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Hello ladies! I have received my quote from Dr....

Hello ladies! I have received my quote from Dr. Yily De Los Santos in D.R.! I'm 34 yr. 5'3 and 130lbs, I'm excited, anxious, worried, scared and everything else...lol I'm ready, so ready to do this, I've been obsessing with getting this procedure done for YEARS!! My plan is to travel in the end of April or First week of May 2014 just have to check with my work schedule to get those days off and get my children situated. I can't believe that my dream body is about to become a reality!!!

Pre op pics

Please help trying to send Yily's deposit....

So was just about to send Yily's deposit through xoom and read a post about a scam with her deposit info. So where do I send it? Please Rs sister help.

Renewed passport today...

So I though I received a quote from Yily, so confused because I requested a quote from here (realself) and the quote I received had info to send $300.00 deposit and to use a money transfer service called Zoom. But I heard that Yily stopped asking for deposit from upcoming patients. So, now I'm back to square one...ugh anyway I renewed by passport today $110.00 and I should get it in 4 to 6 weeks. I hope its enough time I'm still looking for plane tickets and planning to leave the end of April. I'm determined to get this done!!!!

2nd thoughts....

Well guys my mind is playing tricks on me...been real undeceive about going to DR or getting this procedure. I know that with every surgery there is a risk and I just think of my kids and it just breaks my heart on "what" would happen to them if something happened to me :'( and just for what my vanity...I really wish that I had some support from my family and friends but when I joke around about getting surgery all I hear is you don't need that your beautiful, what if something goes wrong, blah, blah, blah....no one can understand what I'm going thru I want to do this for me to be comfortable under my own skin and hearing all this negativity is getting to me.

I'm a master of disguise been doing this all my life I know what to wear to disguise my body and make myself "look" good. But I'm tired of wearing girdles, butt pads, but lift jeans, blazers, long tops, sweaters and the list goes on. I want to be able to wear whatever I please!! I need to get myself out of this funk...and gaining all this weight is not helping me out either! So girls hopefully my next post will be more positive.


So I haven't updated in a while... but still been on here obsessing reading, researching everyone's profiles, lol. It's very addicting I'm on her at work, home and on my phone. Anyways decided to contract Bella Vita for their services on setting everything for DR. It's frustrating trying to organize and plan without getting responses from the Doctors themselves. I've called numerous of times to the DR. and mind you that I speak fluent spanish... with no luck the phone rings off the hook or they answer very rudely and cut me off and transfer me to Yily's extension again with no answer. So hopefully Bella Vita will be able to get in contact with them and give me a final price with accommodations and also answer some health questions I needed to ask Yily.

Also for the heck of it I'm requesting a quote for Vanity Miami, been researching Dr. Hasan. I read they have similar prices as DR. and not having to leave the country is definitely a plus. So hopefully I'll get a response very soon. I only have a open slot from work for April and really want to have this done before the summer. If anyone has any info on Dr. Hasan let me know or vanity, please share.

Vanity Miami

Exciting news gals!!! I received a phone call this morning from Vanity Miami (Diana) gave me a quote with Dr. Hasan regarding my bbl. Answered all my questions and put me at ease. Total price for full lipo, abdomen, waist, hips, full back and brazilian butt lift for $4,000.00 additional 5 massages $350.00 and surgical garments and complements $200.00 so total $4,550.00. And my meds will be covered by my insurance here in the states. Only $750.00 more than what Yily quoted me and I don't have to leave the country!!! Yay, I'm so excited. So now just have to buy my ticket and research recovery house. To be continued gals......

Deposit made!

Paid my deposit this morning...April 24 is my date :)

4 weeks to go...with Dr. Hasan-Miami, Florida

So I got 4 weeks to go before I'll be Hasanified!! Bought my ticket already, taking my vitamins (make me heal) and iron supplements. Still need to buy some supplies but I'm planning to go to the store in Miami a day before the surgery and stock up don't want to check any luggage, planning to travel light. I just want the days, weeks to pass so I can get this over with and start the recovery process...I've been seeing ALOT of reviews and future girls going to Hasan, it really puts me at ease knowing that I'm in good hands :)

Vanity- Dr. Fisher Miami FL

HOLY MIX UP IN VANITY!!! But I'm not stressing one bit....my surgery will be with Dr. Fisher! Got 2 weeks to go before my surgery so far everything is falling into place. Have time off at work, kiddies taken care of by the best baby daddy ever...lol. Need to buy some summer dresses to wear while in Miami, hoping and praying for things to go smoothly, finally getting over a nasty cold and finally able to continue my vitamin regimen, haven't smoked or drink since the beginning of this month and actually very proud of myself :) usually when I'm stressed out my ultimate cop out is to hit the bowl.... very bad habit to stop but it's for the greater good I say to myself...soon enough after surgery I will be back at it :D.

Also, I'm very happy that I have the opportunity to talk to a couple of RS ladies and can't wait to meet you girls...it feels good not doing this alone. I've kept this surgery to myself have only told 2 people my baby daddy of course to help me with the kids and a close cousin who will be taking care of me when I get back :) no other soul.... Well chicas I'm not really much of a writer so with that said I will be updating my blog once I'm in beautiful Miami....yay!!!!

