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Hey dolls! I am a 28, turning 29 in Dec, y.o....

Hey dolls!
I am a 28, turning 29 in Dec, y.o. Almonte-Doll-to-be from Mississauga, Ontario. I am 5'8 and weigh 280lbs however I am currently on a journey to a lifestyle change. I want to adopt healthier habits before my surgery such as regular exercise and healthier eating habits. I already received a quote from Almonte's assistant however she suggested that I lose at least 60lbs before surgery. I also have to put some other things in place before I get snatched! From my research, I have come to the conclusion that recovery is the most crucial part of SX and it can affect your results tremendously. I have set up a Facebook and IG account specifically for ladies who want to share and learn. I am not as active there but I will be!! LOL.
Facebook: Teyana Almonte
IG: phat_cheeks2406
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Change of Heart

Hey dolls!!
So I've been having second thoughts about getting a tummy tuck. The truth is I'm worried about the complications that come afterwards and I also haven't had any children yet so I feel a TT at this point would not be wise.
I've been looking into Cesar Velilla's work for the past three months and I love it. Especially the smart lipo option that he offers. I figured if I don't like how I look after SX with him; I can always go get a TT. However I've made a decision that he will be my doctor. I've already gotten my quote for BBL, lipo to arms, back, waist and Liposculpture of tummy. Healing time is significantly lower than if I got a TT and the great thing is if anything I will be close to home.
Please don't think I'm knocking surgery in the Caribbean because those doctors do snatch you up real good but I made this decision for me and what I think works for my body.
So I'm looking at Dec 2016, which is more than a year from now but it's also the time I need to save for SX and make other necessary preparations for when I'm out of commission.

1 year to my dream body with dr. cesar velilla

I am so excited that I found this doctor! My date is finally set and I have made my deposit. Cathy (the assistant) is such a sweetheart! She talks to me like we're old friends and answers my many questions. I am too excited. I gave myself one whole year because I have to lose 60lbs to be at a 'safe' weight for surgery. I had started eating healthy and fell off...smh! But I am back on track and I do not plan on failing again! If I lose the 60lbs sooner and have the money in time (the exchange from CAD to USD is a mutha!!) I will definitely reschedule to earlier in 2016. My goal is to be happy, healthy and curvy! I love my body as it is but ain't nothing wrong with a little 'real life photoshopping'

New Date Scheduled

Hey dolls,
I know it has been forever since my last update but I have moved my date from December to September. So as of 09/07/2016, I will be a Velilla Doll!
I am too excited!
Dr Cesar Velilla

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