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Hey ladies, I'm 5'5 currently weighing 227lbs. My...

Hey ladies, I'm 5'5 currently weighing 227lbs. My starting weight was 250lbs.. Its taking some time but im slowly loosing this weight.. less than 2 months from now im scheduled to have my surgery with the King.. Dr. Hector cabral ;-) so excited. I am having a breast reduction, BBL and lipo. I was afraid to go with dr Cabral at first because of all the stuff I heard about him but I did my research. Granted some of the things I have found were indeed true but every doctor has a few mistakes under their belt. I spent the last 2 years researching and stalking pictures of potential wish pics lol.. I never took the time to loose the weight or hit the gym and now the time has finally come for me to go after what i want.

I originally wanted Dra. Yily. Got my quote from her and then decided to keep looking

Next I got a quote from Dra. Bello she only had a few pics of her work and I wasn't 1--% sold.

Finally I came across DURAN .. hands down she is a beast with it.. but I was never able to get a quote from her.. found out that she doesn't reply to females who need to loose the amount of weight I needed to loose. But i didn't give up I was like what??

Got on facebook and after a few weeks of back and forth between yily and cabral I decided on the KING.!... his work speaks for itself.. and the thick chicks look like a million bucks when they leave his office.

..Don't make me get out of character lol

Hey ladies.. Im at work updating this blog , I checked facebook earlier and to everyones surprise some bored little chick started yet another instagram to so called "expose" all the dolls and barbies... GET A LIFE ;-/ why do u have so much free time on your hands... someone needs to find a new activity to get into because I feel ill knowing someone has my pics on their phone.. EWWWWW ..

--anyway today I went to the gym as usual walked my 3 miles on the treadmill and did some slight arm lifting I want to avoid getting arm lipo its a cost I can't afford and Im sure i can loose this little jiggle with alittle extra work.. As I was leaving the gym one of the owners approached me I ended up doing a 20 min session with this guy and when i tell ya'll that was over 8 hrs ago my body is still sore... I broke into an instant sweat as soon as we started.. I never sweat like that on my normal workouts I'm debating If i should pay 150.00 for this next month to train 12 times with him?? Like is it really worth it? I def need to loose 40lbs before my SX with the King but damn thats faja money lol..
I'm counting down the days until I leave. I am scheduled to go have my CBC tests done on Monday. I have to find out what my Hemo is and get it to atleast a 13 by the time I go. I've purchased just about everything I need. I was debating about buying more things but alot of the Post op dolls said they took the bare min. and did just fine most of them warned me not to spend too much money on things i probably won't need.. So, with that in mind i've been purchasing only things I am 100% sure I'll need. I want to check my weight but this checking every day thing is driving me crazy if i even gain .2lbs I'm all emotional lol.. So i'll Check my weight and Hemo monday and When I get the results back from the tests I'll update you ladies

Shopping for supplies

Hey ladies. .started purchasing items that I'll need for surgery

Some wish pics ..

I can't wait til cabral fixes me up no matter how much I work out and even wearing the waist cinchers just not working for me and definitely not at a rapid speed like I need it ... I am currently a 38JJJ I would like a 34-36 D or DD cup .. I haven't had small breast ever and it's always made me look a lot bigger than I actually am . I am also looking for my waist to be about 25-28 Inches . I want to be thick but still slim.. I'm 5'5

Working on my Hemo && BMI

Hey ladies.. Hope everyone is preparing for their surgeries without issue and for the Post op dolls Hope your loving your results and Healing well..

Quick update: I am going on Tuesday March 11th , early in the Am to do a full check up, get my blood work done and make sure that I get cleared for surgery, I've started taking the Geritol today I'm not sure what My hemo is just yet but i Don't want to wait til the last minute to boost it up if it is low.. The geritol actually didn't taste as bad as I thought it would it actually taste like this protein drink They have at my gym.. Weird I know.

Anyway, Everything is still moving in motion , me and my mother at not speaking again and I hate that she's not supporting my surgery but I have my grandparents and My bestfriend in my corner and I guess that Will have to suffice, my grandma booked her hotel stay she will be flying in to take care of me after surgery.. Im not getting a TT this round (hopefully this weight loss and cincher will be enough to do aggressive lipo)
As of today I lost a total of 26lbs.. I have 30lbs to go and then I am Go for surgery. I have Just about a Month and 3 weeks And Im sure I will loose this weight. I changed my eating habits up and I'm working out so hard at the gym, I had to get a personal trainer because the weight wasn't moving rapidly enough even with the Carcinia Cambodia that I tried I may have lost 5lbs off that And gained it right back. Last night I had my first bad dream about surgery My breast were completely Butchered. I'm sure Cabral is going to take his time and make sure they are pretty and sitting up right but I guess everyone goes thru that period of having a bad dream atleast once .

My Compression socks also came in the mail last night, I ordered them from Ebay because I want to save as much money as possible. I was told by a few dolls today I may have wasted my money on getting extra supplies Such as the Magnesium and the Bromelin .. Its hard not knowing exactly what You need I read so many of the Post Op dolls supplies list but Idk.. Better to be safe than sorry I guess...

I just hope My breast come out as great as my Booty.,. I'm always known as the Pretty face chick. I want a damn body to match. !!! I need a Fat Ass And pretty big perky breast.. Not these Triple J's sitting on me right now.

Looking for a Surgery Buddy!!

Almost Forgot.. Its confirmed I have tried to Contact my SX buddy but to no avail haven't gotten in contact with her..

