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So it's been two years of planning..I've decided...

So it's been two years of planning..I've decided to go along and just get this done & stop dreaming. I'm a nervous wreck (doesn't help suffering from an anxiety disorder) but I'm content with my choice of doctor & just have to think positive & count down the days. Sx date is 2/11/16.
Cost for lipo/bbl is 3800. I also have a hernia above my belly button which his wife (who is a general surgeon) would evaluate me & determine if I need to repair it. If so, it's an additional $350 charge.
I honestly couldn't wait & seeked consultation here in regards to the hernia; it was determined too small to operate but bc I'm getting lipo I want to make sure it would do me no harm.
I asked Molina if my wish pics are realist & he said yes however the lady in the pic has had two rounds of lipo/bbl & Carries out a healthy lifestyle.
My main concern is the volume of my buttocks. I've also tried gaining weight which it's hard for me to do so, for whatever reason I wake up with almost washboard abs & then end up as what you can see in the pictures. Yes I devoured anything at any time; not too healthy most of the time. I'm drinking more water than usual & im taking vitamin C, folic acid, iron, B complex & B12 which have helped me with feeling weak but I have been feeling lazy :/ & due to chronic constipation I've taken Linzess which Molina is aware.

To be continue...

Packing ...lipo/bbl w/Molina here I come!

So I'm so the type of person that leaves packing for the last minute (ha! & unpacking takes days). Upon reviews from other real self(ers) & other sources you don't really need much to pack.
-sorted vitamins (specifically the ones displayed in the picture- no multi vitamin until Molina gives you the okay)
-bactine (antiseptic spray)
-arnica gel and/or pills ( I got both)
- bromelian (also for bruising)
-adult diapers or bladder protection pads (which I got instead)
-wipes (just in case)
-neck pillow
-stool softner (I suffer from constipation so I'm taking both a stool softner & linzess)
-rag & towel (you can not shower but girl you don't need to come back home with BO lol can gently wipe around the wounds- I had done so with my C-section years back)
-Dial soap (antibacterial) I got both liquid & bar soap just because.
-tank tops (to wear under faja- if you avoid this you will get bruised so badly it would heal as a burn mark)
-cotton undies ("breathable undies")
-maxi dresses/shirt dresses/flip flops
Comfy clothes & one outfit that is weather appropriate for when flying back home.
-I'm bringing my own Ensure only because I had it here & more than likely I would have to buy it at a higher cost in DR
-Molina doesn't use compression socks he mentioned he uses compression devices
-For those of you wishing to wire or quick pay remainder balance of sx cost unfortunately he prefers cash upon arrival
-bring an extra $400-500 with you as expenses add up ( not including RH options)
Molina has been very patient with my questions as I do ask a lot of them & im very honest with my health. He answers questions himself which think about can get hectic but thankfully you don't get mixed instructions as I experienced with another doctor and their team.
I'm excited & scared lol
By the time this is updated I should be in DR
Pray for me :-)
And best of luck to all of you as well!

