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Hello my name is Tiana. Im 23 5ft 125lbs - Ive...

Hello my name is Tiana.
Im 23 5ft 125lbs - Ive had one child and as we all know things change.
I live a healthy lifestyle and I aspire to transition from working days to nights as an exotic dancer. I will be homeschooling my daughter in approx. 1yr.

Ill be arranging surgery for beginning march 2014. Soon so Ill need proper guidance.

Im looking to do a tummy tuck, brazilian but lift, hips/theighs, breast implants and lift


Change of <3 revising requests

I've decided to go to Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez in Santo Domingo. Her reviews had me sold after the first 5 i read.

I found a travel buddy (co worker) to help me for a week.

BUT, i decided i am in no need of a tummy tuck (nor do i qualify according to Dr. Duran via email)

For the tattoo issue - 1200 in laser removal Ny looking at about 5-7 treatments (groupon helps)

I've decided to add a sexy garter tattoo to my upper thigh to deter the eye from looking at stretchmarks.

I still want BBL and breast implants half cup or maybe B cup. no lift yet im young.


after speaking to alot of people about having surgery done I got alot of dissapointed reactions and responses like "your so tiny" or "what if something goes wrong what about your daughter" or "natural is much sexier" or "your just doing this to be a stripper? You dont need it"
And my uncle who is a personal trainer looks SMOKING for nearly 60 "my niece, you dont need this just try natural and exercise you have a figure and beautiful face"

I've given it some thought.
If i loose some weight and put my all into fitness again i can get closer to the body i think will appeal to the masses at an upscale strip club.

Here are some pictures floral pants about 5mon ago
The one w the ladder was about april 2009 3 months after i had my daughter i edited it befor to block my nipples for facebook.
Ofcourse my uncle is in there. And a mirror pic of me 4 months ago working out 20min a day.
And my pole room/studio
I just love that strength and grace and i have everything but motivation to start this!

I will not diet i already only eat white meat maybe twice a week, i only eat organic drink distiller water and tea...
Any OTHER suggestions

Right now. My fitness plans start off with a 30 day ab and squat challenge ill be doing every morning staring jan 1st and atleast 20 min of pole strength training. This is morning around 6am at my house mon - fri And the days im sore i can go to the sauna at my gym near my job to stretch it out after work i usually have an hour b4 i need to pick up my daughter.

Started laser tattoo removal

hey there.
So i started laser on my most hideously big tattoo on my lower abdomin. Did my first session on saturday. Hes even throwing in the removal of the initials on my butt.
Here is b4 and afters first treatments and swelling and how it has spread! But i feel okay no burns/blisters.
Im not sure yet


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