just gotta do it-bbl and tt #summer16 - Dominican Republic

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Hola Ladies, I am a 23 year old that has been...

Hola Ladies, I am a 23 year old that has been wanting to get this procedure for over a year now. I have been doing a lot of research since losing 60 pounds last year and have finally convinced myself to take the plunge. When I was 60 pounds heavier I had a pretty big butt and since losing the weight, I lost that and gained a sagggy stomach. It is time to trade my stomach in for a flat belly and a nice plump butt. I have excited but, also crazy nervous and doing two procedures at once. Last year I was pretty convinced on Dr. Cortez out of houston being my DR but he just has way too many bad reviews. Recently, I have been stuck on Dr. Miami but, he doesnt have any opening until November 2017. I simply can not wait that long even though I honestly think he is amazing. Now, I am trying to be a little more open with sugerons over seas such as Duran or Baez. I have contacted both and am awaiting a response and will update accordingly. Happy Researching :)

Dr. Cabral is my DR

I have decided to bite the bullet and go with the king. I am scared because a lot of people have strong feelings about him but, I think he does the best work. He is a great doctor and gives great Bootys. I decided to wait on the tummy tuck because I only have 3 weeks off. I think that a tummy tuck, bbl and Lipo may not be enough time for me to heal from all that. Therefore, I am going to do the bbl and Lipo first and the follow up six months later with a tummy tuck and Brest reduction.

Finally Decided Mannon Doll OnTheWay

I was very decided on Cabrael but, I contacted him several times and got no answer. Mannon has been very responsive and so nice. I put my deposit down and have secured my date for December 21, 2016. I am getting a buccal fat pad removal, Chin Lipo, BBL, TT And muscle repair. I really want him to do my breast reduction as well but, his assistant told me he prefers not to do that.

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Very reaponsive so far and caring to his patients.

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