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I am 32, no kids, and dating my soon to be husband...

I am 32, no kids, and dating my soon to be husband. Life is too short! I am no longer waiting to look in the mirror to be happy about my naked body. Clothes honey I am awesome. Nothing a girdle cant fix but honey when the girdle is off.... Don't get me wrong. I am grateful. I am attractive. Smart. Funny. Driven. Yada yada yada but I'm just tired. I am tired of being in the gym 5 days a week and knowing that my butt will never have that perfect curve. Ya'll my butt is so flat I make sure to tie a light jacket around my waist to hide my flatness. No fear of my butt jiggling in Zumba. Ugh who does that? All the muscle building in the world wont help. You still need a little fat-fat.

Confession. I even have butt pads. Yes its trickery but damn a sista got to do what a sista got to do. Some clothes just don't look right. I wore them for a while then I stopped. But the closer to summer we get the more pressure I feel. For now I just dress for my body shape i.e. no pants and jeans. Sometimes leggings with a long top. Just dresses and skirts that flow.

This week I started my journey in finding the "one." The doctor that will reshape my bootay. The most frustrating thing I am experiencing right now is securing quotes for Dr's in DR and Columbia. I found a doctor in FL but I'm out of state and need a place to recover. I was thinking about a hotel but I do now. Sigh. Its like now that I've finally made up my mind I wanted this surgery to happen like yesterday. I'm determined to make it happen. It's 3:00 am this is what is bothering me.

Dr. Baez Doll!!!

So I decided to go with Dr. Baez! Dolls I don't play when it comes to something I want really bad. I will move heaven and earth to make it happen. God is faithful and once I make up my mind its a go. So after receiving a few quotes from various doctors in the DR (2 in FL), I'm all in for Dr. Baez. Honestly her reviews are good, awesome price, and she handles responses timely; considering doctors are busy and patience is a virtue.

I am a ball of mixed emotions. I am happy and nervous but I do not have any regret about doing this for myself. I believe since I work out all the time my recovery should be easier. I will just continue to be in prayer. My tentative date is May 21st. I fly in May 20th. So I have about a month to get this thing together. I am used to travelling out the country so I am sure I will be fine. I would like a buddy if not that is okay too. I am so blessed since I work from home I have the freedom to make my own schedule and I know not everyone has the same flexibility.

I told my boyfriend and he was totally fine with it. Which I should have known he would be. He confessed that one of his ex's was Columbian and she had work done so he knows about the garments and stuff. Go figure. Other than that I don't think I want anyone else to know. I am not ashamed but honestly it ain't they business.

Thank you too all of the RealSelf posters. You all encouraged me to take this step and go for it!

Flight Booked! DR here I come!

Yeah! So I have officially booked my flight. I purchased my ticket through United Airlines for only $360! Winning! Everything is moving super fast but I am excited! Can't wait. I will be posting my before pictures soon. I am 5'7 and weigh 185. By May 20th I will be 175. I think 175 is an optimum weight for me before getting the sx. I am now debating on how many cc's I think I should have. I absolutely do not want a huge butt. Really I just want something that fits my shape. I am thinking between 800 - 900 ccs but this is where I trust Dr. Baez. I don't want people to look at me and immediately say "Yea she got her butt done." No ma'am but how do you really prepare people for this? Its hard to keep this a secret if you really have no butt at all in the first place.

cant believe that I started this review on the 19th. Don't get me wrong I have been a lurker of RS for quite a while but to think I am already booked for this operation plus flight is incredible. Now I need to pick a RH. I am thinking about going with Daisy but since I am staying for 10 days that is more than I wanted to really pay. I was thinking about splitting my time between Daisy RH and a hotel but I unsure at the moment.

For other first time sx, www.makemeheal.com is an awesome sight that I am finding helpful. It provides vitamins, accessories, and other items related to your sx that will help you recover faster. Because I am flying long distance I decided to invest in a donut pillow. They have cheap pillows on Amazon for less than $20 bucks.

Anyway dolls, I hope everyone is well. We got this.