Molina doesn't

Day 1 arriving pre op w/ Dr. Julio Molina

Soooo it's literally 1:47am & I can not sleep! I seriously had a 2hour nap (haven't slept since Monday night) & my mind is running wild. The trip here from my hometown NY was unbearable idk why it took 4hours and change ...thankfully it was a smooth ride but urghh not looking forward to flying at all. Immigration was a nightmare we arrived at 10:25am & didn't get to exit until noon. Like why?.. Then my sx buddy needed to withdraw cash & that was another nightmare. Ladies please sort out your money situation before arrival to avoid another errand it's exhausting! Only bring your debit card as a last minute back up and let your bank know you are out of the country to avoid being blocked from making any transactions. Expenses do add up quickly...I wasn't aware of a $135 dollar charge for insurance as per Molina. So the extra $400-500 for misc. spending is no joke. Coming here I thought paying in dollars was going to be normal ...but they advertise everything in rd currency (pesos) I came here with the impression it's a tourists sight...idk I don't like drawing unnecessary attention I rather change dollars into pesos if you are to be roaming into the neighborhood as I had to because I never booked my arrival day at the RH.( I wanted to save money & stay at a family friends house ...personally I should had just booked it at the RH to save myself the extra run arounds.)
So any way...we arrived at centro de cirugia plastica E-G. At this point I'm fatigued, starving and still suffering from ear loss due to landing lol . I go upstairs and was ambuished by Glasil. I couldn't get my words out I just thought omg I'm here ..few minutes later she welcomed us inside and introduced herself as Molinas assistant. She's generally nice..she can come off rude if you don't reply right away lol either that or I was just dealing with too much already.
Molina is so great! He noticed I was shaken up I mean I broke night and was running on low but he eased me quickly he likes to joke around yet come off as still having his s***! Together. Very professional. His office is welcoming and with a modern feel to it. He remembered me- ofcourse he did! I'm the one with the billion and one questions! We reviewed what I would like to get done and my wishful expectations. He does suggest I get the hernia repair but I'm honestly confused about it bc my hernia which is small- but I can pin-point -is above my belly button & he kept insisting it's my belly button itself :/ which it doesn't feel to be?!
However, he stressed anything reviewed during the visit will be reviewed once again before the sx.
A male nurse came in mid consultation to w/d blood. He was funny as well.

Molina sent us to get a thorax Xray ***where ever you go please ask pricing at the clinic where the xray is to be done before showing your ID and paying*** I say this bc Molina said its a $20 dollar charge but when I went they asked for my ID and I handed in my US passport then they gave me pricing- it came out to $33. Idk if Molina was making a guess or I got jerked. So please ask before paying. I know it's only a $13 difference but when I tell you expenses add up its no joke! Think about it ...I spent an additional $168 that I wasn't expecting to spend (135 for health insurance & 33 for thorax xray) .

Before leaving Molinas office -as mentioned i paid for insurance & paid the remainder cost for the lipo/bbl which was $2800 plus the $350 for the hernia repair. You crying too? I hear my pockets crying & I have yet to get to the RH!
I took forever typing this it's now 2:36am. And I have to be back at the clinic by 6:30am. Where a happy blue pill awaits for me.
Sorry I really didn't take pictures today as that was the last thing on my mind I was more concern with calling home & assuring them with my safety and even that I couldn't do until 6pm :(
Is it too quickly to be homesick? Lol

Pray for me!!

I'm alive!!! Molina doll!!!

It's been one heck of a ride lol. Right now it's 2:21am I'm at diamond recover house. I love the decor, the staff are really nice the food is so good . So far we've met Wendy who lives here for the most part and cooks for patients. Paola, "morena" and night shift is Francesca. All very sweet. I honestly expected at the very least a nurse on staff & there isn't. They help me with everything but I wanted that reassurance cuz you never know but this is how they do things I guess.
Atleast it's a gated area.
Yes I'm sore like no other. I'm swollen like I've never been & my vagineeee is looking like an eggplant, Bruce Jenner watch out lol. Molina didn't put a tube to drain so I'm bleeding through my faja & every time I have to tinkle I need help with changing the pad & undies. I was instructed to sleep on my tummy bc of bbl. my back n neck is hurting a lot. My head pounds when I sit up. Oh I did faint yesterday morning when brushing my teeth. You have to take ur time getting up it sucks. My sx buddy has had appetite to eat but her body can not fully digest so she's thrown up 4x by now . I encourage walking even if it's a few steps & don't eat as u normally would instead eat less just for fuil or it will come back out. My face is swollen from laying on my stomach.
Umm I can't think right now I'm feeling weak if you have any questions I'll be happy to answer them...
Gnite for now.

