Going to Dr. Baez in October - Dominican Republic, DO

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Hello dolls, I decided to go with Baez in December...

Hello dolls, I decided to go with Baez in December. I'm getting BBL,BA,nose jobs,lipo,tt revision. I really appreciate that she answers all her emails, and she is concerned about your health. I'm taking my multi vitamin now and liquid iron, my hemoglobin is above 12, but i want it higher. I'm conditioning my body right now, i don't want any complications. I'm thinking about staying at Yasmine House. Price for 3 weeks is 560.00 and it includes meals and transportation.

This is me now folks..

Dieting is so hard..Im 168, need to getti 150-160 for best results.

my pre body now..

This is how i look now, getting my tummy done again, lipo on arm, legs,flants,. My nose i will have to do that at another time.

Need help..

This is me now..

trying to lose..

Its not easy getting your body together

my pic of me now

Need some work

need work

Im 168 now

My pics

Getting Breast Augumentation, BBL, liposuction to arms, thighs,flanks, Tummy tuck did again, the last doctor left me with saggy skin. That is what babies do to your body!

for those having surgery with Baez

I found an apartment hotel 5 mintues away from her office. Its call ed aparthotel residence city. Im staying for 14 days for 630.00. Food, grocery store is 5minutes away.

decided to wait to get tt on second round

I was reading its best to not do tt and bbl at the same time. Your butt can turn lump sided. It takes one month for your fat cells to set. You must lye in your stomach until then.

I decided today to get my tummy tuck on a second round

I'm too concern i might miss up my bbl, so i right now i think i will get the bbl,breast implant with lift and lipo, rhinoplasty, round 2 tummy tuck and another bbl if my butt goes away.

Sent my deposit to lock my date in, she received it today!

Ladies don't use xoom to send money, i sent your deposit to her account last week and she just got it today. I had to call the company numerous times to get it straighten out. I will use money gram next time. I'm looking at the girls post with baez this week, and they are happy. I purchased my round trip ticket with jet blue for $630.00. it would've been cheaper but i wanted extra leg room when i get back to the states.

Disbelief! I was told i have to do round 2..

I thought i was getting all the procedures done at one time, after i paid my deposit, now she says i have to do round 2. Now i'm just doing lipo,bbl, and rhinoplasty.

On second thought

A few ladies that just came from Yasmine house insured me that the place is great, so what i decided to do since i have to stay over night at the clinic, i will check in with her the next day after surgery. I found a hotel across from Baez office, so i booked for only one night. Reading the comments I'm happy that i getting my TT,BBL,LIPO done first, thats enough pain already for me. I want Baez to take her time sculpting my body right. Dr. Baez results are amazing, thinking about upping my appointment soon.

some up to date picks..

Gave Yasmine my deposit so im booked at her recovery house..Still trying to loose my weight.

more pics

Up to date pics of me.

pre pic

My pic


front pic


My frontal, side pics

Feeling down today

Today i felt really down, i look at my self in the mirror and was very depressed. I can't wait until my transformation. The day i get to walk on the beach with no worries, i will be the happiest lady. After my first round of sx, i think I will go get cellulized. There is this new procedure that get rid of cellulite in one session. In California is so expensive, the quotes I'm getting is $2,500 per area. i found a doctor in New York that will do the areas you want for one good price. I've been also using skin lightening cream also, it seems to be working. I want to be a light brown color. My natural skin color is light brown. Most people think people that bleach their skin is trying to be white, NO! You bleach your skin so your skin color can be even. I tried bleaching the rest of my body but, for some reason i keep itching. I don't know if it's a reaction to the cream... I'm down to 163 pounds now. I can't wait until the scale says 150, when i get lipo, i will drop another 10 pounds. I can't wait to be skinny again. I don't ever want to be out of shape and over weight ever again!

Change of heart on round 1

It don't make since to have Dr. Baez to do my body on round one without the TT.
So i emailed Baez and told her I want the BBL,TT,LIPO on round one. I want her to take her time on my body. I will get rhinoplasty, and breast implant w/lift one the second round. That make sense. I'm off and on with the phentermine, it works good for helping me loose weight, but it can cause health problem if you use too much of it.

These are the vitamins that I am taking

Fish oil...etc..

I'm current taking women's one a day multi-vitamin.
Fish oil and cayenne pepper pills: good for the cardio vascular system. Women's iron pills.

The count down is so long...

