Going to Dra Baez. Oct 29 - Dominican Republic, DO

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I am going to have surgery with sweetheart BAEZ. I...

I am going to have surgery with sweetheart BAEZ. I hope to have a BBL (want a nice sexy round butt, not to large & not to small, Breast lift (no implants), liposuction to thighs, back, waist, abs and arms. possible TT scar revision. Having multiple surgeries depends on hemoglobin and what the cardiologist says. Going to DR solo, but I'm not scared. Will try and post before and after pics some time during recovery.

I'm all packed!!!!! But still have some things to do before bed. Flight in the AM

I am so excited ya. My day is here. I am finally packed. But I have to tie up some loose ends before I retire for the evening. Being I have a family of 4 with the baby being 2. You ladies with a family. especially little ones knows how important it is to make sure they are well taken care of (mommy style) before you leave, especially out of the States. It gives me a little more comfort to know they will be alright. That means preparing nutritious meals for the week. Because if I didn't I'm sure they will try and doritios, hot cheetoes, and oreo it up. NOOOTTT Today.! lol............. My children our my hearts.
Enuf about fam... So my flight leaves out at 6:30 am. Being this is an international flight, you must arrive at the airport earlier then domestic flights ( this is for my gurls who have never flown before).
So I decided to stay at a hotel all by my lonesome. I have on deck some nurses I can call if need be. I do have one coming on the day I'm d/c, however I'm sure I can handle it. (so I think, lol, I will keep ya posted). I have had 2 C sections and a previous TT and was even sent home same day and I took care of myself ( just at a slower pace). I have a very high tolerance for pain.

I have made sure my family has all the flight, hotel, surgery, doctor information on deck. I have registered with the US Embassy. (one never knows) I rather have and not need then need and not have. But don't let my saftey concerns scare you, I travel quite a bit and this is something I always do. I hear SD is safe ( I have never been ) but I have been to Punta Cana (not to far away) of course I was on a resort and I felt safe. Again, one never knows

I have been brushing up on my rusty 8th grade spanish. So far I have Hola!!! down pact...lmbo. I'm cray cray ya. Just trying to send out some smiles and few laughs. But seriously I can speak some spanish and understand a little if they speak slowly. Its good to know.

I can't wait to meet Dr. Baez. Ladies she is a pure sweetheart, she has been in contact with me the entire time. She has answered every single question I have asked and she has been prompt. I caught wind that Dr. Baez was on wassap and so I hit her up and she responded right back. This is our main line of communication. So if you need to contact her download the app and hit her up.

Well that is my time ladies. I will keep ya posted. I wish everyone that has, had surgery, those that are schedule this week and any other week, and those contemplating sx the best and speedy recovery. Take care of your body and it will take care of you.

3 days post OP surgery.

Where Do Ya Ladies Want ME To Begin.... Well When I Get To SD. I Ran Into Some Cool Chicks One Having Sx Too. Dang I Forgot There Names,Sorry It Will Come Back. Dang Amnesia...Lol. Anyways AllThereOf

post OP coming

Hey Ya, I'm Am Having A Horrible Time With Wifi. I Got One More Day Here An Then I Will Blog. Sorry. But Know I'm Doing Well. Dr. Baez IsThE Real Deal. Holla

slow posting... starting review tomorrow

Hey RealSelf Family. I Know I Have Been Extra Late In Posting. Pls Forgive. Truth BeTold I Have Been Healing And Lazy. Thank You For Checking On Me And Wishing Me Speedy Recovery. I'm Doing Great. Of Course I'm Back Home. I Will Start My Review Posting In Full Detail Tomorrow. Peace

Ok! Here we go... Lets see what I remember..

So I arrived in Dr on 10/28. Flew in on Delta. Flight was a total of 3 hrs 45 mins with a 40 min layover (not bad). Got there at 1:24 p.m. When I landed, while at the airport waiting for my pickup driver (Jose Brito)(listen ladies he is cool as a freakin fan, if your going solo hit him up. explain later). He was to be there holding a sign with my name on it. This is the driver Dra Baez uses. I later found out by two DR bound chicks, one geting surgery by Dra Yily they were wating on Jose to. Dra Yily uses the same driver. Well he was running a few minutes late. It wasn't a problem tho. Jose showed up. Yes ladies he is a cutie and very kind. Speaks and understands English. He knows exactly what to do when you arrive. He speaks with the Dr's before picking up all patients and knows if you need to be at the clinic or if you need to be dropped of at your designated place to stay. So Jose takes the two ladies(I'm so sorry i forgot there names, when i remember i will include) to Cipla for testing. One was getting surgery the next day and one what her buddy came to look after her(that whats up) Oh check it,, by the way this chick was snatched, cool as hell. Her hair fit was snatched and her hair was snactched(to those who don't know what that means it means she was beat. She had it going on. She was put to gether) These mugs in DR was staring like crazy even the ladies and I mean staring hard. The came up to her and asking to take her picture. It was crazy stupid, lol but I guesss that is what happenso when you step out on pointe...lol enuf already.

