Round II: The Glo Up - Dominican Republic

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I'm back at it again. Round 2 in the works but...

I'm back at it again. Round 2 in the works but this time I'll be traveling to the Dominican Republic instead of Colombia. As much as I love Colombian doctors and their work, they're just too conservative for my liking. I'm seeking the exaggerated vixen look and I feel as though a Dominican doctor can give me what I desire.

As of Friday, my hemo is 13.2 and my most recent lab work was flawless meaning I'm more than ready to get surgery now if I wanted but patience is a virtue. I have to plan things right this time around. I also have a $460 flight credit with AA as well as a prepaid deposit for my recovery house.

I haven't purchased anything towards my surgery yet tho. I'm also worried that my doctor won't prescribe me any antibiotics or pain meds because she gave me so much shit my first round. Oh well.


I wonder just how safe blood transfusions are in the DR?


After reading about the dolls dying and going into comas recently has me questioning everything. I'm not really going to get into it because despite everything I read, I feel like I've come too far to turn back. As vain as that sounds.

Praying that the doll in the coma has a breakthrough because things like this is disheartening and it's just a reminder of the risks with going under the knife. Blah. I don't even wanna think about it anymore.

65% ready.

After sitting on the phone with American Airlines for over an hour, my flight is officially booked and I'll be flying out March 6 and returning March 18. I'm only getting lipo and a BBL this round so this should be ample amount of time for recovery for these procedures. I've already sent my itineraries to my surgeon and rh contact. Now I'll just have to stop smoking marijuana (which will be tough), drinking alcohol,start gathering my supplies and start putting more money to the side. I'm more anxious to get this over with.

Maria's RH.

I'll be staying at Maria's RH during my recovery. This RH was highly recommended and has rave reviews so far. Maria and her staff speak English and lives really close to CIPLA. I also read that she provides 3 large meals, has hospital beds and her home is aesthetically pleasing. Maria has great communication and can also assist you with getting quotes from doctors for free. She may still be running a deal for half off on massages. Check her out.

Rambling & such

Submitted my leave request with my job now that I'm officially outta probation. I'll get recovering for a whole pay period (80 hours) and I have enough sick and personal leave to cover that. At this point I don't care if the leave is paid or not, I'm more so concerned with job stability being as though I just got hired not too long ago. *crosses fingers*

My state refund came back and I've already spent $400 of nonsense when that could've went towards items for my surgery. I get paid Friday so I'll replace what I spent. No biggie.

I officially stopped smoking weed and let me tell you, withdrawal symptoms are a bitch. Never knew how dependent I've become on that stuff. I feel like I need it and I'm irritable and I wasn't even a heavy smoker like that. SMH.

Anyway, I'll be in NYC spending the holiday weekend with potential bae. He doesn't know I plan on having surgery again and I'm not sure I'm going to mention it to him because I'm tired of people telling me what I don't need to do. I really don't care to hear anymore opinions. Just wait and see.

I'm so vain that isn't a problem

Spent the weekend in Manhattan with potential bae and had a great time. Lots of food, alcohol and good sex. He's a keeper. I didn't mention my upcoming surgery but I'm pretty sure he put two & two together when I mentioned I was going away to the DR for "business".

So my job told me that I don't qualify for FMLA because I haven't been there for a year but I still need to apply. My doctor also told me she wouldn't fill out my paperwork and to get my plastic surgery to do so and the issue is my plastic surgeon is in another country and doesn't speak or read in English. This is mad annoying. I'm gonna end up having to quit my job because this surgery is more important and to be quite honest, I'm over my job. The pay is good but working in a call center is stressful and I've been looking for a way out. If I quit I'll be eligible for rehire after a few months so I may just apply for another department. Although I don't have anything lined up I'll be applying for jobs in the meantime. I just feel a little uneasy and I pray I won't have to quit my job. Is vanity ever worth it? No but my happiness is something I'm willing to sacrifice anything for.

Slim thick

Feeling myself a bit I guess.

I've got it bad. ????

My friend asked me did love myself and I couldn't answer that. I don't know the answer. Sometimes I feel like I'm getting surgery for the wrong reason. Like this isn't a cure all for low self-esteem...or is it? I just wanna look good and feel confident. I'm an emotional wreck today.

Stranger danger

Made an appt to see my primary doctor next week for my pre-op clearance. I asked for an EKG as well as other labs to check my hemo level and routine screenings. Not sure how they do it in the DR but with my first round I was required to carry lab results and other paperwork from my doctor to my surgeon. I had blood drawn when I got there as well but the more invasive stuff was asked to be done 2 weeks prior to my surgery so I'll follow the same protocol as before just in case. Better safe than sorry right?

