdomen, stomach, & inner thighs... Transferred to my buttocks and hips. Which should give me the body I've been wanting for many years :-)

Pre-Op Pic

My surgery is less than two weeks... I'm excited! Here's a pre-op pic.

11 More Days...

Eleven more days until my transformation. I'm looking forward to the results but praying for a healthy and painfree recovery. I have been packed and ready to go for a few weeks now. Just patiently waiting to #TakeFlight

Choose Your Sx Buddies Wisely...

When the time actually comes to take this trip that's when the truth comes out about ppl's character. Although it sounds unbelievable that women would do anything to be 'number one' on the surgeons list... It's very well true. Having surgery is a very important factor... You should be free of negative energy and people. If someone doesn't agree with your decision to proceed with cosmetic surgery then you need to remove yourself from that situation. It's important to be 100% in whatever you decide... So alleviating negative people is a MUST!!! So you can have a healthy recovery. If you chose to have a sx buddy please do your research, build a rapport, & most of all, trust your instincts. My group started with three and now it's two (the original two). I couldn've asked for a better sx buddy! God bless you all and good luck

Private FB surgery groups...

Just my opinion, I am involved in several and I will admit that I have NOT gained one professional aspect from these groups. Some people are very knowledgable and others are there to spread rumors, bash surgeons, or simply lurk. My advice is to speak directly to post op dolls for any positive/negative feedback about their experience. Otherwise you will find yourself wrapped up in a web of girls who can't conduct themselves as women and encourage others in a positive way. Stick to RS!!!


I'll be visiting three different doctors when I arrive in Dominican Republic to make my final decision. This is based on overall facility, feel for the surgeon, & most experienced. Time will tell ladies:)

Sx Shopping List

?Ensure boost
?Iron pills 65mg
?Thick maternity pads
?2pks Bed pads
?Stool softener
?Baby wipes
?Advil Sleeping pills
?3 Packs gauze... Large & Med
?2 Paper surgical tape
?Alcohol wipes
?Tube of bacitracin (neosporin)
?2 tubes arnica gel
?Pain pills
?Female Urinal
?Latex free gloves
?Compression socks/stockings
?Boppy pillow
?6 wash cloths
?5 white beater undershirts
?4-10 XL granny panties
?Antibacterial Bar Soap
?Vitamin C 500mg

Headed To Florida

I've decided to travel to Florida for the day since my flight to Dominican Republic leaves from there. I'll have dinner with friends and relax before I head to DR the following day. I have to maintain a healthy and positive attitude. My flight leaves in 8hrs. Let me catch a quick nap.

Finally Headed To DR

I'm so exhausted and sleepy I can't wait to arrive. I've been sitting in this airport all morning. Anyway, I'm excited to finally be 'on my way'!

This Little Guy...

Picked me up from the airport on time with his mom when my flight arrived in Santo Domingo. He's only seven and happens to be a true gentleman already. He grabbed my bag and told me "welcome"... I thought to myself "this is going to be good day".


When I arrived at the recovery house I unpacked my bags, took a shower, & dinner was ready in no time. I ordered a simple grilled ham & cheese sandwich, fries and coke. Gotta go out with a bang!!! As I plan on changing my eating habits immediately after sx. I'm currently relaxing and taking advantage of this wifi. I'm about to call it a night real soon... Flying all day has me wore out. Later dolls;)

RH Photos

So Far...

Good! Since I went to bed around 9:30 last night I was up pretty early. I was picked up and dropped off to my room and haven't been out of this room yet! Hell I don't even know what the entire place looks like. I'm a private person so I don't mind. But after sx... I will probably be claustrophobic and need to move around. Breakfast was served at 8:30am. I selected pancakes, ham, & pineapple juice which was very good. I spend majority of my time face time'n with friends and family patiently waiting for tomorrow's big day. Lunch came around noon unexpected because I hadn't placed an order. However, it was very delicious! I had white rice, marinated chicken, black beans, split peas, & pineapple juice. Everything was seasoned and delightful. The idea here is to have a light meal for breakfast, and dinner but your lunch will be plentiful. My dinner came around 7:15pm I ordered a other ham sandwich with fries... Good stuff

