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Soooooo. I have become addicted to RS like so many...

Soooooo. I have become addicted to RS like so many other ladies on here. I completely understand lol. I've become excited about my body and the many possibilities for it just recently. Growing up I had an amazing but I guess being an athlete and living everything sports related helped. But...I had that moment where I realized I was "juicy" as hell after working as a stay-at-home Mom (forget that crap about being at home with the kids is easy...yeah...sounds good in theory) off and on for 8 years. So fast forward to now and I've lost 130 lbs!!!! I can't take all the credit-I had help and like most things in life-if It was easy everyone would do it. I got my jumpstart with the RNY bypass surgery and by completing Insaniety and refusing to go back to those "juicy" days. One of the best commitment I've ever made-that's another all together lol.

I go hard at EVERYTHING I do here I am down from a size 20 to a size 8 but I want more! I want another "jumpstart" if you will. The part that sux big time about losing soooo much weight is that even though I was big I held my weight pretty well. I was solid and even all over if that makes sense lol. I never had cellulite which I'm learning is a blessing. I guess I couldn't have it both ways lol because now here I am healthier, smaller, but will flat breasts (huh-yeah never had a problem in that area before), a flat bottie (I've never had a huge butt-but there was always something there-now....not so much lol) and I have loose skin on my thighs (this is my biggest issue! I love shorts, rompers and baby doll dresses and I refuse to wear them when they hit too high on my thigh. Keeping it classy...but young and fun also!

Soooo the bottom line......I want it all and I feel like I deserve it! Remember go HARD right! I want to lipo everything, BBL, TL and BL! I'm thinking of going to Duran because I've heard amazing things about her and I'm hoping she can transform my boyish shape into something curvy but still athletic. Fingers crossed. Man I'm extremely impatient cause I've been trying to get in contact with her to no avail! Waiting for her to accept my IG request! Kinda don't want to pay Bella for their services because I read a few different reviews that they don't do much but act as the liaison between us and Duran. Soooo we'll see!

My body stats now

I am 5'6, 149-153 damn weight flux and here are my other measurements
back: 31, waist: 34, thighs: 40. I plan to loose about 20 lbs so I'm at my best weight possible prior to surgery.

Sooo its dang near impossible like so many others are saying to contact Duran! I did get a quote from Yily! Do any of you dolls know if she offers any deals? My quote was kinda high! $7400 for BBL, TL, LIPO, BA, AND TL. Okay I'm being cheap but I read somewhere on RS that the BL was free when you gor full body lipo. Can't recall if that was Yliy or not.

Hopefully ya'll don't get tired of me cause I'm too excited and will be on here updating frequently!

RS dolls I need your advice!

Who else are good PS's in the DR? Have you gone to them and do you have pics available? I'm an options kinda girl. I'd love to look at a few dolls reviews to get a better idea.

Also I keep seeing inclusive packages but don't really know what that means. Does that include RH, flight etc. ? Thanx for all the info I'm big on details.

From deflated bubble to ummm okay bubble

I hate this whole waiting game of sending out pictures with the hopes that a PS will respond within 24 hours at least and give a quote! Is this normal? Am I not being aggressive enough? I need to have some kind of idea of how much money I need to save/commit and how soon I can have my procedure also If I should gain/lose weight. On a lighter note I've been "playing" with the idea of how my new bootie is going to look and how it will affect the fit or lack of fit for my clothes. I currently wear between a 6-8. Sooo dolls I ordered a bottie pad from Bubbles Bodywear lol. I had to try out my potential new look and get somewhat of an idea of how I'm going to break necks later. Sooooo the verdict is in..... and it's okay. Check out the site I ordered from:

RS dolls I need your advice!!! How much is too much or too little for my frame? I'm 5'6, 149 and I currently have a 31 inch waist. I want something back there to "wiggle" HELL I'm being conservative I want men and women alike to do a double take and then be embarrassed for stealing a third glance lol.

Buttttttt (pun intended lol) I want it to fit my body. I can't be a average size woman with a bottie for someone with a bigger build. Does that make sense? I want projection, a tiny waist, but I don't think I want my hips larger. I still want to be able to wear my same clothes or smaller. Is that realistic? Am I doing too much? Are there any pads out there that I can buy that come in sizes of CCs? I know that might sound crazy but you know how they have the sample silicone breast implant-well the same thing but for my butt so I can try it and just see if its a good look for me.

What the heck is this whole shape thing I keep reading? Teardrops and natural or something like that? Can someone please explain that to me? I want to look natural but bigger/fuller!!!

Smile of the day.....I was in the grocery store and while I'm not happy with my body I'm okay with it. These two ladies walked by and said "Dang she looks good and she has a baby." I smiled inside from ear to ear because it reminded me that while I still have room to improve I've come a long way. Ladies I think that's that most important thing-not to get caught up in the when, where, why, and how long until I see my results but enjoy the now.

Sooooo I'm enjoying my "here and now" and laying on my couch watching/listening to some random movie on Netflix and will continue to Woosaa until I find the PS for me. Night ladies and thank you allll sooo much for being so encouraging and providing so much helpful info! Check out my new wish photos!

I want my bottie back bottie back....babbbbby

So after reading the chronicles of "Sexeeangel" and seeing her big ole ole I decided to get a quote from Dr. P in TJ. Has anyone had any experience with him? What did you think? Here's a breakdown of the quote he gave me. What do you guys think? I think it's not too bad but I'm wondering if he good is everything that I'm requesting (BBL, BL/BA, TT, LIPO) or does he have a specialty and that's it? All this window shopping lol

Dr. Pantoja recommends to perform liposuction in your entire back, waist and flanks and absolutely all the fat obtained will be used to inject your buttocks and provide more volume. The tummy tuck will be done very low and thin from side to side in order to remove all extra skin located from the belly button down, we will also repair the abdomen muscles to achieve a smaller waist and flatter abdomen.