I am leaving Myrtle Beach on April 22nd I get to Florida then Fly into DR by 2:30PM.. Never been outside of the US before (will def be traveling more after surgery) but I am looking for someone who is going to Cabral around the same time.. Cabral said that He gives discounts for buddies having surgery on the same day.. I may have to link with someone once i get to CIPLA but i'd prefer to have someone set instone thats actually having surgery (like flights booked, recovery booked etc) Not really wanting anyone who is in their Lurking stages like I was a year ago lol.. I need a definite Buddy.. If your going Please email me asap./. Or hit me on here or Facebook (my phone is always in my hand)

30 Days to GO!!

Good morning ladies, So i officially have (1) month before The king fixes me up.. I've been going back and forth with myself hoping I have enough to cover the entire amount of SX i Messaged cabral on whatsapp to confirm and the Price jumped up almost 1,500k. So i started looking back at some yily photos and the quote she sent me.. which included EVERYTHING.. but you know what it is what it is.. Im starting a second job on monday to assist with the surgery costs but I have to go with Cabral. I strongly believe hes the only one who can get me how I need to be. Maybe Yily for a Round2 if I need one (doubt it tho) .. I really dont want a TT nor do i want a Mini TT i want aggressive lipo and I think he can give me that and I'll be ok.

Got an email from the passport agency today, I'll have my passport by the 26th or before.. Thankfully Because that's the last thing I needed was for it not to arrive on time.
Update on my diet.. Its going well. I still have my weak moments but now its crunch time.
Tuesday Im going to have my Hemo Checked. I've been staying consistent on the Geritol I think I need to add something more than that and the IRON pills. Im going on a Hemo raising spree these next 30 days. Hopefully its already in a decent range. Im nervous but I have my fingers cross and All my prayers have been sent up

29 Days && Counting.

So my PMS just ended .. (i don't know why they call it this, because my mood never changes lol) I'm hoping that it won't come on until after surgery. Its really light and only stays on about 3 to 4 days max and its never heavy.. I haven't had a heavy flow since before I started birth control (depo) back in 2010.

Quick Update: Surgery DREAMS?? lol, does everyone get them... Crazy as hell.. I had a dream a lady was doing my surgery IN a hotel room.. I woke up like Where TF is king Cabral..

I got a second job now, I start monday.. This will help cover the extra money that I need for SX
Cabral jumped his price up on me Way more than we talked about in our previous messages on whats app but it would be my luck that I dont have that phone anymore.. Hopefully when I see him in person we can chat about the previous quote.. I was looking at my old messages from Yily granted she is WAYYYYYYYYYYYYY cheaper and included damn near everything in her quote for me.. I don't want to spend less and have an upset with my body.. Not that she isn't a beast as well.. I just Know for the Vixen shape Im aiming for I need Cabrals touch. Maybe Yily for RD2 if i wanna be a 20 out of 10. lol..

My grandma is like she doesn't want me working a 2nd FT job because I won't have time for sleep but who has time for sleep anyway? I eat sleep and Breathe surgery. I can't stop thinking about this journey .. Like the possibilities are endless. I want to start a clothing boutique again, and I can actually be cute enough to model my own damn clothes. I have a pretty face yea thats cool but a sista need a banging body.. im so sick of faking it with these damn girdles and shit. (excuse the language) .. IDK if i can cuss on here or not lol. __sailor mouth.

I sent my ex a pic of myself today of my current weight loss... I bet his mouth gonna drop once he see's me after surgery. I could never get the surgery when we were together because of his selfish ways and his insecurities but now that we aren't together i feel like a free woman ready to explore the world. Starting with my body.

29 days away from flying to DR and the anxiety is starting to get to me..
Is my hemo going to be high enough?
Will I find someone to stay the night with me at cipla?
Will Upscale recovery pick me up on time from the Airport?
Where am i going to hide all this cash at.. Don't get me wrong I'm From baltimore and Straight from the hood but Im going to another country and Only speak about 20 spanish words lol.. I don't want anything crazy to happen to me while im over there.. Cause whose gonna fly over there and help me?

I emailed Liz a few times.. I love her already .. She's the owner of the RH I'm staying at. I wish she could stay with me the night I have to stay at CIPLA but if all else fails I'll have one of the Post Op girls refer me to someone that they used.

Next thing on my mind is this weight loss.. I'm praying I loose this weight in time. I mean granted Im doing a hell of a job staying consistent with this journey but its so damn hard.

I want pizza and wings and fries and a cheesesteak.. But I'm munching on Tofu salad and fish instead. Which is good anyway., Your body reflects what you put in your mouth..

Speaking of what you put in your mouth.. (lol) I have to stop smoking (4/20) ASAP ..
I haven't smoked in 2 days And i doubt I'll smoke again before surgery.. Its a big deal for me to go over there and come back healthy and strong. I would hate to be the cause of something drastic happening to me. Even though alot of girls said they still smoked up until the day before Everyone is diff so I need to Chill out on that .. Not a big deal tho,.. Starting this second job will take away all free time that i had anyway.

20-25lbs left to go.!! 29 days && counting.. Wish me lucK!


.Do you ladies recommend anyone in particular to stay the night with me at CIPLA? or is there anyone i can hire on the spot when i get to the clinic?

HemoMisson ??

29 days to go.. Tuesday I'll have my hemo checked (should have been did this) I've been popping iron pills like it's candy ..(4) a day.. plus (2) folic acid pills and a tablespoon of geritol..
I need a 13 to go see cabral..

And as of yesterday I started back on my detox soup.. nothing but veggies and I added tofu this time for taste . Down half a pound already.

28 days && everything is going great

Hopefully my passport comes today
I'm on break started a second job today ... damn all for the perfect body lol

Anyway Nurse Zara is staying the night with me for the first night
She's so sweet.. hopefully I can get a massage from her as well.