Pre op pics....

Pre op pic...

Surgery Today

Having Surgery today very nervous, can't believe that my day finally has arrived. I pray that everything goes well...my nerves are getting to me, I have a mad headache haven't eaten anything since last night. Well Rs ladies please pray for me & I'll update u guys as soon as I can.....

1 day post op

Surgery went well...I'm alive!!! Thank you lord Jesus for taking care of me once again, I sure was nervous but now that the hard part is over time to recover. Had a big disappoint gals Dr Fisher was not able to do the fat transfer because I had done some booty shots years ago just one session ???? I'm so mad at myself right now because I was so close to achieving the body I really wanted. But I'm just going to work with what I have he ended up giving an aggressive lipo, so far I do see a change in my body even without the fat transfer my waist is small back is smoothed out and my little booty does look bigger already and that's that it's not swollen or anything. Went for my first massage at vanity and I got to say they were painful but well worth it she was able to drain a lot out of me. I'm going to post some pictures in a bit, want to thank you girls that prayed for me, now rids to recover still very sore, wobbling a lot not able to get up my self going to take it day by day but over all it just being my first day out feeling pretty good????

Post op pics

2-3 day post op

2nd day post op went to Vanity in the afternoon had one of my stitches removed and Omg did I drain it was like a water fall then had my second massage and dear lord the pain was unbearable, I know there's a lot of reviews that after their massage they feel better I mean I do feel better but hours later my body is very sore and tender to the touch, I scheduled a massage with Mirian for Sunday because Vanity will be closed and wow the difference is unbelievable!!!

3rd day...Had my first bowl movement today and omg! My body was in so much stress felt like I was in labor lol I was sweating n shivering and finally after it all felt so relieved...

Went to Mirian for my massage and like I said before the difference is unbelievable, the technique is difference and I don't want to bad mouth vanity but the way they apply their massages are torturous with Mirian she relaxed my whole body and don't get me wrong applied pressure but it was a more relaxing drainage that my body needed my body is not sore after the massage and I feel good....I'm still going to Vanity tomorrow for to see if I can get a refund on my massages and maybe have them drain me too. Well I'll post some pics later after my nap :)

3rd day post op

As you can see I still have a lot of liquid and swollen, I didn't bruise that much but I am applying the arnica ointment between massages.

8 day post op-Dr Fisher

Flew back home on Wednesday...feeling very sore and swollen especially toward the bottom going to 1st massage today and I hope that the swelling will go down.

Sleepless rant!

I can't believe that I'm going through all this pain and discomfort and I'm not happy with my results I know it's just been a week but my ass looks the same as before, I'm regretting just getting the lipo done I should've just waited & researched a Dr. That would perform the bbl I read a post that a girl went to Yily and she had it done!! Now I'm here suffering for what my overall expectations are not going to be achieved and seeing everyone's results is killing me...girls beware with Vanitys cancellation policy once u give them a deposit and for what ever reason u decide to cancel they stay with $1500 of ur money that's why they ask for half the money before they can book a "date", I made that foolish mistake was already in Miami had all my expenses paid waiting to go under and mind u this I didn't have surgery till 2pm so I was a nervous wreck didn't have anything to eat ALL day and for him to say he couldn't do the fat transfer nearly crushed me so I was fuck it your already here there's no possible way for you to get this done until prabably next year so at least get the lipo shit I gained about 10lbs and felt disgusting already and went through with it, I so don't want to do another surgery I feel so hopeless I'm never going to have the body I want :'(

2 week post op

2 weeks post op...swelling is going down switched to a tighter faja and also wearing a waist cincher on top having your body compressed really helps with the swelling. I'm itching as hell my sides and back I apply Benadryl to help. I don't take off my faja only in the morning to take a shower, other than that I doing good getting used to my body :)

4 week post op!

Today is my 4th week post op...still a little swollen but I feel about 90% back to normal, I'm just wearing my faja at night, during the day I wear a mini camisole compression garment & my Ann Cherry waist cincher... I love the shape it gives me my waist is definitely small and my booty pops out didn't know I had such a nice butt, lol. I'm kinda glad that I just got the lipo my recover hasn't been rough but I did go back to my routine as soon as I got back from Miami. Working 40+ hours, running around with the kids I don't know how I would've done it if I was restricted not to sit down. My body still feels strange at times, my back is still numb and stiff and I itch like crazy, I massage myself everyday kinda to smooth out my back & abdominal. I'm applying skin care Rev 9 Advanced firming body cream recommended by Mirian massage therapist from Miami & I'm already noticing my stomach smoothing out :) well here are some pics...I'll update when I'm 6weeks, have a good weekend chicas!!!

6 weeks...yay!!!

So I'm 6 weeks today!!! And I'm in love with my body, I still have some swelling and numbness towards my lower back. I love the way I look in cloths. I wear my waist cincher 24/7 tried taking it off for a couple of hours and didn't feel right my body tingling, I love the way I feel when I'm compressed waiting for a smaller cincher I measured myself 36/27/39 my booty is not as big as a wanted but considering I didn't get the fat transfer it suits my body just right. Well here are a couple of pics.....
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