So I got a crazy bitch on my hands. Lol. Some chick that I was entertaining (& had to cut off), made a fake FB profile, searched and messaged potential bae with info about me. The info was that bad but damn heaux, mind your business! I realized that I do not want to date a woman and especially one like her so I fell back. I wish her old messy ass would move on with her miserable ass life. The kick is that I've only known her for 2 months! SMH. The shenanigans.


I've been trying to get in contact with Dr. Rojas via WhatsApp to get a quote for vaginoplasty but he's been reading and ignoring my messages. I don't know why but maybe this is a sign that I should just find another doctor especially one here in the states for something as serious as that. I've also been contemplating pushing my third round back to next year because I really want to get my nose done. I've been researching Dr. Ghavami for awhile and I like his work because he specializes in ethnic rhinoplasty and he's really good at it. Not too many doctors can work with wide, bulbous tip African American noses so I'll just save up the money treat myself to a new nose and possibly chin for Christmas. Hopefully I find a sugar daddy first. Ha ha.

Anyway, I got drunk and went to the chick's house to confront her and we argued a bit but I calmed down especially because her son was in the house and he was a pest. She claims she didn't send my potential bae anything and blah blah. I'm over it. I'm starting to catch feelings and the alcohol didn't help either. I just really like this man. A lot.


Iron pills make me so nauseous. I'm gonna try to start waking up and taking them around 6am and going back to sleep because taking them in the afternoon/evening on an empty stomach blows my life. I'll be glad when it's over. I'll also start juicing and making beet smoothies. My goal is to be at a level 14 by my surgery date.

So what I want to accomplish this round is a much smaller waist, more projection and an enhancement with my hips. I do have a seroma from my first round that I didn't get drained so I'm hoping and praying I'll be able to get rid of this burden without needing another tummy tuck. I also don't like this squarish bumper on the top of my ass and I hope it can be lipo'd and made more appealing because it is a hassle and makes my butt not look right.

Quitting my job tomorrow. Sigh.

RS seems like a popularity forum now...

It used to be so fun blogging on here at one point but I notice the little cliques amongst the dolls or whatever. It's cool.

Quit my job today and I feel a sense of relief but I'm still a little tense because I don't have anything lined up. I'll just give it to God at this point.

I'll start purchasing supplies when I get paid later this week. I know VitaMedica's Surgery Recovery supplements are an absolute must as well as a rolled yoga mat because a boppy did absolutely nothing for me my first round. I'm also gonna bring my fajas from r1 with me. Packing as light as possible is the goal.

I'm starting to have second thoughts about my rh after seeing a recent review. Seems like Maria's RH is the cheapest around and every chick and their mother is booking there so the service level is sure to go down. I'm concerned most about the non attentive nurses because that is vital. If I have to book and Airbnb and hire a driver and a nurse and cook so be it 'cause I ain't with that shit.

7 days, 11 hours away from greatness...I'm that close!

Went to my doctor the other day to get my pre-op physical clearance and got the okay to do so. I'll be carrying my lab work over to the DR with me just in case. I've also switched recovery houses and so far I'm pleased with my choice. Just hoping and praying this rh isn't crowded and I'll get to luck up and have my own room even though it sucks I haven't found a surgery buddy yet. It makes recovery 80% better when you have someone else to recover with.

Spending this weekend purchasing the rest of my supplies and preparing myself for this journey. I'm also not sure how I want to do my hair. I'm stuck between braids, faux locs or keeping my pixie.

4d, 12hr, 24min

As time grows near the more anxious I become. I'm pretty much all set. My ex's brother's mom owns a hotel in Santo Domingo and gave me a package deal if I wanted to stay there but it's cheaper to recover at a RH. He is also related to Dra. Disla and I've asked him if he could reach out for me to get a quote because she doesn't have an IG, FB, or nothing which sucks because I'd love to see her work and it would be nice because I may get a hook up since I'm "in" the family. It's whatever tho.

Searching for a good affordable lymphatic drainage masseuse here in the DMV area is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. The dolls in NYC have it made. I reached out to Bella__Barbie because she lives in the area and has had multiple rounds and she told me that she drives all the way up to NY to get her massages. Um, I don't have the time nor money for all that. I found a chick on StyleSeat who offers $60 a session and I'm trying to negotiate a package deal since I'll be seeing her regularly.

Reached out to my doctor last night and he said something disturbing which is making me have second doubts. I usually don't do "wish" pictures but I sent a couple photos of dolls with similar body frames like mine what I'd like to replicate. He tells me that a regular (whose name I won't reveal) told him to do good work on the chicks she refers to him but not to make them look better than her? Bitch, what? That's some spiteful ass hater shit. Like why even refer people to your doctor if you don't want them to look good? Now that makes me not even want to go to him because I refuse to receive subpar results again. I'm starting to regret not returning to Colombia for this round. I'm 4 days out from greatness and Im stressed because this cannot be my life right now.