Good things come in 3

Hey dolls.. so I briefly updated earlier and didn't really finish. So after I got off work today (started a 2nd FT job to help pay for this surgery) I went straight to lab Corp. Had to show my ass because they was like we can't process you because you owe a previous bill from 2011.. so after I snapped and proved my point spoke with the general lady they got my blood work taken care of .. like don't play with me I don't care about a pass due bill from years ago.. I need this hemo checked and I need it pronto. Lol.. so after that I got home and my passport was in the mail EARLY. Glad I didn't pay for that early delivery because I would've been mad as hell..

I popped 2 iron pills when I got home I was reading about hemo this morning and I see a lot of people mentioning liver.. where can I buy it from ? How does it taste .. I went to kroger they didn't have liver. . :-/

Hemo results are in

I'm at a 14.. time to go ham on the regimen I need a 16 before sx... lol probably not possible tho.

Probation && prayers .

So In life everyone makes mistakes . I did a few things I shouldn't have done and now I'm on probation until 2020. :-/ sucks butt. But now they are giving me a hard time about leaving the country . My thing is if It's that serious why did the government issue me a damn passport .. but I smoke with a pastor he prayed for me and I'm just hoping everything goes well. I haven't violated my probation and I work 2 full time jobs .. doing my thing getting things back in order . I need this body . I lost the weight (majority of it) and I need them to let me go!!!.. I typed up a letter of necessity for the beast reduction and hopefully I'll be good.. keep me in your prayers ladies.. I have only 3 weeks left and my flight is non refundable

Dreams almost Crushed.. lol

Ladiessss.... . Quick Update I have an appt. monday morning to submit all my travel requests.. Fingers crossed.. lol.. I was so upset about almost not being able to go that I stopped going to the gym.. for 2 whole days and I even ate bread and frech fries.. Anyway, I have someone signing off on my community service hours for court and everything.. Weight back in order got back.. I have 2 weeks to go and I have to loose 15lbs .. I'm sitting here at work drinking a bottle of water and eating a plate full of Frozen grapes .. I been praying and I honestly believe everything is going to work out for me... I reconfirmed with Cabral to let him know I was still coming.

I've been doing alittle bit more research on US doctors just incase but Im not with that... I can't find a single person who can give a Barbie body like cabral.. Or Yily. (option 2) so fingers crossed and Hopes are still high.. I refuse to take no for an answer ..

My cousin is having surgery on Thursday in the states and Im sure she won't be too pleased when she see's me rocking my cabral curves lol..

prayers answered!!!

My mom and I hadn't been on great terms and she called me today , I ignored it thinking it was more drama. But she actually had a message from the probation office that I was approved and they said coke pick up my international travel permit by 4pm tomorrow (4/15)
!!!! Now I can get back on surgery mode. I fell back from sx world because I thought I wouldn't be able to go!!! Now I'm pressed and can't stop smiling . Thanks for every one who kept me in their thoughts .. :-) ladieeessss 1 more week

6 days left and last minute shopping

I added benadryl, neo, another bottle of geritol and some wife beaters.
In the process of being at Walmart picking a few things up.. I started cramping so bad. 20 minutes later my lady friend (we ain't really friends tho) came to visit me. I was actually happy because I didn't want to see her while I was in the DR. I'm already gonna be in pain last thing I needed was to be cramped up. . Now I need to make sure I get this 5lbs off that normally comes along with my cycle. (Maybe because I start craving bad stuff) like right now it's 5am and I'm sitting here eating hibachi. :-/ bad girl.. I know.

*** on another note.

I need a new contact for a nurse. I heard a few girls say zara been standing them up not showing up to cipla and I CANT be alone the first night .. I don't speak that much Spanish.

---is anyone staying at upscale from the 24th -may 1st??

Can't seem to find anyone staying at my RH.

Picked up my documents for travel from the court house today swerve it's official :-)

My PO said I can't wait to see your results . Yea... cause cabral going do his thing thing . (I hope)
I'm not getting a TT. That's the only thing that may cause a round2. For me . But I wore my cincher all day. And tomorrow I won't take it off until it's time to shower . I need to check my weight it's been a week since I weighed in and I'm dying to know what the verdict is. This has been the hardest 50lbs to loose.

I know my entry probably doesn't go in order but I'm more so just talking off the top of my head ..

Every one prepares for sx differently I guess.
Anyway, got a duffle bag and a suitcase. I'll repack 2 nights before I set to leave . Knowing me I'll empty my bag out the morning of anyway just to double check

This week I started turning all my bills into 100's that way I can hide it and conceal such large amount easier I'm stuffing money in my shoes , my suit case and my wallet. I'll leave some money on my debit card just for the meds and faja. I estimated that to be around 500.00

Can't think of anything else right about now.. I'm up and can't sleep so anyone wanna talk surgery talk feeellll free to HMU. I don't be as active in the fb groups after I had an issue with this salty nugget in their.

