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So ladies after years of being disatified with my...

So ladies after years of being disatified with my shape, and months on stalking this website and reviews I decided to go with Dr. Yily. Her results are great and she will give you the SMALLEST waist possible and of course that is what I want. I plan on going either the last week in Feb or tthe first week in March. A little about me, i am 23 years old one child( I aint having no more) standing 5*8 an weighing 212.5 pounds UGH!!!!! I have had this procedure before and let me tell you ladies PLEASE see an experienced doctor. I had it done is KS an this doctor did NOTHING and back then ( Just in January) I weighed only 185. So in my mind I knew I wanting another procedure so i started to gain weight, NOT KNOWING gaining weight at my size is not recommended. SMH so now im back so nothing but soups and salads working out 3 times a week to drop 15-20 pounds. Is anyone going around the same times as me!!! We can buddy up, save some money!!! I plan to stay about 10-12 days and will be recovering at Realhouse Recovery Armonia. Let me now. I will update some photos here shortly.

My date has been CONFIRMED

SO my date has been confirmed for March 4th I'm so excited I plan on leaving on March 3rd. I am also trying to get a quote from Dr. Duran but it so difficult uhh!!!. I honestly believe I'm going with Yily but just keeping my options open. Anyone else going around then and staying at Real recovery house armonia? I would really like to buddy up

Starting my Vitamins

Here are a few of my vitamins. I did the required test that Yily has checked just to see where I'm at. Everything is great EXCEPT my haemoglobin was 11.8 NO NO NO.lol

Changed to Dr. Ghurani

Hey ladies, so I have decided to switch to Dr.Ghurani. He works with Doctor Salama anywho taking the risk of going outside the country to have a producer really wighed on my mind EVERY NIGHT. Yes i would have loved to save the money however after reading so many stories about young ladies dying, so many burns, infections or medication not working properly, I decided it was best just to stay here where are LAWS PROTECT US. Any who Dr.Ghurani reviews are very good and his price is not to far out there like more US doctors and he is giving so GOOD results. I have schedule my surgery for 03/11/2013, I will fly down 03/10/2013, I have already made my deposit and starting to look at nurses and hotels.

Looking at Some of

Looking at some of Dr.Ghurani's work and man ami I getting excited for my sx date, his projection and sulpting work and BEDSIDE manner is REALLY GOOD. That is really important to me. I will be uploading some photos tonight.

Some wish Pics

Some Pre-op photos

Well ladies here are some Pre-op photos! SAD I KNOW, but it makes me even more excited to get this procedure. I will add my pre-op measurements soon. But ladies can you help me with some where to stay while in Florida that won't cost me a arm in a leg. My surgery is March 11th,I'll be leaving March 10th and staying until March 18.

Where should I stay!!

Ladies I need your help. As stated I'm having my surgery with Dr. G in March but I have not a clue as to where I can stay that won't cost me a arm and a leg. As I took my pre measurements and they are as followed:
Hips:44. I'm hoping Dr.G can get me down to a 27 in the waist at least

Think I will be staying

I think I will be staying at the Marbay hotel, it is DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET from the surgical center which is so important just in case anything goes wrong and I won't have to pay a transporters but once (after surgery cause I sure ain't Walking lol and probably to the next day post op appointment) I will be calling the nursing staff that Cynthia recommend to check on the price and stuff. I'm so excited. I guess it's time to start buying my additional compression garments and supplies...IM IN MY WAY YALL


I am so upset with myself. As stated before I got this procedure done by an unexperienced doctor and he did absolutely nothing. Well I thought I had to gain some weight in order to get the procedure again. However I know now that is incorrect... I'm trying so HARD to lose weight but I continue to gain..LADIES PLEASE HELP ME OUT. Please let me know what you did!

Four more months left!!

