Round 1 w/ Contreras 2014, Round 2 w/ the KING or QUEEN, either/or I'm going to the KINGDOM. CIPLA JUNE 2016

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Hello ladies, I have been wanting to have this...

Hello ladies, I have been wanting to have this procedure since 2009. At the time there was no Dr in my local area performing the procedure with pure confidence. And i never really considered traveling to have it done. By 2011 i had a consultation with a local Dr who had little reviews available. He stated that i didnt have enough weight on my body to make the procedure a success. At the time I had just ended an ugly divorce with my ex and had lost a lot of weight thru stress. A little discouraged, the procedure never left my mind. Now 2013 I am so convinced this is what I want before I turn 40.

A little about me... I am a 38yr old mother of 3... 18, 13, and 8. Im 5'7 and 157lbs. Never had hips or a booty. Breast run in the family, but after breast feeding 3 kids, my boobs sag with out a good support bra. My measurements are 36-34-40. Looking into BBL and BL w/o implants. I've read where Dr Yily suggest implant so im still on the fence about that. Thank you ladies for reading my review and I look forward to everyones support and advice.

6 Weeks!!!

I haven't updated since my initial post, but I have been reading the reviews on RS.
And I must say the reviews have been so helpful in my journey.

I had to place the procedure on the backburner to get pass the holiday's.
So these last few weeks I've had to put this journey on turbo.
Booked flight, requested quotes, scheduled PC appt,
Requested paperwork for medical clearance, just to name a few.

Salama - $9K and that is only for the bbl
Located in my home of residence booked until Oct

Vanity - $4500 for the bbl and they will not do BL at the same time :(

Dr Diaz - $4500 bbl and bl (incl garment, bra, blood work, xray, ekg, anes, massage, one nite in clinic. Or all incl for $5500 includes transpo, RH, post meds
It all sounds good and his b4 and after pics look good, and he may possibly be the up and coming "prince" of this procedure. But Im still not sold on his experience.

Dr Yily - $$ last response was that she was working on it, haven't heard from her since.

Dr. Duran- $$ booked until June/July last I heard. But no response, plus I wanted sx earlier

Dr Cabral "The King" - $5K for BBL and BL $3500 for just bbl
however everything seems to be ala carte, nothing is included, no clue of how much everything will totally cost.
His assistant is a sweetheart. I'm swinging my legs on the fence with this one.

Dr. Contreras- $3000 for bbl and bl incl procedure, one nite stay and anesthesia
I think I love him already. He's so prompt with his responses. If I stay in his RH its 80/day if I'm solo, transpo $75, meds and girdle $500 massages $240/10

I've done extensive research on the latter two and know that no matter who and where I go, this surgery will pose a risk.

Ladies please know that although you may have a high Hemo number 13+, pay attention to your RBC, if that number is lower than average (sign of anemia)
It puts you at a greater risk during these surgeries. Your risk of transfusion is higher and your recovery time will be slower than an average healthy female.

Im currently on Iron supplements, B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, prenatal with 800mg folic acid. I will be stopping my BC pill two weeks prior to my sx.


I forgot about her...
$3800 for bbl and bl
It includes alot but there's not many dolls with successful bbl's. She was prompt with my initial email but she hasnt responded to my counter questions and that was two weeks ago. She doesnt seem as aggressive with her lipo as Duran and Yily. I dont know if she's not harvesting the fat right and cells are dying b4 they are being transferred but i'd be highly disappointed if she cant deliver. I'm not looking to do a round 2. This is a one and done for me.

Thats just my opinion from research.

B4 pics


Passport came!!

Im one step closer, there's no turning back, i am going to DR. I just cant believe in my 20yrs of adulthood i never got my passport. Oh its really time to travel, beyond a cruise and PR.

Next week appt with PC for physical. :)

Almost 2 weeks!!!

Again, im not much of a blogger, but once i start i cant seem to stop...almost like my mouth. Lol
Its been a minute since my last update but I've been following the journeys. And Dolls you all are looking great, overseas and abroad. i can not wait for my time.
I must admit... DURAN Dolls, omg, i almost jumped on the bandwagon... dayum or at least be running behind it cuz Duran is hard to get a quote from. But after speaking with a few dolls (TY) i feel good about my decision and feels he can deliver.