Yasmin's Recovery House

I will say I've heard all types of horror stories about Yasmin's... That she locked girls in their room without feeding them, verbally abused them, & denied transpiration services, etc. despite the stories I've heard I still chose to stay at Yasmin's recovery house for my own personal reasons. Yes!!! You heard me correct I still chose to stay here after the horror stories. Why?!?! I'm the type of person who have to see something to believe it. In addition, I'm booked to stay with her two days prior to sx so that also allows me time to investigate the rumors. Let me address a few of the allegations... 'She locks women in their rooms' how likely is it for someone to be able to lock you in a room without you being able to handle the situation? Hmmmmm, not likely to me! I have a cell phone so I'd simply call the police. The doors are so low quality that a 10yr old can probably break it down. 'Being denied food'? Why not just get up and leave... Stay at a hotel or elsewhere? I must admit that I never been the type to believe in rumors... There's no limit to the things people will say for attention. Well this is my second day here and I'm more than pleased. But to each is own! I haven't met her staff yet because I'm not under medical attention. No this is not a million dollar mansion with expensive trinkets but rather a place to provide you the services and attention you require. It was never about the money to me... In fact, I'm financially stable. I just wanted to be able to have immediate one on one care when requested. This place feels like visiting grandma for the weekend :) All i needed was my own bathroom, airport transportation, & wifi... I'm good!!! If anything, I do mean anything changes I'll update you beauties ASAP. Yasmin is the most attentive, well rounded, and genuine person ever. She's very personable and caring. I'm glad I made this decision.

Final Decision...

I woke up at 5:45 showered and was off to Cipla. I arrived at 6:30am and was the first person here. So I walked around and took a few pics. Dr. Cabral's office is on the 5th floor. That's where I sat and patiently waited for staff to arrive. There was a lot of back & forth and running around today. I got my lab work done and paid all of my fees. $45 consultation $135 lab work and $100 feja. I met with the doctor and he marked me up. He said "mami you're beautiful and I'm going to make your body beautiful". He's the most genuine and sincere man. I felt totally comfortable with him. I was given a room and prepared for surgery. After going through all of that and having an actual moment of clarity... I decided to postpone my surgery for a few months. Crazy right? Well it's the truth... I decided to wait. Good luck ladies and I'll continue to update and follow your journeys as well.

It's About That Time Again...

I've kept quiet about my journey lately and took some time to pray. I had to make sure this is exactly what I wanted to do. I'm going back to DR in two days... Yes "two days"!!! This time around I have a calm over myself. I'm not nervous or anxious but rather prayerful and happy. I'm not infatuated with big booty's and whatnot. In fact, I can do without. My main focus is contouring my body by getting rid of love handles, back rolls, & stubborn belly fat. Of course I don't mind having the fat transferred into my rump :-) but a nice figure is more of my focus. I'll continue to update you ladies as much as I can.

It's Almost Time... Flights In The AM

My bags have been packed since I came back in October so I'm ready to roll out :) I've printed my boarding passes, cleaned my home, & stocked my refrigerator for the sitter. I guess I'll go get my mani, pedi, & wax. I ordered the lipo foam last minute because I was debating about it so I hope it comes today. If not, they promised to refund me. That's about it for now... DR here I come again!!!


So my hemo has dropped since October I was a 15.5.... I stopped by my doctor today to get some last minute bloodwork and I'm now 14.2.... Although that's still considered great 'the higher the better' for me. I will admit that I hadn't been taking my iron and multivitamins regularly like I was in the past. So it's safe to say it's my fault. Hmmmmm, I'm confident everything will be ok;)

Santo Domingo...

I arrived at SDQ around 3:30pm and took a cab straight to Cipla because I wanted to get my lab work done ASAP. As I walked in I bumped into papa (Cabral) on the elevator. I told him "you're just the man I wanted to see"! He greeted me with a hug and introduced himself to my fiancé. He called me in his office by my first name... I can't believe he remembered me from a few months ago. I didn't get a chance to drop my bags before we were engaged in markings and him telling me how beautiful he's gonna make me :) He says "mami you're gonna be a Cabral Doll now" and I replied "I can't wait"! He said "once again you'll be first in surgery tomorrow morning". That's what I like to hear. His assistant Maria quickly rushed me down to the lab because they were closing. That's where I did my blood work and full body X-rays. They assigned me a huge room with wifi, television, 3pc sofa set, refrigerator, & full size bed. Cabral called the cardiologist to come in later on this evening so I can finish up some testing. &&& 6am I'll be in surgery. Keep me in your prayers ladies!

Cipla Room...