Things & such

Got a surprise call from my doctor yesterday explaining the concern I had with his work and said hater chick. Although his English wasn't the best (it was well enough) he reassured me things would be fine and not to worry...he will make me look beautiful regardless. I'm glad he reached out off the humble because I was very displeased. He got mad points off that.

I've been admiring Dra. Robles work lately so I reached out for a quote. Needless to say, hell nah. I'm not paying $3900 plus $400 AND more extra fees for a butt lift and lipo. This lady has lost her damn mind. I don't even think Cabral and Yily charges that much for this procedure they're much better doctors. I would never pay that much especially when Dra. Robles didn't have the best reputation before. I requested a quote from Dra. Medina and if her shit is bonkers too, I'll just stick with my doctor. Again, maybe returning to Colombia wouldn't have been a bad thing at all.

On my way!

Missed my flight this morning by a few mins which put me wayy off schedule with my arrival so I arrive at 9pm tonight. However my luggage is already there and I'm slightly worried and salty. Hopefully nobody goes through my shot and steals anything. Im praying actually. I'm currently sitting in the airport at Miami eating lunch/dinner at Friday's. I've been chatting with my RH coordinator and Doctor whom I get to meet tomorrow at 9am. I'm a little blown that I didn't arrive earlier because I could've gotten all of my pre-op tests/evaluations out the way so I could've gotten up early tomorrow and consulted with a couple doctors before I made my final decision but it is what it is. I'll just stick to my first choice and pray for the best.

Also, my period conveniently started again yesterday. Can you say pissed. Ugh. If it isn't one thing it's another. Le sigh.

Finally touched down!

About to call it a night because I have to get up early to try to fight traffic to meet my doctor tomorrow. Anxious is an understatement.

JJ from Sea Lily RH came to pick me up and he's handsome. :) everyone at the house with the exception of 3 dolls are nice.

Made it to the flat side!

Had surgery on 3/8/16 instead of the 7th. Met up with my doctor 3/7/16 for a consultation, pre-op testing/evaluations and paid for my surgery. I had to be at the clinic (which was very luxurious) at 8am. There I met with the anesthesiologist and with my doctor who marked me up and I took the infamous blue pill and then it was lights out. I did not wake up during surgery. I woke up later on that evening and got out of bed by myself (which took about 10 minutes) to go look at my new body. I didn't make it far before the nurses came into my room and made me go lay back down. Needless to say, I've been up and moving around by myself ever since I woke up.

I am extremely swollen and bruised. I also didn't need to have a blood transfusion but I do have to do iron transfusion treatments in the mean time. The doctor ordered no faja for a week and I start my massages tomorrow which I'm SO not looking forward to. I will take photos once I feel and look much better. So far I'm pleased with my results.


Had an appt with my doctor today and it was all but a walk in the park. It was one of the most painful experiences in my life. The pain in my lower back was unbearable. I don't think I ever cried so hard and asked for God's forgiveness. I had so much fluid build-up that it was shameful. My doctor was so damn rough. I thought I'd feel better after that but I don't because of how tight this fucking faja is. I feel like I can't breathe or sit comfortably. IDK how I'm gonna sleep tonight. I also keep getting this reoccurring headaches. Not sure if it's because of my iron or because of this tight ass shaper.

This RH is starting to get on my last nerve. I complained about them bothering me when I sleep because they'll wake me up at random times asking do I want breakfast, lunch, or dinner daily. OF COURSE I DO. This is what I paid for isn't it? This is the second night in a row that I've been up for dinner and nobody has come up to me and asked did I want anything but I think it's funny how every morning they'll come in, wake me up and ask do I want breakfast and lunch. It's too late to eat anything and I'm hungry. Sigh. The other day I had 4 people in my room while I was undressing and one was a man whom I never saw. I don't speak spanish to tell the owner I felt uncomfortable for that random stranger to be in here and the translator/driver left early. It's quite annoying. Another doll also complained about one of the nurses always shorting her on change. At this point I want it to be over and done with. I'm lonely, sad, in much pain and I've been crying every night before bed. I hate this shit. And to think I wanted to get my boobs redone. Ain't no round 3 bih.

Post-op complaints

Sorry I haven't been updating. Haven't felt up to it. I'm going through what they call post op blues.

I arrived back home on the 18th. Before I left I was pretty much over everything. A staff member at the RH was starting to annoy me and I got tired of eating Spanish food after awhile. My swelling and imflammation is still kinda bad and I've even been to the ER once due to intense pain. This round was definitely a challenge for me health wise. I feel like waist isn't as snatched as I wanted nor are my laterals aren't shaped or as big as I'd like. I don't even know how many ccs were injected into either! Smh. Although I sit on my ass more than I should, I can see the difference. I definitely have a shelf booty.