Today sucks Day #2 post op

If you read my last review you can see I barely slept. I'm ridiculously swollen. My face ...Well I look Asian that's how bad it is chinky eyes galore. I'm noticing my hands are swollen too. I'm so uncomfortable I feel like a big ass baby. You can't help but cry sometimes from the frustration & pain.
Both my sx buddy & I are tempted to go see Molina today as we feel we are too weak & dehydrated. And drinking water only makes us feel nauseas. Today's meal may look appetizing you but ...not so much to me.
Last night was tough we both felt as if we were alone. Struggling to get up on our own. The ladies were unattendtive. And at the moment it's just my buddy & I in the recovery house ! & two ladies . I try not to be judgemental but when you're sx buddy tells you they were about to start crying seeing me so helpless and struggling to get off the bed so I can use the bathroom it makes you think like are they doing a good job?

Post op pictures Molina doll

Here's the good bad & the ugly all wrapped into one ...

Diamond Recovery House

I've written reviews here & there on this recovery house. But I'm so fed up. There's no reclining beds which is I think the reason why I'm so sore & tired!!! I couldn't sleep last night neither. The fact I'm so ridiciously swollen it's not allowing me to sleep on my stomach; I can't breathe correctly when I attempt to.
I was instructed its best to do so when bbl has been done.
As I mentioned before my vagina is so swollen due to a lipo incision right above it .waking up today I feel it's even more swollen and connecting to an even more swollen butt; from sitting on it all night.

I asked the staff If any doctors come here to at the very least administer an ivy to which I think I would greatly benefit from my answer was a no.
Wtf am I paying for then?
I'm miserable here.

Post day 4 message day Molina doll

Well...I didn't expect this to hurt like hell. Molina's wife drained me & checked my incisions & then sent me over to massages where I cried like a donkey. This was utterly painful . But I do feel wayyy better. The wait was long but you get to socialize with everyone who is there and inform yourself on their experiences, do's and dont's , different recovery houses etc so not too bad I guess. I have to go back tomorrow not looking forward to it one bit.
As for my stay at Diamond I'm just going to stay here. I'm tired of blowing $ n after today I should be better - Godwilling

Oh if you girlies suffer from constipation start taking stool softners day before massages I think the massage activated my bowels but due to anesthesia it wasn't an easy ...exit.

I'm still laying on my back since I can't ding relief on my stomach I hope this doesn't mess me up.

Back board & tummy board Molina

I decided to buy tummy board since Molinas crew offered it ...its $35 for both. I think it's a reasonable price considering tummy board can run you up to $35 alone with out including taxes and/shipping in the US. Hope the pics do it justice.

A couple more items to consider for post SX Molina doll

So i stopped at the pharmacy earlier bc my legs and feet are pig-like and I don't want to worry about that when I have to fly out back to NY.
I asked Molinas wife for a prescription & it cost me $25 dollars.
I also bought an ice pack. The doctor told me to apply to my abdominal ( also helps with the swollen vagina!)

Healing Haven Recovery House

God heard our prayers!
Omg!!! Finally a positive turn to our post op care. My sx buddy researched and decided for us to leave Diamond Recovery House & go to Healing Haven instead. It's still close to Molina's clinic and I can't stop thanking God for this. Healing Haven is owned and runned by Jules. A native from my home town New York. This is a mini mansion like seriously you feel as if you are still in the states. Her staffs are 110% attentive! And we can choose to sleep in recliner chairs which if you have been following my journey you would know the lack of overnight care we've experienced at Diamond Recovery House & so heck yea the chairs lol. I feel emotionally better and I've only been here a couple of hours. They even gave my pig feet a rub! So thankful omg! I'm hopeful my short stay here will not only get me to heal faster but it's going to be amazinggg. Check them out on IG HealingHavenDr or their website