I've been in the room with a doll who's fresh out of surgery. She's in great spirits and have been pure motivation for me. However, I should be sleeping but I can't! I'm wide awake... What's up with that? In 8hrs I'll be in surgery I gotta try to rest. Smh

Fresh Out Of Surgery

I'll post details later... I'm about to rest. Thanks for the well wishes everyone

Post Op

Ok dolls... I was the first to go in surgery today. I took the blue pill around 9:30 and don't remember anything after that. I came out around 1:30 I believe (I was still under the medication). I was placed under the nurses care for an hour. Where they monitored me consistently by checking my vitals. I came to my room around 2:30. I have zero pain or discomfort... I mean zero! I'm completely bandaged around my entire stomach and have compression socks all the way to my thighs. I can tell that my thighs are swollen but that's about it. If it wasn't for the crazy amount blood I'm laying in (yuck) I wouldn't even know that I had surgery. O' my butt feels different 'like I'm actually laying on something' lol. Other than that I'm great!!! I'm sure pain will come soon... I'm just praying it don't;) I received Lipo from my back & stomach and a BBL. Also, reconstruction of my belly button. I've always hated my navel 'even Cabral didn't like it' lol. He said "mami I change for you and make pretty"... I told him do whatever he needs to do. Lol So, I haven't saw my new figure and I'm pretty anxious. I guess I'll check it out tomorrow when they remove my bandages. Thanks for listening ladies. Muah

Day Two...

December 5th
Discomfort (I won't say pain) started around 10pm last night. My butt feels heavy, my back is tender, and this IV is working my damn nerves... Everything goes through it and it's the worst feeling (burning sensation). Although, I could've gotten pain meds, once she started putting them In my IV I told her to stop. I'd rather bare the pain of surgery than take drugs via IV... Don't laugh y'all I know I'm weird. But I hate that feeling so I'm gonna brave it! The nurses are very friendly and helpful. They check on me hourly, change sheets, & empty my drains. Everyone has heard stories of Cipla but in my opinion, I'm very satisfied... To each is own. I hate the fact that I'm confined to this bed for 24hrs that sucks. I have to lay on my back so it's really discomforting to my butt. I haven't rested yet been listening to my music, watching TV, & interacting with my guy. He's the best support system ever. Please take someone with you if you don't speak Spanish.

Here's A Before & After...

Less than 24hrs out of surgery. I can barely stand straight up and my feja is filled with added compression, tank top, and gauze. My waist is tiny and my azz is fat now. I'm very satisfied. Can't wait to see what I'll look like after a few months when the inflammation subsides.


Coming Along...

Six Days Post Op

So Far...

I have had an amazing experience this far. The pain has never been overwhelming but discomforting. I didn't take pain meds because I'm not a fan of medicine anyway. I've been walking and keeping busy to keep my blood circulating. The only thing that bothers most is getting up after sitting down. It's annoying! He did more work on my back removing love handles & bra fat... That's the reason my back is sore and I have problems sitting for long periods of time. However, everyday is new and it only gets better! Meanwhile my girl had the exact same surgery the day before me and can't move as well as me and is quite swollen. Everyone heals differently. Just take care of yourself ladies!

Feja (girdle)

It's important to wear and keep your feja on at all times. This is crucial to keeping your results. Of course remove it to wash but immediately put it back on. I would suggest wearing a tank top underneath and purchasing lipo foam for contouring the body. It sucks like hell for me because I hate being confined. Some ladies wear these daily... Not me :( I'm always trying to break out lol. I got my drain removed on day 5. This was very annoying trying to wear a girdle on top of a drain which was inside of my lower back (ass) with a huge tube... Extremely uncomfortable! However, do it!!!!


Pleaseeeeeee get your massages daily if possible... This is very important for releasing fluids and build up inside of your body. They're very uncomfortable but will aide in your final results.

Headed Home :-)

Heading home... Excited!!! Started to get homesick after the first 5 days. Each day has been a struggle but it only gets better! My difficult points are sleeping durning the night. It hurts to lay on my side or stomach so I had to lay flat on my butt. After a while it gets uncomfortable leaving me tossing and turning all night. The Doctor prescribed some pain meds and sleeping pills... When taken together they work wonders :-) I sleep like a baby for at least 5hrs. I chose to stay a total of 8 days in DR. I think that was enough time to heal and monitor my results. My recovery has been amazing and I'm blessed to have such supportive dolls. Your prayers truly worked! As I stated before, everyone doesn't heal quickly so pay attention to your body! Also, I swear by these compression socks... I purchased 4 pair and plan to wear them for at least a month. Gotta keep that circulation up.