:-/ hater.

started a little over 250lbs.. proud of my weight loss so far

That's a long ass title lol.. I know :-) I get down and out sometimes about not hitting 200lbs yet but it's been a struggle . Proud of myself thus far.. decided to upload a few pics the black shirt is march 7th I was feeling myself . I cut my head off the pics I don't want anyone finding me and me like OHHHHHHH THAT'S **

LOL anyway the one in the pink shirt was a week ago at the gym. I definitely was feeling myself when I first bought those yoga pants from Aero they didn't fit. But I didn't wanna leave them at the store

Tuesday rapidly approaching

My grandma called me tonight and was like I hope your mopping and cleaning your house before you leave . I didn't feel like doing a bunch of house work but she was right I Def don't Wanna come back home and do anything. It sucks I have to work the DAY AFTER I COME BACK may 2nd. :-/ which is ok. I'm just going to dope myself up on pain meds. I'm so nervous about everything. Flying over seas, having so much money on me and possible complications.
My nerves are getting to me. I wish someone was at least going with me that I knew. I can't even find a consistent surgery buddy. Everyone change dates like panties . Lol poor me.
It's OK I'm excited .
Can't wait to meet liz from upscale ;-)

3 Days left.. Oh Boy!

I'll be working double shifts from now until 3 hours before I leave for DR. I will be sleepy AF but since Im working on a promotion and I'm Not on paid Time off I have to grind , can't come back Broke.. This surgery is very very costly lol. I see it as an investment though so I'm not tripping.. (I am tripping actually , for all this money I better be famous lol , JK)
.. Anyway, I've been texting a few Preop dolls that ive met on here and on one of the Cabral groups on FB.. Hopefully i'll meet someone in person..
I packed my Bags last night before I came to work. I couldn't believe it.. I've been stalking RS for almost a Year and its finally happening.
My ideal shape is to look like Catya Washington from BGC . IDk if you ladies know who im referring too but she's thick and still looks classy. I don't want a BIG OLE delicious Booty..
**way too much junk in the trunk for me**
I have a lil something something, I just want that thing to poke out back there..
I checked my weight today, Very happy with myself thus far but If i can drop 6-10lbs before I board this plane I will be ecstatic.

My friend told me she is going to Almonte in July (may be messing the spelling up, IDK)
maybe I'll take a trip back to DR when she goes , (gotta check my funds tho, the way my account is set up.. lol)

I packed an extra charger for my phone, and an extra Pair of Headphones.. Just incase.
Packed my Bible , and this inspirational TD Jakes book that my grandma sent to me, she told me Its a short book so I'll be able to finish it on the flight. (I'm like OK gram, I'll read this book .. geesssh lol)


Still haven't spoken to anyone who is staying at upscale.. I'm sp excited to get there I keep looking at the pics online.. I hope everyone is friendly when I get there.

As soon as I get to the Airport I will update you ladies..

11lbs to go 2 more days -_- .. uhoh.

I know I said I would update ya'll at the airport, But the way my Job is set up.. I have 2 hours left to clock out so i decided to come say hey girl hey real quick lol..

Went to the gym today and went IN!, I stayed on the treadmill until I burned damn near 700 calories.. I aim for about 1k Calories per session.. I weighed in today.. I have 11lbs to loose before I hit my goal.. my BMI is a 35 Right now, And im hearing girls are being turned away, I NEED to loose this weight.. I don't know what more I can do in 48 hrs.. But I'll be drinking liquids from now until the time I get on the Plane. I NEED to be as close to the goal as I possibly can. Wouldn't want to get all the way over there and they turn me around. I need some ADVICE real quick What will drop 11lbs. It doesn't have to be fat it can be water weight for all I care lol.. As long as that scale says 200lbs by the morning I leave.

I'm not stressing it tho, I Came this far that I'm sure everything will be just fine.,

One thing about me is that I can be convinced easily.. some of these chicks will put all types of thoughts into your head about surgery and they ain't even having surgery..
I bought another bottle of Geritol, I started drinking it yesterday and I was spotting again.. Like tf/?
I quickly stopped drinking it .. I don't want it to make my flow come back.. NO NO NO


UMM what else is on my mind..
My hair.. I got some box braids in right now so I won't have to worry about my hair while im there
I see people getting blow outs and shit.., nah i don't have time to be out visiting the world and shit ima be trying to sleep and heal lol. I got some moves cooking up once i heal..

AND BIKE WEEK IS AROUND THE CORNER, Def wanna be atleast well enough to enjoy some of the
festivities lol.. I stopped smoking about a month ago, Proud of myself.. Haven't touched not a single gram .. and I probably won't anytime soon don't want to mess the money up lol

Still no surgery buddy.. I'm like 2peas in a bucket .. Fck it., right about now
maybe ill meet someone at the airport . Anyone connecting from FL to DR on the 22Nd.?? lemme kno :-)

2 hours to go until I leave for the airport

Just checked my weight for the last time.. I'm Not going to eat or drink anything until I land in DR lol. IDGAF i can't afford to gain a single lb or even a half a lb. I talked to cabral today and told him I had some water weight he said thats ok.. He better not act brand new when I arrive lol..

Made 2 copies of my passport , (my mom thinks someone is gonna steal it from me, but my question is if they did take the passport would this copy even suffice for the original to get me back in the states)??

I packed my waist cincher I was going to wear it until I got to DR but didnt want to have an issue when I went through the gates at the airport so I decided not to bother with it

*** I'm at work so anxious right about now
Is anyone up and ready to leave??

text me !!.. inbox me or send a comment I'll send ya my Cell #


it's really quiet aside from this dog that's been barking since I got here lol. Anyway ××× The flight from myrtle beach to FT. Lauderdale was decent very clean and quick trip... now the issues came when I got to Ft. LAUDERDALE. No charger outlets so I had to stand and find one behind a soda machine . The wifi sucked and I was tired ... probably looked unfriendly at the airport but I wasn't in the mood really wanted to sleep and get to cabral.. finally I board the plane to DR.
This man is sitting in my seat Which wouldn't have been an issue if I didn't have the Window seat .
Needless to say he got up and gave me my seat ( I sensed and attitude but if u wanted a Window u should have PURCHASE a seat.. don't be cheap and do RANDOM lol...