On your breast, we recommend an anchor shape lift which consists in doing an incision all around the areola, the middle and the crease in order to remove extra skin and be able to lift your breasts as high as possible. We also recommend an implant to put some volume on your breasts since you mostly have extra skin no tissue.

These are the different packages we can offer you based on your needs:



Once you make a surgery appointment we will require a $500dlls. deposit in order to hold and secure your date. The deposit is non-refundable but you can always re-schedule in case of an emergency. Drains and stitches will be removed within 2-3 weeks after surgery. Recovery time is 4 weeks. Surgery days are from monday-thursday.

What is included in this cost?

- 2 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid

- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).

**Please note the following: **Please note the following: A friend or family member can stay with you in your room while you have surgery or during visit hours but no one is allowed to stay over night, NO EXCEPTIONS. The building hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).

- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included

- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist

- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op

- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment

- 1 Post-op Bra

- Unlimited post-operative visits

Hopes and dreams "Nip Tucked"

You gotta have thick skin when it comes to improving your looks! I just got my first few responses from doctors on here regarding what procedures I'd be a good candidate for and this last one was kinda brutal. I think one of the worse things you can hear especially after experiencing massive weight loss is "you have loose skin". Like dang really? Something else to fix after I worked so hard to begin with. Okay...get over it and move on. I guess this truly does make me a preSX doll...because I've been reading about all the roller coasters that other RS dolls/vets have been on while trying to get to the other side. So I guess this is my standing in line period lol (wait from this point 90 mins for all my ride enthusiast).

I'm still shopping for the best PS so if you have someone in mind plssss share! Inching closer to the other side....

Check out my review from one of the RS doctors:
"Based on the amount of weight you have lost and the looseness of your skin, you may not be a good candidate for a fat transfer procedure. You likely will require skin removal from the abdomen, back and thighs however I do not feel you are a great candidate for buttock augmentation via fat transfer. I would recommend consulting with a few board certified plastic surgeons in your area for a good physical exam and review of your anatomy."

"Exiting left with my "possible body" Until I'm Nipped....Tucked...Pumped up

To Nip or Suck...that is the question

Who knew window shopping for a PS could be sooo stressful and fun at the same time? But good news dolls... with the help and positive feedback annnd numerous props from our fellow RS doll Sexeeangel I think I may have found a PS after all. I was kinda sad when I realized that my body fat percentage was too low to do an adequate BBL. Dang right! But on a positive side, one of my largest areas of concern other then my lack of bootie is my thighs and stomach that I occasional show off and LIPO wont fix those because I don't have an extra fat that can be taken, I have extra skin. If you hadn't read it earlier in my blog, I lost over 100 lbs and as a result of my weight loss I now have excess skin that looks disgusting to ME!

I'll include better pictures so you can see what I'm honestly dealing with. I'm pleased to say that Dr. Pantoja will be my first PS. He's going to perform my TL and TT!!! Woot Woot!!! It's such a relief to be able to stop shopping for the moment and now just focus on getting my revised quote and then scheduling my Sx!

After that I'll be going under the knife again but for my second and hopefully last phase of my transformation!!!! Fingers crossed!

Love all the support we share with each other here on RS! Thank you much @LisaLias for sharing your TL story and making this decision a little easier as well!

From Me For Me-MUAH

"I like BIG butts and I can not lie!" (in my Sir Mix Alot voice lol)

There is always a brighter side of things! I have come to embrace this belief as I have started this self improvement journey! Everything I'm doing like many of us RS dolls and "soon to be" dolls are doing is for us and what/how we feel when we look in the mirror or put on our clothes. With that said, my lack of bottie to me is like having a cute outfit with horrible doesn't fit. People might tell you its' okay... but you know...and that's ALL that matters.

My feelings were beyond hurt when I kept hearing this crap about not having enough body fat to do a BBL. But my brighter side was learning about butt implants and that those coupled with the little fat I have in my back will give me something back there to wiggle a bit. So maybe I wont break necks or cause folks to triple take. But I definitely wont have saggy bottom pants any longer! What do you dolls know about butt implants? I hear that round is the way to go because it gives a natural look. Would love your feedback and expertise!

Whatsapp Dr. Duran!

So like many other avid shoppers for a PS on RS I have been looking to the best and weighing all my options. I want it all...with a coupon, on sale and a lifetime warranty lol. Okay so maybe I'm asking for too much but I get to do that somewhat because it's me that will look in the mirror and will either smile or sigh and frown at the end results. Whatsapppp! Whatsappppp!

So I FINALLY was able to get in contact with Duran via whatsapp after a wait of about 3 days! RS dolls this is wayyyy better then waiting for weeks and months to get in contact with your desired PS. I sent Duran a few emails via her email address/FB and whatsapp came through! Just in time! You know how you start to think okay well forget it maybe it's too hard to get in contact with her. So I haven't gotten a quote from Duran yet, but through our talking I was able to get a question answered such as: 'does she perform BI-no she doesn't. She does BBL only.

She recommended that I do a TT and TL first and consider my BA/LIPO and BI at a later procedure. Which I understand. Ladies have any of you gotten numerous procedures done at once? I don't want to put any additional strain on my body. However, I'd rather space both SX at about 2-3 wks apart or less. So right now I'm waiting for her quotes for both SX and to find out if she can space them out like I desire. I want to be safe first and foremost but I also want to be able to stay and then come home with everything done if possible. Fingers crossed.

So for now it looks like I'll be having my TL/TT. Options...options!

From Me For Me! Muah!!!
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