Just a little under four months left an let me tell you I can not WAIT!!!! It's time to get my weigh UNDER CONTROL. Nothing but salad and lean meats hitting the gym and even a mini workout before bed. I'm determined to get the best results possible. I will be uploading more pictures soon ladies because I'm dropping some weight.. Also I'm thinking about adding liposuction of the inner thighs. I think this will help with the projection and improve the silhouette

A simple Update

Here are some more wish Pics and my added nightly workout for my abs

Waist Training in full effect

I'm determined to get the weight off me..so I brought a corset to start my waist training. I love it but it's TIGHT AS HECK!!! Her are so photos please excuse the mirror in my bathroom I was in a hurry to get dressed. But as you can see I have no hips!!! Hope Dr.G can fix that. I can see what my waist would look like an it makes me so excited for MARCH!!


Does anyone know of some finance companies for people with not so good credit? I am really thinking of financing my procedure instead of just paying all cash.


As we all know I have been struggling with my weight gain. I swear on certain day i lose 5 or 6 pounds then the next I gain it right back. So after doing so research I came across a drug called Phentermine. Seems to be a magical pill...no in all seriousness, this pill is a appetite suppressant and gives good results. You obtain a prescribtion from your DR but alot of woman are losing anywhere from 10-25 pounds. I have scheduled an appointment with my health care provider to dicuss this matter. my appointment is not until NEXT WEEK but I am hoping it all comes together!!!!!!!

Quick update regarding my appointment

I planned on seeing my doctor on 12/27/2013 however when I requested time off with my supervisor she rejected it because we would be really busy that day and we have about four people out already. So I had to push it back to 01/06/2013..I am hoping this doctor prescribes it to me..because I need it badly


I am having second thoughts about taking the drug phentermine, do get me wrong it is a wonderful medication because the weight loss is real. However after doing so more research, you need to stop taking the pill at least three weeks before surgery otherwise it could kill you when mixed with the anesthesia. My surgery is 03/10/2014 I can not see my doctor until 01/06/2013 so if I am giving a script that I will be taking it until 02/06/2013. that is exactly 4 weeks an 3 days prior to my surgery..That is cutting it a little close if you ask me especially when i am already facing certain health risk due to being a asthmatic...THINKING TWICE LADIES

Preventing Blood Clots

Does anyone VETS out there no if Dr.Ghurani prescribes you any medication to prevent blood clots? Maybe like Heparin? I will have a 4 hour plane ride home only 7 days after my procedure so I need to cover my bases

Some more pre-op Photos

Here are some additional pre-op Photos as promised...Ugh I am so ready for March 11th it is not even funny..I've lost a few pounds but now I'm developing cellulite smh..looking it to some firming creme so if you ladies have any suggestions please let me know.

Taking Pole Fitness Classes

Hey ladies just thought I would give you all a quick update... So I decided to take some POLE FITNESS classes!!! Otherwise known as STRPPER CLASSES lmao. I do not plan on becoming a dancer by any means( No disrespect to any dancer out there, it just aint for me) But their fitness level is ridiculous, PLUS once I do have my new body I want to treat my boo to a COMING OUT SHOW lol...HAPPY HOLIDAYS YALL

Feeling down!!

Well ladies I usually don't post things like this but I'm feeling kind of down today...I am still mourning the loss of my younger an now this guy that I've been in love with for about 4 years is acting crazy... Smh it's just so much on my plate right now..I leave this guy alone an he just finds ways to get underneath my damn skin..The boy(an that's what I'm going to call his ass) would try an talk to my sister two of my aunts and now my step mom..because I would talk to him smh..that is so disrespectful I swear an he knows I'm dealing with the demon's of losing my younger brother. I just feel like I can cry/snap all at the same time...I honestly want this surgery so bad now so I can regain my confidence an SHIT HIS ASS DOWN!!!! An do it moving in 2014..I'm glad that I'm losing inches off my waist and dropping some pounds..Here is a picture of my current situation AND WITH PICS...Please pray that I get thru this with my sanity

Dr. Ghurani

So I called an spoke with EPS this morning about the situation with Dr. Ghurani and Vanity. They did confirm that Dr.G is STILL working at EPS. So I asked why he is no longer on the website and she stated that they were making some changes but she also confirmed that he does surgery at VANITY AS WELL...I know one damn thing EPS, Dr. G, Dr. S and Vanity all better get it together. I secured my date of March 11th an i expect to have a surgery on that date as well. An i sure as hell dont want to get there an they tell me that Dr.S will be doing my surgery, because he is truly over worked right now an I can not deal with having burns an all that mess. I do know on thing i will be calling Vanity back to see what their pricing is and how much that price buys in the OR and what it includes and if its beating EPS then IM SWITCHING!!!