Before pictures, Healing Haven - RH, Supplies

So its official. I will be staying at the Healing Haven. My stay will be May 20 - 30. First 5 nights I will have my own room. The last few nights I will be in a twin. They were basically booked so I am glad I got it when I did. I still like Daisy RH but Healing Haven responded quickly and sufficiently. I am all about response times at this moment because I have less than 30 days to get this together.

I am not sure if this is typically but HH seems to add on a lot of services. Where most meals are included you have to pay extra at the HH. Which is ok seeing how their rates are cheaper. All other amenities seem standard. I have a spare blackberry that I use when travelling outside of the country. I will get a SIMS card so I am not worried about communication.

Last night I ordered items from VitaCost:
- Hyland's Homeopathic Arnica Montana 30C Pellets -- 160 Pellets
- Mederma Advanced Scar Gel -- 1.76 oz
- Crystal Body Deodorant Spray
- Boiron Arnicare® Arnica Gel

I'm pushing to lose these pounds to get to 175 but psssh. I don't know what's going on with the scale. Either way it goes I will be better after this surgery. I have one of those dent booties you can tell from the side picture. LOL. I can't help but laugh about it.

Ms. New Booty - App Stimulator - *LOSE WEIGHT FAST*

Hi Dolls! I pray everyone is well. I forward to Dr. Baez my flight itinerary. Super excited. It is countdown. In less than a month I have gotten quotes from several drs, picked a doctor, booked a flight, put a deposit down on a RH, and purchased supplies. Y'all I am on a roll. I am 10 pounds away from 175. I will finish these 23 days strong! I am intermittent fasting www.nowloss.com and so far its been working well. The site boasts you can lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks so we will see.

Blood work
Today I saw my primary doctor and asked her to run tests on my blood levels based on the reviews here. I am praying that my results come back where I am normal. I am taking vitamin c, iron, kelp, biotin, multivitamin daily. I read where I should discontinue the multivitamin 2 weeks prior to surgery. I am so grateful to you guys because you are showing me what I need to do to prepare myself for this surgery and how to be successful. God is so good and I do believe that he will bless Dr. Baez hands while she is doing the surgery. He is after all the Great Physician. I prayed and asked the Lord for a beautiful outcome not that I am ungrateful for all He has done. I apologize for the tangent.

Shopping List
the Healing Haven provided me with a shopping list below:
Surgical supplies
1 large boxes of latex gloves
Lots if baby wipes for cleaning body (no showering or bathing with DR water after surgery)
Surgical tape
Sanitary napkins for padding Faja (drainage)
Band aids
Chucks (Extra large bed pads)
Large bottle of alcohol
Pee Ez funnel most tummy tuck patients need this
Grooming tools
Trombocil Cream for your massages (purchased in DR)
Compression socks
Compression sleeves if arm lipo
Back up compression garment while first is being washed

Clothes list
4-5 sun dresses
Flip flops
Boy short panties Lycra panties
Wife beater t shirts 1-2 pack
2 yoga pants
Fanny pack (waist bag)
A back up Faja or compression garment to put on while 1stage is being soaked washed and dried ( not all Faja's can be put in the dryer so they must air dry which can take time depending on the moisture in the air)

Personals list
Sanitary products just in case menstral
Pantie liners
Case of water for room (brushing teeth and drinking)
Mouth wash
Grooming tools

On my iphone I downloaded a free app called "Plastic Surgery Stimulator." Yes honey I am feeling this app. I wasn't aggressive but its a fun tool to play around with.

Protect the Booty at ALL COST

Tonight like every night I am up reading reviews. After reading different reviews I decided to extend my trip to 3 weeks! Lawd I am trying to protect this new booty at all cost. I rebooked my return flight on Spirit for $370 so my overall flight expense increased however I am ok with it. Reason being this MUST be a one and done for me. I do not want any revisions what so ever. I know Dr. Baez will do her part. I prayed about it and all will be fine. But I really must do my part as well. I know that you can fly after surgery but I really don't want to take that risk if it is absolutely unnecessary. My flight time is almost 12 hours and you are not suppose to sit for 3 weeks. Every doctor has a different opinion about flying after surgery. Several stated that a donut pillow was not the best pillow but a CONE shape pillow under your legs. So after rolling a towel and sitting on it I am leaning towards that opinion. Your butt is really lifted with a cone shape towel/pillow under your legs. However, I really just want to give the fats cells time to do what it do.