So moving on Jose then takes me to see Dra Baez. When I get there he doesn't leave my side. When I walk into an tiny but sufficent office. There was a small waiting area and in another small room there was Dr office area with a small exam table and a bathroom(el bano). Dra. Baez was very curtious, she came up to me and introduced herself gave me a kiss and a hug and then introduced her assistant (who at the time was her brother in law,) he was only there to translate. All three of us sat in the office discussing what I was hoping to achive. Then Dra Baez asked to examine me inwhich she took me to the the small exam room and closed the sliding door. Ladies not at any time did her assistant see me in all my glory. He could hear when she need help translating and that was it. He never pryed, he wasn't intrusive and didn't ask any medical questions unless Dra Baez asked for translation. They were both amazed at how much spanish I understood and was able to respond in spanish, heck I surprised my self. So language wasn't to bad a barrier for us... Thank goodness... I have been studying spainsh and it was really paying off. Kudos to me.

Let now briefly explain why I had to really brush up on my Spanish. Ladies this lady here went to the DR by her lonesome. No travel buddy and I stayed in a my own hotel by myself. No recovery house, no recovery buddy. no nurse. Just me. I know me and I knew I didn't want to be in the recovery house with strange people and other recovering ladies (no disrespect). I knew by countless reviews and knowledge of the procedure I could take care of myself and that was my plan...

Ok.. back to Dra Baez so as she is examining me she tells me I can get all but on procedure done and that was my breast lift. I was like WHAT.. WHY. She then explains I have discharge from my nipples and fluid in my ducts and if she were to cut into my breast I would get a very bad infection. I'm like dang really!? So ya see I had a bad and nursed for about a year and had no clue I still had discharge. But when she explained it would be best to wait. I then had a greater respect for her, for taking into consideration of my health. She did then say we will ask the cardiologist after he test. Now of course I'm like what does a cardiologist got to do with my breast and if it would be safe to include in surgery. (This is the nurse side of me talking) So when I seen the cardiologist he said the same thing and stated I should hold off. So I aggreed to postponse the breast lift.

I was a little pushed back only because truly that was 1st surgery I was looking forward to. But the I was like I am good. I will come back in 3 months to have completed. So then they take me to have my blood work done. All the testing is done in the same buildiing where Dra Baez is. As well as surgery. So your now walking far. So when I have my blood work done the phlebotomist was very nice. Yes she used gloves and a new needle. By blood work came back with a hemo of 14.5 and ekg was good.

So then Dra Baez stated to go and take a long shower tonight with antibacterial soap and then again in the morining and she will see me at 6:30 am. She gave me kisses and then Jose my driver took me to the grocery store and to restaurant for my dinner and then took me to my hotel so I could check in.

May I add that the driving there is beyond belief and down right crazy as all get out. I'm say little silent prayers. Crazy ya Crazy!!!!

So the next morning Jose was prompt in picking me up and taking to registar for surgery. He helped with translation and paper work. This was a huge help because the lady I was speaking to didn't speak nor understand a bit of english. Jose stayed with me until it was time for them to pick me up and take me back for surgery. We just talked it up. I'm telling ya Coool dude.

They put me in my recovery room and get me settled in and then give me a see thru disposable gown to put on and wait until Dra Baez comes in to talk with me and mark me up. She does come in like about 30 mins later. And we discuss again what procedures I'm having done and then she marks me up and then takes pictures. Then she leaves and about a few mins later they come to take me to the operating room. (By the way for those wondering ) no Jose wasn't in the room when I undressed nor in there when the Dr was talking with me and marking me. He left...lol

