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I recently emailed Dr. Walkiris Robles a few...

I recently emailed Dr. Walkiris Robles a few months but not until last week August 17th I made it clear to myself I wanted it done right after my birthday but school scheduling was interfering so I booked it for december 2016, new year new me! I am 5'5, 140. It is only august so i am trying to gain some more fat before I fly out. But I am really excited. I have emailed other surgeon from the DR, but i found DR. Walkiris more trustworthy and fair on price and everything else that goes with my surgery. Emailing usually takes a day to get back at, but overall she made everything clear. Very organized step by step instructions. My quote is $4,500. Includes House recovery 6 days, food, care, surgery. Plus the extras i might have to pay thats not included was around $800. Then my flight from Hawaii to DR is $1,000 so overall I'm paying around $6,000 for everything. I really cannot the countdown has begin!! (:

How many days should i stay in DR if my flight is 15 hours long? Is two weeks enough?!

Since i am not getting enough answers from doctors on here ill make my question as a review. I am flying to the DR from hawaii, flight is 15 hours long. If my surgery date is on december 2nd and i fly back on december 15, which is two weeks prior is that enough time to heal before i fly back?? I don't want to waste my money on a bbl and then have my butt flat again. The doctors on here recommend to not sit for 2-3 weeks and to buy a bbl pillow and i would be fine. And while I'm on the plane i shouldn't sit for more than 30 minutes, i should get up every 30 minutes for a few minutes then sit back down again. Any suggestions? Has anyone ever flew and had a flat butt after? or good results please let me know thanks! (:
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