I work from home therefore I will be taking my work laptop with me. In that way its a win for me. I am deciding on whether to purchase a cheap international phone. I am pricing one at $50 bucks.

I booked Hostal San Francisco de Asis. It looks decent by the pictures. Very modern but without all the frills. Reviews were good. $520 for 13 nights is not bad at all comes to less than $40 a night. Waaaayyy cheaper than the recovery house.

I will miss my family of course but I know that all will be well. Hopefully my boyfriend can get his Visa situated so that he can come. With my additional costs it looks like it would have been cheaper if I would have gone to a doc in Miami but I've never been to DR. By week 2 I do plan on walking around as much as I can and doing some site seeing. So surgery/vacation at least that is what I am trying to sell to myself for the additional expense. But really I have spent way more on vacations outside of the country for less time.

Estimated Total Cost: $5,911
Surgery: $2,800
Flight: $725 (including $375 flight change)
RH: $1,166 (Healing Heaven,
# Days of accommodations: 10 night 11 days
Lymphatic Massages: Massages Per Person (5)
Clinic Transportation your rate includes (4) round trips only Any additional trips are $25.00
(5) Lymphatic Massages
Visiting Nurse Services
In House Phone Use
Computer Access
Laundry service
Airport Transfer
3 Meals
Hotel: $520
Food: $200 (2 weeks est. I will go grocery shopping)
Supplies: $500 (medical, faja, etc)

PRAISE GOD!!! Normal Blood levels - 19 DAYS

Praise God my blood levels came back as normal. My hemoglobin is 13.4. I was freaking out last night because my doctor called me in for a consult to tell me my status. The entire night I questioned what was going on? Would I have to cancel my trip? Why didn't see just post my results on the patient portal? But glory to God I am fine. I am vitamin D deficient to the point my doctor wants to prescribe medicine for me. Her explanation being in recent years they learned that African American's skin does not absorb the sun as other races. Hmmm yeah. Bye Felicia. I get it but really ..... my concerns are else where. I will make sure I eat properly.

Weight loss I am at 180. I am not going to stress losing weight. I am only 20 pounds above my ideal weight. I decide to have the max cc's my skin will allow so then as I continue to monitor my weight if my butt shrinks with it then it will be ok. I saw a review where this girl lost weight after the BBL and her butt looked better to me.

2 Weeks to Go-over spending

I am feeling overwhelmed. I know God has "approved" this surgery. He knows my heart. I am not trying to be vain I just want to improve myself. Will my confidence boost? Heck yeah. Will I remain humble? Yes. I want to wear pants and a nice fitting skirt without thinking WTF. Lol. Come on somebody. And this gut got to go! Back fat, rubbing thighs, none of that bothers me as much as my belly and bootay. I am grateful for the means to get this done. I am so willing to "fix" every area of my life that I am not happy with I just don't know why it has taken me so long to make this decision. I am not trying to be all up in my feelings. I guess I felt I was cheating. Now as I closely look at some ppl wish pictures I have come to the conclusion that a MAJORITY OF FOLKS have done a little something something. Not everyone's all natural. It maybe someone's weave, teeth, whatever. My happens to be my body shape.

I was 220, lost weight to get to 175 gained 10 and now my weight fluctuates between 180 and 185. Honey when I tell you I have tried to complete this journey for years, I have tried. I am not giving up but realistically even if I got to my ideal weight my body shape would only change so much. I believe with heavy weights and months of training it would improve. But honestly I am just past that.