So they come to pick me up and and I get to the operation room and can I say ancient. And I mean ancient. Everything was old compared to what your used to in the States. But clean none the less. So the anesthesiologist who also spoke very good english had asked me did i take the infamous BLUE pill. I'm like now, they never gave me a pill. She says, "that is ok" and explained what she would be doing. She was very nice. Dra Baez was in there the entire time. I then was moved from the wheel chair to the table with the assistance of some guy not sure if he was a Dr or a nurse or a surgical tech. However I was sure he was fond of putting his non drawers wearing self, balls on my knee. Here I am sitting on the side of the table and he is right in front of me. Holding on to my shoulder and patting my back and telling every thing is going to be ok. I guess trying to console me. But I'm telling ya I was cool as a fan. I wasn't scared nor anxious. I was just chillin. But I am saying to my self I will be cool if you would get your BALLS of my knee. Ya he kept moving make and forthLOL. I'm sorry, I'm not sure if it was intentional but I had to gag (laugh ) cause these no drawers wearing hanging balls was front and center. a lil humor before surgery.

The anesthesiologist had me curl up in a ball on the table and she gave me an epidural, I felt no pain at all during the insertion of the epidural. The guy was holding on to me and patting my back, but now his balls were almost in my face. lol but no really lol. thank goodness he didn't smell. I CAN'T...

So let me tell ya about surgery. I was mainly woke the entire time. I had a few moments of dosing off. However I heard every thing and felt what body part they were working on. When they got to my upper back I felt a slight discomfort and I said Dra Baez, she says yes, "my baby". I said, Dolar (this is pain in spanish). Dra Baez says yes," Lo siento my baby" (this is I'm sorry). Then the anesthesiologist wipes my for head and says she is sorry and I will feel better right now. The anesthesiologist must have given me some more pain meds because i dozed off for a sec. I didn't feel anymore pain and when I woke up again I heard Dra Baez talking more and explaining something. I really couldn't understand to much but I kept hearing her say no aqui no aqui, now in spanish aqui can mean a lot of things , so Im not sure what she was referring to. But if you see I typed the word THEY... that is becasue one of the men that was in the surgery room assisted her on my surgery. She did the just of my work and then he did some of my lipo areas on my left side of my back. I know this because one Dra Baez strokes and power behind her work is way more gentle than the man Dr. Also I understood her when she was telling him was about finished and he would start. Something to that affect.

Just so ya know I was in no was offended. This is truly common practice in the medical field. In a lot of surguries you have a opener, the surgeon and the a closer. It's like having a baby (to those who have had kids) when your in labor, you deal with a nurse, in some case multiple nurses and even some new Dr's until right at the time to catch the little one coming out here comes your Dr, right at the end of things (pretty much). However Dr Baez was in there the entire time. Right there next to the Dr and talking to him the entire time. I felt totally safe and felt like she knew what she was doing and felt like she was in charge the whole time. Didn't doubt for one second..

Well surgery was over. The anesthesiologist gave me a kiss and told me I did well. Then the two guys went to put me in a xxxs small faja. R u kidding me. I can't fit no darn xxxs small. How do I know? Because I am totally alert now and I am looking at every on and I ask in spanish what size and he says xxxs. I said no, you won't me putting me in that, that is to small. Dra Baez comes to me and says relax my baby, you can fit this and you need this for compression. I then shut the heck up and let them put me in this small faja. Mind ya at surgery I am 190 pounds. What the heck. Now ya see why I was trippn. Well anyways they got my butt into this faja with no problem. And boy did it snatch me up.

I was taken back to my recovery room and they put me on my bed. As soon as I was transferred I started throwing up. Dra Baez was telling me it was from the anesthesia. Which I knew where it was coming from. But it only lasted a few mins and it was over. So Dra Baez tells me she took 6 liter of fat and that I was going to look beautiful. She kissed me and said to rest my baby. She I can't drink until 2 am and can eat until 6am. Now I wasn't hungry but I was extremely thirsty. so I statshed water in jacket pocket next to my bed and when they left I got that water and had at it. Now I am not suggesting anyone to do this. But I have an ultimate love for water and go crazy if I can't have it .

My night went extremely well. I didn't sleep to much, I wasn't in pain, I just couldn't sleep. The nurse came in about every hour and the Dr came in about every hour and half. The Dr was very nice, he talked my head off about President Obama. I think he is infatuated with him, I'm just saying...

