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Ok, so not sure how to work this yet. But, if you...

Ok, so not sure how to work this yet. But, if you see this, hey ????????. So, I've been doing some research & I decided on Dr. Almonté. I really need to lose 85 lbs, to meet the BMI requirement & I need to learn how to save ????????????. I suck at being on a consistent diet & saving money. I need major help w/ both.

Curious & excited a little.

Ok, so I dropped a couple of pounds. Idk how, but I'm not complaining. I think it might be because of work, TBH. Lol.

Received more info.

So, I received a couple of quotes today, from Lesley. I think I will do the recovery house package, since it will most likely just be me. I have to make a 500 dollar deposit to secure a date. The thing is, I will be moving into my first apartment soon, & I have to prepare for that. & im also nervous about not saving enough money in time and not losing enough weight :\.


Idk how to update the quote amount :\. Do I have to start a new review?


How long before you can sit directly on your butt, after surgery?


Ok, this kind of just scared me.


I'm having such a hard time saving money for this surgery. Idk if I can save $5,000+ by this time next year :\ :(

Help needed

How do you save money for Sx, when you have so many responsibilities. I really need help.

The struggle

When you're too poor for surgery. But, you really need & want it. *sigh*

2nd guessing

So, I will need 4-6 weeks of down time after surgery; according to Lesley (Dr. Almonté's assistant). This is bothering me, because I will not be making any money. Idk what to do.…
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