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After a years of research I have decided to get a...

After a years of research I have decided to get a Bbl and Ba. I have been researching 3 doctors.. Yily, Duran, Baez. After reading countless reviews. I have decided on Duran or Baez. I e-mailed both doctors. Dr Baez responded within a few hours and I got a auto response from Dr Duran. I am 27 yrs old 5'7 and 155lbs. After sending my pictures to Dr Baez I was quoted 4000 used for bbl, Ba and lipo.

Time seem to be on a stand still

So I am rapidly becoming a real self addict. I am looking into get aggressive lipo to get the look I desires... I have keloid skin and my biggest concern is getting scars on my lipo incision. Anyone have any advise to avoid getting scars...

Duran no response yet!!

Well I am still waiting for a response from Duran... I guess I can't be surprise based on the feed back I have been reading.. But I am still looking forward to get a consultation from Duran...

Looking for sx buddy

I have decided to travel by myself and I am looking for a sx buddy. I will be flying out from JFK. I am schedule for march.

Turkey day

Happy thanksgiving to all... I was stuffing the turkey and I got so excited I began thinking next year March my ass will be stuffed and plump like the turkey. I still have gotten a response from Duran and its being like 8 days. I am also so lost in making arrangements for a RH. I arrived in DR on a Mon to get my Labs and then I am Having my surgery done on the Tuesday, so I am not sure if I should get a regular hotel room for the Monday and then reserve for the RH for the Wednesday. Because I will be staying overnight in the clinic the Tuesday. I don't want to having my valuables and luggage going from three different places. That how things get " misplaced".. So that is a major concern. Also have reading review these RH prices are ridiculous. 90/ day so I will end up paying 900 for the 10days I am staying. if I have to pay so much money it kinda of defeats the purpose of coming to DR to save money if I end up just spending the money on accommodation rather than surgery. Can anyone recommend a good priced and serviced RH. I am also still looking for a sx buddy, so if your traveling in the 2 week in March please inbox me...

Excuse the typos...

I am blogging and cooking at the same time....Sorry

Yasmin RH

So I am looking into staying at the Yasmin RH. I have read many great reviews on her and her family. I haven't confirm with Any sx buddy so I can't reserve any room type but I got a very prompt response from her, which is good... Its day 9 and still no response from Duran. I know she doesn't really like to work with women over a certain weight but I am only 155lbs even though those pictures make me look bigger than I am... Oh well i will email her again for the fourth time. Although I am certain I will be going to Dr Baez. From the first time I saw her review and corresponded with her I got that feeling that I will be safe with her. I think that's the most important thing. you need to feel assured And comfortable with the doctor you choose. After all your life is in their hands...

Wish pic

Wish pic

Recovery house

So I have emailed many recovery and can't decided which one to go to... I am thinking Angie's or Yasmin.. Althought I have great things about cameilla and daisy seems interesting... Yasmin is the most economical but Angie has so many great reviews .... Any advise

Duran quote

So I got a response from Duran with an immediate quote, it reasonable but I am still going to Dr Baez.. I learned in life you must alway go with your first instinct... I know dr Baez will accomplish what I want. The next thing to God is your doctor when it comes to putting your life in their hands. So I will go with the doctor with compassion and her demeanor is very comforting... The rest as far as the physical expectation is secondary....

tick tock the time is near

Will be a Baez doll very soon. Still haven't finalized where I am staying

So last minute

Time is near and all I have brought is a suitcase.... Oh we'll I know with surgery less is more... Most important thing for me is maxi dresses and painkillers... But I will buy all my supplies one shot......

Flight booked

We'll I finally made all arrangements. I booked my flight and put down the deposit in my RH. All necessary supplies have been brought. I believe less is more. So I will be bring what I need and not the whole of New York. I want my luggage to be as light as possible


Cortisone itch cream
Triple medicated diaper cream
Lipo foam
Go go girl travel urinal
Pads.... Pads... Pads...
Percocet ( painkillers)
Maxi dresses
Boppy pillow
Men's t shirt (want it big n loose)
Men vest ( just need something to have over my garment)
Flip flop
Travel size toiletries....


