King Cabral For Spring Break!! - Dominican Republic

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I'm finally doing it! I'm getting this a** fat and...

I'm finally doing it! I'm getting this a** fat and this tummy flat hunny! I'm am scheduled with Cabral himself in 2 weeks! I'm a 19 year old college student and I know a lot of people will question why am I doing this so young and that's because at one point I weighed 250 pounds *dramitic gasping* and I lost a lot of weight at once so I currently weigh 189 pounds... So you know that means my tummy isn't tight and nothing looks toned :( . I never really had a fat butt but it was never super flat either BUT I decided I would let Cabral bless me with the booty I always wished for lol. I already confirmed my date with his assistant and I booked my flight ticket and I just made a hefty purchase on Amazon for things like my boopy pillow and my Arinca gel and all that other lovely stuff I will need as I go on this journey (well most of it). Im getting a same day passport at my local passport agency and I hope that goes smoothly. I'm so excited but at the same time I am pretty nervous, I know all about Cabrals past and the damage he has cause some people. I worry at that a lot at times but it's too late to turn back now baby, I have come too far! I have to go out there with my faith and a prayer and hope to come back w all of that plus a nice big booty!
And by the way I'm a little confused on what I should be doing pre-op to prepare such as what supplements l should be taking... If any of you dolls can comments any advice I would love that!
Also I'm coming from Chicago and I'm staying at Maria's recovery house so if anyone would like to be sx buddies I'm completely open to that :)

11 more days until Cabral!

To check or not to check? I'm a little conflicted on whether or not I should check my back at the airport. I'm sure I could minimize my soaps and lotions to the point that there's no need for me to check my bag, but I know I will need bottles of water considering that the DR water is dangerous to and I'll need Ensure for my post op care . Do you guys know if I could buy these things out there???? & Are you ladies just bringing your bags as carry ons? By the way I will be making a very long post on Monday with a lot of updates on everything as well as pictures of what I've gotten so far for my trip! The time is really going by soooo fast you guys! My time is literally around the corner, BIG BOOTY HERE I COMMMMMEEEEE!!

A Bump in the road *rolls eyes*

So I went to the doctor today and of course I was a little skeptical to tell my pcp that I was traveling out to the Dominican Republic to have surgery.... buttttt I told her because I wanted to be cleared for surgery and make sure that I was healthy plus I wanted to get a couple of prescriptions. I knew she might say no to the percocets that I was going to ask for but even with that being said I was still was almost sure she was going to give me the antibiotics that I needed. However, as soon as I said what I was doing and where I was doing it at she immediately started telling me all of the dangers of surgeries out side of the country. Then she said "I can not give you anything, this is your surgeons job and I don't want to be responsible". WOW! that really put a really big damper on my mood! now I need to figure out where to get my antibiotics from and my pain medication. I only have a little over a week left to figure all these things out and its becoming a little stressful. Also today of course I got my blood work done to see how my hemo was and the results will be back Monday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that its not low.


On a good note all of the supplies that I ordered came in pretty quickly because I used Amazon prime. So now I got a good amount of my supplies already here at my house, the last couple of things that I get I will be picking them up at Walmart next week.

Big mistake smh

So I made the dumbest mistake ever! Don't be like me dolls! Please pick you seats when you book your flight!!! This is my first time flying so I blew this off when I seen the option to choose my seats on the side of my ticket. Today I looked into my flight details so that I could give the information to Miara because she requested my exact flight number and the times of everything so she could have her driver there to pick me up. When I looked into the details y'all I seen I had all middle seats, like wtf. I'm so annoyed. I know this is going to be especially uncomfortable on the way back because I'm only staying for 7 days so I'm sure I'm still going to be in pain when I get on the flight. I did request wheelchair assistance on the way back though. Idk if that will help me with the seats though. I can tell this is going to be a long ride....

I guess it's really my time!!!!! 5 more days

Picked up my passport today omg it's getting real!!


So ladies as you know my surgery is in three days (ohh my God! I know right). I am a little nervous but it is weird because the big jitters are not really hitting me just yet. Its kind of like a regular old week to me??? This even more weird because I do suffer from a little bit of anxiety so for me not to be on the edge of my chair is legit the strangest thing in the world!
But anyway I'm having a problem. Like I said I asked my pcp about giving me medicine and she said absolutely not (that situation is still on my last nerve smh). Now here we are a couple of days before my surgery and I don't have any pain medication or antibiotics... the only thing my a** got is some damn vitamins. I know cabral gives medicine at his establishment but I was trying to save money. I guess I'm going to have to spend the extra coins and just get these things there but the question that i have is what do I really need that's on his list???? Like seriously what are you ladies taking afterward? Ohhh, and I also know that there is a big difference with the DR pain medicine and the medicine here, its not really as strong. So what should I do you guys?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cabrals aftercare insructions

This is the list of medicine ladies.
I also know that it's sometimes difficult to get in contact w Cabral so if some ladies out there would like for me to post the whole email which includes the pre op instructions and cost of other things and so on I will do so just let me know :)

Pictures of some Cabral barbies

Just in cases you ladies wanted to see some fatty's that he's made lol :) all pictures are from his Instagram and are not of me.

