Hasanified!! officially a Hasan doll

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I had vaser lipo about a year or two back. I've...

I had vaser lipo about a year or two back. I've since had a baby and I am going crazy with my body! I've decided to get a brazilian butt lift :)

I got my quote from Dr. Yily. $3,400 for lipo of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist, with the BBL via fat grafting.

Luckily my boyfriend says he would accompany me to DR for this procedure.. let's hope I can make this happen soon!

finally back on track..

So I haven't been able to get the BBL like I've wanted. I finally have the funds and I'm ready to make this happen! I emailed Dr Duran and Dr Yily. Its been about 4-5 days and I've only heard back from Dr Yily. I had to email her some more information, so I'm just waiting to see how much it would be. I honestly would love to have it done by a surgeon in the States. However, I will not be able to afford their cost. There's no saving money for me, as I am a single (only legally, I do have a boyfriend) with 2 children, supporting my mother as well with my low income.

Anyways, this is something I've always wanted and I think its time to take care and spoil myself. Mommy deserves at least something, right? LOL!

Any ladies know how else to get in touch with Dr Duran? I have emailed her in the past, and as well, no answer.

Can't wait to update my review! :)

still waiting on quotes

I'm still waiting on quotes from Dr Duran and Dr Yily. I have scheduled 2 consultations with Osakatukei Omulepu and Jonathan Fisher though. Their work looks pretty good and they're here in Miami! So no need to travel for me. Getting in touch with Dr Omulepu's office was a pain though. Always getting transferred or put on hold for 10 minutes, with no answer.

booked with Hasan!

So I got my quote from Dr Yily a few days ago. $3500 for lipo and BBL, not including the place to stay, meds, etc. I decided against it because it would require me leaving to DR.. Which I'd need my passport and whatnot.

I had my consultation with Vanity today. Just left! I decided to book with Dr Hasan for April 3rd. Excited!!!

waiting at vanity...

So I've been at Vanity since 11 this morning with my 17 month old. It's 1:43 now.. I was supposed to meet with Dr Hasan, however I'm repeatedly being told "a few minutes". As you (maybe more so others with children) imagine, my child is extremely bored and hungry. I had plans on taking us to eat and walking into the pediatrician's office before we had to pick up my oldest. Looks like that's not happening. I was told I could come by tomorrow. Although I do live in Miami, I'm not willing to make this drive again tomorrow. I have other things to take care of on my last day off for the week.

6 days away!

Still waiting on my faja and tablet to arrive! I have one but it's too small. I'm so excited for next Thursday! Any other dolls getting done by Hasan that day?

2 more days!!!!

I have my garment, 2 tablets, some jammies, a cute black maxi dress for the day of (only $6!) and stool softeners. Not sure what else I should get. I'm worried about sitting. Any suggestions?

officially a Hasan doll!!!

Hasan truly knows what he's doing. I got to vanity at 10:30am, surgery officially started at 12:30pm. I was up at about 5:00pm. It's very difficult to sit down on the ride home. I tried using an inflatable ring under my hips and a pillow behind my back. I couldn't do it. My boyfriend pulled over at a gas station and laid some blankets in the back with the pillow. I laid on my stomach all the way home (about an hour drive, thanks to traffic). I couldn't eat when I got home. I just wanted to sleep. My boyfriend made me some delicious soup. Unfortunately, I quickly threw it up. After some more sleep, I was able to eat. There's lots and lots of blood. I'm very pale and can't move easily. My butt feels huge!

before surgery, same faja

Here I am trying on the faja a couple days before surgery

had my follow up..

Unfortunately, my second garment was too small to put on. My dear boyfriend bought me a garment from Vanity, 3 lipofoams and a tablet. About $200 for all.
The follow up was very simple. I didn't meet with Dr Hasan, although I would have loved to.
Once I got home, I took my first shower with my mother's help. I have open incisions so the water stung if any dropped on it. Things are easier now. Although the biggest problem I'm having is sleeping. Sleeping on my stomach hurts so much. Not actually laying on it, but getting up. I tried sleeping on my bed and on the couch which is lower. I wake up burning and just not feeling so hot. I feel like my face is stuffed into the pillow. So I take away the pillow, which is then when I'll fall asleep for a while. Its getting up that hurts so much. My arms hurt so bad while I sleep.

post surgery pictures

I had to delete the previous ones since they aren't censored. Here they are again :)

more pictures!

2 day post pictures.. After my second shower

BEFORE AND AFTER! I couldn't be any happier!! ????

The before was only a few days ago, March 22 I believe. This is after tonight :))

Finally.. An update!

This was a few months ago. Absolutely love my results. Not too happy with my stomach, but what can I expect with liposuction when I should've had a tummy tuck. One complain has to be the lipo on my upper back... I still have fat! Not as much but I'm not happy about the fat I do have. Hoping to get this corrected next time. Time to find a doctor for a breast lift, tummy tuck, some lipo, maybe a little more fat to the hips, and I'm considering working on my nose, jaw and lips. Sounds like a lot. But I know what I want :)

Didn't upload my pics??

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