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Hello everyone...I am a 31 yr. old mother of the 3...

Hello everyone...I am a 31 yr. old mother of the 3... Love my kids with all my heart but, I do not like the aftermath from the pregnancy. I've been trying to decide whether are not to go through with surgery for 4 years now. I've finally made my mine up to go through with it. I'm scared as hell!!... But I will just keep praying that everything goes well.

I ran across this site because I was trying to get ratings on a dr I was referred to and he didn't have any reviews....which was not good!!... So I check out all the Dr's who had a number of reviews... This is how I ran into Dr. Duran... I fell in love with her work and prices immediately.....BUT when I found out she is located DR I was upset!!... All types of bad things started running through my head....So I started looking into others who could get as close as possible to her work...This left me with Dr. J Curves, Dr. Salama, and Dr. Ghurani....

As I went through pics I was set on Dr. J Curves, but then I noticed that I didn't like how the BBL jus didn't look natural at times...So I marked him off the list... He was pricy and I didn't know if I would get the body I wanted or even close to it....So I compared pics with Dr. Salama and Ghurani... Ghurani won me over, I thought I had a winner ,but he is not available for in Feb....So that was another set back...So back to square one...

Follow your 1st mind as they say.... back to Duran I go... I read a number of reviews some good and bad, but mostly good. I stalked this site for about a month just reading different reviews to make my mind up... I went back in forth with myself deciding whether are not I wanted to take the risk of traveling to DR to have this procedure, would it be safe????... Then on top of that I saw comments on how it was hard to get in touch contact with DR. Duran... There was a lot of negative factors that still played a major role in my decisions....

I said to myself ...I'm going to contact her and set a time frame for her to responsed, and if she contacts me back by then.. Im rolling with Dr. Duran...I kno crazy way of making up my

Well I emailed Duran on a Tuesday and she got back with me that Sunday...which I had giving her a week to contact me with I was surprised...beings that some ppl had bn waiting for almost 2 weeks... When she sent my quote I was so excited like I had won the

I called Monday and spoke with Elizabeth... I had to call her about 4 times, but I purchased the Boss Revloution card so I was prepared to call 4 more times to get my appointment (yes I was going into to stalk mode) :) ..... I finally spoke to her it took her a while to get the spelling of my name and email correct ... but I finally got booked for Feb. 3, 2014...Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy!!!!... Im excited and Scared at the same time...
now to start my journey to GETTING MY BODY BACK!!...


Well you guys it seems as if I just couldn't shake the fears of going to DR..... I really love Dr. Duran work, but I can not communicate how I would like to with her, and it was just to overwhelming when we was trying to make arrangement to pay my deposit...Guess by me being scared I didn't have the patient to deal with all that...Also I would hate for something to go wrong after sx and I cant get back out there...So I figure I better be safe then sorry!.. So I've changed my doctor to Ghurani..Staying in the U.S.. I will only be having the BBL. I'm hoping Ghurani sucks me dry of these horrible back rolls,stomach and thighs...I already have a nice size backside, but I have dips on the sides which appeared after my last pregnancy...I want to look fuller on the side... I will post pics to show you guys what I'm talking about.... I hope the lipo does the trick on my stomach although my stretch marks was my biggest concern....His asst. said she saw some marks worse then mines that faded overtime... We shall see!!.. keeping my fingers crossed....

Pre op pics....

Ready to get my body back!!....

Hotel or Vacation Home?????HELP!!!

Ok so I've been trying to find somewhere reasonable to stay while in Florida...I'm seeing Ghurani so if any of you ladies can help me please do...Also if you kno of any nurses please let me kno,,,,Thx ladies

My to do List

I've been so busy trying to get everything in order for my big day... I've finally found a place to stay which will be a condo for $800 for the 2 weeks not bad, compared to the prices I was getting and its about 15 mins away from the clinic... WINNING.. :) ... My flight is I just need to start my to do list for post op... as far as my garments, creams, etc., GEESH...whr do I start????.. Anyways Ive read a lot of great reviews on here so Thanks you ladies Im sure I will have everything I need..... RS is so addictive!!