Weight Gain

So with all of this added stress I have put on 8 pounds UGH!!! I am so upset I could cry I was doing so damn well with my weight loss an corset training smh...An I get to 2 months post op an I start gaining weight. Guess its nothing salads until March an now Ive got to get in the gym at least 5 days a week in order to work off what I put on.. I wanted to do this complete natural but I might have to get some sort of supplement to aid me in this process. i have just had so much going on in my life between my brother's death, trying to be strong for my family but especially my mother and dealing with this low life who just can not seem to get the picture. I had a girl who is friends with my step mom contact me last night talking about he was trying to talk to her smh...I SIMPLY TOLD HER I HAVE TO MUCH TO DEAL WITH TO ENTERTAIN THE BS...On a much positive note ladies I am ready to start shopping for this surgery I have my luggage an things BUT NO DAMN SUPPLIES hahaha... Planning on doing this in the next few day..but can anyone tell me what the name of the personal massager that everyone buys from Amazon

Dr. Ghurani

So I spoke with Jessica at Vanity an she stated that Dr. Ghurani is there full but he HAS INCREASED HIS FEE TO 9000.00 I'm like WHAT that is more than he was charging at EPS smh she also stated that he signed a contract with Vanity an agreed to only finish the patients at EPS who paid for the surgery in FULL which does not include the surgery that are upcoming an only made a deposit. ALL of this is crazy him switching, the price increase and now she is asking me to switch to Dr. Fisher because he is cheaper and better with results SMH...ALL I WANT IS A SMALLER WAIST AND BIGGER ASS i WISH THESE DAMN DOCTORS WOULD GET IT TOGETHER SOON

Weight Question

I read on someone's reveiw that Dr.G turned them down for being overweight, during the consultation. Is this true, I have had a recently weight gain and would hate if i get all the way down to Florida for him to tell me that I weigh to much

Email from Nancy

So I emailed Nancy about my weight gain an sent some current photos as well.. explained to her that I wanted to make sure that Dr.G will still operate on me..she responded by saying that I looked good for 220 an that most of it was probably my height but that Dr.G reviewed my photos an said I was fine an honestly did not need to lose weight that my stomach and waist looked good ( Thanks to waist training) an that he would still operate on me...I am so happy but will continue to try a lose some more weight. ..I AM FEELING MUCH BETTER THAN I WAS WEEK AGO about the whole EPS VS VANITY things. I'm staying with EPS and can not wait until I fly down on March 10th....Oh an by the way Ladies I turned 24 YESTERDAY!!!!!


Is it me or does everyone seem to get sick before their surgery date?? I woke up this morning feeling horribile but MY SURGERY DATE IS NEAR!!! Ladies that are POST OP when did you purchase your corset? I have not brought one damn thing for this surgery and I hate the fact that I am basically running around like a damn chicken with my head cut off trying to get everything done!! I hear alot of girls talk about the Ann Cherry and squeems..Has anyone tried them? Please let me know how it worked for you!!

Email I just received

So I just check my email and found this!!!! It's stated that my surgery is with Dr. Salama an not Dr.G. Please do not get me wrong Dr. S is a great surgeon but If he is working on both his patients and Dr.G then it sounds like he will be over worked which leaves more room for errors AN AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT...I will be calling them today!!!