This has to be the longest summer ever. My thighs refuse to do down. I can't stand them. I was looking at other who had sx. I don't want a big booty..I want something nice and realistic. I don't want folks thinking I had my body worked on. I will happy with a tiny waist,no lines on my back, slimmer thighs, narrow nose, and a nice cute butt! I already have a butt, just want to be fuller. I'm already 30 plus years old and want to maintain my looks for the next 30 years! Madonna is 50 plus and she looks fabulous. I want to look like her when i get her age. She is still young looking! I want to look forever young! My main concern is my weight, I already lose 35 pounds and need to lose 15 more for me to have the results I want. My weight is up and down. (I'm at 165, i was at 163) America does have weight issue problems, I think it's because too may ppl are eating out. I stopped eating fast-food except Subway. I don't eat a lot of sweets anymore. I had to cupcake for the first time in many months.I enjoyed it! Every now and then I will eat junk food, but that is every 2 months or so. I don't eat a lot of read meat. I have a hard time trying not to go over board with my eating habits. That's when i take a phentermine pill when i feel I'm eating way too much! That's is the only issue i have is the weight..

My passport... so ready to do!

Changed my sx date to October 16th

my date to see Baez is now Oct 16th

I couldn't wait

I changed my date for Oct.16th. I couldn't wait until Nov 30th. I wanted to hurry and get to over with. Im ready to go i changed my ticket, cost 65.00 to change my flight. I'm still staying at Yasmine house. My hemoglobin is 13.6 which is great. Right now Im getting Bbl, lipo,tummy tuck revision.

Hello dolls,

Next Wednesday is my day! I have to start packing soon. I will post my pics when i get there so follow my profile, please be patient i will post. My weight is down to 158. Cayenne pepper do work for loosing weight. You can only take phentermine so long before you have health problems.I recommend phentermine only to loose 30 pounds quickly like i did, then start taking cayenne pepper with lemon juice, you will loose. Trust and believe, cayenne and lemons kills fat. I'm down to size 10, i was 16 in April. To all the women who is trying to loose before surgery, that is my suggestion. Please be patient, sometime your weight can go up naturally, it doesn't mean your not loosing. Sometime you will loose inches first then pounds.


Loose the weight first before surgery, you will get better results. The doctor can only suck so much fat out. Any question please inbox me, thanks ladies. Will update next week

me now

forgot to mention

My weight goal is 140. Have 18 pounds to loose, hopefully the lipo i will lose at least 10 pounds and i can loose the rest.


For those who are staying at a recovery house and want to save 2 nights, Le Residence Hotel is 2 minutes away from Baez office. The total cost $33.00 a night. Some one from Yasmine House will pick me up from Baez office.


what am bringing

Things i packed

scar healing strips, maxi dress,t shirts,sweat pants,babywipes, pain medication,shea butter,lipo foam board,ace bandages,faja from the pink room store, high waist body shaper,slip on shoes, hygiene things like tooth brush/paste,etc, maxi pads. If i miss something i can buy it in D.R. I'm trying not to over pack.

Leaving for Baez tomorrow

I will take pic when i arrive, Jose is picking me up from airport. Please be patient dolls,when i get to hotel i will load some pic of her work, please follow back by this Wednesday and Friday.

On my way to airport

Please don't ask me any silly questions please! This site is for people like me who is serious about improving our bodies. Every doctor is different, if you want donky butt go to Duran, small waist ..Yilly...natural looking body and you don't want to be laughed at... go to Beaz.

Made it here

made it here ladies, Jose came to pick me up, Baez is still in surgery and I'm waiting in hotel room i got for one night, I'm waiting for here to finish so i can do my labs. I'm starving and not on good mood right now until i get. They said you must have empty stomach for lab work. It's almost 5pm now, so posting pic of DR. This country is very ratchet i must say, very ghetto airport! I had to borrow phone , airport don't have WIFI, so i couldn't use my Skype. Keep your bags close very sheddy people at airport.


post more pics later

my phone charger stop working so i will update will more photos later

Can't load pic today,

I tried to load pics of Baez office today, but this wifi in this hotel is whack, so you will have to wait until thursday when i get to Yasmine house. My experience with Dr, Baez today, well she a lot younger and prettier then her pics, nice lady but can't speak english good. I met her husband and he seems to be okay, not as nice as his wife, that's my opinion. The place is very clean, the cardiologist is very nice and sweet. It took forever for me to get lab results and get my heart checked, didn't leave there 9:30pm. She was a very busy lady today. I did get cleared so she will work on me 7am tomorrow mourning. I will be her first patient and she said it will take about 5 hours. I told her i don't want no unrealistic booty, keep it nice and natural. She mention that i need hips, so she is going to add fat to them. Baez is very friendly and showed me where the operating place is at and recovery room where i will be spending the night. I will load new pic this Friday, so far so good, she knows what she is doing and took the time to explain every thing to me. So far so good, I'm confident she will give me the look i want, out with the horrible body and in with the new perfect body!


For those of us serious women who are ready to upgrade our bodies and not get on this site just to sees who got their bodies done, Baez is the one for that natural look. She did ask if if i want super booty but i said NO. For the folks looking for doonky booty she can do it. Baez to me will be the next coming up doctor in D.R. I would see her now before she raises her prices.