.So current . got to cipla about 3pm (4/21) .. had my blood work done (they did it twice because the first time she said my hemo didn't seem right, she was so use to girls coming with low hemo she wanted to "recheck" .. -_- lol .. anyway I hate needles and wasn't pleased ... next I did the xray.. Spanish guy flirting lol . He said the test was great even though I didn't understand how he wanted me to breathe the first couple times. . Couldn't get the EKG done because she wasn't there I'll be at CIPLA by 7 to get it completed.
I ate pineapples and drunk pineapple juice when I first arrived . It taste so good.. and the dinner was A1. (Had fried chicken and mash potatoes (only ate a few spoons of it) still 6lbs shy of my weight

Some pics I took on the drive around the city

3 days post op..

Okay.. I'm a few days post op--late on my update but trust my first two days I was MISERABLE.

Day before surgery : Arrived at the airport and was Like Where tf am I at.. I wanted to hurry and get my baggage cause I had so much stuff in there I couldn't afford to loose my bags. After I got through customs and got my 10.00 travelers card I went and met my driver (angel from upscale) First let me say he is A steaksauce he was a key component in my surgery being successful.
I got to Cipla and immediately got my Blood drawn And my xray. . The guy who did the xray was talking about how big my breast were .. (I'm thinking yea yea I know just do my damn test man..)
The ekg was closed so I wasn't able to do it I was alil sad because I didn't want it to hold me back from the surgery the next day .
Went back to the recovery house and slept.. I met my girl Patricia (one of my roommates at upscale she's a vet thankfully she has been so helpful since I got here).
I slept all night anxious for the next day I woke up at 5am and was just waiting until he got there to pick us up.. my roomie went to baez and then he dropped me off at Cipla.
I got my ekg done , waited around had to go see cabral (loved his office) and his wife was so cute her body is on 100.
I got admitted into Cipla and then had to get a room , about 6pm they wheeled me into surgery ... 11pm I got out of surgery (didn't sleep during the entire surgery , none of the drugs they gave me would work.) That blue pill was a joke. Didn't even make me drowsy.

immediately after surgery

So I told u I was up the entire time during surgery . I was so scared when I was in the operating room, I couldn't breathe I couldn't swallow (I did not know that it was supposed to be a normal reaction ) I was so scared .

I remember being rolled into the room and I was shivering, like literally so cold I couldn't handle it. My nurse Patricia (from my recovery house) Was trying to rub my arms for me and she got me 2 sheets (I guess they don't believe in blankets or damn comforters) .

I was hungry and thirsty as hell.
They kept telling me 4 hours and I could eat . I tried to go to sleep woke up in what seemed like 6 hours and asked for food it had only been 2 hours ... what the fuckkkkk. Feed me please
I couldn't wait to leave cipla.
Finally I woke up again and I was able to eat. They came to clean my up the next morning and by 11 am. I was discharged and ready to go.


Before my surgery with him I went to yily office . Someone was in Cabral office in so much pain apparently she was several burnt. On top of that his quote was much higher and he's know for messing up his breast. But he took so much time with me... He did such a good job on my breast I haven't even worn a bra since surgery. The first 2 that they gave Me didn't fit.. I wonder what bra size I am..
I'll let u ladies know tomorrow what size I am.

First day Back at work.. LETS REVIEW THIS SURGERY

Sorry for the delay, And i appreciate everyone who reviewed my blog and sent those nice messages to me , and wishing for a safe flight and recovery.

Today was my first day back at work.. I Have about 30mins left in my shift so I decided to update .
The first night of surgery like I stated before was the absolute worst .. I was freezing . I was up the entire time and Couldn't stop my teeth from chattering.. After I left CIPLA and got to the RH I slept and slept and slept and slept some more.. This surgery is not a CAKE walk.. For some reason I thought I would be 100% afterwards.. Luckily I dedicated myself to getting healthy before surgery I didn't have a single complication..

The time I spent in DR was great for the most part.. Overall with a few bumps along the way I enjoyed my stay at the recovery house.. I stayed at (UPSCALE, for everyone who asks again) . The price is very reasonable.. They came to my aid when I needed assistance and the place was clean.. The wifi sucked (reasons I wasn't updating daily as I had promised before Surgery) .
The other complaint I had was the assisting with washing up.. If it wasn't for Zara (THE NURSE) i would have been OUT OF LUCK on bathing.. I love her.. if you need anyTHING! I MEAN ANYTHING SHE IS THE GIRL TO GO TO.

My driver (ANGEL) I also really recommend his services.. he went with me to CIPLA each and every time I had an appointment or checkup or whatever and made sure the communication was A1 between me and the staff . ( THEY WILL GET OVER ON YOU IF YOU LET THEM.. I know enough spanish not to get fucked over.. but someone coming with no knowledge whatsoever will be in state of panic.. Its ok tho.. you don't need to take a spanish course for surgery.. Make sure you have your money right.. and CONFIRM CONFIRM CONFIRM.. if its via whatsapp save the messages cabral tried to REQUOTE me upon my arrival .. (No no little daddy,.. that's not what you said, and I showed him my phone.. ) I'm only paying what YOU TOLD ME TO PAY. No more than that.

the 5th night , me and my roomies.. ( I love them.. )
needed to get out the RH asap.. It felt like a jail. I can't take being in one house for days on in without doing anything .. lol.. granted your supposed to recover but aside from my migraines and minor leg pain I was ready to walk around.. The food is ok.. But it ain't got nothing on US cooking.. TRUST ME. Im a foodie (means i eat alot of shit don't question my authority on this subject lol)

The Plane ride..
Flight from DR didn't take off on time.. So when I got to florida went through customs (Guess who missed her flight.. I'm crying and exhausted.. then I find out its been delayed.. OK GREAT. (No not great, because now I'm back to waiting and I really need my bed.. Being away for so long and not being in a familiar territory gets kinda sad)
FLIGHT DELAYED AGAIN.. wtf at this point I wanna Say mean stuff to the people who work for spirit , Yea i know they can't control it but oh well someone needs to take the fall for this.. So I got real aggressive with them..

