Lipo and BBL with Cabral! Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello everyone! I will be getting Lipo and Bbl...

Hello everyone! I will be getting Lipo and Bbl with Cabral. My flight has already been bought and I have made my deposit for the RH I will be staying in Betty's Family recovery house. I started drinking my vitamins about a week ago (Folic Acid, B-Complex, Vitamin C and Iron). I would love to have a surgery buddy even if you don't get surgery with Cabral but anyone flying around my dates and staying at Betty's recovery house. This will be my second round, I had my first round about 3 years ago. I feel like I need more hips, more projection and more lipo done on my waist. I sent Cabral my photos via whatsapp he quoted me $3300 and told me he suggested full back lipo, lipoing my abdomen and fixing my bootay! I am so hyped!!!!!!!!!!

Wish Pics

I know that it's impossible to be an exact replica but I am going to show Cabral these pics so he can get an idea of the areas I would like to either be enhanced or reduced. I really want fat injected into my hip areas , more bootay projection and of course last and not least I need this waist snatched! I know these girls have gotten multiple rounds to get to where they are now but who cares they look freaking fabulous!! This will be my second round so I am sure it will be easier for poppa to snatch me up :)

Stacking up..

I have slowly been purchasing my surgical supplies, only because I don't want to do everything last minute.

This is why Papa is my choice

This why this man is amazing!

The countdown!!

These days need to hurry up !! FYI I am also getting dental work done but Cabral stated I should wait 8 days after lipo and bbl since I will be getting two wisdom teeth extracted and smile design by Dr. Juan Luis Liranzo. I am going for the complete makeover body and teeth yay!! I am documenting my smile design on this site as well :)

Bought my stage 2 faja today!!

Just purchased my stage 2 garment today in an XS. Bought the fajate because of the great compression it has.

Yikes!! 28 days left

Time for sure has been speeding up!! I had written about a paragraph and stupid realself refreshed it and deleted everything I wrote damnit. Anywhom I have attached some before pics


If you are going to comment on my review to inform me about Cabral and his past please GET OUT! I am well aware and it is my personal decision to go to him. Thank you!


8 days left for me to fly out to DR!!! I have started packing some clothes already and some of my supplies

Made it to flat side

Had my surgery yesterday and I must say it is much easier then round 1. Cabral is the best he did a banging ass job lol I mean it literally he added 600cc to each hip and only a little on my butt because my butt was already big. He didn't rush during consultation my friend and I asked him a million questions and FYI Betty's aka Family Recovery House is absolutely amazing!!

Mini Update

I wish I could update daily but I have been so tired. I try to walk as much as possible and eat to have energy. My back drain was removed yesterday thank god lol

Feeling so much better today

It is a process girls but as the days go by it gets better and better. I love how I feel today, another mini update. I went to have my dental cleaning today and will be getting my smile makeover on Monday

Almost a month post op update

Just posting another pic, I been getting my massages and working. This heat is mess I have been trying my best to hide from the heat and the sun.

Picture update!

Just trying on a new skirt I bought and will be wearing this weekend to my friend's baby shower

4 months Post Op

I will forever be greatful for the wonderful job Cabral did on my body! He is an amazing plastic surgeon wouldn't trade him for any other.

Video Update

Just thought I would make a video for you dolls!

Shout out to Rejuve Spa for remixing my video!

I went to to rejuve spa for all my post op care they hooked my body up! In addition they made a remix with my photo and video! Love them so much


Trying out a new dress ;)

For my lovely future Cabral dolls! From yours truly will be 5 months post 'op in 17 days
Dr. Hector Cabral

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