So i saw my PC two weeks ago, she would not give me any meds. :( thats ok, i have some oxy from the dentist for a tooth ache i had awhile back. So she starts asking
questions, who's the doc.. Whats his creds, what are u getting done? You dont need this and are u sure about that. Next thing i know im in the office boohoo'n. This is why i havent shared this with only a few. And thats my two girls that have had this sx done. Oh and my "Mr Big" who's against me going overseas. I dont need the negative or judgement. Im nervous, sh!t i be the one in the dentist chair with the stress ball and tissues cuz im afraid of needles and pain period. Thank goodness that i'll be ko'd.

So i got my hair braided yesterday. So the stylist forgot to ask if i had a big head. 30 mins before my appt, she txt, do u have a big head? Im like yea lol is that a problem? No response. Lolol i get to her house and take off my hat and she's like girl your head is not big but you have a lot of hair and its thick. I may need to charge u more for that style or go a little bigger with your braids cuz this will take awhile. So dolls who will be getting sx done in March in DR, i'll be the big head girl with the "Poetic Justice" braids. Lolol i feel like im 20 again. How the heck am I going to put these up for sx?

Dominican Republic Pesos - DOP

I was told that it was best to go to our us bank for foreign currency. Future Dolls, if you bank with BOA bankofamerica, or have a BOA credit card you can place an order for DOP by 2pm m-f and have them shipped out the next business day to you. If you can not get your pesos in the states. Duran/Cabral/Yily Dolls, there is a currency exchange location across the street from CIPLA. Do NOT xchange at the Airport in DR if u want your money's worth. As of today, $1 us dollar is almost $40 in pesos.
I read where a doll gave a man $10 to help her get thru the airport and he wanted another $10 for his partner. Smh Needless to say she gave him a $10 and told him to go on. That was almost $400 pesos! Ladies beware of the sharks waiting for us when we land!! Besos!!


Omg, did implants just pop in my head!! I havent done any research on them I just know that i dont want that, "she had her butt done" look. :( so that was never really an option, but as my time draws near im getting concerned. Is it desperate measures to reach something I cant achieve? Do i have enough fat to give me that projection i want? IDK!! I tried to gain weight to get to that 160 mark, but i cant seem to get over 154 :(
And its starting to worry me. :( Are there any RS dolls out there that have had them done?

That MARCH is on!!!!

Tomorrow is the first day of MARCH!! The month of the first
day of spring, daylights savings, St. Patty's day. The fish, the Ram, and the DOLLS!! To all the Dolls with upcoming sx in MARCH, i wish you many blessings and a successful sx w/ speedy recovery!! And to all the vets before us, You all look great!! CONGRATS!! I cant wait to be on that other side!!

Been up since 5:00 am?!! WTH!!

Its too dayum early!! I think its that MARCH MADNESS kicking in!! My excitement and nerves is getting there. Work is str8 .... Check!! Bills paid.... Check!! Home and dog.... Check!!! Kids good.... Check Check!!

ItS rAiNiNg!!!!

Rain rain go away, come back in another day!! Oh well, aint NO stop'n me now, on my way to Sunny DR "Bae ba Bae ba"