WHEELCHAIR ASSISTANCE ( is a MUST) .. I won't go into the full details of this and why its so important just take my word for it .. you'll need it and you won't regret it.. Plus its free so hell take advantage of the help// you'll need it

I know my update is pretty scattered , I really don't right in sequence I write off the top of my head.. so if your expecting a play by play I apologize lol.. if i didn't answer a question in my Blog please write me a comment When I get the email notification I will reply to you.. And if its something personal shoot me a message I will reply..

I finally took some full body pics.. I was alittle sad about my butt at first.. i thought i would come off the table with a fat ass.,. NOPE it was flatter than before i had surgery .. Now im about 9days PO and that thang back there is growing lol (fluffing as the vets say lol) Cabral said JULY i will see my results but I am loving my body thus far.. it'll only get better.
This FAJA fucks.

The ratio

So my ass hasn't "fluffed" yet. It looks flat to me . But boy when I got to work last night the attention was ridiculous ..
I'll post more at my 1 month mark maybe the ass will be poking out by then

Update on my breast

So tonight is my second night back and Everyone Is talking about how big my breast are.,.,, I COULD have sworn I got a breast reduction.. .. I think because they sit up so Perky they still look big. Sent cabral some pics because Im so pleased with his work.. He is really a hit or miss type of breast doctor.. And he HIT me .. and hit hard lol.. I can't stop looking at my tits I had a dream last night that I woke up and they were sagging . SCARY, cause I don't ever wanna do surgery again.

I want to shower!

I know they say 14 days but OH MY GOSH its taking so long to get here . Im sick and tired of these baby wipes.

Going to the hospital tonight

I woke up this morning and the skin on my areola was gone
it may not be a big deal I thought, then my breast started swelling.. Im not the type to wait so im leaving work an hr early tonight to find out whats going on.. Cabral said he is going to call me tonight so In the mean time im going to the ER. ill keep you ladies updated

Spent the night in the Hospital ....

Hey ladies, Quick update..
I ended up going to the ER, they ended up admitting me to the big hospital down here they wanted me to see the surgeon general because my left breast was way bigger than the right one ;-( poor boobs.. I went through a series of tests Blood work after blood work Cat scan xrays etc.. And they found nothing.. (OK SO WHY IS MY BREAST SWOLLEN) .. I was not going to go back home until they gave me a reason or a logical explanation of something! .. once i got admitted i stayed over night about 6 hrs later this FINE ASS doctor comes in.. gives me my results tells me that my White cells are high and it was either due to stress or recent trauma he said seeing as how i am 2 weeks post he wanted to check to make sure my stress levels are down because it can effect me in the long run.. anyway, they gave me 2 strong ass antibiotics and he told me if what they gave me didn't cure a possible infection nothing would.. lets just say within 3 hrs those boobs were same size and I was heading out the hospital and guess where i went .. (home for 4 hrs then back to work... MY DAMN BOSS OWES ME . I need a share in this company lol)... anyway, Im doing much much better, This morning before I came to work my right breast began to do the same thing as the left breast.. I wasn't scared at this point because I know that all that skin is going to come off now.. Part of me feels like maybe i should have gotten my breast done here in the states but its ok.. I appreciate cabral and his staff and Even more than that Cabral himself called me at work around Midnight (5/09) and checked on me.. I told him at the end of the conversation I wanted to come back for a TT (which i was against at first, but he gonna work out a good price for my troubles )... So RD2?? lol maybe in the future.. I am leaning toward yes.. he said 6 months to a yr.. Im leaning closer to the year...

ASS update: Im 16 days PO and its getting there.. Im still waiting on a dramatic difference but Im wondering if its because my stomach isnt flat that I feel like my booty aint that big?? who knows.. everyone tells me to have patience and thats what i'll do... Soon as i hit 1 month I will send u ladies some pics.. In the mean time.. its almost BIKE WEEKEND down here.. Won't be in any wet tshirt contests with these breast trying to heal lol.. But im going to enjoy the festivities in a long tight dress.. this second stage faja got me looking like DAMN GIRL! lol.. hopefully I can learn to stay in it all day and maybe this stomach will flatten up like my back did.

He's still the king .

My breast are healing. . Ladies who are having surgery please please know that preparing for sx is crucial but your after care is mandatory. I see a lot of ladies who get the sx and Don't take the necessary precautions after to heal.. it's very important . I have new pics of my breast but didn't post cause they are kinda gross don't want to discourage anyone.. cabral told me he wanted me to wait on the tt for at least 7 months . So ill go back in the winter if I need too..but I lost 50lbs in preparation for the sx so I'm sure I can loose my stomach but it's so hard. That's the one area my fat doesn't want to leave from. I've been waist training and hopefully the compression helps with my tummy. I'm definitely noticing a difference already in the last 2 weeks . I don't check this as much I've been working mad hrs trying to save and start a company up *stay tuned*

Day 10 in the hospital :-(

Almost feels like I'm at a recovery house all over again. .. I know it's been a little minute since my last update I posted some photos on Facebook and they spread all over the Internet. .. people don't really care about you like they should. I met this nice gorg lady who started a paypal sign up for me ... her and a few others donated a few dollars to me and that put the biggest smile on my face ever ... granted it's not a necessity especially when you don't know a person or never been in that situation but it was such a blessing.