Might get depends n some ensure....
No bra or panties... I will be in garments
And will be getting new boobs... So no sense in bringing old bras.....

Good bye to the old me..

Yasmin refund

We'll I just received a notice from paypal for a refund. Apparently without explanation Yasmin gave me back my deposit.... When I inquiry as to why, I was informed that my room was given away.... Not to worry when I arrive she will try her best to get me a single room with private bathroom.. If someone cancel.... I am thinking ..... Hmmmm...... Hmmmmm....... I must be crazy, why would I not finalize accommodation prior to leaving my country.... No I will wait until I am in a foreign country after have extensive surgery to find somewhere to stay.. That's is smart. I will take my refund and looks elsewhere... I prayer a lot and I am a firm believer everything happens for a reason.... I wasn't meant to stay there.... Moving on!!

Anxiety ... Anxiety

I realized I am getting very light headed and dizzy. Thought maybe with all the iron I have been taking. My pressure is low. So I letting work early and when to the doctor. Low and behold pressure is perfect. Hemoglobin is 14 ..... So I ask what's going on..... Guess what I am getting anxiety ... OMG .... So now I have to stop thinking.... Just breathe!!!!

Pounds pounds

Oh.... Now I weigh 170 instead of 155...... I don't know if that means bigger ass or more reminding fat!!! I want my ass to be subtle but I want aggressive lipo.... I don't want any remaining fat!!!!

Daisy recovery house

We'll I have decided to go to daisy. They are fairly new and from what I heard is setup more like a hotel but with the individualize care.. Which works for me. I had two c section so I am not stranger to surgery.. So I know that I really don't want to be surrounded my too many girls... Seeing as the are new I know they are counting on referrals and good reviews to build their clientele... So hopefully I will be treated well. They are a little more pricy that Yasmin but you can't put a price on having a piece of mind.... With all this anxiety I don't need any additional stress... I will be going to my medical doctor on Saturday to have some final blood work and urine done... Should get the result back before I head to DR. Also since I am traveling alone I registered with the us embassy and purchased travel insurance.... So I only have a few more days to go..... I hope all my labs turn out fine... I know Dr Baez is a stickler for healthy patients...

Packed and ready to go.....

So my bags are packed and I am ready to go. Surprisly the the closer I get to the date. I feel calm. I think all my anxiety was cause my the preparation. Not so much the going the surgery.

Tick Tock!!

I am so pleased that all the preparation is finally done. After reading everything I have written on realself , I realized dam I need to proof read what I type.... So much typos but I know everyone got what I was saying..... Now my focus is on getting to DR, doing my surgery successfully and getting back home to my family.... I try hard to highlight the objective of my trip and not to think too hard into all the risks I am taking.... I was surprise to hear on the news that a 20 something year old girl died in New York. After having silicone injected into her butt ... Unfortunately it was also injected into a vein.. The silicone got into her blood stream and that was it.... So so sad. I told my mom I was surprised girls are still taking those risk.... When you can just go to DR and get everything done my certified doctor for a factor of the price... But every one finances are different maybe a trip to DR w/ surgery is too much..... I feel bad...

Quick update...




Still in a lot of pain will update more detailed later


So yesterday brunilda came to give me my 4th massage and she realized my stomach was much larger than the day before. She immediately called dra baez who instructed her it could be my drainage so we got that replaced. Now Daisy RD is literally 3 blocks from Dr baez office. The time it took her to run to the clinic and replace my drains.... dra baez husband was in my room ..... making sure that there was no back flow... then they send Brunilda back to me around 9 pm to make sure I was draining properly. Anyone who goes with dra baez you choose the person who cares and puts you first..... she doesn't leave things to chance when it comes to her patients. .... FYI 2 days post opt she personally came to my Rh to make sure the place and environment was suitable. ... she checked everything. ... took them to put me on a high protein diet cause I don't have an appetite. .. heaven sent her....