Have any of you ladies ever wondered why people automatically assume that you HATE YOURSELF because you are wanting to have plastic surgery? A family member and I got into an arugment and of course she thru up in my face that I am 'GETTING MY ASS DONE SO I MUST HATE MYSELF". Lets not forget that not even 45 minutes before that she asked me about ASS SHOTS and stated that she could not afford to get what I am having lol. But I just do not understand why people view plastic surgery any different from going to the gym and working out??? As I explained to her honey I LOVE MYSELF and on a regular bases I am stop by people to tell me how pretty i am( I honestly hate the whole your so pretty to be dark skin bs but it happens) However if I choose to enhance myself and have the funds to do it then it my choice. My surgery is slowly but surly coming up an I can not wait, if the asses is sitting around talking mess about me now, I AM REALLY GOING TO GIVE THEM SOMETHING TALK ABOUT!!!! Ladies do not outside people try an HATE on you for wanting to better yourself. Like I said it is no different from going to the gym to workout to change your appearance

Updated photos

Well lately here are my current photos my weight is holding steady right about now. I purposely went out an brought a size small shirt..Because I am hoping that Dr. G can get me down to that...Fingers crossed...I am so prepared for this surgery mentally yet I havent done a damn thing physically for it. I plan to start in the next week or so...I know i know I shouldnt keep putting things off but ive been going thru some things lately SO HUSH YALL!!! I will be making my preop clearance appointment tomorrow at least I can get that out the way...Until next time ladies

Recovery Home

Hey ladies I just want to know who all will be having surgery around March 11th and staying at the Serenity Recovery Retreat. I would love to meet some ladies I am currently in the process of trying to broke with them...That is HARD ADDTIONAL 1899 to swallow but its best!!! Let me


Im excited ladies!!!!! I have made another payment today and will finish the rest by the end of this week. I am one more day closer to my new A$$ and I honestly can not wait ladies...I have scheduled my medical clearance for next Monday and will start purchasing items TONIGHT. YAY ME !!!


Just made my final payment about an hour ago an I am so excited!!!! I am online as we speak buying chux(Spelling) and tonight I will purchase my heating pad, vitamins and dresses an robes..However I will not be able to stay at the recovery house, so ladies if you know of any others or a good nurse let me know please

Thinking of adding arm lipo

To all the Vets out their who had the arms done, was it worth it?

21 days Ladies

Alright ladies so I am 21 days away from my transformation and let me tell you I am so excited, when I had my first procedure I was the same way just so happy and ready to get it over with, realization did not kick in until the moment they scrubbed me down and I laid on that table. My medical clearance is TONIGHT and I would have to start my dang monthly this morning. I am hoping that it wont affect my hemo that much.. I have started purchasing my supplies so far I have brought:
Anti- bacterial soap
Anti-bacterial wips
Femine wipes
Gauze and tape
Chux pads
Iron pills
Vitamin C 1000 mg
Compression socks( I wanted an addtional pair)
4 Night gowns
10 pair of GRANNY PANTIES( I will pack a few cute ones so I can upload comparison photos)
Yogo mat
maxi dresses
tennis shoes
flip flops


Well ladies I have started packing for this trip, I do not plan to check any of my bags they are all carry on size so it will be the travel size luggage plus my Vicky bag an my purse.. I am so excited ladies I can not wait. I still have to get some maxi dresses and flip flops but I am 90 % done with my supply list. HAPPY HUMP DAY ALL

Just a quick update

SO EVERYTHING IS PAID FOR LADIES...Supplies, recovery house, FLIGHT( an american airlines will charge you a pretty penny for seating). My medical clearance has been faxed to Elite and let me tell you ladies they might be busy but they catch everything. My PCP left out the bleeding test so needless to say Cynthia wasnt having it and called to let her know. My appointment for that is tomorrow. Being honest that makes me feel so much better for some strange reason I was becoming so nervous about having this procedure and I have no idea why. Last time I was so ready to have procedure I guess this time around I will doing this alone so may be that is what it was hell who knows. But now i am back on track with the way past ready feeling. My flight leaves on March 9th arriving at 145 pm..WOW two whole days of Fun in the sun!!! I will upload some photos tonight ladies... MY TIME IS COMING


So this morning my favorite Aunt called me to tell me that my grandmother really wishes I wouldn't have this surgery again. That she is so scared and so is my other aunt's. I think I will be fine..don't get me wrong I am so nervous but I think I'll be fine...ugh this has me going crazy

More Preop photos

Here are some more in my opinion horrible Preop photos smh....This is one of the dresses I brought for my "Vacation in Florida" hahaha...of course I got some sunglasses and things as well..hoping I can get out for at least one day after surgery. I have a pretty high pain tolerance so I'm thinking it might only take me a few days. But I am one day closer to my new body!!!!