Giving up my Feb 4th date with Dr Ghurani

Hi ladies I've been still debating between Duran and Ghurani.....I was really terrified to go to DR for the procedure but i realized I'm taking a chance with any doctor by having this procedure.... So I've decided to give up my date it will be $550 ..I just want to be happy with my results i feel i will be with Duran.....i only put down the deposit....if interested please inbox me....

Feb 4, 2014 Surgery date still available

Hey ladies I'm still looking for someone to take my date for Ghurani in Feb...

LIST and pre op pics

Well i have not started my list....and i have to get my passport now that ive switched doctors again...smh....i swear this really involves alot of reasearch and your gut feelings also play a major role as well....Preparing my list has been hard since I've been trying to get my babies Xmas gifts out the way... I'm going to have to set a day up just to complete my list...I'll post my list Ive put together with the help of some of the ladies from RS and pre op pics..... Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving :)

My To Do list , Must Have, and Nice to have

Ok so I snatched this list off one of the forums... Im going to start shopping for everything starting tomorrow... Im going to surf the web and see if I can purchase my faja for cyber monnday(today)... Well hope this list help some of you ladies the are newbies to this surgery like me...

Schedule Labs (if they're not done by surgeon)
Schedule lymphatic massages for after the surgery (if your surgeon doesn't provide)


Female urinal (won't be able to sit after surgery)
Bleach spray & baby wipes to clean yourself until you can shower again
Anti-bacterial soap to clean your incisions
Neosporin for drain sites after they're removed
Alcohol pads to make the area sterile before taking your Heparin shots (to prevent blood clots)
Q-Tips to clean around incision sites
Gauze pads & medical tape to redress drain tubes
Camisoles/tank-tops to wear under garment to avoid skin irritation
Maxi dress or something loose fitting that's easy to slip on and off after surgery
Easy slip-on shoes (so you don't have to bend over and tie them)
Compression stockings to help prevent pulmonary embolism
Compression Sleeve (only if you're getting arm Lipo)
A big pair of panties in case that time of the month arrives
Boppy pillow to protect your booty after surgery
Faja or compression garment
Epifoam or board/foam
Arnica tablets to help with bruising and swelling
Stool softener/laxatives

Pre-op vitamins and post-op protein shakes to help repair body

Nice-To-Haves (But Not Absolutely Necessary)

Suction hooks to hold up drains while showering
Sugar scrub (sugar and olive oil) for your pre-surgery shower
Body scrubber to help reach an itch
Hand lotion
Firming lotion
Empty bottle to put syringes in
Socks to put over compression stockings
Old towels/linens/shower curtain to keep from staining new linens
Neck/body pillows
Chux Pads
Pills organizer
Mederma Cocoa Butter (for scars)
Chapstick/Vasaline, something to keep your lips from getting dry
Band-aids to cover incisions
A good camera to document your journey
Folding chair to assist going to the bathroom (cut out the bottom of the chair and position it over the toilet)
Yoga mat to place behind knees

If You're Traveling, Don't Forget:

Body wash and baby wipes
Fill doctor prescriptions before leaving
Protein powder shakes, fruits and veggies
Reusable tote/bag to carry stuff in
Ponytail holders
A good camera to document your journey/any electronics you'll need
Shaker cup if you're bringing protein shakes

What's wrong with Dr Duran Email??????

Ok sooooo I've been trying to reach Dr Duran to ask a few questions and as usual..Its like trying to get in touch with Drake (lol)..anywho does anyone know why her email is not working...has she changed it again???..UGGGHHHH...Does anyone know what's going on???


Ladies makemeheal has a great sale on garments...not sure if it will last all week..or just for today.....But they have great deals...Hope this helped someone:)

Aggravated :(

So yesterday was my day to apply for my passport but, when i arrived to the post office after staying in line forever...The asst says they only do it by appt....Grrrrhhh...Ok so i make an appt for today with a supervisor he tells me come tomorr for 1020....So i arrive and ring the bell for service..10mins pass no one came...i ask the office clerk if anyone was in the office for passports....she tells me O no one is here today, but you can go to the Courthouse they do walk ins....NAH u think u could have told me that yesterday? ....O an on top of that I've never had a relationship with my dad so guess what? I didnt have his d.o.b. which is needed to apply for the passport...OMG...can i get this passport mess together! ...sorry had to vent:(....

