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So it started like this...Suze you had no pictures...

so it started like this...suze you had no pictures of this man's work but you blindly went to him and let him operate on your face?!?! i am really in aww he does astonishing work.umm yeah.. i was in a group where 2 people died in 2 months i was in.. i witnessed it.. i took a chance with a vet who had no pics..but didn't have a death in 20 years. i mean i was risking it either way.. at the end of the day i made the right decision and it was everything i wanted.. so i know everything happens for a reason... but this is how it actually started... i was 2 weeks from my sx date when the last girl past away. i cried the first time.. & the second time.. but the second time... i went through the doctors friends list.. and found girls that had nice bodies.. i asked them who their doctor was.. and they mentioned this mans name repeatedly.. (someone i had never even heard of) not knowing who he was i obviously knew i had another option.. and i created a group in search of patients that went to him... in another group i saw a girl asking the group about the same man.. it was like confirmation... i asked her to help me find pictures of his patients.. she said she had been looking too. in an entirely other group a girl mentions she was going to the dr same week i was intrigued i inboxed & it was sucha coincidence she just happened to live in the same state too and was going to do her sx with the same doctor i was hearing about.... (fate) yeeah more like i got goosebumbs so i asked her if she would join the group we created the group to find his patients.. she said she herself had very little luck.. but she was dominican & and she said her whole family heard of him and he was famous in her country. still no pics.. we took a chance.. so i switched last minute and jumped on a plane with this girl i met and a week later we were in dr.. everything happens for a reason..because i was so happy with my results i shared it with all the groups i was in because i felt like i had found a hidden treasure nobody knew of.. for the lack of pictures.they still ask me how could you have taken that risk & i explain the doctor i was intially going to had some incident i wrote every single girl i could find on his friend list with a nice body... the few girls that responded..told me somebody else's name i never heard of.. then i saw another member in a group i was in asking about him.. then in a diffrent i met a girl who was scheduled to leave the same day i was and i inboxed her asking who she was going to. freaked me out to hear her say the same name i was constantly hearing and seeing somehow.. it was coming to me.. like a song i wrote...smh. sometimes you get signs in life .. well i took the chance cuz i followed the signs.

now let me share my journey...

The day I got there October 3rd. We were picked up by our host Yenny she met us at the entrance of the airport. Gracias. She rushed us to meet the Doctor as my anticipation increased on our way there I couldn't help but notice the vegetation and debris and decaying roads that quickly reminded me I was in a third world country. I naturally took for granted growing up in palm tree infested sunshine state Florida. When she pulled up to the most modern building I've seen in the whole 2 hours I was in the DR.. I realized we arrived at Plastica Contreras. Sighs as we got out the car I snapped a pic of the building. I'm anxious & scared as we walk through glass doors and inside the building and was told by the front desk take the elevator to the 4th floor. & we did as we waited to meet him in his lobby on the 4th floor there was a balcony to view of the city. We went on the balcony as we were waiting to go behind the two doors we were soon to find out was his office. Once we walked through the doors we were kinda star struck. I was personally I only said hola....... He stood up and greeted us I completely forgot what I wanted and where I wanted it I was really stuck but he asked us if we wanted to do our consultation as we walked through another room in his office he has a separate dressing room and bathroom for his consults. After we left we were told pre op instructions and to be there in the morning at 8am.

October 4 we go to get our ekg at a nearby cardiologist office then get to the clinic and do our labs (first floor has the massage center, cashier, and labs & fajah and drug store) We go upstairs to the 4th floor see Dr C get marked up and he tells us go to the 3rd floor to our room. We shared a room with two hospital beds and plasma tv and a bathroom and shower all completely new. We each had gowns, foot booties, and a hair net on our beds. We pray and just sit in suspense. They give us a key to our room that I left with the nurse. Then this guy comes and knocks on the door you open to see him with the wheelchair hence it's your turn elevator brings you to floor you can't enter without an access card. Pretty much you walk into what looks like a surgical room with the latest state of the art equipment and you meet your anesthesiologist. Lights out. I heard Dr C talking to me but I was out.... Woke up being wheeled back in my room hearing Royal (MY SX BUDDY) calling my name

It's like 4am October 5 I wake up first thing I'm kicking and moving my feet making sure I have my senses I start pretending I'm walking and the anestia must've still been in my veins because I was telling Royal I feel great she agreed and even suggested we get up and go to the bathroom ourselves & we did lol smh yeahhh we did but that was about the last time once that anesia wore off we were glad Yenny stayed the night at the clinic, because it literally felt like we pee'd every hour. I realized shortly after that they kept saline through our iv all night to make sure we stayed hydrated. Couldn't wait for daylight I was hating life. I took pics but I was in pain miserably. The nurses were nice and tried to make light out of the situation. We just laid in bed in sulked... It was a Saturday the doctor doesn't work on the weekends but as the nurses checked our hemo we were surprised to see him in our room asking how we were feeling. Individually we shared our emotions. We all had high hemo levels and were discharged. That day and the next were hell on earth. No exaggeration the pain was INTENSE. I cried no lie a few times not outta any other feeling then pain. But grateful we had a massage out 1st day post op.

Okay Oct 6 so we need fajahs I but one at the clinic ehh it was compression but I wanted a fajate or Salome so we end up at fajate here I was standing there while this little girl insisted I go from my medium to a xs she was 4 ft tall and managed to put this thing on me I had to buy it there was no getting out of it for me... smh.

October 7
Follow up we are told go to the 2nd floor where we wait to be seen by another Doctor who checks our incisions and see's if your collecting fluid. What's cool is.. the clinic has no walls or ceilings between floors its completely open so you can stand on each floor and look to the ones above or beneath you.

From October 7-12 we managed to get massages just about everyday.., so I had a few with Zara who is a nurse, but also does massages and is a sweet lady she gave me tea's and natural remedies she recommends for her patients. But while I spent time at the clinic I took advantage of their massage

I promise you through out this whole experience I wouldnt have changed my mind about my decision with Dr Contreras. I hope my journey will shed some light on the grey areas, but I can assure you he is an excellent doctor, if you choose him you will love your results as well, and his amazing staff. I hugged his plp when I left... Bcuz they were sincere and genuine his assistant spoke no English yet she still knew exactly what I wanted his staff they all remembered me by name. I felt like I made friends. The other doctors, down to the security guard, the staff at the massage clinic, even the cashier got a hug they each talked to me and were always there to help. I wish you the best in your future sx and if you choose Dr Contreras you can close your eyes with no worries. Happy healing I wish you ALL the best! xoxo.




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