Had my BBL and Lipo

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I decided to do my procedure a month ago. The next...

I decided to do my procedure a month ago. The next step was figuring who my surgeon would be. I had already spent weeks looking at great work from Doctors such as Dr. Salama in the U.S.A. Not being able to find one within a reasonable budget I finally decided to think out the box and comfort zone and opt for surgery over seas. That's when I came across Doctors like Lily De Los Santos and Dra.Duran.

I thought I had found my doc among either one. As time was moving closer I decided to contact them and wait out my options. The unavailability and time period between responses became a turn off. I also factored in other small details. Not fully convinced I consulted with my husband who put it in simple terms for me answering "find yourself another Doc". I shook my head and replied, "I guess your wright". I then continued looking for other surgeons convinced that maybe I should look at other possibilities that great results could also lie on other surgeons hands.

In my search I came across Dra. Australia Fragaso Baez and others aswell. I then showed my husband the names of the new surgeons I was contemplating he quickly picked Dra. Baez and said thats the one. I was surprised how he just made that decision in a matter of seconds and was even more surprised at how confident he seemed at his preference. After reading their responses and comparing cost. I also choose Dra. Baez. Reading other reviews of her good bedside manner and how sweet she was convinced me. I have since then spoken to her twice. I feel secure with my decision. And am looking forward to my surgery date. I booked my flight last night.

I will have lipo of arms, stomach, back, flanks, inner thighs, bbl.

I was 168lbs and am Currently 171lbs I have gained 3 pounds intend to gain 5 more. To increase my body fat. I dont have a huge gut so I wanna make sure I will have enough fat for the bbl. She said 8-10lbs would be good for me. I think ill stop at 8lbs.

Booked with Jasmine RH

So I confirmed my Recovery House stay. Will order poppy pillow and other must haves this week.

Ordered some things from Amazon

I got an email confirmation waiting on my Boppy Pillow and Arnica Gel. I received my P EZ in the mail today. Im almost done packing. I dont plan to bring excess things just what the Dra. Recommended and the Recovery House suggested. I'll add a list of what im bringing this weekend. I might have a buddy Yasmin asked me if I would like one, I said it would be cool. So maybe I'll have one while im there. She said she will keep me in mind.

Since last week I haven't gained weight. So I decided to buy a high calorie protein drink from GNC. I purchased it today. Plan on drinking it 2 or 3 times a day. To gain 4lbs before my Sx date.

Ok here is what im packing

Been a little busy lately but I did say I would write what im taking with me. Im not trying to over pack and am only taking one luggage. Dont want to be tired from caring bags for day of surgery.

Feminine pads (kotex)
Bed protective pads
Big panties
E-Z Pee
Hand towels to wash up
Clorox disinfectant wipes
Safety pin
Medical Gloves
Baby wipes (3 packs)
Dial soap
Boppy Pillow
Arnica Gel
Jacket (for my return will be cold)
Leave In conditioner
Hand sanitizer
Toothbrush and paste

I choose these items using the help of other post and my Recovery House suggestion list and what my Dra. Suggest I will need. I wont be bring a light summer dress like many other girls. Im bringing light jogging pants and some button shirts and big t shirts. This way I can Avoid over spending.

somethings im also bring but I forgot to add to list

Im taking some snack bars.
3 men tank tops
2 robes

3 weeks post op today.

Today Its been 3 weeks since sx. I must say Dr.Baez is beautiful inside and out. Such a pleasure to have choosen her as my Doc. Yasmin recovery house is great!!!!! The girls all of them are awesome in taking care of you. I had a roomie and I'm glad I did. My swelling has gone down a lot. Will write a more detailed review on my bbl and lipo in a few weeks, once more swelling goes down.
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