Wish Pics

I've stole a few pics....Loving these shapes..Can't wait tell its my time!!


Well ladies its been a while...I had to push my date back with Dr. Duran, it will now be set for May 26th.. reason being is because I will be getting a tubal reversal in Jan because my hormones are extremely off balance.. I suffer with PTSD. I would not recommend this procedure to anyone.... I was very upset about having to wait to get my body makeover, but my health comes first.. Hope everyone enjoyed there Christmas and Happy New Year ladies!!


Hey ladies my passport has finally arrived... I'm still upset i had to push my date back...but May was better and more kids will be out of school so i can focus more on my healing everything worked out for the best...o and HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!

T25 is a BEAST!!

If you ladies are looking for a great workout the T25 is a beast....Ive started my weight loss journey today....I want my results to be off the chain... my goal is to loss 25-30 lbs before surgery im 5'2 180.... my goal is 150-155...I pray i can stick to this... wish me luck!

Playing around!!

I was playing around with the surgical app to give you guys an idea of what im looking for..... Im kind of obsessed with this procedure... i dont know if that's a good are bad thing... anyway i filled in my sides and brought in my waist....the best i going to do a side one if i can get my finance to take a pic. ...i try not to be in his ear to much about the procedure....

Waist Training

So I started waist training today and this damn thing hurts...Lawd is this what I have to look forward to after surgery...Well guess what Im ready!!...I think.. lol

Punch my fiance???? (venting)

My fiance is so freaking last minute....he has not went to get his birth certificate to even start his passport process even though I'm not going to DR next month he still needs it for Mexico, which is where im having my TR did..... I've been asking him about his passport issue....Hate procrastination. ...ugggghhh major pet peeve...


Well i went to my appt that was supposed to be for my pre op surgical clearance.... My hcg levels was a 13.5... which would have been great to have my surgery with Duran she wants you to have a 12.0..anyway since i wont be going yet I'll just focus on getting my levels at little higher to make sure Im ready in May!!

******OMG IM CONFUSED ...AGAIN!!????????????

Ok so ive seen some of Dr Cabral work and he has did a Magnificent job on the ladies....He work is also consistent like Dr Duran. ...I think I'll get a quote from him also....Man i hate being confused i thought i was passed that point(shrugs)...Get back with you ladies with Dr Cabral quote????????

Quote from CABRAL

Ok so Cabral quoted me 3,800 for bbl and lipo of inner thighs..contacted him through whats app......Buuuttttt yes there is the confusion read some not so great news about him...He has a few deaths under his belt...Scared the shit of me....wish i wouldnt have a bad track record because he is a beast at what he do.....ol well looks like I'm remaining a Duran Doll.... which is still a good thing cuz she is a great surgeon as well... ????????


Ok so Duran just posted this on fb....i guess this is y everyone cant get a reply for a quote...good luck ladies and be patient!!

Surgery app....bored hehe


Its been a long time since I've been on here ... well I had my tubal reversal and it was a success my hormone levels are back to normal and I've even lost weight yaaaaay!!. I went to Mexico to have that procedure done. My experience was very nice, but I didn't like the language barrier. That experience really helped me decide that I don't want to go to DR for my procedure. I did not like not knowing what they were saying. Now I'm back to square 1 trying to decide who to go to in the states. I ran across Dr. Hasan at vanity. I have seen his work which is really nice and the price is reasonable.. Yes I already know about the lady that died. Any surgery procedure is a risk. Anyway I was giving a quote of 4500 full body lipo and BBl..... I was reading a lot of reviews and they do seem to just throw any price out there the prices are not consistent. But anyway that is just my opinion. So I will be starting this process with Dr Hasan now... Aiming for May 27th, I hope everything fall in to place... Ill keep you ladies posted...

Quote from Dr Salas....

Ok... so I received a quote from Dr Salas at Vanity an it was 4,000... So I was told I had to pay 1000 to hold my quote and 1500 would be due when setting the date....1st time I've ever heard of paying that much up front!...I'm just skeptical about paying that much right now because anything could happen between now and then and they will have my damn money which is nonrefundable! ...I'm also thinking about getting a quote from Campos.... let you guys know what he says!

Vanity Bull$**t!!!!