I think I am going overboard in buying stuff. I really just don't know what I will need for 3 weeks. Its different for shopping for a 10 day stay. I am done shopping. I bought a faja and I already had one. I have a Squeem and if I need another 2nd stage faja then I am just going to fork up the money with Dr. Baez. I am ready to tap out on buying stuff. All the stuff you see in the pictures came from amazon, 99cent store, and Wal-Mart. All the medical gauze, bandage, etc. purchased at the 99cent only store. I still believe I am under my budget of $500. Maxi dresses etc. I already have. If I run out of stuff I will just have to go to the store.

8 Days --- Body Type Calculator

Y'all I told my big sisters. Why did I do that? Honey I was drilled. Ugh. My mind keeps whirling and whirling. I feel restless. I am only 8 days out. I am not going to lie. I am anxious but I just keep praying. That is the real reasons why I told my sisters! I need all prayers and angels about me. Especially since I am going by myself.

As far as weight loss I am still pushing. I will share my final pre-op stats the day before my surgery.
Right now they are 42-37-46. I am a banana shape according this calculator http://www.calculator.net/body-type-calculator.html

Banana, or straight (rectangular)
Banana-shaped women's waist measurement is less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurement. When my waist measures 30 inches I will be considered hour glass. Since Dr. Baez only uses conversational English I wrote her a letter in Spanish describing my procedure desires and outcome. That way there is no confusion of expectations.

Additionally, I wrote out a prayer asking God to bless Dr. Baez and the surgery. I recorded the translations and will play it before my surgery.

Since I will be there 3 weeks. I ordered a unlocked phone.

Staying Fat -- lol

All along I think I've been sabotaging my weight loss efforts. I'm 185. 10 pounds more than my original weight of 175. But I would rather have too much fat then not enough. I want 1400cc in each cheek or as much as my skin will allow. I think doctors and people assume if you weigh a certain amount you have plenty of fat and in some cases that is not true. The amount of ccs you get also depends on your current butt shape. I have an upper pocket of fat, then indentions and then a semi-round bottom. I need ALL that space filled in lol. Anyways I cant believe I leave Monday. I am just so ready for this to be over with. My BF is sweet but I know he is tired of hearing me talk about it. I stay up all night reading reviews and honestly everyone's body is unique to them. Their situation is theirs. Their health is theirs. All the similarities are helpful but we are all created with our own special blue print. I just want to be a better me.

Packing and on my way

I'm packing and on my way to becoming a Baez Doll. I can't believe my day is here already. I am a ball of emotions right now. Its not even funny. I want to get this done. I am so glad that I have support. Dra. Baez texted me today via WhatsApp and I was happy about that. She is really a sweet heart and that is what is making this planning process easier to deal with. I know some people don't need the extra care of their doctor and don't mind the factory type setting of get them in and get them out of surgery but I needed a little bit more.

I scaled way down on the stuff I intended to take with me. A trick I learned from my last international trip was packing clothes and items in large Ziploc bags. Helps me to be organized. I will update y'all when I land!

I am here!!!

Baby I've travelled to Rome, Barcelona, New Zealand, Doha, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai. Everyone's immigration process can be long. Just be patient and push through. Know a little Spanish. It goes a long way. Don't expect an Four Season (luxury) experience unless you paid for it. Cecil from Healing Haven picked me up and I went straight to Dra. Baez. Cecil is nice. the Instituto de Cirguia Especializda is functional. As far as doctors offices they are ok. Don't expect glam but it's clean. Dra. Baez is beautiful. I love her spirit and kindness. I know she is going to hook me up.

Doing lab work now.

1500 in each cheek

This morning at 6 I got to the institution. I was admit first in the emergency office. The front desk lady didn't speak English but Cecil translated but he had to leave. Then she directed me to go somewhere but I didn't understand. But I got in the elevator figured habitation was my place to go. Thank God I was right. Meet another nurse who spoke no English but I was in the right place.

Dr. Baez came in and marked my body. I prayed with her and asked to receive the amount of ccs my skin allows. Oh my why did I say that! Dra. Baez wasn't playing. She put 1500 cc in each cheek! But it does look nice lol. Remember ladies I had indentions across my butt that had to be filled! Well when my overnight nurse from healing heaven comes ill ask her to take pictures.