I had a overdue but much needed massage at Lunar Massages in DuPont Circle. They are they cheapest place around that offers lymphatic drainage massages at an affordable price. I ended up getting a membership and paying $55 for a 45 minute massage. Everywhere else was charging $80+ and I'm unemployed so I have to make all my money stretch. I go back Sunday. my fluid has gone down some and I'm hoping and praying that I won't need to be drained again because my doctor won't do it and I don't have $150 to give to a plastic surgeon right now. Or sigh.


Some days are better than others. I still have mad inflammation and it hurts. I've since stopped taking my Percocets because the pain is tolerable. I think I'm ready for a stage 2 faja or take my faja in to be altered smaller. I've been getting massages twice a week for an hour long. The bottom of my stomach is still a little poofy so I'ma gonna have the masseuse pay special attention to that area and I might need to invest in an ab board because the faja cuts. The doctor told me he placed 1140 of fat (19 syringes of 60ml) in each buttock. I just pray that my laterals fluff out more when it's all said and done.

My life is in shambles and my depression and alcohol consumption has gotten worse lately. Pray for me. In the process on planning round 3 which will consist of a nose job, buccal fat removal and new teeth. I just need to find a decent ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in Colombia because if not, I'll just have to go to Dr. Ghavami in Beverly Hills and reserve my teeth and breast implant removal for another round sometime next year.

Review: Sea Lily RH

The food is always fresh and the cook will make just about anything you want.

A couple staff members speak english.

The are attentive and the maid is nice. She cleaned my room/made my bed daily.

Juan, the driver is fine as hell.

They are welcoming and warm. The are all pretty cool. It's a wonderful RH. I have no qualms. I would recommend them and stay again.

Everyone has a different package deal so some people (like myself) paid more than others and I still had to share a room.

There are stray dogs in the neighborhood that seem to bark all night long. It can be a bit annoying. Oh, and the wifi isn't strong at all. Good luck with that.

They nickel and dime EVERYTHING. Not just the RH but I think DR in general. It was not cheap.

You have to request hot water.

You can't flush toilet paper down the toilet. You are expected to dispose of it in the trash.

If you have medicine you need to take, the "nurses" won't come in to remind you so you will be responsible for taking your meds at the instructed times. When I had my first round I was used to the nurses being hands on but I was in Colombia so maybe it was a different ball game in DR.

The driver situation was a little confusing. I booked through Juan who is also one of their translators and he was my driver throughout my stay. Christina (the owner) was also driving but I've heard of a couple dolls having to take cabs to their appointments, etc. One doll said she even had to pay out her own pocket and transportation is supposed to be included with your quote. Please get clarification on this if you decide to book with them.

Faja burn...or not?

I specifically asked my doctor NOT to use laser when he did my lipo and I think he did it anyway and now I have a nasty scar on my stomach from the burn. He claims it from the faja but whatever. I'm still somewhat satisfied with my results. I've been applying this scar cream on my scars which works wonders and hopefully this lightens up some so it won't be as noticeable as now. My waist also isn't as snatched as it was when I got outta surgery a month ago and one side is smaller than the other. My ass also lost some volume but I know fluffing is real so I hope the fluff god doesn't skip over me this round.

I'm not mad at my doctor just disappointed. Even though I got burned, I am still thankful because I look better than I did before. Keeping this faja on has been a struggle too because it's still so uncomfortable. Ive taken it in 2 weeks ago and I already need it altered again. I will just buy an xxs and call it a day.

2 months.

So I stopped wearing my faja and I'm eating poorly again. My burn scars don't look like they are getting any better. My ass is a little bigger but not pow! Still waiting for the fluff god to bless me. I know he will in 3-6 months.

I can start exercising next month and I'm excited only because I can't wait to get these abs in order for my 29th birthday in July.


It's been two months and I've come to terms that the burn scars on my stomach aren't gonna get any better no matter how much scar cream and shea butter I rub on it. I'm also not gonna get a tattoo to cover it up either. I'm just gonna have to live with it and pray that it fades away with time. I actually reached out to my doctor about this and as expected got no response but when I asked about returning for more work he quoted me the full fucking price. Not saying I'm entitled but he should at least offer something especially since he did what he did. Spoke to another doll and she told me he's known for burning people. Wish I would've known that sooner. Oh well. Le sigh.

Ladies if you can and do decide to go to DR, please invest in some Manuka honey. I learned of this not too long ago when it was too late for me but it doesn't have to be for you. Manuka honey helps with wound and burn care. It's a life saver. Do some research on it.

Planning my round 3 for later on this year. Returning back to Colombia to see Dr. Munera for rhinoplasty (even though I like Dr. Yappy's work as well), Dr. Giraldo for resin composite over my teeth because I don't want them shaved down, and I might just get buccal fat removal and lip filler for my top lip. Not sure if I'll need a chin implant because I have a long face anyway.

3 months post op.

Planning R3. Will be visiting Dr. Cabral for my final round later on this year.
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