Day #2 @ Healing Haven Recovery House

Today I feel much better! Yesterday my feet were really swollen I couldn't bend my toes. So After a nice shower Leidy prepared salted hot water to dip my feet into it and prepared natural juices to help the inflammation. Today the swelling went down significantly I'm so thankful.
Leidy also is the head cook and there's so much variety in the food she prepares and its tasteful my appetite is back bc of her.
After my shower Jules massaged me and drained me. The experience was better than how they massage at the clinic. There they are savages. They get so many patients all at once they just want to get rid of you as fast as they can regardless if youre in pain or not.
Can't deny I feel stronger today and I'm in better spirits I've been hysterically laughing which is a mission considering the tummy board & the tight faja lol. I got rid of the back board as I wake up more sore & it seems to make by back retain more fluid.
The worse part of my journey is when it's time to sleep I know I'm tired as I've been sleep deprived esp at the old recovery house. But idk why, my mind runs wild & since I've been more hydrated I have to go to the bathroom constantly (which over all is a good thing to get the inflammation to go down) .
I'm no longer suffering from headaches since taking sumigran plus suggested by Molina.
I stopped using arnica gel for the bruises since I didn't see any changes; Jules recommended Thrombocid Forte. I've heard about it before and it has a successful rate of getting rid of intense bruising so I'll see how that goes.

Molina doll update pics

Yesterday I woke up feeling better but my body had build up a lot of fluids all over my back & then Jules at Healing Haven massaged me and drained me and whoooaaa I felt like my old self again.
I will post a few pics I took before the massage and then a few after. There's such a difference.

Mini waist wha?! Molina Doll

Tonight is my last night in DR. I will be heading to the airport around 4am & should be landing by 9am. I'm excited to go home!
Jules took in my faja & it's uncomfortable but it's mandatory to keep your Silhoutte molding at its best for better results. I just hope the flight isn't an eternity for me due to the discomfort.
I also went to speak to Molinas wife and so she gave me a final evaluation. I told her I stopped using the back board bc it was causing me to swell up all over my upper back & she said that's the point to flatten out the pocket where we drain from. So I'll be using that once the faja lets me breathe again -_-

7 months post op Dr. Molina

Hello ladies! I'm back. I felt the need to update...its been a struggle with my so called figure I am now post 7 months and I'm not crazy about my results. I don't feel like my figure has this nice clean "cut" figure. I don't know why I expected a bubble butt nothing crazy but at the very least for it to be noticeable. My biggest issue is with my lower back. I had so much fluid build up for the first 2 months I was getting it removed with a syringe bc my incision was closed. Not fun. I see these girls with small waist line and with such a defined curve from lower back to butt which looks great and gives the illusion of a perky bigger butt. I don't have that. The skin on my lower back is finally starting to soften up and theres days I think it's looking less swollen but then I have other days where there's no defined curve distinguishing my lower back to my butt only looking like a slope. And none the less I can not fully feel my skin back there. Anyway, I feel like my waistline is getting squared again as I used to have before sx and it its not as petite as from the beginning (post op). I tried wearing my fajas and boyyyy are they tight. And in this heat it's just unbearable I'm waiting for the cooler weather to kick in so I can start wearing it more often. However, it doesn't allow me to eat properly n I definately do not want to lose weight. So it's a struggle. I also hate how lumpy my stomach can look in the sunlight or between shadows.

I keep wondering if had a done my boobs would I had been more content and stop thinking of another round or even that of the BA itself ...but here I am again thinking about sx ..I'm not happy hopefully I will be when I mark a year. I'm just baffled I've seen slimmer girls than me who have gone to Molina and they look amazing. There's one girl I won't mention from IG (nope not the same girl from my wish pic) and she's as petite as I am but her waist looks smaller than mine and her butt bigger than mine. I think I'm slightly taller than her not sure if that's a factor affecting the whole "illusion" or if it's bc one- she had a tummy tuck aside from lipo which creates a smaller waistline more so than solely lipo and two- the fact she also had a BA can also give the illusion of a cinched waist. I had 600CC injected in both cheeks this girl I'm assuming has had the same if not less she's so petite.

Anyway any thoughts? What do you think of my results? Honesty is appreciated!!

Jeans ..sometimes I love sometimes I hate

This time I hate butt looks flat
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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