drain working better

few pics of Daisy RH

drain removed

Yah. .. After 8 days I finally got my drain removed. . It is very blog uncomfortable. . The drain is about close to 2 feet long coiled inside you so went dra baez pulls it out .. it feels very hot with a bit of pressure. . The good thing is the stitch is already there so all you dra has to do us tie the stitch up.. which doesn't hurt...relief.. The drain causes increase sensitively in your abdomen... so even after 10 massages it has been uncomfortable. . So today I actually look forward to a massage that is a bit pleasant. ..

more pics of Daisy


Clean room... friendly helpful staff.... Daisy is so sweet and concern... she visits you while your in the clinic. .. she doesn't play with time... her driver is always on time. There are two qualified nurse Margaret and lina... However lina is the expert.. The place is very modern and fairly large hotel set up.... Once you call any staff member they come within a min... yes 60 secs lina is always running all over the place but once she is in your room.. she takes her time with whatever you need help with.... daily sheet change.. The only thing is that they will give you the medication but keep on top of the time... The food is good but no option .. basically you eat whatever the make... Maria the cook is nice...but it's a set menu..but I would stay here again if I ever come to do any other procedures. ..


Daisy is a former new yorker, so she speaks very good English ... lina speaks a little English.. everyone else only Spanish but they make every effort to communicate with you so after a while you would pretty much know what they are asking which is usually. .. are you good... Every thing is good or do u need anything.? The RH is in city close to everything. . Literally takes you 10 to 15 mins to get you to any clinic or place you may need to go. ...


Still very swollen and I have a lot of inflammation in my back and abdomen. ...

Home sweet home

I am back in NYC.. customs was a breeze even though my flight landed 20 mins late... I was finally able to sleep for over 4 hrs which is the first time since surgery. The only thing is I am still fatigue. I haven't yet experience the crazy itching that some people get thank god but with all the constant compression I get headaches off and on. I am scheduled to go back to work on Monday but might extend my time off till Wednesday. . I actually find it better to use the lipo boards instead of the pads. . After lipo your skins is very lumpy and with the compression garment the pads cause bad uneven imprints in the skin and the inflammation forms in the pattern of the pads but with the lipo boards it contours better more even and overall feels better on your skin..

Oh boy

So I am less than 2 weeks post opt and because I had a BA as well as a BBL... I have loss a lot of volume and projection. ... I really hope I don't lose anymore ... then my BBL will have been pointless


After breast feeding two kids.. my last child I breast fed for 16 months. It feels so good to have beautiful symmetrical boobs. Dra baez is very very good with breast. She is actually more known for breast than her BBL ... she actually had to place two different size silicone in my breast... The incision is very neat and nice and I didn't lose any sensitivity. . I went from a full B cup to a small D ... which actually looks like how I usually look with a push up Bra. Dra baez wanted me to go bigger because of my frame but 400cc sounded big enough..

Quick expense report

JFK to SDQ round trip -$465
Daisy RH all inclusive package 11 nights/ 12 days - $935
Surgery- $4000
Prescriptions- $25
Second garment -$155
Massages (10) + 2 complimentary - $300
Total: 5880


So I had 12 massages from 2 people in DR. Brunilda and Taty. Brunilda pros: she is a professional, uses all her own products ex; creams .. She focuses on your drain functions and making sure the drain flood is proper. She is contracted my Dra Baez so she is a direct channel to the doctor if anything appears wrong. She has a lot of experience and works for the clinic as well. Cons: she applies excessive pressure with massages and like to massage you with Dry hands (ouch) she is always in a " rush" longest she ever spend with me was 40 mins of which 10 mins she use to clean and check my drains. Taty is contracted my Daisy RH pros: speak a little English, gives you full hour, very gentle massages, has her own table and really gets your fluids out... She focus a lot on inflammation and fluids. Cons.. She doesn't check your drains nor empty it..but that why there are nurses around.... I utilized both for different reasons. Taty for the massages and Brunilda for her direct channel with the doctor and my drainage issues.. However my last 4 days I had only Taty massage me..