I made it to DR

It has been some day! It started off sad, saying goodbye to my baby girl was hard. My emotions were all over the place. Felt a lil bipolar lol. i finally made it..,.at Plastica Contreras. My flight was delayed leaving the A. Hit Dr. C up, with in no time he said ok, when the driver gets u, let him know u need EKG and cardio, labs at clinic, have a safe trip. Little did i know ekg and cardio was a different place. So i get off the plane and look for Tourist Card with my $10 in hand. Must of been a slow day cuz not many people in airport. There's a lil line and me being the former new yorker i am (no patience) i go immediately to the self help machine and get my card. Mind you my ass could have waited cuz the people in front of me were already in the customs (immigration) line. lesson learn, be patient chrys. Ok the second line, which mind you is only a few feet away, well they take the tourist card u just paid for. Chicky behind me skipped the tourist card got in immigration line and had to get out. By then, she had to go back like 30 spaces. with a go back to jail card. Lol After they stamp your form than its off to baggage claim. Its all right there. One two three. And if you walk like u know where you're going you'll be outta there in no time. Got my bag, another check point. Here they need to know you belong to that bag, than you're on your way to the "soul train line" lol. I say this because when i came around that corner, all was needed was some music. People were lined up on both sides, i felt like i was on the cat walk! Met up with my driver with smiles. :) but No Habla English!! Wth!! I tell him i need to go to plastico contreras. Ok well all thru the ride he saying, well lets put it like this i thought he was saying breast work but now that i think back he may have been telling me about the cardiologist. Cuz he kept pointing to the chest area. Smh. We get to where i have the EKG and cardio. Its not looking like plastico contreras, so im like no no this aint it. He's pointing to chest area again, talking. We get there and im thinking this is not looking like what figureAte posted. This man took me to the wrong place. After maybe a 20 min wait i hit up Dr. C letting him know my concerns. This man is the best when it comes to response time, he asked where i was and the drivers number. Shortly after he's calling the driver. That's whats up! Long story short Dr C eased my mind by letting me know i was in the right place. I can go on and on...i touched down a lil after 3 but didnt get to Contreras office til 6. The ride from the airport alone is a beast. We left ekg/cardio at 5. Oh and that was $60. I paid for sx 3k but they left out one procedure i want. And labs at contreras was $60. These ladies work around the clock. The recovery room is like a hospital room, its small. U have a key to room, bathroom with shower. Refrigerator, wifi, cable tv in english (cinmax). I'm thinking maybe do only 5 days here and than trf out. Idk. Got my HEMO 13.4. Man that Geritol. Everything else was a go! Thank u to the dolls that gave me advice on what to do and not do regarding my iron issues. Well ladies i'm gonna turn it in. Pray for me

I made it! Sx was a success!!

I made it dolls!! Ive never been so happy to wake up out of a sleep. They've kept me in recovery one more day just to be safe and than i head to the "Barbie" house tomorrow morning. Dont know what i was thinking having four procedures... " mama never said there be days like this" . I had the lipo, gluten (bbl), bl, and vaginal tightening. I'll update more with pics manana. Besos!!

SX experience

Hola Dolls, look i've been in this country too long im thinking im spanish. Lol Im going to try to sum up my journey here so far without repeating what has already been said by prior Contreras vets.

Day of sx
I did my hibi scrub the nite before and morning of my sx. So im ready, in scrubs like lets get it, lets go!! They say no mami put on your regular clothes u need to go to 1st floor for meds. So im downstairs waiting and meet a dominican girl from the boogie down, we chat a lil and wish each other good luck. I go to the office where they write ur prescriptions. itranslate dolls!! Or whatever translator ur phone has, that will be your bff, and they use it too so no worries. She writes my prescript than off to the faja store, here you get your faja and meds. So she's looking at my list and im asking what each was for. Wipes was on there, i said i got that, a&d was on there, got that too. So no fee for those. They have a cream thats similar to arnica but i decided to get theirs. I tell her i want to pay for everything now (before and after meds) i came with 6k on my back and needed to get rid of this cash. So she wrote me a receipt for the meds that came to $149 and my faja that came to $179 for both body and breast. You go to the caja (office) and she'll stamp receipt paid. Dolls have exact change becuz they will try to give u pesos back. Smh! I came with hundreds and twenties. So back to the faja store to get my meds, didnt get faja (she needed to measure me) cuz little did i know Dr. C had been waiting for me. So im off to the penthouss (4th fl) Let me also say that Dr. C is big among the locals. I think i was the only american that had sx that day, and if im wrong, i didnt see anyone else. I get to the 4th fl and it has this balcony that over looks the city. Muy bonita!! There's maybe twenty girls waiting on the 4th fl for consult, even chica from the BX. I wasnt sitting down 5 mins before i was called into the office. I was in awe, his office is like half that floor so modern and up to date. We immediately shake hands and he ask about my trip and stay so far. Very personal, a genuine caring man. I immediately felt i was in good hands. During the consult he mentions a mini tt cuz my muscles are weak, i passed on that. But he said i would still be happy with results. I have issues with my breast i had a lump removed when i was 15 and i had another thats been around maybe 15yrs now and was the size of a walnut, he said he would remove. Ive always been a D cup but i have saggy skin and with implants and my lumpy breast i didnt want to get and have to remove later bcuz a lump turned cancerous. After my consult i was told to go back to my room. Maybe an hour later Dr Rojas came, he's the gyn ps. He asked what i wanted and checked me out. I had list of questions that he answered too. Than the waiting began.