More preop photos

So here are some more preop photos. So yeah you can see exactly why I am needing this procedure. .My mid-section is too damn big and I really don't have much of an ass smh...This is one of my dresses I will be wearing in Florida. ..I'm hoping I can get out for at least one of the days I'm down there post op. Oh yeah my epi contour foam came today an man is it THICK...well until next time


I understand that Elite is very business and all but do not mess up peoples traveling plans. Especially four days before they are scheduled to fly out. I received a call from Cynthia ( in which I swear she is a life saver) telling me that their was a mix up with the dates and that she had me arriving on 03/10/2014 and staying until 03/20/2014. I explained it was my original plan however Jules informed me that I had to be their on the 10th before 2pm otherwise I would have to fly down on 03/09/2014. So I booked my flight for the 9th an planned to say their. Cynthia apologized but said their would be no room available at the recovery house until the 10th? I SETTING THERE THINKING TO MY DAMN SELF HOW THE HELL DOES THAT HAPPEN AND WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO. She asked me if I could change my damn flight back to the 10th and come in early on 11th for my preop? UM NO I CAN NOT, I DONT WANT TO PAY THE FEES FOR CHANGING MY FLIGHT. So after like 10 minutes she came back on the line to tell me that she would refund me $200.00 dollars and I could book a hotel that is right acroos the street from the recovery house and Justin would still pick me up.. DEAL!!! I am upset that it happened but I can work with that...6 DAYS LADIES!!!

Emotions make you cry sometimes

Here are a few more photos ladies.. I m so excited but Im also scared that I could never see my son again..I know im healthy and ive been cleared by my doctor but their is this thing in the back of my mind that is making me worry...My family is freaking out especially because of the loss of my younger brother. Lord please help me find peace. How did you ladies deal with this

Boarding my Flight


Touch Down in my gotti voice

Welp ladies im here...the flight wasnt so bad, just couldnt handlemy ear popping. Niome picked me up from the airport and let me tell you...SHE IS gorgeous AND HER SHAPE AND BUTT IS PREFECT...SHE IS A WISH PICTURE.. Well i need to rest up.because im definitely hitting a few strips before i get down to business

Preop today

Today is my preop!! I leave in about an hour to drop my stuff off at the RH the head over to see Doctor Ghurani.


So Justin picked me up from the Hotel to bring me to the recovery house. Its so cute an cozy the girls are nice an have no problem letting you feel on their booties which are HUGH!! All the girls here are Dr. Salama's patience an have really nice figures. My preop was with Niome and it was just routine paperwork and explaining the medications and giving me that Boppy Pillow...My surgery is tomorrow at Noon..so until then ladies

Headed to the surgical center

Currently riding and talking with Justin headed to the surgical center..my surgery is scheduled for 730...Wish me luck

Its about to go down

Quick update

First off thank the lord for seeing me thru..and for blessing Dr. Ghurani hands because that man gave me 1200cc in this thing and my waist line is non existent.. The picture on real self Elite dont do his justice is good looking man . Super nice and informative..well im kind of out of it ladies so more to come