The next morning I was up and getting prep for d/c at about 6:30am, Early I know, but I was ready to go. Then there is a knock at my door and it's Jose, there checking on me . He tells me he came back that night but I was still in surgery and so he had to come and check on me this am and he will wait until I'm d/c and he will take me pharmacy and back to hotel. So Dra Baez comes in and tells me everything was well and that I can leave. She gave me my meds and a few instructions and off I went. Jose took me to my hotel. Walked me to my room and stayed just a few mins while i got settled and told me to call him if I needed anything and he says if he doesn't hear from me he was coming by to check on me because I was the first lady who has stayed completly by her self no nurse no nothing and he wanted to make sure I was taken care of.

I appreciated his thoughtfulness. All this and we wasn't charging me money, this was true care. I'm telling ya cool dude.

So I settled in for the afternoon and rest of the night, trying to get some much needed sleep since I didn't sleep well in surgery center. I checked in with the fam and I was out like a light.

Well I think that is enuf typing for a one day reveiw. I will post some pictures. Another reveiw coming tomorrow.

So here are the procedures I got. Lipo to full back, arms, inner thighs, BBL and hips and revision to TT scar(TT done two yrs ago) I hated the way my scar healed.
Mite I add Dra Baez did a wonderful job on my surgery I completly love my ever changing results especially my hips and scar revision. I so can't wait to see her in Jan for my breast lift. tty...... peace (sorry for any typos)


ThiS Is My Boy Jose Brito. Ya Can Check Him Out On Wassup. I Will Post His number

photos... cont...

My Recovery Room,

7 weeks post op.... Oh!!!! So much to share.

Hello all Dolls!!!!! I'm finally returning to do another update post. So where do I start? Do I start with an apology for being so MIA??? Truthfully speaking, please don't be mad at me but I am the biggest procrastinator in the world. This is one of my many flaws. You know we all have them. And see if I apologize, I am 100% positive it will happen again.. lol (just keeping it real with my Dolls). Well what I can say is that I had another flaw and that was the LACK THERE OF...... What am I talking about? My A$$ is what I am talking about...lol The procastination of my A$$ growing in. I have been waiting my whole life and I mean my whole life for this butt to grow. Well it likes to procrastinate as much as I do. Well the wait was to long and I am here to say the wait is over. Hunnnnyyy let me tell you "SHE" has a BOOOTAAYY now. Good things come to those who wait (AND PURCHASE,,,,,lol)

So again the surgery when great and recovery has been a breeze. No scares, No infections, No unforseen issues. Oh!!!!! look at me lying... there has been some unforseen issues, These Niggas out here. These dudes are a hot mess. They see a nice butt walking by and there goes there tongues hitting the floor and rude gestures coming out there mouth.
Now you ladies know it's nice to get some type of attention from the opposite sex but its not welcome by all men. Those busted up ones need to keep it pushin and keep your comments to yourself. lol... let me stop cause I guess they need love to... I have always gotten attention from guys butt (pun intended ) now I have a greater amount of attention, due to my new delivery, the birth of my new BUTT..

I have always had a flat butt and have dreamed of it being round and curvy, my dream has come true. I never wanted a "set a drank on it butt" (nothing wrong with those who do). I just wanted a little projection and round.

So what did Dr Baez give me? Exactly what I asked for. I said I wanted a nice round sexy butt and I wanted every ounce of lower back fat removed. And boy did she remove every ounce. Listen ladies to those who don't know about creating the lovely prop in the back. When you get your bbl, if you have any amount of back fat, especially lower back fat, please have your DRA lipo that. It's going to may your new PROP stand out even more. Trust and belive. Hey I'm just saying.

So ya will be happy to know I have some pics finally posted. I have a couple the night before surgery and the day of surgery, right after Dr. Baez marked me. So when you see all the fat Dr. Baez had to deal with, you now see why I personally feel it is important to remove the back fat. So if this a problem area for you, think about including the lipo of your lower back.

I know we have our own opinions of how we want our bodies to look and which we should, so please know I am just giving my own personal opininon of my body and what improvements I wanted to see.

So, you might ask me. Are you satisfied with your surgery? From a scale from 1-10, I give it a 20. No joke. Ladies be very patient after your surgery because change takes place every single day. I am now 7 weeks post op and my butt looks nothing and I mean nothing like it did right after surgery and heck not even 2 weeks ago. Every day it gets better and better. PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. I believe I'm entering the fluffing stage. This means my butt is getting rounder and starting to settle. I say BRING IT ON FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF...lol

To those who want to know about Dra. Baez communication after surgery let me tell you, She has checked on me several times and I have updated her every couple of weeks and each time I update her, she responds and thanks me for keeping her posted. Ladies, she is a good Dr. Her medical opinion is well given and not altered just for money. She really cares about her patients health. I think Dr. Baez lipo is phenonmenal. I feel she can make and contour any BBL, it's up to the patient and what they are seeking and also if they have a good fat supply and if there butt will be able to take the fat transplant. See ladies not all bootys are able to absorb fat. The Dr. will explain this. Just remember everybodys body is different.

