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I researched for 4yrs picking my doctor and the...

I researched for 4yrs picking my doctor and the procedures I wanted. I finally did a consultation and I'm highly disappointed. I sent pics, wish pics, & what I wanted which was a bbl, fat grafting to the hips, liposuction to my mid section & inner thighs, & liposculture...I received a quote for a tummy tuck, liposuction on waist & armpits for $3450...that's nothing I asked for then I was told that I'm not a candidate for liposuction or a bbl...WHAT?!? Ru kidding me. I was told her assistant is a jerk & they try to pursuade everyone into a tummy tuck bc it shows drastic results in pictures for future clients. So now I'm starting over I looking for a new doctor....any suggestions please I'm looking at Dr. Duran. Not everyone wants a video vixen body or to skinny I want to be me enhance a few areas, sculpt my waist no back wish pics may be different but I want my experience to be my choice it's my $$ I'm spending.

Dr Walkiris Robles assistant is horrible!

So I reached out again hoping to get a quote on a bbl, fat transfer to hips, & lipo sculpture...I expressed how I really want dr Robles to be my doctor & how I wanted these procedures to be my round one & I would consider a tummy tuck for round 2. Once again I was told I must get a tummy tuck for good results or she will not perform ,y procedures I went to a doctor in nyc and was never being forced into a tummy tuck I'm disgusted and discouraged and at this time I don't want any surgery I'm over it and pissed off. Fuck dr Robles and her assistant.

Dr Robles assistant emailed me...

I sent a email saying ok to the tummy tuck along with what I initially wanted no she responds we recommend you get a second what? I said ok to the tummy tuck and this is the response I get....I despise that woman she is so rude and unhelpful. I'm completely discouraged. I'm over this for a little while clearly it's a sign that I shouldn't do this now so I'll wait to I find the dr for me.

Gong to try whats app...

I was discouraged but thanks to u all Im not giving up this forum is so helpful & so supportive. My dream Dr. is Dr. Robles and she is going to do my procedures I just have to try whats app with her other assistant & hopefully get the help I need. I finally got a quote but it includes a tummy tuck, I felt like I was being told to get a tummy tuck vs being suggested of getting one & the benefits of how it would enhance my results. So, moving forward I will being using whats app with the other assistant. I think I want to get it done in September god willing or the winter I hear its cheaper in the that true?

No Support...

So, im dieting to loose weight so I can get my procedures. Im noticing that I don't have support & shade is being thrown. I told my mother & she was her usually unsupportive self...I started dieting she got mad bc i didn't wait for her, i said i want surgery she looked at me crazy. Im a mother & i don't care what kind of relationship I have with my child I will support any & everything she wants as longs it doesn't harm her I will be right by her side. Its sad how people don't want to see you doing better or being better. This is something Ive always wanted & I will work hard to make sure it happens. So to anyone who like me has no support DO WHAT MAKES U HAPPY!!! Im researching everything so I'm well-informed & prepared for when the time comes. I get more support on this forum then I do anywhere else.

I changed my doctor...

I want to go t Dr. Baez but Im having a very hard time getting in contact with her. I used all available resources and still no response. Im currently down 20lbs from dieting I would like to get close to my goal weight for better results.


So my goal is to schedule my date in January 2017 or early February 2017. Im stuck between Dr. Baez & Dr. Robles, I had a issue with communication with Robles assistant but the assistant on whats app Laura is very nice. Im conflicted be cause I love robles tummy tuck, belly button looks great & she does great bbl's, also I plan on doing a round 2 for a breast lift & robles breast lifts are great & she offers a package deal including the recovery house, transportation, massages, & i think a nurse so thats great, however Robles tummy tuck scar will have you getting a tattoo to cover it & i don't want to do that, Baez is does grey work as well but i don't like her belly buttons but her tummy tuck scar is minimal u dont need a tattoo. So i need to decide what is best for me but also Im waiting for a quote from Robles. For now I'm going to focus on weightloss & saving the rest of the money. A decision ill be made & IM READY TO GET MY BODY SNATCHED!!!!!
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