Nothing has dropped yet....

random pics


So my incision are healing but the itching is ridiculous. I have to take sleeping aids to knock myself out. Also with the lipo I am lumpy and wavy to the touch.... but you can't see it.. dra baez says it will go away... I am in my third garment and I have shrink down a lot. . So has my bbl.. it is almost the way it was before but just has a nicer shape and dra gave me a shelf which I like. . As for the boobs.. I love them.... they are healing and dropping nicely although isn't fully soft...


So it actually my first time dressing up and going some where other than work. My bbl has gone down... I have shrink a lot. My bbl is about the same size of my butt before just curvy. I am trying to wear my waist clincher even through my waist is a 25... yes it snatched but trying to get in to maybe 23... but Dra baez did such aggressive lipo on my waist and sides that it crazy tender the clincher feels like it digging into me and hurt like hell.... I brought a firm compression squeem.. The material and every is great quality. . It's just the tenderness. .

lumpy and edema

I see a lot of girl here look smooth after unfortunately I still have a lot of swelling and lumpy... I live in long island NYC and to get a lymphatic massage is about 90 -100 dollars an hours. If I Could afford 300 a week on massages then I wouldn't need to go all the way to Dr for surgery I would just pay a NYC doctor 18000 to 25000 for surgery. I make my BF earn his keeps and massage me every other day but still lumpy as hell...


The last picture was about a week older than the easter pic.... had a lot of swelling then.


So now I am bloating expecting my period and swollen. .. yeah I still cant sleep properly because every hour I have to change positions. I am still sleeping on the boopy pillow... but its going flat.. its crazy because you're always uncomfortable. .. not in pain not in discomfort.. but your body just doesn't feel like yours.... I rush home every day to get an hour of freedom without my garment.... The crazy things is even when your naked ... Your uncomfortable. .. my skin is still sensitive to touch.... I still use lipo foam for contouring because without it the garment feel horrible. ... I also get these tiny pin like pains ever so often... This is from the tissue healing.. its like a very tiny pin sticking you..... I just can't wait to feel comfortable in my own skin again. ...


Crazy!! I have started lactating. . Very slightly. Its only happen when my BF was on them. . I just started to drip..So I contacted Dra Baez and apparently it's normal but not many woman experience it. It happens when there is an interference with the mammary glands.. but it hasn't happened since then. I am still wearing my CG with my lipo form... still very swollen and lumpy .... I have given up on my BBL that has gone down....

New body

So yesterday was the first time I hit the club to celebrate one of my girls party...

Super quick update

I love my shape... still have a little luminescent but coming along nicely. . I look very natural even my family who hadn't seen me in a while didn't notice... The though I gain a little weight cause my breast were bigger.. lol must say I have scarring around my nipple and so I am hoping it appears less raised and visible as time passes. About the BBL.... honestly it went down almost completely. .. The only thing is while it does have more volume than pre surgery.... The shape dra Baez Came My But Is Very Nice and natural.... I would have liked more volume but not at the expense of looking fake....

Another pic

Sorry bout the typos. .... rushing

repost without typos

l love my shape... still have a little lumpiness but coming along nicely. . I look very natural even my family who hadn't seen me in a while didn't notice... They thought i gain a little weight cause my breast were bigger.. lol, must say I have scarring around my nipple and so I am hoping it appears less raised and visible as time passes. About the BBL.... honestly it went down almost completely. .. The only thing is while it does have more volume than pre surgery.... The shape dra Baez gave My But Is Very Nice and natural.... I would have liked more volume but not at the expense of looking fake..
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Prompt response. Answering all concerns and questions. Is a very sweet person.she is very pro health which comforts me. She is very compassionate. GOD sent ..... she is very attentive, concern and put your needs first. ..

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