So here were my previous measurments before surgery
Chest(breast) 40 inches
Abs/waist (right about belly button ) 34 1/2
hips 42

Measurements after surgery (currently at 7 weeks)
Chest(36 1/2)
Abs/waist( check this out) 26 (that 8 inches gone in 7 weeks. I know rite)
hips 45

So I'm going to leave it at that for now. Send me a msg if you have any questions. I wish everyone a speedy and healthy recovery. To those researching, keep reading everyones post to make a sound decision. I don't regret my decision. To those who don't know I will be headed back in Jan to have my breast lifted. I'm so excited. That's going to be the icing on Bodybouttime. Holla, Peace, Kisses...

a few more pics.....


One more thing, I know some of my pics have a flash. That is due to me not knowing what the heck I am doing...lol and trying to hide face. You know this is viral... Just saying

Lets talk about your "milk and cookies", your "who ha", your "girlfriend" As Tamar would say."your purse"......lol

Hello all Dolls future past and present. This is a very important post, I truly hope you read and please head the advice that I am about to give.
So what was my title talking about? It's talking about your vajayjay, your vagina. This is a public announcement. This going to those who may know and those who don't know.
To the ladies who are choosing to travel abroad for surgery there are some personal precautions I encourage you to take before even leaving the states. And to the ladies who are staying in the
States some of this info is great for you to.
Ladies when shopping for your supplies these are some MUST haves for your protection before and after surgery, Start with getting antibacterial soap(DIAL), latex or vinyl gloves, hibiclens, personal wipes, bactarim, own wash clothes new or from home and bandages for any surgery incisions you may have.

Now please let me explain. We all have our own individual bodily bacteria, known as "natural flora" This is good bacteria for us. This bacteria can be affected in so many ways especially during surgery and traveling to other lands. So you want to protect yourself as much as possible. So for starters at least 3 days before surgery you want to wash head to toe with an antibacterial soap, paying extra attention to the areas that you will be having surgery, ie... breast, arms, butt etc,, This will prep the skin for extra defense from unknown infectious bacteria that you will encounter during and after surgery. You will also want to wash using the soap the morning of your surgery.

Now for those traveling abroad for surgery, NEVER NEVER NEVER use the water from that country. Mainly speaking of traveling to Mexico, DR etc,, Don't use it to bathe nor drink. As soon as you land there get your driver to take you to the store for some bottled water. Please understand, it's not because there water looks disgusting, it's because all tap water has contaminants in it. Their water supply source isn't cleaned nor filtered in the standards the US has( which Im not saying US has the best water source). However what I am saying is our natural flora has built up a resistance to any contaminants the US water supply has inwhich we are not affected by it. That is not the same for other lands, which would make you more susceptible to their host of contaminants that can lead to all types of infection. So you may use their water to shower and wash your vagina and thus come down with a UTI or even a yeast infection. You may use there water to help cleanse your surgery incisions and thus come down with a whole host of infections.
2nd percaution to take is when taking care of any incisions you may havefrom surgery. Wash your hands using Hibilens and then put on gloves and then clean your incisions with your own wash clothe or bandage dressing. Rinse and then thoroughly DRY using a clean dressing or towel. This will help keep your surgery incision from becoming infected. After making sure the incision is completly dry, then apply the Bactrim. Again Bactrim treat and prevents infections.

Well I truly hope I was able to explain that well enough to show the importance of protecting yourself as much as possible from coming down with an infection in the PURSE or from your incision.
Please know what I have just explained doesn't mean you will get any type of infection. (I took the same precautions and DIDN'T get an infections) But it does mean you never know, so why not take these small precautions to make your recovery easier. Thanks for allowing me to share some of this information. I hope you found it useful. To all Dolls take care. Kisses

..... update add

I'm sorry I left off when cleaning your incisions to use the Hibiclens to clean them, this help prevent infection, thx

radom update

Hey Ladies. It Has Been A Long Time. But Here A Few Updated Pics Of 'HER' Everything I Going Well . Fluffing Is So Real. Love My Results. No complaints

more pics

Pics Pics pics


New Pics
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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