Last minute woes and advice

Soooo I leave for my plane tomorrow. This is so unreal! I literally just can't even believe it. I'm sitting over here typing a paper for school ( the show must go on lol) and I'm just making sure my last minute things are in order.
I decided I would go ahead and get my tourist card ahead of time and ordered it online for 10$ everyone will need one of these cards for traveling into the Dominican Republic. You can get it at the airport but I decided to save myself some time because this is my first time traveling y'all and I want this to go as smoothly as possible. If you ladies want to do the same the link is . I'll also post a picture of what it should look like if you've done it right.
Another last minute thing that I'm doing that I thought that I'd share is I'm downloading a couple of apps in advance so that I can be better prepared.
1. Viber- this is an app that I can use to call and text and video call to others FOR FREE. Yassss all of that for free girl. So I'll be using this to stay in contact w my boyfriend and my family back home without having to buy a whole new disposable phone that they try to sell you at the airport. Just tell all the other people that you want to use this with to download it as well, but keep in mind it does require wifi in order to work. But that should be fine because I'll be staying at a recovery house that has wifi connection.
Translator app- for the obvious language barrier, but this will be very very important!
Currency converter- to be able to covert different amounts of our U.S dollars to their form of money and lower the chances of being cheated lol

Traveling with money

So ladies I'm traveling with all my money and I didn't get the opportunity to run out and get one of those lock boxes I seen some of you other girls have. I'm at a little bit of a lost when it come to what should I do now ? Is there any other ladies traveling with money or should I be afraid :/

Dr here I come

I just got through TSA and now I'm just waiting to board my plane. I got here a little earlier than I needed. I have a two hour wait now smh but nevertheless getting into the airport and passing security was much easier than I thought :) . Things are going good so far so I'm pretty happy ladies. & There's not a lot of nervousness in me surprisingly

Small update

Wow! Yes I've made it to the other side ladies! However I'm in soooooo much pain I can't even fake it. I knew I was going to have pain but not this much smh. I will give you all updates when I feel better and I will also post pictures but truth be told I still haven't even seen myself but my roommate here at Maria's say that I look completely different and that Cabral snatched me! I was also told that I don't have any burns (which I was pretty nervous about). I will give a full update soon, bare with me this surgery is no joke.

Thank you for the well wishes dolls

this is just a few pics to hold you over until I get enough energy to post a full review. I love my tummy so far but Cabral w light on the butt. Btw I've been sleeping on my butt since day one. I don't have a good pre op picture but Cabral took one of me so I'll ask him for that picture on Monday when I go see him for my follow up

1 week post op and that ass is sitting

I haven't forgot I'm coming w the reviews there's just so much I need to say. And I'm still in school I'm catching back up from the week I was off I'm pretty busy but I'm coming


Trying on clothes for the first time today was amazing!!!! Everything looked sooooo good on me. A bunch of girls was legit jealous of me when I stepped out of the dressing room! Girl let me tell you!

More pics

For the people that actually came to support here's a couple more shots

I'm not feeling this site anymore I'm about ready to peace out.

I'm not feeling this site anymore I'm about ready to peace out. I'm no advocate for Cabral. I do love my results and I think he's a sweet man but as a doctor he has a few things that need improvement such as the amount of time he spends with patients. I also have 2 very small burns on my back next to my arm pit. In the first pictures that I posted those pads on my back is covering burns which I still have and are treating. I'm thinking about deleting my whole review but I know there's some girls out there that may really need to hear something I may have said... I just can't deal with this type of stuff that's why I didn't tell anybody about this surgery smh...

ER Visit

So on another note ladies as you know I only stayed in the DR for 7 days and they took my drains out pretty early because I was getting ready to board the plain the next day. So about three days after I came home I was completely swollen and full liquids. I was so nervous and worried that the liquids would harden and become a permanent part of my shape. The liquid was starting to knot up and it was very uncomfortable and painful. My mom did a massage on me and she basically brought all the liquid down to the bottom of my back and because the hole that's next to my butt where my drain was is closed none of the liquids came out from there. So the liquids was just sitting at my back and on my sides and were still uncomfortable. I knew I need to get drained but my pcp would probably have given me a hard time because she doesn't agree with what I'm doing. So I went to the emergency room and let them know I had a seroma. I waited for like 6 hours to be seen. I was nervous even when I was waiting because sometimes doctors don't want to be involved with is woman that have surgery outside of the country. BUT BY THE GRACE OD GOD the doctor actually said he would drain me. He drained my left side and my right side with a syringe. He got a good amount of liquid out even though I wanted him to do more. I wanted him to do the front of my stomach as well but he promised that some of the liquid came from the middle even though the syringe was on the side.
So ladies if when you come home you still have liquids and fluids in your body and you can't find anyone to drain you go to the ER and let them know that as it hardens that it becomes more and more painful and they should drain it for you.
I felt so much better after that. And my stomach did go down a lot.
Dr. Hector Cabral

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