Ok so after asking if I could put down less than 1000 to hold my quote they call me saying if I pay half they would give me a 500 dollar discount... Now that really had me excited I went deposit the 2000 in my account, but after I did that. I hesitated on calling...Glad I did because someone informed me that they took her money to hold a quote now they don't want to honor the original quote I don't have time for nobody to be playing games with my money...... Ana has been lying since day one.... anyway she will not kill my vibe... I've sent pics for quotes to Dr Baez, Pantajo, Fatima, and Campos.... I'm determine to get my body right in May!!...I'm even thinking about just going to Dr early May to see if Cabral can do me early...I'm hard up at this point...LOL...I tried to stay in the states once again..and my options are to limited..Looks like I'm bck where I started going to Dr!!...

Back on the VANITY TRAIN*******

Well ladies I have finally paid my deposit 2000 bucks...Date set for June 3rd with Dr surgery ended up going down to 4000 which was good for full upper body lipo and bbl....Reality has set in....I'm trying to lose at least 10 lbs by then wish me luck...I still don't have anything but I'll start shopping tomorrow.... I know I should have been preparing but I didnt....I'll keep you ladies posted!!!..

Massages ....

So vanity has called for me to pay for my massages 5 for 350....OK I've read reviews of ladies not receiving all there massages ....Ain't nobody got time for that!...I just want to be certain I will receive them all... Any who I've made progress I ordered my garment and paid for my beach house ...I've been looking for a nurse as well I figure I just need a nurse for 2 days.....well that's it for now keep you ladies posted

3 weeks to go!!!

Shout to Fisherbabe26,thickerthanasnicker and jazeqtneedzabooty.....These ladies have really help me to get prepared for my journey .. I can't wait until this is over I go to my appointment to get my clearance from my Dr. on Monday hope everything comes back fine....I'm almost packed and ready. ...I'm still waiting for my p ez and lipofoam to arrive....I have my garment but I think it's going to be to big by the time I have my procedure because I've been working out so much and dropping lbs like crazy... Here is some information I've received the in pass week...if you are going to Vanity for surgery you can get the massages for way cheaper from Marina (probably spelled wrong) 5 for 150.. I'll put the contact info below in another update ...Also jazeqtneedzabooty is helping ladies that are in need of buddies,god bless her because this will help save money...O and which the patient coordinators at Vanity they Lie alot.......Any who I'm in count down mode can't wait....Hopefully I run into to some of you ladies that are going around the same time..


This is the 2 massage therapist in Miami!!

P Ez

Got my package, my P ez!!..ordered it on eBay for was 5 paid an additional 5 for shipping only took 3 days to come in...I paid 6 dollars more then the price it was on amazon...but I didn't want to wait 22 days for it to arrive....

BMI....My rant read at your own risk

Ok so I was never informed that I needed to lose weight for hasan's a damn shame I have to read reviews to find this information Bmi is currently I'm reading it needs to be under 30....I would have been more focused on losing weight if I would have known this...WTF I swear they really be tripping at VANITY. ...damn fucktards!!! Sorry for the cursing but....I'm tired of them...

I've been M.I.A

I've been m.i.a. for a while basically had to regroup from all of vanity bull crap... Lawd where do I begin? !...OK soooo here I am a week prior to surgery I noticed I had never received any pre op instructions... So I text Diana inquiring about why I haven't I received the information. So she calls me and ask when is my surgery date?. I told her June 3rd...Lawd why this lady said I don't have you down.. then says matter fact I don't have you down for any date..I said then why the he'll would I give you 2000 bucks ..1000 to secure your quote and the other 1000 to pick a date.... Now mind you I'm driving so I actually had to pull over in the parking lot...Cause that really just made my blood boil...I was filled with mix emotion I wanted to cry!....I had been planning for this date the pass 2 months looking for the right doctor for a while and thought I found the right one...Well I did find a good doctor but with horrible administration... Anyway I couldn't take anymore so I asked for a refund ...I filled out the form(that I had to harass them for) sent it in...Then about 3 days later Jessica calls and offers all kinds of deals... so I said No I'm good! ....I told one of my girls that was going the same time as me ...she really wanted me to go ..we was overly excited about our procedures and finally being able to meet. ...Well she called and got me a date for June 4th.....Well me not thinking I had already cancelled flight, condo and car rental at this point I'm waiting for money to come back.... Sooooooo I couldn't go.... so scheduled me for June 24th said she would send me a email confirming my date....Guess what a week went by never received it. Now mind you during this week that is going by I was calling trying to get the email. ..And guess what No one returned calls or Jessica wasn't there....Then why one of those days I called and Diana gets her ass on the phone. ... I clicked out She the reason I'm going through all this in the 1st damn place...
Anyways so Jessica finally calls back and she tells me I'm scheduled for June 26th...Now she told me June 24th ...but I didn't say anything I just ask her to email the confirmation. ... I knew I had signed that refund paper... So I went ahead received my email I spoke with a friend of mines at the bank they said by me getting a new date the refund form I signed is not good anymore...So I disputed the charge and received a temporary credit from my bank....I know that was a long story just letting you guys know what's been going on... So now I'm on another path.. Dr Ortega it is June 28th! ...pray for me yall!