When I first came for the check up the doctor said " why haven't you came to see my sooner " .. he admitted me right away and unbeknownst to me I would be staying for a little while... I'm so ready to get back to my Normal routine but that won't happen for a little the gym and my job are calling me .. literally lol. They like where you at hoe! And my job has been supportive but how ironic I just got a promotion and the next day I had this to happen.

To speed the story up the whole time after I got back from DR I had been sending pics to papa letting him know what my concerns were and each time he said to keep it clean it'll heal I guess it's kind of hard to actually diagnose something through Whatsapp. . So each time I felt pain and pressure I just tried to keep it clean the whole time I had MRSA and another infection I can't pronounce but I'm taking (cipro) for the one I can't pronounce. So I finally got here and they found the 2 infections . Did my surgery to remove the dead tissue from my breast and now I'm on a treatment to regain the skin and tissue that died . I had to have a pick link inserted as well because I have small viens. This hospital bill is going to be BANANAS #FIXITJESUS LOL!!
I have no insurance. . But hey they going just have to put it on my credit .. they famous for that anyway.

I have an updated pic I will share . Just to show the little improvement so far which I am very happy about ..
Hopefully this time next week they will do the skin graft and cover these babies up .

A lot of people say they are glad I'm in good spirits..I appreciate that. But I place blame on no one . I am happy to be Alive and still kickin.. only thing I really want is a Fat blunt when I get out of here and a glass of armoretto sour. .. yumm!!

AsS update! Lol its finally growing .
Round 2 in Oct and I can't wait ..

I'm doing OK tho overall. Some days are better than others .. I keep throwing up from all this crap in my system but I'm healing so that's all that matters...

I'll be back with an update soon.
For faster updates and questions hit me on Facebook or send me a KIK. It's instant lol..


body update

So I'm 1 or 2 days from being 7 weeks post op... I will be having another round of surgery I know everyone is like uh oh.. but I carefully selected my surgeon ( I will be doing another blog after this one is done) ... I'll be going to yily.. still love papa C but I'm dying for one of those yily waists hopefully she stuff my cheekiesss.

Road to recovery

Hey ladies ... I'm back.. sorry for the long wait lol, hope everyone is doing great and preparing for their sx.. I was released from the hospital after 15 days.. Yes over 2 weeks i was going NUTS! idk who I am friends with on facebook but if you watched my videos from my hospital blog you should already know lol.. They have me home care right now and each week I go for follow up care.. the infection meds are completely finished and my breasts are doing soooo much better.. the guestion i keep getting via email, facebook , etc is "would you do it all over again".. my response is of course I would. I would not have been able to sleep if i didn't get a chance to experience this surgery. Yes of course we all want to go to DR and spend our time in a recovery house, come back to the states , heal alittle more and be perfect, but it doesn't always work like that. I missed lots of money from work, gained like 6lbs in the hospital (not really but it felt like it lol constantly eating and not moving around) but it was all worth it.. WHY? because this time around I know what I need to do to insure I am 100%. Following certain posts and other peoples rituals for after care does not always work, I have alot of medicine from the hospital left over to help for RD2 (which i am still planning with yily)
I will update some pics.. My cabral body is finally coming together !

Thanks for all the prayers ladies :-)

3 Months Post Op (time flew by)

Its been officially 3 months....
I can honestly say I have no regrets I loved every moment of this procedure .. My breast are still healing and they are progressing and def getting better than when you ladies seen them. Overall i have spent about 1k on supplies and medicines for my breast post op care since surgery,...
I love cabral as a surgeon and can't wait for my rd2. I am confirmed and will def be having surgery with yily in december. TT, BBL and lipo.. I can't wait. I will be sending off my deposit and reserving my date with her. I know it will be December but which date I am unsure of, I'll be going back to school in the fall and very excited to embark on a new journey I have learned so much since this first procedure and I know now what i should do and what i won't do in the future.. Liz sold her recovery house (upscale) and i planned to reserve there again. Not sure which RH i will let take care of me this time around. anyone have an suggestions in terms of RH? any favorite places ..??

overall I am going with yily , and I won't change my mind.. I will be a Barbiedoll for sure...
Can't wait.. I will upload some pics for you ladies later on as well as a questionaire that was sent to me

xoxo Jai.

Frequently asked questions (3 months post op)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If you could do anything differently, what would it be? (ie ask for more ccs in your bbl, choose a different doctor) and why? I would have asked for hips, I mentioned it but I don’t think I was as adamant about it as I should have been.. I would have also gotten the tummy tuck instead of the reduction and saved the reduction for another surgeon
2. What was your family/friends reactions after seeing your new body?
They were shocked at the fact that I actually lost the weight, and after seeing that I was serious about the reduction they loved it… once I actually posted pics the hate became real. People love what you say and hate to see the results
3. Are you happy with your results?
-I am very happy with my results, I knew going in I would need a second rd because of my stomach. As far as my butt I am very pleased with the results. I wanted something big and coming from flat cakes to very decent noticeable cakes I love it.. I’ve never been able to take pics from the side or full body .. now I can’t stop.. im way happy with myself and my confidence has boosted 100%
4. How much did you spend after coming back home to maintain your surgery results? Almost 1k. appointments, supplies and medicine for my breast
5. How long did it take for you to see your desired results?
-at my 1 month mark I started seeing a shape. My butt was a box at first at the 2nd month it rounded out and starting getting fatter, as of today I am 3 months p.o and I think that my butt will be even better in the next 3 I am adding squats and weights to my butt workouts
6. What procedure would you say is the most/least painful?
-Most painful was the bbl –it really hurt to sleep on my butt it felt like the skin was stretched and it was very flat and hard. The lipo- was very easy didn’t experience any pain in that area
7. Did you take any pain meds with you? Which would you say are the most effective?
-I did not take any with me. I used a pain pill from the DR and I mixed it with a sleeping pill for allergies and slept like a new born every night once I started hurting
8. How long after surgery until you started working out? I am 3 months post op today and have not started back working out yet.
9. for lipo only, would you suggest drains? No. I have heard that can be very unsanitary in terms of stuff getting around the tube. A friend of mine had to have hers removed because it stopped draining ,
10. how much total (including surgery) did you spend while in dr? On what? About 6800k. – I went shopping, had the surgery done and we went out to eat several times
11. how long until your lipo and bbl areas softened?
-2 months
12. when did the constant pain stopped?
-about 2 weeks post op
13. How long did the swelling last?