Here is the 411

Day of surgery I woke up about 7 am to shower real well Justin picked me up..let me tell yall he is real cool and cute, but he just likes to be exactly on time he doesn't plat that late mess haha. So he dropped me off at the surgical center. I had to take the elevator to the third four ring this door bell and was greeted by Monica. So other girl was there but she couldnt get her surgery done because her pregnancy test came back positive smh she was pissed!!!!Anyways after waiting five more minutes i was taken back by Monica i honestly got to see Dr. Salama he spoke but kept it moving lol. Dr. G was running a little late because he caught traffic. So sexy ass Sergio came in to go over some questions about my asthma and things..i signed some more paperwork an the Dr. G came strolling in..yall pictures do not do him justice he is hella fine yall..so tall and handsome. He commented on my name an told it was beautiful and fit me very well because i was. I told up him an took a step back he was like my you are tall..anyways i was extermly nervous but after talking to him for over an hour i was fine and had came to peace with my decision.. we took alot of picture an i told him to do whatever my body would allow .. he smiled an said he wished all his patients were as maturate as me..we walked to the OR room and he went to get scrubbed down. Sergio came in an told.me that I was going to feel wasted here in a sceond and it was lights out. Fast forward to today an i had my post op appointment. Niome took that damn garment off an i nearly fainted and punched her at tbs same time...she took some photos an said everything looked great...so here are some photos...im headed back to the recovery house to shower and sleep

Feeling better

Last night was horrendous for me i kept coming that my leg was hurting real bad and i couldn't walk..i ended up a low grade fever an everything. Liz the nurse is cool an all but i dont think she should be working in a recovery house. She has a hurt back an half steps..she put my garment and drains on wrong which caused uneven pressure on my legs...Laurie came right in an got me right..im up walking and feeling so much better..im not dehydrated any longer..more photos to com

about to shower

This shit is crazy

So first off I would like to correct the nurses name that helped me. Her name is Lucy..like I said she has been a big help to me..well I have to be taken to the hospital yesterday because I had an asthma attack and couldnt find my damn inhaler which means I probably dropped it on the plane somewhere. Anyways I get to the hospital had a few treatment the ER doctor took so many damn test to rule out DVT all of those came out fine. How ever my potassium level was critical so i was pumped full of those plus given a prescription. So at like 1am Neither Doctor Ghurani nor the front office had even attempted to reach out to me. I had no ones numbers to call anyone nothing. I literally had to go thru my emails find the recovery house information call and call a cab. So i get back her trying to find one of my debit cards that had over 1200 on it so i can pay the cab well i couldnt find it an the girls said they put it in my MK purse. I still couldn't find it but the girl who Packed it up found it i paid for the cab the went too my room. I just wanted to lay down. The same girl comes in my room an begins to tell me that i came off as i was accusing someone of taking my stuff an whatever else..i ignore her an go to bed i wasn't in the mood for talking or discussing anything. So i slept of course hella late Lucy asked if i wanted breakfast an i told her yeah. Well while in the kitchen i ask the same girl to hand me my cup of water she jumps off with an attitude an was like can you say please..so i reached an got my own damn cups she starts going off so i reacted the same by telling her to lower her tone. bottom-line i may be 24 but i dont play that shit point blank period. She begins o tell me that she now has an attitude because she felt accused last night..funny thing was i never accused anybody i didnt move my stuff..they did so i had to ask yall where it was like duh..but she felt my delivery was wrong in which it could have been it was 1am in the morning i just came from the hospital an could find 1200 dollars lol. However it was clear she woke up with some shit on her chest an was waiting for something or anything she could jump on....anyways she tells the caregiver to call Cynthia as if she was telling on me for getting back with her ass so she put Cynthia on speaker phone. Cynthia attempts to try and blame me for the behavior until i explained i wasn't even the one who said shit the morning an furthermore she has no knowledge of what happened just what a person told her in which is very unprofessional but if she agreed to give me a refund for the rest of my days then i would stay at a hotel because I don't need this bs i don't do high school drama an mfer calling principals haha. Well something must have sunken into her because she changed her approach all of a sudden it was i'm talking to the both of you guys n this is not well for your recovery an carrying on. The call was ended an me an the girl agreed that it was a mis-communication an what else an basically dropped it. But lord I cant wait to get home on Tuesday I'm not the type to take bs off of no one so please don't think your going to be able to raise your voice at me because YOU feeling some type of way smh..Tuesday please come on

