2 Kids/ 35 Yrs Old, Need Some Booty...BBL It Is - Dominican Republic

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Well after researching so much about all these...

Well after researching so much about all these different doctors I think I will stick to somebody I already know. I rather be safe than sorry. 11 years ago I did a tummy tuck and breast reduction with her and loved her. She doesn't over book herself she cares about her patients she will treat you like family. Why am I coming back no well I'm 35 now back then she didn't perform BBL when I did the tummy tuck. The anesthesia didn't treat me well but it never has, my doctor kept me 3 days at the clinic and even after I was dismissed she was calling me to check how I was doing. I know if I'm concerned about something she will be available for me. The incision she makes are very thin.
I called yira last night she said she will perform the surgery for 3,200 after seen my pics. She's doing lipo sculpturing she wants to remove fat from my back hips thighs arms. My husband said not the thighs please I love your thighs. Like its his body not mine Lol. Anyway I'm going on a short vacation for memorial day weekend and want to go see her in person to see if her expectations are eye to eye with mine. Plus I would like to see some of her before and after BBLs since I haven't seen any of her BBLs. Then I will schedule surgery for Jun 22, 2015. So I'm 180 pounds, my height is 5'4" had 2 kids. Since I had my kids I lost the shape of my ass. I need ass. No more putting it off

The doctor I chose

Back to my surgery journey again.

ok ladies so i didnt do the surgery because a lot happened when i was planning on it, including me getting pregnant. well now not only do i have to do a BBL but a breast reduction a mini tummy tuck and lipo. so Yira went from 3,200 to 4,700 due to the other proceedures she feels i need now that i didnt need back then after getting pregnant. these are the pictures now.

before pics

cant wait for a change
Dr. Yira Tapounet Brugal

Dra. Yira is a wonderful caring doctor who I've gotten breast reduction and tummy tuck from like 11 yrs ago. The scars she makes are very thin. She is always available when you call her cell 1-809-330-7199 she has whatsapp I sent her my pics there for this new surgery I want to get. Doctor has been a surgeon since 1992 and she's not well known by many because she doesn't promote herself or uses media. She's old fashioned when it comes to technology, I would say. But she's always there when you need her. My mother and cousins have also done surgery with her and they look great too.

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