Hey Guys it's been a min!!!

Hey guys it's been a min!!!! Well I did have me procedure done... I'm now 13 days post op.... I must say the pain is something that you can't even get yourself together for. ... Well anyway I arrived to Imagenes that Friday June 27th At 9 am... Was in and out....Was there maybe a hour and a half. I was happy with that because that gave me and my fiance time to go out and site see... I ended up staying at the Laquinta Inn on someone I know family and friends discount... That worked out wonderful... Anyway I arrived to the clinic the next day for 720 am.... I went to the back around 8ish. ... I was all marked up and ready to roll for about 930...... Now when I woke up ... I wanted to cry but I was to high and stiff as a board... I was so focused on gaining my strength and fighting the anesthesia so I could go off on the nurse.... I was going ham in my head wondering why the hell was I laying on my back WTF? ! Lol... anyway following my nurse Edgar turned me on side after he seen me turning to with multiple attempts it was a failure.... I felt like a drunk mute throat was hurting couldn't talk and I had no control over my body...I was high as shit yall... See when I tried to turn I swear I felt like I was hit with a garbage truck.... my nurse saw I was in pain comes over and shot my iv up with pain meds..... like I needed that... I was already floating.... so guess what I was in recovery 2 hours longer then what I was suppose to be cause I was back thr high as 10 kites....lmao... anyway finally got together to get out... that ride back to the hotel horrible.... then I get to the hotel go in through the side.... They had tons of people downstairs... so mind you I'm still high but trying walk cute to the elevator like I just didn't have surgery trying to play it of...My fiancé was dying laughing... Anyway yalllll my pain hit me hard late that night ...on a scale from 1-10 it was an 8.... I was popping arnica pills and drinking pineapple juice like there was no tomorrow.... The 1st 2 days was my worst...

The mirror!!

So finally I get up around check myself out(garment on)..... Was I upset..... looking like the same shape but just swollen.... So I went to Marian that morning for my 1st massage. I swear massages are a bitter /sweet feeling.... they hurt and feel good at the same dawn time. ...If that makes any sense.... anyway sooooo I get to the back to off the garment which was painful I looked in the mirror and almost hit the floor.... I swear I wanted to cry... Bruises everywhere dents still on the sides of my butt which was my main focus stomach look like it was frowning back at was horrible...Then Marian made it worse she kept jiggling the bottom of my stomach saying you come back for tummy tuck when?? She is a sweetheart though...

Recovery Roller coaster!!

Well my recovery was and still is a loooooong journey. ... I swear if you have no upper body strength you better start doing some push ups.... Cuz u will need to master a girly push Anyway I'm tired of laying on my stomach. ass and back itch like crazy... I get exhausted from just walking around the store for 5 to 10 mins.... Im sore as hell but if anybody ask me was it worth it I would say...HELL YA!!!... O I had one really really depressed like breakdown and cry moments. ..And this is when this lady i found back home that does massages canceled my appointment.... Yall I ctfu..... like a I needed that rub down that day I was so tight... now my fiance have been doing my massage eveyday... anyway I'll post more pics sorry so many at once. ..later dolls!????

Pictures of my progress...

Some days I'm in love with my results then some days I'm not.... my measurements pre op (day before) were 33 1/2 waist butt 45 1/2
13 days Post op waist 31 1/2
Butt 47 Was 48 1/2 next day after surgery... anyway I had 1100 cc's in each cheek..