Did a little shopping today

So after all of the drama that went on this morning i decided to get out an do something. So i caught a cab to the Aventura mall..whew ladies this ass turned heads baby..one dude walked straight up to me in an said " mommy your are beautiful baby" ya girl was on cloud ten lol..i went an brought a watch at the MK store an some dude was in there "shopping for his mother" so he approached me asking me to help him shop for her..i ask the kind of woman she was an helped him out..he was cute an ask to trade numbers..i wanted to but neglected...i can see this body is going to be a problem lol# Big booty#Small waist#gorgeous face

Five days post op


Thank you dear heavenly father for getting me home to my little man..I missed him so much..Our current situation is cuddled up in my bed watching movies...Ugh it feels so good to be home....An today also marks me being ONE WEEK POST OP. So far im loving my results..the swelling is starting to subside..i would assume because i was draining like crazy. The new booty is even starting to soften up. I hope thats a good thing..well my dears that it for now..Goodnight

Returned to work

So I returened to work today, I am honestly fine no pain or anything, my legs go numb every now and then however my supervisor is working on getting my computer stations lifted so i can stand. But yall should have seen when I walked in this morning with my boppy pillow I turned around an I seen how big everyones eyes were. They all wanted to ask so bad I could just see it. Finally after like two hours my supervisor comes over and says so what did you do to your butt LMAO. I knew what she was really trying to hint around to but i played her straight to the left an said i was having back troubles..Then after lunch a coworker came over an asked as well. An my supervisor's was trying so hard to eye hustle lol but I gave her the same statement. Anyways ladies i am a bit upset of course I need a letter to give to HR stating that I can wear comfy clothining and since I forgot I wore some of my regular work clothes. Let me tell you that was a challenge in itself but because of how I am sitting its leaving a indintation right under my belly button. I can not wait to fly home an undress and use my personal massager to try an iron it out. i have email Cynthia requesting the letter so hopefully I will have it by tomorrow. But I am happy otherwise, my swelling is very minimal and I havent had any loss yet so far. Fingers crossed


I brought this dress last Oct/Nov but never wore it out because of my preop body..Well look at me now!!! This dress is skin tight so it shows pretty much everything but i love how i look in it WITH the annoying swelling!! I wish it would hurry up and subside..i wont be going out until my six week mark. But when i can start looking for a smaller garment. This one isnt compressing me aT all.

Two Weeks and Two Days

So today I makes two weeks and two days post op. I am not wearing my garment or foam today just to try it out. I know I know I need to stay in my garment but its way to big now its not compressing my mid sections at all. I thought about getting it taken in over the weekend instead of buying a new garment but I just dont know what size Ill need. So far I am loving my results and they are holding strong at my post op measurements. LETS HOPE IT STAYS THAT WAY!!!! I have checked in with Dr. G once since Ive been home via email due to some swelling. I have no pain,, currently my stiffness is very little. My next massage is the 4th an I honestly can not wait. It is much needed. NOW EVERYONE THINKS BY BUTT IS HUGH HOWEVER I DONT. I mean I love my results and everything but they make it seems like its just massive. My EX who pretty much stalks me on FACEBOOK lol seen that I was home and popped up like he still lived there lol. I let him check it out and the next thing I know he goes out of town starts blowing up my phone wanting to buy us matching shoes and me some pencil skirts SMH..Naw honey aint no coming back now.. boy you was out here straight clowing and giving these wack to death ass females a reason to laugh at me, I be damned if you think you coming back I dont care if it was AFTER we split, sweetheart you should have known better. Since I have been home my girls have been trying to get me to go out non stop, I dont think they understand that I have to heal up first smh they are more excited that I am at times, but hey I got to love them.. Well until next time ladies!!!

Trying on jeans...

So jeans are pretty much a NO GO!! For me period..i love my shape wishing the swelling would go away of course but its a process...

Out on the town...