Baez office pics

pics of the place

more pic

uploading more pics

my experience

Dr. Australia is amazing, she lipo the hell out go my tummy and my bbl is so natural looking. My hemo is low ladies, it went from 13.5 to 6.5. Im very tired, not feeling the best. Please bring anti itch cream, the nurses at her clinic suck. They put the IV in wrong and i started to bleed every where and catch an UTI. I told them not to put theme in,they did anyway. The Doctor had to tell them to take it out. The next day Dr. Baez and her husband stayed with me until Yasmine picked me up. Dr. Baez is such a sweet women, she made sure i didn't suffer again. She gave me all my meds, great surgeon, no complications. I just had bad nursesv that didn't speak english.

At yasmines house

Very nice place, everyone here is super friendly, they took care of me right away and always check to see if I'm doing good. Good people here and her place is nice. My room has a bathroom so i don't have to walk the hall ways.

Did i mention the food

excellent ladies, best i had in years and I'm not making this up. Yasmine mom is very sweet and can cook very good. I will update in a few days, when my body is feeling better, Baez is very good doctor and Yasmine house is a great recovery house, her email is ysamik@ hotmail.com.... drastrualiabaez@outlook.com is the doctors email, google Dr. Australia Fragoso Baez. Baez is very caring she checks her patients and always available when you need her

forgot to mention

My tummy tuck line is super thin, she made my tummy look 20 years younger, she is good ladies, post pics after i feel better.

yasmin room pics

pics of room

forgot to mention

There was only one nurse in Baez clinic, she did a good job on my iv today, i don't know her name but she had me feeling better until yasemine came, very sweet nurse.

the pain

I went by myself, my advise is to bring someone with you if you can. i had bbl,tt, lipo at the same time, its painful. When i feel better i will post post pics.

got my first massage, today

Baez massage lady came, it was very painful, she is good.

3 days post pics

i took some pics

Baez communication after surgery

Dr. Baez and her husband comes to my recovery house to see how i was doing, even gave me more medicine and checked my vitals. I'm so happy i choose her to be my doctor, i didn't expect my booty to be this big, i told her 1000cc, and she did add fat to my hips. I think she gave me 1300cc, maybe she thought i needed more fullness. I started using the scar strip for my tummy tuck.

Shots out to all the Yilly dolls!

There is a Yilly doll staying at the same recovery house, and she looks amazing..

forgot to mention

Baez quote come with 10 compression massage, and medicine is included with the price. The only put of pocket expense i had was the liquid iron, folic acid.

more pics


Up and feeling more better

Yesterday Yasmine took us to the beach, even thought the breeze felt good, it took at of my energy out. We stop and had ice cream. I slept all night for the first time, i can't wait until these drains come out.


more pic


as you can see, i started using ace bandages around my tummy..its help curves your shape in.

Visited Baez today

She didn't take my drain out because i still had fluid. She did give me more meds for my head ache, so I feel like heaven now. Hopefully the fluid will be drained out by Thursday. I'm leaving Friday.

Dominician Republic

I must say people here a very down to earth, nice country, I don't like the airport. The practice of medicine here is unbelievable. Doctors are very good here, so i believe it's very safe to travel here for medical procedures.

Post more pics in 3 weeks

I will take more pics in 3 weeks after i finished healing some what.

2 weeks post

My tt is feels good, very thin. My tummy is the giving me heal, i have to wear my faja very tight, Im still very swollen. My bbl is coming along, went down a lot.


my pics


My tummy is the hardest thing to heal, its giving me hell, will post more pic in 4 weeks. I like my results so for, wish Baez could've lipo my inner thighs more. I will do that on round 2 when i get my breast implant with lift.

Me right now

Compression is hell!


my pics 3.5 weeks...

Likes and dislike

Dislike: my bbl went all the way down, not happy with bbl and hips. I already scheduled for round 2 in february... My tummy is looking okay, the compression garment is no joke, i have to eat little everyday, she did my tt scar thin, my back fat is gone.


will post more pic in 2 weeks


My body is starting to shape up nicely, Baez did a good job, will post more when more swelling goes down

Tummy is finally taking form... one month op today..

pic swollen is finally going down, i heal very sloe



Everyone heals different

I had to buy a tighter compression, my body heals so slow, have to wait another month before it really takes form.. will post more pic when my swelling goes down more.. I will post pic next month.

Pic of my bbl and tummy

My tummy is still taking form, very slow healing..

My tummy

I hope my tummy shapes up nicely, i don't know if she went aggressive on it or not. I
guess time will tell. I brought a tighter corset, so hopefully my tummy will be flat and shapely.

bbl pic..

my bbl pic..

better pic of my waist..


any advise how to shrink my waist and tummy

can anyone give me advise to how to shrink faster? This is the tighest compression i could find, any advise?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

My surgery is on October 16th , 2013.

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