I hate taking my garment off!

Loving my fullness!!

Today I'm in love with my results.... yesterday I wasn't lol this is so emotional

Recovery update

So I'm now 17 days post op my butt a has soften and dropped a little... I still pop arnica pills every now and then ...A my bruising has went away....My sides are hard but they are improving everyday..My stomach has went down a lot praying it goes down more.... I'm dropping weight like crazy I'm scared my sides will disappear.... I just hope they hold on and I don't need a revision I'll be upset... Anyway overall I'm satisfied I just don't want to loss anymore volume. ....O and I stayed out my Faja for 24 hours because it was getting altered, So I just had on my squeem and my damn cheeks started to hurting ... I won't be doing that again ... Sometimes my left cheek burn a liitle and they also itch like crazy some times... hope that's normally...I'm about 70% back to normal everyday is a fight though.. I just want to be able to sit again right now I use my yoga mat and cushion to sit...Omg I can't wait to sit you guys...

Pic update


Almost 4 weeks post op

Well Im almost 4 weeks post op I'm still swollen my butt has soften right side is still hard but has softening up a little...... I'm still not all the way satisfied with my body .. I will wait until 3 months post op to decide whether I will be going for a round 2 with Cortes next year.... My fiancé has been massaging me every other day...... They are helping a lot..

Are my results getting better or nah??

I sat on my butt in the movies yesterday for the 1st time... It felt weird and also when I got up my butt had swollen and was very itchy!!!.. my measurements are 28 1/2 waist.... 46 1/2 butt.... Everything else is pretty much the same with the swelling, soreness, and being very sensitive to the touch .. I still wear my garment 24/7...I've started back working out (very light).. I waist train well working out..... Anyway that's pretty much it!

Just an FYI!!!!!!!!!!

I wanted to post this info just in case any of you ladies are looking for somewhere to recover. My sister had her surgery two weeks ago and stayed with a lady name Nicole. She says it was her and 3 other ladies who recovered there together....The price was 900 for 6 days which included board, transportation, laundry, and 24 hour nursing....She said the staff was very nice and really attentive... I'll post the card below.... hope this helped some of my rs sisters!!

Price was wrong for recovery house SORRY! !

I thought my sister stayed for 6 days but it was 8..She paid 800...Any who hope the info was informative...

2 month po 8/28/14

Well let's see where do I start?!... These 2 months have been emotional. .one day I like my body next I don't, reason being because I already had button which was 471/2 before surgery now it's 46 sometimes 45 1/2...smh...Also I have learned to stay away from certain foods because of the swelling... I'm not going to lie I didn't eat right in the beginning it's like my body went in starvation mood are something I was eating up everything in sight and crying at the same damn time, but I'm better Any who my right side is still hard I'm still getting massages also. I've had my garment altered twice it's time for me to throw in the towel and order a new one... I'm still waist training but only when I workout....I'm currently looking for another squeem...My back rolls have gone down a lot I'm praying that it's just the swelling that's still making it look like rolls.. ugh... I'll post a pic of my buns ....later tonight I'll post more detailed before and after pics with measurement...HAPPY 2 MONTHS TO ME!!!


Sorry for the typos! !! Lol

3 months p.o.

Well I'm now 3 months post, I still swell a lot I'm debating on getting a round 2......They said my true results won't be until my 6 month...So we shall see..Our and I've been slipping with my garment but I'm going to try and be more consistent with it..... I still fill my sides/hips need more fat and also the lips to my back and flanks should have been more aggressive... I really hope to see a change in the next 3 months....other than that I'm doing well still can't jogg like I use to because my butt feels very a ton of'll update with my measurements later... o and my stomach is retracting well... might get a tattoo on the stretchmarks...I'll post a pic of my tummy

Can't upload pic

I will try again later

Tummy Pic 3 mon post

It is an improvement, hopefully in the next few months it gets better

Side Profile

Waist 27 1/'s back and forth

Late Replys

SORRY for the late response my notifications was not set right on my blog... so sorry ladies I wasn't ignoring you guys at all
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Dr Ortega Is My Dr. now too much B.S. going on at Vanity!!

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