Hey Ladies!! BBL IN Domincan Republic NEED HELP - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hi ladies I am 24 years old with two kids on...

Hi ladies I am 24 years old with two kids on almost 4 nd a 5 months old I'm a single mother I work full time nd go to school part time. I live in ny the city of bad bitches nd style lol. I have been wanting 2 get a brazilian butt lift since forever!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always had a little but nd love handles nd I'm soo tired of hiding them in clothes nd feeling uncomfortable with my body during sex, so I'm finally about to do something to make me feel more confident by getting this bbl. I originally wanted to go to Fisher or hasan in Miami but there prices r to high for me fisher quoted me 5000 and hasan 4000 and 550 for 5 massage nd 1 garment this does not include hotel, airfare esc.. honestly I would feel guilty paying so much for something for myself when u could do a lot for my 2 kids with that money. So I am now looking to go to the Dominican Republic to get this bbl done. I emailed Dr baez, Dr yily, Dr carbal, & duran. The only one that got back to me was Dr baez (withing 24hrs!) Nd DR yily (2days). Dr baez quoted me 3500$ for bbl and mini tummy tuck nd yiliy quoted me 3500$ just for the bbl. I really don't want a tummy tuck but I do have some lose skin on my stomach I'll post pics. Please ladies that had a bbl already nd had some loose skin before after u r bbl did u still have loose skin nd was it really bad???? I really don't want it but if I need it I'll get it done please give me yall opinion. I want to have this done in November. I also want breast augmentation which doctor in Dominican Republic is best at bay please let me know that ladies!! Nd I'm 4'11 nd weight 128lbs

is allure consultation legit????? bbl with yily

Is allure consultant legit??? Tryna get a date with yily march 20th I wanna make sure there not a scam ladies help asap lol

bbl with yily 3/20/15 need a buddy!!

Im traveling from ny and I need a buddy im scared so any ladies going please let me know. I just confirmed my date through allure consultation 200usd..so im ready just gotta book my flight and pass port and im good I will be staying at serenity recovery house..yily better do her thing in ready to get my body right for summer time!!! Yily here I come...also I gotta get these post op meds any advise on how to get them from a doc up here?? Thanks dolls


I will be getting my bnl in 18 day w/ yily Im soooo nervous im kinda regreting this I need so motivation ill be doing this alone nd leaving my to kids for 9 days.....please I need help I worryed about my iron I gotta stop in a week any advise to boost iron levels quick??? How much money extra money do I need??? ND in my quote it said all post op meds included but yet they said to get meds from where I live it would be cheaper what to do do they really give me post op meds ???? Pls ladies responed I need answers nd yall r the only ppl I can ask!!
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