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I recently emailed Dr. Walkiris Robles a few...

I recently emailed Dr. Walkiris Robles a few months but not until last week August 17th I made it clear to myself I wanted it done right after my birthday but school scheduling was interfering so I booked it for december 2016, new year new me! I am 5'5, 140. It is only august so i am trying to gain some more fat before I fly out. But I am really excited. I have emailed other surgeon from the DR, but i found DR. Walkiris more trustworthy and fair on price and everything else that goes with my surgery. Emailing usually takes a day to get back at, but overall she made everything clear. Very organized step by step instructions. My quote is $4,500. Includes House recovery 6 days, food, care, surgery. Plus the extras i might have to pay thats not included was around $800. Then my flight from Hawaii to DR is $1,000 so overall I'm paying around $6,000 for everything. I really cannot the countdown has begin!! (:

How many days should i stay in DR if my flight is 15 hours long? Is two weeks enough?!

Since i am not getting enough answers from doctors on here ill make my question as a review. I am flying to the DR from hawaii, flight is 15 hours long. If my surgery date is on december 2nd and i fly back on december 15, which is two weeks prior is that enough time to heal before i fly back?? I don't want to waste my money on a bbl and then have my butt flat again. The doctors on here recommend to not sit for 2-3 weeks and to buy a bbl pillow and i would be fine. And while I'm on the plane i shouldn't sit for more than 30 minutes, i should get up every 30 minutes for a few minutes then sit back down again. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever flew and had a flat butt after? or good results please let me know thanks! (:

November 30th, 2016 arrival to DR, visited Dr. Walkiris Robles

I arrived to Dominican Republic from Hawaii on November 30th. When i arrived the driver, Jeremy picked me up and another girl up. My surgery day was suppose to be December 2nd but had surgery on the 1st, due to the girls who were suppose to have surgery were anemic. When Jeremy picked us up we arrived to get our blood test, lab work, x rays done. It took about two hours. We then arrived where Dr. Robles office and surgery building is at. The assistant Adriana or Ariana had me sign papers and had me sit there and waited for at least 4 hours. There she will take pictures of you "before" have you sign paper and you get your EKG test done there, and wait for your approval for surgery. Also explain to you about the prices for everything that was not included in the package. Because it was about closing time Ariana asked for me to pay my quote before i knew if i could go into surgery or not because my liver enzymes were a little high.. I didn't like that. I should not be paying my quote if I do not know if I am having surgery or not. But anyways she said that i had to pay it before she got off work because i would not see her tomorrow, so I paid it. The total for the surgery for lipo in arms, back, and tummy and bbl fat transferred to your butt cost $4,500 which included recovery house, all the lab test for approval of surgery, and the driver, and medicine. Which was BULLSHIT i will explain later.. but anyways $300 was deducted from $4,500 when i made a deposit before surgery so I gave her $4,200 + $150 insurance that could be used after surgery within 30 days up to $1,000. After waiting for so long and waiting for the EKG man to come which was near 9 pm, I was then told i was approved for surgery and was brought to a recovery house called "paradise". I did not get to meet with Dr. Robles the day before surgery.

Surgery Day! December 1st, 2016

Surgery Day, I was the first one to get my surgery since I only did lipo and bbl. I got up before 7 am, and Jeremy picked me up, headed to Dr. Robles. Waited a few minutes and then I was called in to Meet Dr. Robles and she marked me and took some pictures. I had to change and took a blue pill then fell asleep. I was really really excited. I been wanting a butt for so long(: And Dr. Robles is really nice but you won't see her much before surgery the only time you will see her is surgery day and a few days before you head back home. She does at least 3-4 surgery a day.

After Surgery, December 1st-2nd, 2016

I woke up in another room after surgery, the nurses and doctors were really nice. They checked on me a lot and fed me some blended soup. I was in good care, until they wanted me to pay for all these ridiculous things. Usually when you have a BBL, you don't need a blood transfusion. Let me just say my Hemo was 15.3. which was excellent for surgery. So i paid two blood transfusion $110/110 = $220. and then i paid for oxygen therapy for two hours. which cost $100/100= $200 and Jeremy had me pay him $10 to go to oxygen therapy each time I went.. when that was the doctor decision. So when I thought medicine was included in the package. It isn't.. You have to bring $300+ for the other medication such as more cream, IV, and other pills. I only brought an amount with me because they stated everything on email and I thought I was fine but nope I then had $0. Literally $0 cash, i didn't have my card on me so I couldn't use it. And it was bullshit! Total i spent more than $1,000 for the "extras". They kept saying I needed this and that this and that... When i had $0 i told them i have no money i don't have any money to even survive at Newark airport before i get home, which was a 14 hour layover. I was hooked to a bunch of shit as well. Like a blood drainage, oxygen mask, IV. When I told them i had no more money the other doctor who came to visit me at the recovery house said I needed IV, if not Dr. Robles won't let me go home. Im just thinking in my head i really had $0. I just also think how I was paying with USD and US money value was much greater than pesos... and everything was so damn expensive. I think they really was just trying to take as much as they could because I am from the US. But anyways I got switched to a different recovery house the day after surgert. The recovery they took me too was okay, nothing fancy I shared my room with another girl the first night. All the girls i met from the recovery house had the same experience with the money problem. Instead of tricking us about how much the surgery cost and how much to bring I think they were being smart and waited for us to arrive and get the surgery and lure us in on paying a bunch of things that were not included and were not explained to us before we came for surgery. They knew that if we were already here for surgery we would have to pay for whatever stuff we "needed".


So when i had $0 cash after everything i had to pay for.. They still told me i had to do this and that. I had to have a friend transfer money to me through western union. SO if anyone plans to have surgery in the DR with Dr. ROBLES please please either bring your card or bring extra extra cash!!! or make sure they aren't tricking you with a bunch of unnecessary things you don't need.. I spent more than $6,000 for this surgery when my quote that "included things" was only $4,500. If they tell you, you need more oxygen therapy say no or say you don't have anymore money because thats what ate most of my money. I been going to oxygen therapy every single day since i had surgery for 2 hours which cost $100 for 1 hour. I also think the insurance is stupid $150.. because we damn well know Dr. Robles won't let us leave till we are good to go back home. And also 30 days of using the insurance is just bullshit.. and plus we'd be in the states. Just Ridiculous..

December 5th, 2016 4 days after surgery!

How am i feeling? Much better than the 1st thats forsure. Recovery House is okay.. But they are really nice. They fed me well and was nice enough to wash all my clothes. Made sure i took my medicine and help me put on clothes and cream on my bruises from lipo. AND please remember that the blood drainage you will go home with it unless you stay for more than 2 weeks.. and you don't get massages here you will do that at home! I do like my body now, my waist is smaller and my butt is way bigger and i have really nice curves though but the bruising is still here waiting for them to fully heal. Just keep in mind Dr. Robles lipo is aggressive. I am going home on the 7th! I am so excited.. and if y'all asking me if I will ever do this again after having kids.... NO.. If anything id either pay the price id pay or even pay more and go to one in the United States with better equipment, english, and know i don't need to worry about anyone taking my money.
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