-about a month… and on and off if I don’t wear my faja

14. How long until you felt 100%?
-2 months (other than my breast)
15. If you had a tt, when were you able to go back to sleeping on your stomach?
16. Did you have to have the iron shot? What was your hemo pre-op?
-no .. my hemo was a 14.1 when I got to dr. which was actually a 13.1 there
17. Did you get your period while recovering? How did you handle it?
18. Any tips on faja care?
-I wash my faja a couple times a week. I also use a waist trainer on top of it when I am really trying to be good. I will say to keep it on for as long as you can. I was very bad with that the first 2 months I wouldn’t wear it some days
19. How do you know what size faja to buy post op? you won’t .. I don’t suggest anyone purchase a faja without having the surgery done yet
20. How do you pick what breast size when going for lift/augmentation/reduction? I didn’t pick a cup size I just simply said make it look nice for my body. We agreed on d-dd
21. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate pain from lipo? Bbl? Tt? Bl/ba? Lipo 4(light pain) BBL 10 (painful)
22. How long before you heal enough to go back to a desk job?
-I went back to my desk job the day after I flew back from surgery I was swollen but very sexy;
23. Does your butt vary in size during bbl healing? One day it’s larger, next day smaller? Yes most definitely. some days I wake up and it looks huge then other days I put my faja on an I swear its like it shrunk my ass
24. Any dos or donts for recovery? Don’t stress.. and avoid the surgery groups if they are negative sometimes people can make the situation a lot worse for you than it actually is. Your going to be very emotional and the last thing you need is any pre op girls talking shit.
25. Name one thing we should not go to dr without? A heated blanket..! that mother f*** night after surgery was hell. I cried all night long and was freezing
26. Did you lose weight post op? How much?
27. What were your measurements pre op? post op?
-never took my measurements pre or post op..

4 months Post op...

Hey ladies..thanks for all the continued support throughout my journey,..its crazy that I went from 5 months pre op to 4 months post.. Damn time is flying by. I have come along way with my breast since the first month of surgery.. Granted i didn't have the easiest recovery I don't regret having surgery it was something i couldn't sleep without doing.. Literally everyday i woke up thinking about my weight and having surgery.. I probably gained about 10lbs since surgery and its all gone to my ass lol.. I regret not getting the tt tho, im having surgery in December and still deciding between almonte and yily.. almonte gave me a really great price with everything included but i still felt it was too much.. Yily price was cheaper my issue with her is that when she hits she HITS!! but when she misses.. oh lord.. SHE MISSES big time.. I need a phatter ass, everyone on FB be asking why im getting a second bbl and i love the ass cabral gave me but i want that thing talking behind me . I need alot more ass behind me when Im walking.. I want to be able to clap my but cheeks while Im standing still type stuff lol.. NO IM NOT A STRIPPER .. im just obsessed with big ole booties..

MY BREAST? i will post a current pic of them tomorrow they are wrapped up right now and I don't want to take everything off while I am at work.. Below I will post some pics of me..

Any Questions: Hit me in my messages or on FB , I'm in most of the groups.

few pics and a video .. :-)

Ass... ass.. asssssss.
Lol next round tt.bbl. full lipo

pics coming tonight

I will also post updated pics of my boobies.. still not wearing a bra

Preparing for Rd2

Ladies.. I am undecided. Yily or Almonte. I keep asking this question on facebook and everyone has a different outlook on both ladies.. I love dra Yily, i just fear if she is busy i wont get her signature body.. and If i go with almonte she may not be as vixen like as i want.. ugh. time is ticking tho.
help!!! starting a new review.

no respect on this site

Thanks to people taking my photos and blasting them on instagram I won't be sharing anymore . Thankfully this was sent to me , I can't believe people are petty Enough to steal my photos and make collages and shit... that's so nasty and sick... ugh -_- .
Deleting my new journey as well..
I sent her a message and asked about this bullcrap.. no response. Typical


this bitch is stealing pics..
I just deleted mine off both journeys and i shut my facebook page down as well.
Damn you can't post anywhere anymore .. people have no respect ., and don't realize how hard it is for me to share my life and all this turmoil i went through .. just take my photos and use them to make fun of me. .. it hurts my feelings and its evil.

Stay blessed everyone.
Thanks for all the blessings and well wishes. I will be going through this journey alone.. thanks to little critters who can't stop screenshotting my ish.

BBL still going strong

Hey ladies .. I'm officially 9 weeks post for round (2)-- tummy tuck and liposuction. I did a minor touch up on my bbl I don't think they added anything tho, cause I expected a realllll fat booty lol.
Dr. Hector Cabral

Everytime I ask Dr. Cabral a question on whatsapp or email him I get a prompt response.. His assistants are very helpful as well.

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