8 Days Post Op...

The day I took my first shower... What a relief! The doctors don't want you to shower while in DR because their water isn't pure. You can possibly infect your incisions. It felt like the longest and best shower I've ever taken. I took the time to clean all tape residue and make sure I avoided getting soap in my freshly closed wounds. I have approximately 5 incisions. One under each armpit, one at the beginning of my azz (crack), & two underneath my bikini line. It sounds bad but it really isn't. The holes are about the size of a ball point ink pen. So you can imagine how quickly they closed on their own. I put some antibacterial ointment on each wound and I plan to purchase silicone for scar improvement. If not, no biggie they're not really noticeable. Also, I tried on old clothes today and I must say I'm beyond impressed with my results. The pants that never hugged my butt looks so good on me now :-) I can actually fill them in lol. I love the fact that I have no love handles or extra skin hanging from the jeans. When I sit I have zero 'rolls'. I've never been able to sit without having rolls. Lol To think, I'm nowhere near done healing. I can't wait to see what the results will be three months from now.


Just wanted to give you an idea of what size the incision would be. Hope it doesn't gross you too much!

First Dress...

I wore this dress previously... I like it much better now :-)

First Dress...

Cabral... Info & Opinion

You can reach Dr. Cabral by downloading an app called "WhatsApp" and using the phone number "809-707-2325". This is where he'll answer questions and give quotes regarding surgery. I wanted to share my personal opinion about Dr. Cabral and why I chose him. People have concerns that women have died from him... To be honest, there were a few patients that has passed away from Cabral. Some of which, I knew personally. Not to scare you but you must be aware. I chose to go with him because hands down he's amazing and he's the best. He trained other popular surgeons such as Yily & Duran. The women that have passed away died from medical issues which were beyond his control. Be honest and upfront with him about any possible medical issues and you'll be ok. Some women lie about having any complications in health and have no idea what life changing events they could potentially encounter. He's phenomenal at what he do and have excellent judgement when it comes to a woman's body. Love him!!!

Additional Fees...

After receiving your quote you're responsible for additional fees. Which include... Feja $100, Meds $180, Lab Work $160, Consultation $45. It's unfortunate but very common that you'll need a blood transfusion so calculate an extra $200 (in case of this unfortunate emergency). Obvious you'll need airfare & accommodations so plan accordingly. I would suggest bring an extra 1000-1500 outside of your quote for the above fees and unfortunate mishaps. Keep in mind, you're in another country so it's always good to be prepared. By choosing to do aggressive lipo you'll lose a significant amount of blood so start taking your iron pills, vitamins, & eating lots of greens. Good luck dolls

My Tummy...

Ok so I've never been able to sit down without having love handles and rolls until now... I am so happy that Dr. Cabral has made me a beautiful body and I'm able to sit up without hanging fat :-) I have entirely too many tattoos for me to disclose a full pic... But you get the idea. Also, the two marks on my upper pelvis area are two incisions from surgery. They're healing great. O' don't judge my boobs... I probably should've gotten those done too. Lol

My Tummy

Two Weeks Post Op...

The most uncomfortable part about this whole experience is that I'm finding it extremely difficult to rest at night. I hate laying flat on my back because that's the bulk of my pain. Considering he did the most work on my entire back. I had very little fat in my mid section. It is also uncomfortable sleeping on my sides because they're very tender. I really wish I had a recliner... Ladies that's your best friend. Sooooo, I've never been the girdle type of woman so you can imagine how this feja is driving me insane. I often find myself unsnapping a few hooks just to rest peacefully. The result of that leaves me extremely swollen in the stomach and back. I'm making a promise from this day forward to never take off my feja. Lol Other than that, everything is good and I'm patiently waiting for my final results.

18 Days Post Op...

My feja is getting a little loose so I'll switch to my "stage two feja" this week. My body is still tender but sleeping has been getting easier. This whole experience has been good and I'll compare it to an extreme workout that hadn't been done in years. Your body just feels beat up and you're trying to heal. But not bad at all. Here's some pics. Later dolls :-)

26 Days Post Op

Hey dolls... Don't judge my attire. Lol I'm washing my feja so this is my bum around clothing. I wanted you to get an idea of my progress. Tummy is extremely flat and hard and my butt is getting softer. Patiently waiting for the fluffing stages. Take care my loves :)

Finally Tried On Some Jeans...

These are the most comfortable stretch jeans I could find. Although, I don't feel like I have a huge azz and kinda wish for a bigger one... I'll admit it looks like I have a fatty with these on! Very pleased with my results so far. I'm experiencing itching all over my back at times but the pain is non existent anymore. I'm one month post op... Feeling good, feeling great! Later dolls :)

Nude Shot...

So I've gotten a request to post an azz shot... This is the best I can do with my camera. When I reverse the pic... the quality fades... You get the idea though. Take care ladies and feel free to ask as many questions as you like!

1 Month & 10 Days Post Op

Hey ladies, hope all is well... Me, just healing and chilling lol. &&& itching like crazy lol here's a pic!
DR. Hector Cabral

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