Okay so after three weeks on my home girls begging me to go out with them i decided too..Yall this ass got so much attention from males and females..in fact so many females came up and asked to touch and just kept saying HONEY YOUR BODY IS PREFECT...Their was a few guys downtown that ive been knowing for years and they all were like damn who the hell is that..so i turned around to say hey an their response was DAMN when did this happen? You done filled out nicely an a bunch of other thing..went to the strip club afterwards and the damn strippers kept asking to touch my ass too smh..but i had a blast but now im back wrapped up an stuffed like a pig in a blanket with the cg and foam lol


Already ladies I know we have been discussing this whole thing about the compression garments and waist training and stuff. So here is what I have decided....I am going to stop wearing my corset in addtion to my compression garment. Tomorrow I will be three week post op and Doctor G said i can start wearing a corset right about four weeks. I am sure that one week can not hurt. I love the left this garment gives me with the cut up an I want to keep it I just need something on my mid-section. I will upload pics tonight...

Quick update

So i brought a corset to go under my compression garment. Dr. G said i can start wearing at one month post op. I figure being a little over a week early wont hurt...but man i hope this thing brings my waist in...

Friday Night

Alright so i went out once again last night..an of course this ass got all types of attention haha..but no more going out for me..ive been taking my garment off way too much..

Im back Ladies

Hey ladies!!!! I want to first start off by apologizing for my unexplained absense smh, after returned home I went thru all types of hell with this town I live in. Of course everyone an they moma started inboxing me an asking all sorts of questions, making up all types of lie and I just wanted to be done with it all. As most of you have noticed i had even deleted some of my photo. But now I have came to realized that hell people are going to talk regardless so F*CH THEM lol..So let me fill yall in...THIS BOOTY IS TURNING HEADS HONEY lol it is so prefect for me I swear, I have only lost ONE INCH so far an yeah girl is exactly 7 weeks an one day post op..I am so happy with my results, i have yet to get a massage, just been doing them myself but I just found a woman who could help me out an trust me I am lookining forward to having a few sessions. i some area's of flattness but nothing to noticable. I have had plenty of communication with Dr.G via email he really does care about his patients aftercare. He gets on to me about not wearing my CG an that to make sure my corset is not to tight. Attached are so updated photos..i will begin to take more..Again sorry sister I should have never left..BUT IM BACK

Hey LADIES!!!!!!

Hey everyone!!!! I apologize for being MIA on you all but I have been enjoying this new body and booty yall!!! So I am currently 3 months 2 weeks and 5 day Post OP and yeah girl has been on the I tell you!...As you all know I returned to work shortly after my procedure and let me tell you all I am one of the lucky ones. I have NOT HAD ANY MORE VOLUME LOSS since my last posting, I refused to wear my CG any longer an to be honest it didnt really fit after a month or so. My waist and stomach are still pretty smail and I LOVE IT BABY!!! I have gained like 5 pounds due to some poor eating habits but Im getting that back on track TONIGHT, i am also ordering a new corset. Yall this procedure was a life saver and changer for me. Before the sx I always knew I was a pretty young lady just never felt like I was, I had no curves I hated how I looked in clothes which made me so self conscience that it affected me in every way shape and form ...Now I love to be the center of attention and it comes from EVERYONE especially the men, the females notice too but they rather hate and gossip rather just come up an ask me questions but oh well F*ck them lol. I have started pole dancing classes and I LOVE THEM it helps me explore my sexulatiy and improve my overall strength as well. SOOOOOOO I have a new boo and let just say the first time was a MOTHERF**KER I had to tell him to CUT that slapping my A$$ ish out for a minute, he has no clue about my sx, but ill tell him one day lol. Welp her are some current photos I upload more tonight and the months to follow..ANY QUUESTION PLEASE LET ME KNOW..

Miami Plastic Surgeon

I conside Dr. Ghurani to be a very skilled surgeon who truly cares about his patients. He does not make you feel like you are just another dollar sign. During my face to fact consulation he made it very clear as to what he could do and what he could not even though I went in with very real expectations. I remember being nervous thinking to myself that I should just leave and head home while i was waiting to see him, however after one hour of talking to him, I had come to peace with my decision. Not to many doctors have that ability nowadays. I have no problem recommending Dr.Ghurani, he gets two thumbs up in my book.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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