SX time!!
They came to get me right before 2. The guy pushing the wheel chair mustve seen the fear in my face cuz he started massaging my shoulders in the elevator. I lie on the table and a team of about maybe 3 or 4 come in gets things ready and scrub me down. the anesthesiologist comes and hooks up the iv, wtf no blue pill!! Than the epi, i look at the clock, it said 2 pm. Lights out!! Lol i wake up at 4 shakin like a salt shaker. Dr Rojas was finishing up the vaginoplasty. Im shaking looking at my vitals on the side, i felt nothing, i was totally numb from the waist down. He takes a picture and gives me a thumbs up. A guy on the right of me who was rubbing my shoulder says they're about to do the lipo, lights out again, like he slipped me a mickey! Lol i wake up again to some pain and talking, Dr. C was stitching up my breast! Ouch! He say we're almost done Chrys. I feel my body being lifted onto a stretcher and off we go. I remember complaining alot about the catheter. The communication was frustrating cuz i didnt want to itranslate at that time. The rest of the nite was pain and discomfort. I text my emergency person as soon as i got back at 8:20 pm to let her know i made it thru. Im thinking 6 hrs i was under. Dr C said his part was only 2 1/2 hrs. And that he did 1200 cc.

Sorry its so long, this is probably my last text update. Just will update with pics. Besos!!

Va jay jay

I havent had any issues, light spotting, no pain. The day after sx, Dr. Pena came to remove the gauze, it had to be maybe 12inches long, and when he pulled it out, my va jay jay felt like it was holding onto the guaze. #tightpumpum


2weeks post

My results

My ass is definitely fuller than it was. Would i want it bigger, hell yea!! Its still early, and my body is still changing. ive been trying my best to stay off my butt, but i've been on it since day one becuz i had my boobs done. Overall, It fits my frame, considering the amount of fat i had to work with. So far im pleased, but the booty greed is there. :)

Breast Lift 3weeks

Round 2!! Back at it again!

Hello Dolls! I'm back for my Round two. Scheduled for July 1. I've gained weight, not good. I'm 5'7 175lbs. First time around I couldn't gain weight and had lil fat to get the bbl results I wanted. Hopefully this time around I can be bootyful!! Xo

Contreras Breast Lift

Two yrs later and I can say I am happy with my boobs. The nipples are still 8in from my sternal notch. I haven't won a bra since having them done and I love that. With the jugs I had before there was no way, thanks to breast feeding three kids.

Va Jay Jay part II

Warning Graphic Pics!!! LOL

I received private messages regarding my vaginal tightening at Contreras. I need to correct my previous update regarding my vaginal sx. The doctor that performed my sx was Dr Pumarol and it was a laser procedure. two years later and I'm still happy with my results.

Almost two weeks Part II

Hey Dolls, I fly out on the 29th of this month for my bbl revision. I woke up this morning actually nervous, I can't believe it's almost my turn again. I've read so many reviews and followed so many journeys in the last four months, Ive been excited for everyone, reading the good and not so good outcomes. So I'm still sitting on the fence with my doctor choice. I've followed both on ig and the results have been awesome. It all will depend on which Doctor I feel can produce the results I want. Ive done my research and I've weighed my pros and cons. I passed on Cabral in 2014, however I wasn't able to book a date with Duran in 2014.

Either way, I'm walking out of CIPLA a new and revised doll.

Hips don't lie!! Shakira!!

Where do you want your ratio?

Me: .55 :)

SX in a week

Good evening dolls! If all goes well I'm expecting to have my sx next Thursday. I ran to Walmart and got some last minute supplies today. It's getting real. The only ones that know about my round 2 is my realself fam. I think I'm ready. :)

The a$$ that Cabral gave me!!

Today I am 12 days post op.

Cabral's Barbie

Right now my waist is a swollen 30 and my hips are 45

Update 19 weeks post op

Update- 19 weeks Cont

Dr. Edgar Contreras

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