I'm not in pain right now but I'll keep y'all posted. After surgery I took a nap. I unhooked my iv and drain from the bed and got up slowly to look in the mirror. Not dizzy at all.

I'm Alive

Hey y'all just checking in. I'm doing well. 3 days post my best advice to future dolls is to be patient and realistic about the ENTIRE process. From RH to sleeping, sitting on your butt. I promise it gets better. Get your massages! It's an absolute must!

Booty credit

Pain levels and sitting
Day 3, 4, and 5 are the worst as far as pain levels. It felt like I was carrying rocks around in my butt. I've been sitting since day one. In certain situations it can't be avoided ie first day being discharged sitting in a wheelchair. I think we should remember that bbl is still a fairly new procedure. Doctors are only basing their opinions on when to sit on hypothesis. There isn't a study. I said that to say don't sweat what you can't handle.

Strength - number 2
Walk as much as you can. Get your strength up. Eat something! I tried to do everything myself but the exception of fastening of faja, alcohol baths, etc. You get over modesty real quick. I took a laxative plus Phillip. At first nothing. I was getting concerned because it was 5 days but baby it came.

Return home - wheel chair service
After day 8 I was just ready to go! I dumped the plan of staying to June 12th and decided to return home with my original ticket. I was worried my drain wouldn't come out but the massages and compression are key. My original flight itinerary was 2 stops. 1st layover 4 hrs. 2nd layover 8! I bought the cheapest ticket and didn't pay attention.

Day 10 I arrive at DR airport and I'm so glad Dr. Baez wrote out a note. That's all you need for wheelchair service. I presented upon checking in and I was so glad I did! Wheel chair service gets you through the lines quicker. All though I thought I had enough strength I'm sooooo glad I did it. Make sure you have tip money. Baby those people worked for that money!

After finally getting to my first layover I tried talking to various airline reps but they refused! Stated it was because of the type of ticket I bought that their was nothing they could do I would have to purchase a new ticket! I almost broke down right there thinking about spending the night at the airport.

Booty status
This African airline rep comes up behind while I try again to change my flight. He asks if he can help me. I explain about my situation. He was like yeah I was watching you come through tsa checkpoint. Got a man? He continues to flight and says let me see what I can do. After a while He said normally it would cost you $1000 to change flight at last minute but I'm going to do it and give you $7 food voucher at the food court. Bahaaa all I could think is this booty already giving me free stuff lol. But seriously I thank God because I couldn't imagine doing 8 hrs in the airport. The guy was able to get me a direct flight from my first layover!

First leg (3hrs 40 mins) I was immediately behind first class so I basically stretched out and tried to lay on my hip. I sat on a real pillow. Every 30/ 40 mins I walked to the back if the plane to use the bathroom. By the finally hour I just stood in the back. The flight attendant didn't say anything. Second leg (3 hrs) the plane was empty so I had an entire row to myself! So I laid on my sides. I didn't get any hip injections.

Pics update

As you can see I had an indent that Dr. Baez filled in. Regardless if I receive volume loss my butt SHAPE has drastically changed. I'm going to continue to exercise. I'm to get back into weights and leg routine. Pre surgery I was 185 and that is my post weight as well. Dr. Baez wants me to lose 10 pounds post surgery. I'm 5'7.5 and I'm going to do what's best for my health. I received lipo of upper back, inner thighs, and stomach.



I love my butt! I can't believe how regular clothes look so much better when you have junk in the trunk. I still get getty when I catch men checking my butt out. Everyone saying girl what are you doing because you butt looks fantastic. I'm sticking to the story of squats. My ex was like I don't remember your phatty being like this. It has been a year since he last saw me. He couldn't keep his hands off. One thing the surgery does not change is having a healthy lifestyle. I'm still on a mission to loose weight. I really think exercise and diet will only make my butt look better. I love not being ashamed of not having a butt at the gym! I can wear my tights like everyone else and look great!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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